Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 776

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[776] chain action(2)

* * *

Upon arriving in Zion, Mei-Lei jumped out of bed, covered one ear and knelt down.

“Chief Justice.”

Terra Force, who was conducting a filibuster to prevent punishment for Sirone’s apostasy, received a call.

-The situation has been reversed.

“I heard.”

Nane’s sermon was imprinted on living beings throughout the universe through the law of the heart, quantum transmission.

Because it is a phenomenon that works in the mind, most of them do not even think that they have obtained information, but those who know the apostasy realized it.

‘Now I can abort.’

-Anker Ra, to be exact, Nane, who swallowed Ra’s dream, abrogated the third clause of the Three Absolute Principles.

“What will happen to Sirone?”

-Approve the apostasy. Of course, the same goes for Gaold. Of course, Terraforce’s judgment will continue. but… … .

The judge chose his words carefully.

-At that time, the judgment would have to be made with the death of the entire system, not the planet.

The end of the world was approaching.

“What am I supposed to do?”

-Help Zion and stop evil. A labyrinth will guide you. Lest the day come when Terraforce destroys the entire universe… … .

Communication was lost.

“You survived.”

Gaold’s group searched Jungcheon-dong for two days, but they couldn’t find Nane and Shura.

In the end, it was confirmed that he survived only after hearing a sermon on the way to Antarctica on a Kydra.

“But the Buddha is no more.”

Miro had a hunch that it was an opportunity.

“Assuming Shura is alive, finding Nane isn’t easy. But now you can finish the game. When we return to Zion, we will launch an all-out offensive against evil.”

If the altar is sealed and the atrocities are punished, the brilliant flowers of goodness will bloom again in the world.

said Zulu, seated in the Caydra’s c*ckpit.

“Yahweh will be in charge of sealing the altar, but apart from that, the demons are strong. It’s not an easy fight.”

Everyone but Miro looked back at Gaold.

‘Obviously the demons are strong. But if it’s Gaold… … .’

A magician who transcended ten thousand, a person who defeated Buddha was considered worthy of trying even an army of over 2 billion in hell.

‘If that’s the only problem… … .’

Sein took turns examining Gaold and Miro, who were coming in and out with an invisible line in between.

They hadn’t spoken a word since the battle, and now they didn’t even make eye contact.

‘It must be confusing.’

In the days when Miro handled everything, it was rather simple.

“But now the game has changed.’

Miro needs Gaold, and Gaold still loves Miro.

I wondered what it had to do with it.

‘Aren’t you heartless too?’

I don’t want to admit it, but in the end, the only remaining human in Miro’s mind was Gaold.

Miro felt Sain’s gaze, but ignored it until the end and threw her head back.

‘I’m really going crazy.’

Saying it’s someone else’s business and pushing it on the back.

Of course, Gaold was the only one who could be called a man to her, but he was a heart smaller than a speck.

The dust was so small that I didn’t even know if it was love, friendship, or sympathy.

‘I’d rather just date for a while then end it.’

Alpheas Magic School days.

It might have been possible if he accepted Gaold’s confession in the 6th level of the survival test, super fever.

‘Would the results have been different if I did?’


‘That’s why it’s getting complicated now.’

It would be better if Gaold had reached the current result while winning Miro’s love.

‘But if you accept him now… … .’

What about Gaold?

When he, who has endured with one mind for the labyrinth, finally wins it, the law that forms him collapses.

‘I could die. anyway… … .’

The strong spirit that can defeat even the Buddha will inevitably be dulled, and in the worst case, it will become a crippled person.

‘Do you know?’

Gaold would know.

‘That’s why he’s ignoring me too.’

After going through hell twice, he finally got over the maze, but still he got nothing.

‘Still, I’ll try to fight.’

Miro, who suddenly thought from Gaold’s point of view, looked up at the sky with sorrowful eyes.

‘Whether the world perishes or not, you don’t care.’

He was a person who would not regret spending the rest of his life with the woman he loved and leaving the world at any time.

‘It’s okay though. I’ll do it if you want.’

Isn’t the pain enough?


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‘You’ve already done so much for the world. I’ll take care of you when you become a disabled person, and when you die, I’ll be buried next to you.’

However, Gaold’s choice was to stay by his side and fight for Miro until the end.

‘But you can’t love me anymore?’

I had been avoiding Gaold because I thought this situation would come, but it was finally time to make a decision.


Arius shook his shoulders at Miro’s sigh.

‘That poor human… … .’

* * *

“Sirone! Go out! Get ready!”

When Minerva invaded Sirone’s house, Sirone had already finished all preparations.

“what? Is it fast?”

Before he understood Nane’s sermon, he had already heard the situation from Taeseong.

‘Mr. Garold is back.’

I have transcended ten thousand, I have broken the Buddha, and I have allowed the apostasy, so there is no longer the master of the world.

Gaold’s shockwave caused a chain reaction to the law, eventually freeing Syrone from Terraforce’s judgment.

“This won’t be the end.”

Minerva nodded.

“The disappearance of Buddha is only the beginning. If there is no one right, there comes a world of chaos where anything is allowed.”

“The atrocities will become stronger.”

Minerva handed over the <Law Slaughter> documents.

“We have to block it. Let’s go to Kashan. Even if you use <Law Kill>, you cannot do it without the help of the Holy Temple.”

Since she intended to go to Uorin anyway, Sirone followed Minerva out without a word.

Just as they were about to escape from the magic circle on the first floor of the Ivory Tower to the Kingdom of Corona, four familiar people approached them.

‘People who play card games?’

Minerva raised an eyebrow.

“Oh my, what is this? Fossils that haven’t left the White Inn for 14 years are coming back here?”

said the bald old man, child.

“The game is over. To tell you the result.”

“Whoa, who’s the winner?”

said Gudio, who grew a red beard.

“The one who wants to keep the game.”


Even though it was just a card game, it was not an unpleasant result in the face of a fierce battle.

“What are you going to do now?”

Said Ness, a man as bony as a skeleton.

“Reality has changed, so I’m going to run the simulation again. This time, the one who wants to end the game… … .”

“There’s a game that’s more fun than that. Do you want to go with me?”

For the law of <Slaughter> to aim precisely at the atrocities, those who played the card game were essential.

The man with the torn eye, Mais, asked.

“Is there a more fun gamble than this?”

“No matter how fun it is, it’s a simulation, right? Now I have to show my skills in the real game.”

“Which version is it?”

“To bankrupt those who must be robbed.”

“… … .”

Myers looked back at his colleagues and questioned their intentions, but Minerva already knew the outcome.

‘Because they… … .’

It’s because they’re really crazy about gambling.

“Is the stake enough?”

four people said at the same time.

* * *

Emperor Aganos of Kashan.

Uorin, who received the message around midnight, roamed the vast imperial palace nonstop from early morning.

‘Sirone is coming!’

with Minerva.

‘Of course, that woman.’

Uorin’s eyes, which had been recalled, narrowed.

‘It doesn’t matter. How long will I spend this time… … .’

It was not a wait that could be done with a human lifespan.

‘I can finally meet Sirone!’

Even though it was just a change of memory, it was no different from physical time to her, the person involved in the memory.


The door opened immediately.

“Did you call?”

“The preparations are going without a hitch, right?”

“If you hadn’t called me 30 seconds ago, you should be checking by now.”

As long as there were no mistakes in welcoming Sirone, he knew that Uorin would not be angry today.

“Isn’t 30 seconds too harsh? Five minutes must have passed.”

“My pace is not that slow.”

True to its nickname, Urera, it was Gando who arrived by jumping through the 200-meter hallway in an instant.

“Anyway, fine.”

good anyway

“I need to put on makeup. Call the coordinator. I’ll just do it lightly. Lips a little redder… … .”

Gando was worried.

“The Empress is the strongest and most beautiful person in the world. He doesn’t see the need to do anything more.”

“What does it matter that I am beautiful? You should like Sirone. Call Cody.”

“The Empress.”

Gando risked his life.

“Are you really okay with this? I have never seen the Empress shaken like this.”

Uorin said as she changed her earrings.

“… … I know.”

“Don’t you know? Sirone is a necessary tool for the Empress’ daughter. If you love Sirone… … .”

yes let’s die here

“Will you become a daughter again and love your father?”

Gando sighed and closed his eyes, waiting for Uorin to sing a wind chime.

“It’s Gando.”

The name she called was Gando.

“Yes, as you said, Theraze is not an individual. history. But you know. Now, Syrone also came with that history.”

Gando did not want to hear.

‘Kill me! You must kill me, Empress!’

When the great history of Therazera is defined by a single human named Uorin, Kashan’s future is not guaranteed.

“At first, survival was the goal. However, from the moment Sirone occupied the beginning of my memory, I have been waiting for today to preserve history.”

Gando screamed evil.

“Kill! Just saying kill me… … !”


The moment Uorin’s words fell out, Gando couldn’t think of anything, as if he had been hit in the head with a hammer.


I thought it was a word that didn’t exist in the world, so I didn’t even know what it felt like right now.

“Without Kashan, there is no Uorin. It is true that I am shaken, and I know that I will be criticized by the world. therefore… … .”

Uorin looked back at Gando and smiled sadly.

“Can’t we just cheer for Mom?”

Hot tears flowed silently down my cheeks as my heart skipped a beat.

“… … .”

Gando, who lowered his head and wiped away tears, spoke with an effort to hold on to his trembling voice.

“I will arrive in the evening. Get some sleep. I will proceed with the preparations without a hitch.”

“… … thanks.”

The door closed with a quiet sound.

In the room left alone after Gando had left, Uorin put her hand on the dressing table and looked in the mirror.

“I know.”

Theraze rose to the position of empress while endlessly analyzing the past based on the underlying incident.

“That’s how you came here.”

In the play time that was as long as history, the moment of enjoying an unexpected event was only a moment.

‘Once is enough for life.’

The reason I endured repeating the same incident, the same line, and the boring play as many times as the number of resets… … .

‘The only unknown left to me.’

It was for the most brilliant event in Theraje’s life.


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