Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 777

[777] chain action(3)

* * *

Upon arriving in Zion, Miro held a meeting between the monks representing each denomination.

Now that the Buddha is away, it is a golden opportunity to attack evil, and the work will have to be done quickly and strategically.

It took a lot of time because it was the first step in an endless war.

In the meantime, Gaold’s party heard about Shion and reunited with Armin and Quan.

“Is the author Gaold?”

All of the monks’ attention was on Gaold.

‘The human who defeated the Buddha.’

Miro will listen to it anyway, but the young children couldn’t control their curiosity.

Although the power of the law is strong because there is no cloudiness in their hearts, they are in the process of learning in the realm.

“What is enlightenment higher than Buddha?”

At first, Gaold did not pretend to listen, but as the number continued to increase, he eventually stopped walking.


It was so quiet that I couldn’t even hear my breathing.

“Sit on the toilet and strain your stomach.”

When Gaold’s voice was heard, the monks listened as if they would not miss a single Tosi.

“What comes out of that is enlightenment.”

As Gaold, who had turned away coldly, moved away, the children all tilted their heads and exchanged opinions.

“This is a very difficult line.”

The bald-headed child rested his chin on his chin and muttered.

“Hmm, sit on the toilet and strain your stomach. What comes out of it is enlightenment… … .”

He raised his head and sighed.


Enlightenment is shit.

“Maybe this is what it means? Treat enlightenment like shit. In other words, don’t be obsessed.”

In any case, it was a message from someone who defeated Buddha, so they were trying to think in a positive way.

“okay. Send out the enlightenment in your heart like shit, and you will gain true enlightenment.”

The children were amazed.

“Oh, Ming’s insight is excellent. indeed… … Are you saying that you have to abandon the Buddha in order to accept the Buddha?”

Gangnan, who was lost in thought at the sound of the students of each denomination, asked Gaold.

“What are you talking about?”

Gaold spat out in annoyance.

“What is it? It means go and poop.”


Gangnan’s laughter embroidered the cold sky.

“huh? Why are you like that?”

As the children looked back at Gangnan at the same time, Zion’s leading figure, Lilia, approached.

“Mr. Gaold was playing a joke.”

He was a Totemist of the Achaeans who sealed Optrus together with Dante in the old castle ruins.

“joke? You mean you lied?”

When the monks looked back at Gaold with a look on their faces, Lilia smiled and said,

“It doesn’t matter. What really matters is that you have enlightened Mr. Garold’s words.”

“… … .”

“Enlightenment is not grandiose or fancy. You can finally see something that was there originally.”

Breathing is a huge realization for a child of jinan.

“Since Mr. Gaold already knows, it doesn’t matter whether you lie or tell the truth.”

In the end, the Dao leads to one.

“Enlightenment is shit… … .”

As the monks looked back at Gaold in awe, Lilia avoided her seat.

‘It will be a great power to the world.’

With such thoughts in mind, I went into the simple temple prepared in Zion, and a maze came out after the meeting.

“You worked hard, Mr. Miro.”

Miro was also politely greeted.

“yes. What about Gaold?”

“I went back to my house a little while ago. He was a strong man. The power of evil will be weaker in the future.”

Miro sighed softly.

“Are you worried about anything?”

“That’s true… … .”

Thinking that this is not something to talk about here, Miro took Lyria’s hand and went to a quiet place.

Miro had no reason to reveal her true feelings to others, but Gaold’s problem was an exception.

‘If it’s Lyria-san… … .’

Most of the monks in Zion were people close to the polar line, so there was nothing to hold back.


Lillia, who heard the circumstances of the two people’s identity, nodded her head with a sad expression.

“Do you feel guilty?”

“I don’t know. Because this problem is so complex. I need Gaold’s help, but I don’t think it’s anything like this.”

“of course.”

Lyria was adamant.

“The reason why good differs from evil is that it is not cowardly. I think Mr. Miro should speak.”

The darkness lifted from Miro’s face.

“Of course, these words are from a third person… … .”

“No, I need to go see Gaold now.”

Lyria smiled and shrugged her arms.

“have a great time.”

No matter how much you fight for the world, how can you be called a human being without love?

“Thank you, Mr. Lyria.”

After Miro left, she crossed her legs and rested her chin on the table, which became quiet.

“Ha, I want to date too.”

Dante’s face came to mind in her mind, who had never met a man properly because she had been chasing evil all her life.

‘I must have already forgotten. Are you living well?’

“Yes, I am going. Go straight.”

There’s nothing to worry about having already made a decision, but Miro’s heart pounded as he walked to Gaold’s quarters.

“I can’t stand it because it’s frustrating.”

I will openly confide in you and let you decide whether to choose yourself or the world.

‘And if you choose me… … .’

Miro’s face grew hot as he stopped walking.

‘But what if I’m very strange?’

It is said that sharing love can be done according to your feelings, but it was the first time in your life to honestly reveal it.

The more I tried this and that simulation, the more irritated Maze started to walk again.

‘I don’t know! I just need to turn off the lights!’

When Gaold finally arrived, he saw Gangnan, Zulu, Armin, and Sain gathered in front of Gaold’s accommodation.

“huh? what’s the matter?”

“Mr. Miro.”

Armin scratched his head with a puzzled expression.

“Why are you gathering here? Gaold?”

Sein said.

“They say they are leaving now. I’m packing up.”

Miro opened her eyes wide.

“this time? Where are you going?”


It seemed Gaold had already made up his mind before Miro presented his options.

“It’s because of you.”

Kang Nan opened his eyes and said.

“You didn’t say a warm word to me all the way here. How can you be so selfish? Is that the line you are talking about?”

Good is good, love is love.

“Where are you dating someone out of mercy? I’m doing what I feel too. Besides, wouldn’t it be much better for you if I didn’t choose Gaold?”


When Gangnan couldn’t refute and bit his lip, Miro closed his eyes and regretted his mistake.

‘This is why I hate feelings.’

Contrary to belief, it makes everything unknown.

“Sorry. i know i’m bad But now I’ve made up my mind. Let me tell you.”

Miro grabbed the doorknob and said.

“every… … Would you mind avoiding your seat?”

That explanation was enough, and when Kang Nan turned around with a sad expression, others followed her.


Miro, who had calmed down, opened the door to see Gaold packing his bag.

“What, without knocking?”

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter what you were doing!”

Gaold packed his bags and put them on the bed.

“Don’t try. you have work to do Just do it without thinking about anything.”

Miro asked, closing the door with her back.

“Then what about you?”

“… … .”

“You’re going to keep fighting for me like that? in terrible pain? So what’s left?”

“It’s not your fault.”

Gaold met his eyes for the first time.

“It’s not your fault that I’m sick or that I’m like this. throw me out of your mind Then you can be perfect.”

“So you ask! How are you?”

“I’m fine.”

Gaold’s gaze was warm.

“It’s different from the past when I couldn’t do anything. I can fight for you now You just have to punish the evil of the world.”

Miro couldn’t contain his emotions.

“… … What if I die then?”

I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

“Then what if you die? If you suffer like that all your life and then die, what is your life like? Where the hell is that life?”

“I will not die.”

Even his smile looked painful.

“Until you smile happily and look at me, I will never die.”

Miro sat on the bed and gently cupped Gaold’s hair with both hands.

‘Yes, that’s right.’

Gaold was such a person.

‘A follower of the Jordanian religion.’

An innocent young man who just wanted everyone’s heart to be filled with love.

‘I should have known.’

However, only that young man with no talent endured the heat of hell and confessed to Miro.

‘I should have known at least then.’

I should have known that on the day she said goodbye to the world, when she shouted Miro’s name to the end even as her limbs were torn.

‘How stupid am I?’

Why did you think this man was an idiot?

He was the one who rescued him from heaven after fighting for 20 years in terrible pain.

‘Kill God… … .’

kill again

‘Kill again!’

Having defeated even Buddha, he now says he will kill all the evil in the world for the woman he loves.

“Because that is you.”

Miro cradled Gaold’s face in her arms and burst into tears.

“Because I am the strongest person in the world!”


“Until this war is over, I… … .”

Miro looked up at the ceiling and said

“I will never love you. I will completely erase you from my mind.”

In Maze’s arms, Gaold said

“… … okay.”

“I promise you instead.”

Miro sat down and caressed Gaold’s cheek.

“If I can’t love you, I won’t love anyone else. No one will ever have my heart.”


“It’s nice to meet someone else. For a woman like me, if you want to give up, give up anytime. If you can be happy even for a moment, grab that happiness without worrying. Promise!”

“… … okay.”

If you can erase me with it

“Gaold. Gaold… … .”

Miro, who had pityfully stroked Gaold, who had her eyes closed, ran out of the room wiping away tears.

After hearing the door slam shut, Gaold slowly raised his eyelids.

For a moment, the feeling of sadness rose as if it would explode, but soon it cooled down like an unexploded bullet.

“It is enough to end the war.”

only for her

Entering a simple purpose, Gaold rose from his seat like a machine and slung his bag over his shoulder.

It was dawn before I knew it, and when I went outside, a chill that seemed to freeze my breath entered my nostrils.

“… … .”

In the middle of the glacier, Zulu and Gangnan, who were ready to depart, were waiting under the lights that were turned on.

Gaold approached them and said.

“It’s my fight from now on.”

Gangnan pursed his lips.

“When wasn’t that? Ugly anyway… … .”


Gaold smiled and patted Gangnan on the shoulder and approached Zulu, who had Caidra on standby.

“Where is the fiercest?”

Zulu answered as he heard.


The power of the demons was not particularly strong, but it was an area where the power of mankind was relatively weak.


Gaold looked back and said.

“Let’s go, mutt.”

Kang Nan, who exudes the fighting spirit of a Ram Muay warrior, strode forward, raising the corners of his mouth.

“Are you sure it’s clean?”

No matter who loved whom, she was the only one who could cross the river of death with Gaold.


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