Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 778

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[778] chain action(4)

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near midnight.

All districts of Aganos, the imperial castle of Kashan, were lit up and festivals were in full swing in the streets.

‘Kashan of the night.’

The scene of the city emitting huge energy was like seeing an unknown civilization hidden deep in the universe.

Sirone, who was flying next to Jet, asked.

“Are you going straight this time?”

Minerva was lost in thought as a row of card players sat behind Jett.

‘The circumstances are different from Nam Eymond.’

If it was the five great stars of the Ivory Tower, there would be no reason to notice Kashan, but Uo-Lin was a special opponent.

‘Mitochondrial Eve… … .’

Her influence in reading the world situation through history search is the best among the Three Emperors.

She was also the head of the Valkyries, an anti-heaven unit, and even in the holy war, there was an atmosphere that recognized her as an implicit leader.

“Kashan’s army doesn’t need to be considered. The problem is the world famous Aganos Guards.”

Minerva spread three fingers.

“This is the iron rule. Yuan (遠), which protects the building of the Empress, Zhong (Zhong), which protects the Queen’s space, and Geun (近), which protects the life of the Empress

“It means that there is a circle outside the imperial castle, a middle inside the imperial castle, and a root in the layer where Wurin stays.”

Minerva asked for the pipe.

“The Aganos Guards-near. They say even the skills of ordinary members are comparable to that of a general. If you invade our territory, we will attack you.”

It was a position that Uorin had requested, but unless there were special instructions, the guards had no choice but to draw their swords.

“Get off in front of the imperial castle. That would be nice.”

“You are misunderstanding something. I mean, it’s not an easy opponent, so smash it from the start. Let’s go straight to the queen’s room like this.”

Sirone’s eyes narrowed.

“Why are people so twisted?”

“I always say… … .”

An explosion erupted from the ejection port of the jet.

“You are you, I am me!”

Power entered Minerva’s eyes as she rushed through the air at terrifying speed.

‘It must have fooled me.’

At the time, I never thought it would be Theraje.

‘Oh, is it quiet?’

Although it was already time for the Aganos Guards to act, there was no sign of anything on the ground.

“Wait a minute!”

Sirone hurriedly followed and shouted, but the more he did, the more fire rose inside.

‘I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I saw the wrong person!’

Jets shot like arrows as Minerva and the card players floated in the air.

The walls exploded with a roar.

“Really, why are you like that?”

Shirone spat out annoyedly, but it was too late to turn the situation around.


Minerva, who entered the castle through the collapsed wall, pulled out the jet embedded in the floor.

“Is anyone there?”

Sirone, who had followed the people playing the card game, held out her hand.

“Wait a minute. Maybe this isn’t it… … .”

Then Gando opened the door and came in.

“You are here. The Empress is waiting for you.”

Even the imperial castle items were destroyed due to trespassing, but nothing was said about it.

“what? Where are the guards going?”

“There were special instructions. It is an order to make sure there is no inconvenience in serving guests.”

If it was an empire other than Kashan, the hospitality would have been considered excessive, but the opponent was Mitochondrial Eve.

‘Is this also a design?’

Minerva, recalling her memories of the past, licked her lips and moved on, and Gando guided them.

The place they arrived at was a room in a completely different location from when Sirone had come before.

“Here you are, Sirone.”

Uorin was waiting with her hands folded in the crystal-lit room.

“… … .”

Minerva opened her mouth, and the people playing the card game watched in awe.

She was wearing light makeup, a red ribbon tied around her neck, and a black dress that matched her white hair.


Sirone knew for the first time that there was anything so pretty in the world.

‘Nice job, Gando.’

When Uorin’s eyes were filled with joy that he couldn’t hide, Gando let out a sigh of relief.

‘Now the Empress takes care of it.’

The prettiest thing in Gando’s eyes is also the prettiest thing in Sirone’s eyes.

On the other hand, disbelief lingered in Minerva’s eyes.

‘what’s this? Why is this?’

Her mind was confused by the disposition so different from the Theraze she knew.


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‘It’s like… … .’

Isn’t that what a woman in love looks like?

‘It’s not strange that Theraze wants Sirone.’

However, if it was really urgent, it was only necessary to extract the seeds by force, regardless of means and methods.

‘The choice to gain through love is too inefficient. No, efficiency or something has no meaning to Theraze.’

Sirone said.

“Sorry for making a fuss. I wanted to come in quietly.”

“are you okay. Because I already knew and prepared for it.”

When he heard that Minerva was coming, Uorin saw that she might ruin the whole board.

“As expected, it’s Uorin. You look really pretty today.”

Uorin was so dizzy that she lost consciousness.

‘What do we do? Worse than expected?’

His unrequited love was to the extent of it, and he was a person who had been in his heart ever since he was a primitive man.

My desire grew so great that it overpowered my reason, and my body felt so hot that I felt as if I had turned into a beast.

Minerva smiled and approached.

“Long time no see, sister.”


At the words of pouring cold water on the hot heat, Uorin’s expression crumpled at once.


Tilting her head and thinking, Sirone recalled the contents of Uorin’s letter and realized.

‘Come to think of it… … .’

Minerva pointed at Uorin.

“Sure, sister. No, should I call you a senior? Because she is the one who taught me the joys of witches.”

Theraze lived a life of a witch before becoming Empress of Kashan, but Uorin didn’t want to bring it out.

“Because it is part of history. But as you know, Theraze isn’t one person, right? You should know that your senior, Theraze, is no longer in the world.”

“It’s good, it’s comfortable.”

Theraze endlessly changed her body through generations, but Minerva’s body remained the same as when she was a witch.

Uorin noticed.

“I’m sorry about that time. But I didn’t lead them to witches, they met by chance… … .”

“Ho Ho! right! then we met there I remember now.”

Sitting on Sirone’s shoulder, Minerva looked at Uorin and whispered in his ear.

“Do you know what a great witch Theraze was? She must have been named Electra or something. Right?”

“Hey, can we talk about the old days later?”

Minerva pretended not to hear.

“I learned a lot by working with my sister. Because I was surprised. One day with close to 100 men at once… … .”

Minerva’s eyes fluttered with excitement.

“… … .”

Uorin, who tried to twitch her lips, was weeping with her reddened eyes.

Lives rose from Gando’s body.

‘Should I kill him?’

Maybe I should call a wind chime.

“Uorin, are you okay?”

Just as Sirone held out her hand, Uorin twisted her body and ran out of the room.

Sirone, who had been staring blankly at that scene, looked back at Minerva with a furrowed brow.

“Why do you keep talking nonsense? The person said he didn’t want to hear it.”

“What am I? If the person in question wants to say something, they can do it. Is it true anyway?”

Sirone, who could understand Minerva’s feelings, couldn’t go deeper.

Gando raised his chin and approached.

“You must have made up your mind and made fun of it, right?”

“Why don’t you find a place to intervene and join in, kid? Anyway, appease your queen and bring her. Because we have work to do.”

“I’ll go.”

Sirone looked back at Gando.

“Take him to Uorin. It happened because of me.

Gando was lost in thought

‘If you consider the empress as dirty… … .’

At that time, Kashan will mobilize all the power that Minerva has to wipe it out of this world.

“Please pick me up.”

He stared into Sirone’s eyes and then turned around.

‘I’m not that kind of person.’

It was a fact that I realized from the first time we met at the Tormia Magic Association.

“Follow me. You will be in the annex.”

In front of Uorin’s room, which was guided by Gando, Sirone knocked slowly on the door.

“Uorin, are you in?”

No answer was heard.

“I’ll go in for a minute.”

Shirone nodded to Gando and opened the door, blinking her eyes while holding the doorknob.

Uorin was sitting cross-legged on the bed, smiling and beckoning.

“ah… … .”

When Sirone, conscious of Gando, hurriedly closed the door and entered, Uorin got up from the bed.

“Welcome. Sit here.”

“Are you feeling a little better?”

“at all. I really hate that girl. But it’s not like she doesn’t understand.”

Uorin suggested a drink.

“drink. I didn’t take the sleeping pills, so don’t worry.”

I was finally relieved.

“Actually, I wasn’t cold-hearted either. I was so emotional at the thought of meeting you. Minerva made me cold.”

“Then why did you leave crying?”

“There’s something I want to talk about just the two of us.”

As Sirone put down her glass and waited, Uorin looked away and said,

“Would you like to make love with me here and now?”

“Uorin, that’s… … .”

“I know. There’s someone else on your mind And that heart will never change, don’t you think?”

Sirone honestly nodded.

“I also have a great responsibility called Kashan. So let’s make love here. It can end everything.”

“I can’t. that… … .”

It would be a betrayal of Amy.

“I am speaking for you.”

Uorin met Shirone’s eyes.

“I can’t tell you, but I know how you must love me. And if I use this method, you have to be my man whether you like it or not.”

I thought there was no case where the heart was robbed.

“Gando worries about me. But i’m not worried I’ve prepared for a long time, and the way to win your heart is already perfectly established in my head.”

Since it was the words of Mitochondrial Eve, the designer of history, it could not be dismissed as bluffing.

“Eventually I will have you. no matter how sad you are rather want it So this is the final favor of my feelings. If you love me just for today, I will let you go too.”

When Sirone was silent, Uorin added.

“To be clear, not twice. This is your last chance to love Amy.”

last chance.

‘I’m going to choose Uorin?’

I couldn’t even guess what the reason was, but I wouldn’t tell you anyway.

“Nothing will change.”

Sirone was adamant.

“I don’t want to hurt Amy. It doesn’t matter if I really love you, but other than that I’ll never change my mind.”

“… … okay.”

Woorin closed her eyes.

‘It turns out like this after all.’

Even if the lower case is useless during the Great Purification Period, Mitochondrial Eve’s vision is different from that of humans.

If you integrate all the events that have happened so far, you can vaguely predict what will happen in the future.

Above all, Uorin was a human with the most powerful vision of the future among Theraze.

“Okay, Sirone.”

Wu Lin smiled.

“Let’s go out. I have to work now.”

In the end, Sirone would be held in her arms, so Uorin was happy to let him go with a smile.


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