Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 789

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[789] Windless Zone (2)

Every time Arachne’s dancers danced, the feathers swayed dazzlingly.

In the enchanted sight, someone suddenly approached Sirone.

“Definitely… … Isn’t it beautiful?”

It was a man in his thirties with spiky hair and a sparsely short beard.

“Ah yes.”

“Since I was old enough to pay for the trip, I have been watching this tournament without missing a beat. Are your eyes happy? the brain is happy Except for one downside.”

“A downside?”

The man said sadly,

“I couldn’t get married.”

Sirone was about to leave, but the man grabbed his arm and pulled him, whispering.

“It’s not just beautiful. The women who participate in this competition are the best brides with intelligence, virtue, and body. So how am I going to get married? People around you tell you to wake up, but isn’t a dream meant to be dreamed?”

The self-proclaimed world beauty pageant maniac seemed to have suffered a lot in his life.

“Do you know what my dream is? Surprisingly very realistic. You’re dating one of those women. I’ve already heard of savings.”

I thought I got it wrong.

“Every night it comes out in my dreams. I’d rather die that day if I could go on a date with the best beauties. this is a dream! It’s the biggest dream a man can have!”

“Hey, I’m a bit busy with something… … .”

“You must come to the competition, too. take this.”

When the man opened the zipper of his cross-body bag and rummaged through something, Sirone waved his hand.

“No, you don’t have to.”

It seemed like they were going to give you a ticket, but it was a sirone that you could come in and out at any time if you wanted to.

“Okay, take it.”

What the man took out was not a ticket, but a tournament flyer that can be picked up anywhere on the street.

“… … Ah yes. thank you.”

The man who turned like a machine made a horn and shouted to the procession.

“i love you! Miss Marchen!”

Sirone, who had slipped away, slipped out into a secluded place and stuck out her tongue.

‘There are various people in the world.’

On the way to the royal castle, I saw a leaflet with portraits of previous winners.

‘Wow, it’s really pretty.’

Human charm is white and white, but their appearance definitely had a unique corner.


Alas, what caught Sirone’s attention at a glance was not the portrait, but the list of invited singers from each country.

“Is it Maya?”

Even when I squinted my eyes and looked at it, the name of the singer from Tormia was Maya.

‘Come to think of it… … .”

When Iruki’s words that he had signed with a famous agency came to mind, he became interested in the contest.

‘I’ll have to check this.’

If it was really the girl Sirone knew, he thought of going there at least once.

‘I wish it was Maya.’

With such expectations, I started walking again, but there was a commotion at the far end of the procession.

“Abolish beauty pageants!”

People in black masks and black clothes were holding up signs and holding a street demonstration.

“Don’t commercialize human beauty! The Arachne government must immediately repatriate the participants!”

Just hearing the slogan seemed to know what was going on.

‘It’s not a fuss here either.’

Tormia also had a beauty contest, and whenever it happened, the voices of criticism were constantly heard.

‘I understand how you feel, but… … .”

What Sirone realized while living was that there are so many people living in the world, and finding a system that can satisfy them all is so difficult.

“Oh, my head hurts.”


Isn’t this a homework that neither Buddha nor Yahweh could solve?

* * *

The officials who worked overtime in the Arachne Castle were hoarse from screaming from dawn.

“hurry! There is still dust!”

The reason for the record-breaking cleaning of the royal castle is that I received a tip that the Five Great Castles of the Ivory Tower are coming.

‘It really tastes like dying! Even when kings from other countries came, they didn’t stir-fry them like this.’

At the lower end, even aristocrats carried dusters without exception, and the ladies-in-waiting were covered in sweat.

“Keep it!”

There were only a few people who avoided labor, but the mental stress was rather more.

“Why did the stars come?”

King Paronica of Arachne, who was waiting in the Grand Hall after refining her clothes, slammed the armrest.

Wearing gold earrings hanging down to his shoulders, he gave off a strong impression of both continental and southern lineage.

“Your Highness, fix it. Oh Dae-sung is not a person to be easily accepted. Wouldn’t that have a symbolic meaning?”

Although belonging to the Seven Planets, Arachne is not particularly powerful compared to other countries.

The 10 kingdoms of the archipelago were tied together under the name of ‘Cartesia’, and their representative was only Arachne.

“That’s it, but… … .”

Therefore, the fact that the Five Great Stars came to Arachne would be a good prestige for the other 10 kingdoms in the archipelago.


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“I’m a stallion.”

Everyone knows that the Valkyries of the Crusade are fiercely blocking the expansion of the Gustav Empire.

‘Maybe it’s about the war.’

If the temple had been directly involved, it could have demanded a fair reward for it.

‘That’s why I sent the stars on purpose. If this is the case, isn’t there no advantage that the country can take?’

Wu Lin is a housekeeper.

“furthermore… … .”

The consul called again.

“Currently, the biggest event in the kingdom is in danger of being disrupted. I don’t know anything else, but if it’s Ohdaesung, wouldn’t we gain something?”

“Are you talking about terror threats? Hmm.”

“From what I hear, the star named Sirone is different from the other stars, so it is said that she is not that strict. There are also rumors that Eymond South delivered a huge sum of money and obtained the governorship of Eymond North. This would mean that there is no lack of desire for water.”

“But things are different with Nam Eymond. I can’t afford to pay that much for something like this.”

“Of course it is. So why not melt their hearts by offering something other than money?”

“Other… … Right. Is it possible?”

The archon smiled.

“Leave it to me.”

After passing through the Grand Hall, the consul headed to the office of the top manager hosting the world beauty contest.

“Welcome, Archon. The construction must be busy, so please find a place like this… … .”

“I came to ask you something.”

I was anxious once.

“I’m begging you… … ?”

“Miss Arachne, Barho Rangi. We’ll have to use him for something important.”

Anxiety became reality.

“… … Are you the star of the ivory tower?”

“I like it because you understand it so quickly.”

The manager shook his head.

“That’s not it. It is disrespectful for Miss Arachne to entertain a foreign dignitary.”

“Who made that Miss Arachne? Your Highness’ name. Get it ready right away and send it.”

“Wouldn’t it be another woman? Miss Arachne has never entertained. She is a child who came all the way up here while looking at only that and seeing all the dirty things.”

“Hey, Administrator.”

The administrator’s shoulders flinched at the consul’s gaze.

“Am I asking you to die? Do you want me to pick the stars in the sky? There is nothing that people can’t do! Will you come to your senses only if you have a knife in your throat!”

The manager bit his lip and lowered his head.

“I will try my best to convince you. But if the child refuses to talk… … .”

The magistrate turned coldly and opened the door.

“You better listen when you talk.”

Arriving at the royal castle, Sirone entered the Grand Hall, being greeted by high officials.

“Welcome, Star of Great Intelligence.”

When Faronica stood up, it was clearly revealed that she was one head taller than Sirone.

“nice to meet you. My name is Sirone.”

It can be said that it is definitely different from other stars in that it is short from the introduction of the name.

“haha! Also, your spirits are on the rise. Come on, come this way. I have prepared an early dinner.”

While all sorts of food were laid out on the 10-meter-long table, only two people enjoyed the dinner.

There would be no end to pinching even the smallest things, so Sirone sat down without saying a word.

“As you may have seen on the way, the parade is in full swing. If you had given me a message in advance, I would have gone out to meet you.”

“no. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen something interesting, so I feel good. It seems like a great festival.”

There was nothing I hated more than fighting demons.

“Fortunately, the. The war with the demons is disturbing in each country, but we should live happily in times like this.”

The World Beauty Contest was a cultural business that brought enormous profits to the kingdom of Arachne.

“The reason I came… … .”

Sirone, who was reluctant and got to the point, delivered most of the information except for confidential ones.

“I would like the government of Arachne to cooperate with us in reviewing the refugee records.”

“Of course I have to help. Just with names and features, it will take some time. We have to review all records of asylum seekers from the last 10 years or less.”

“I don’t have much time. How long will it take?”

“As you know, Arachne supports free exile. Still, I will mobilize all of my manpower and take care of it by tomorrow morning.”

It was an understandable time, but it was questionable that they were so obediently conveying their country’s secrets.

‘Things work out so easily.’

In any case, Arachne promised full support, so it was best to wait.

“You are free to use all facilities in Bengal. I have reserved a hotel suite, so you can stay there.”

“yes. Thank you for caring me.”

While Sirone was riding in a house coach to the hotel, the world beauty pageant manager arrived at Miss Arachne’s quarters.

“Rangi, go in.”

When I opened the door, a beautiful woman who could be trusted as a brown angel was raising her eyelashes.

Miss Arachne, Barho Rangi.

Born into a family of middle-ranking military officers, he was a genius who jumped into this world while studying history.

“What’s going on, are you coming all of a sudden?”

Seeing Rangi, who was absorbed in makeup with a nonchalant face, the manager gave up on turning his words around.

“I need to entertain.”

The hand holding the mascara stopped abruptly, but that was all the expression as if the sky was collapsing.

“Why? Where did the president of another country come from?”

The manager gritted it.

“A president can’t do this.”

Rangi continued her makeup again.

“You can say no if you don’t like it. no, of course i don’t like it. But I can only move when I hear it myself.”

“How are you going to handle the aftermath?”

“You are Miss Arachne. If you don’t like it, no one can do anything about it. If it is disclosed, the kingdom’s main business will be disgraced.”

The manager, who understood the situation where it was difficult to even answer, sighed and turned around.

“Then I know you refuse… … .”

“I will.”

Rangi finished her makeup and stood up.

“Are you serious?”

“Once again, the sincerity… … . I know better how scary people in politics are. It’s better to just close your eyes and let it go.”

Rangi walked in front of the manager and crossed his hand.

“Where can I go? Give me your profile.”

It was embarrassing to have already prepared, so the manager squeezed his voice and handed over the documents.

“Since there is a competition, I ask that you do not get hurt.”

The consideration was only that much, and Rangi turned over the file with a cold corner of his mouth.


Expecting a high-ranking position in the empire, she blinked at the profile.



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