Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 780

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[780] Justice of Evil (2)

* * *

“If it is man who defines good and evil, then who is good and who is evil?”

Wu Lin continued.

“How do you know? 100 goodness calls 10 good bad, and 10 evil calls 1?? bad bad.”

The world seems to be full of bad guys.

“You are only right. The moment you realize that you can never be right, you will lean from neutral to good… … .”


“That doesn’t mean enlightened people don’t do bad things.”

Therefore, human life is a tragedy when seen from close up and a comedy when seen from afar.

“Then, what about the evil gaze? If you look at human life from the farthest distance… … .”

If you look at the farthest from human beings, our lives can’t find any logic or probability.

“It’s just a F*cking comedy.”

* * *

“Puhaha! It was great! It’s also Jetaro! I deserve the title of Gustav 4th skill!”

Havitz couldn’t stop laughing.

“A person has died. But what do you mean laugh? Stop taking care of yourself.”

As Zetaro turned his face, Harbitz’s laughter stopped.

“… … .”

Natasha, who was caught in the middle, smiled, rolling her large, severed eyelids.

“Puhahaha! That’s really funny! The best comedian! Isn’t that right, Natasha?”

“There is no question.”

Zetaro held back laughter until the end.

‘Those who want to make others laugh must not laugh themselves.’

Gustav 4th class, Rosica Zetaro.

Although he has the ability of a doctor, a master craftsman, and a comedian, he has a different reason for Havitz’s liking for him.

“Zeta is fun.”

Because it resembles you the most.

“Hey, sumodo! Come here quickly! What Zetaro did today… … .”

Upon arriving at the imperial castle, Sumodo came out to meet him.

“That is not the problem now. Aren’t you going to play Republic of Korea? I’m bored with Balkan right now, so I’m going to die.”

Harvits dismounted.

“You haven’t hit yet? hit it now War is what the Balkans enjoy the most, so you can do it yourself, right?”

“Even so, I put one bag in. I’ll see you soon. We will capture the city of Pasipah, close to the border.”

“The Vulcan sent it, so we should win. do it yourself. You take care of the loot yourself.”

“That loot. The military will take care of the women, but I want them to be called in to some extent and sold to the public for money.”

“why? Are you out of money? Can I steal it from another country?”

“Young guys want to go to the battlefield after having some fun, don’t they? Domesticating slaves and distributing the money to households could raise taxes.”

Harvits gave a thumbs up.

“As expected, my king. Ah, come to think of it, Zetaro killed one person while performing. Select 10 handsome and strong guys and send them to the woman. Worth more than her husband. Give me about 100 million gold.”

“All right.”

* * *

Uorin patted his head.

“All they have in their heads is how to make themselves happy.”

Other people’s feelings are not included.

“Killing people, hurting others. All can be said to be evil. But that is not the definition of evil.”

what is evil


According to Uorin’s definition.

“It doesn’t mean that I am stupid or unlearned. Because we don’t know what is right, there is no standard for judgment.”

So, ignorance is chaos.

“Of course I have no guilt. They don’t even know that they are evil. The function of <Law Kill> is excellent, but it is quite difficult to squeeze into this gap.”

It must be because it is outside the law.

* * *

“Are you really going to do this? If it comes out like this, I can turn it all upside down.”

Ardakh, the Vice Minister of Environment of the Gustav Empire, had a hobby of making maids into debt on purpose and dragging them into bed.

“Don’t keep doing this. I told you no.”

However, Marie was not caught.

“Come on? good is good Think of your old mother at home. Can you cure the disease?”

It was because countless maids had already told Marie of the humiliation and humiliation suffered by Ardakh.

“I don’t need that kind of money. It is also her family’s business that her mother is sick. Because I’ll earn it… … .”

“Such a cheap thing!”

Ardak yelled and raised her hand, and Marie shrank with a frightened expression.

“You know how I can’t do something like you? I am the Minister of Environment. Shall I hang myself in the plaza right now?”

Gustav’s nominee was a tyrant for generations, and it wasn’t even about killing a lady-in-waiting at the vice-minister level.

“Sal, please save me.”

“Then borrow money. Understand? Let’s do it legally, legally. You are good and I am good.”

the guards shouted.


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“Please, Your Majesty the Emperor!”

Ardakh, who shook his shoulders, quickly stepped back, and the maid next to him bowed her head side by side.

“Yes, yes, there are many hardships.”

Harvits, still wearing shabby clothes, approached the deputy minister scratching his groin.

“What are you doing here? Hmm.”

The lady-in-waiting frowned for a moment, then met Havitz’s eyes and her face turned pale.

“ah… … sorry.”

As Harvits reached out, Zetaro took out a hatchet from his bag and handed it to him.

The moment the handmaid’s heart sank, Havits struck down the hatchet and drove it into Ardak’s skull.

“Justice done.”


As the ax blade hit the crown of his head, eyeballs flew out of Ardak’s screaming eyes.

“Huh! Whoops!”

While the terrified maid was breathing heavily, Natasha opened one dangling eyeball.

“… … .”

After rolling her eyes with her fingers for a moment, she put it in her mouth and sucked the blood from the other side.


He half-pushed his eyeballs out between his lips and turned his head, and Havis burst out laughing.

“Live happily. Give him 100 million gold too.”

He tapped the lady-in-waiting on the shoulder, and Havits passed by, and Natasha followed and spit out her eyeballs.

“Hey, you’ve gotten stronger.”

As Natasha turned the corner with her arms raised, the lady-in-waiting sat down and vomited.

“Wow! Wow!”

* * *

“Evil comes from ignorance.”

It was no coincidence that wizards, a symbol of intellect for generations, were the pinnacle of their time.

“Nevertheless, in some cases, evil looks attractive. Like a good person or a bad person. Humans are creatures of illusion, so once you’re good, you see bad things as good, but… … .”

Wu Lin shrugged.

“Actually, there is no such thing. Good deeds and bad deeds are just fragments of chaos.”

Sirone asked.

“How could such a person exist?”

“Because it is extreme. If you think about it that way, the polar line is also bizarre. Your philanthropy and mine are the directions that are the furthest away from humans.”

said Minerva.

“Something like childhood trauma?”

If you find the cause of the present Havitz, you will be able to find a strategy.

“I analyzed it by history search, but it is estimated that there are few.”

Ness asked.

“Does that mean there are few or not at all?”

“When Havitz was three years old, it was the time when he was interested in the human body. I once stabbed her maid in the eyes and blinded her.”

“… … .”

“As a tyrant for generations, Gustav’s genes are violent, but it’s not without the influence of the environment. If the maid had removed Havitz’s hand, she would have died.”

For resisting the emperor’s son.

“The lady-in-waiting screamed with her eyes covered. Young Havits looked around her with her bloody hands on her. And what happened to her?”

While everyone was paying attention, Uorin twirled her fingers and said.

“Everyone in the room clapped and praised Havis. I mean, with a terrified look on his face. That is absolute power.”

Sirone murmured.

“I don’t know what is right.”

“okay. There is no opportunity to learn environmentally. But not all children of powerful people become atrocities. There may be more we don’t know about… … .”

Uorin shrugged.

“Maybe there is no reason. No matter what kind of training, Habitz might have become atrocious.”

Gudio said.

“Young kid. That’s a hint.”

Uorin clicked with her fingers.

“That is correct.”

* * *

Upon entering the grand hall of the imperial castle, Vulcan was waiting with a world map open.

As a result, with all four Gustav artists gathered, Havitz rose to the throne and stretched out.


Zetaro, who had prepared a powerful drug in an instant, handed him a smoke pipe, and he bit into one and smoked it himself.

Vulcan said while Sumodo was rolling around holding on to any of the maids in the Grand Hall.

“We have captured Pasippa. The mayor was captured alive, and the number of citizens who have been recruited is approximately 70,000.”

Havitz, drunk on drugs, shuddered.


Zetaro, his eyes wide open, stumbled over and pulled Havits by the hair and rolled it to the floor.

“Hehehehehe, that’s funny.”

While Havitz sprawled out and his lungs were throbbing, Zetaro sat on the throne like an emperor and shouted.

“Kill it!”

“Live burial.”

Harvitz’s pupils suddenly became clear.

“Make a huge pit and bury everything. Save only those who crawl out.”

Sumodo, who was lying on the maid, turned his head.

“Do you know how much it will cost to bury 70,000 people?”

“It’s fun.”

There was no disagreement with that, and Vulcan stood up.

“I will instruct you that way. It must be quite spectacular, but when you are ready, let’s go see it.”

said Natasha.

“song! go! I miss you!”

Havitz, who had been freed from Asker’s addiction before he knew it, looked up at the ceiling and said.

“… … I’m not going.”

The action of the sumodo stopped.

“You pour that money and you don’t even look at it?”

“That makes it even funnier.”

Zetaro tapped the armrest.

“Puhahaha! I know what! I know what!”

Vulcan and Sumodo blinked, and the eyelidless Natasha tilted her head.

“Heh heh… … .”

Those who finally realized burst into laughter.

“Oh, it’s a boat! driving me crazy! Is this really great? you’re not going? I’m not really going… … Fuhahaha!”

The frightened maids trembled.

‘Crazy guys… … .’

I don’t even want to know what’s funny, but they look really happy with tears in their eyes.

“Knock-knock! Knock-knock!”

Natasha sped through the hall and began spinning in beautiful ballet movements.

Havits chanted.

“… … This world is fun.”


Although, when my mother calls me to eat, I have no choice but to go home crying.

* * *

“I hate to admit it, but… … .”

My teeth tremble just thinking about it.

“Atrocities are as pure as the spirit of a newborn child. It’s just that the direction we pursue is different.”

There is no notion of how to behave.

“Maze’s line, Sirone’s child, Nane’s ball, Gaold’s middle. Now you know what this means.”

Sirone has traveled a lot.

“The last thing you need to know is Havitz’s evil. So we have to accept this terrible fact.”

A time of chaos.

“Evil is pure.”

The eyes of those who accepted it shone sharply.

“And only the purity of that evil… … .”

Uorin nodded.

“okay. It is the only point where we can squeeze through the cracks of evil.”

The method to kill Harvitz was decided.


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