Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 774

[774] The question of the ball (4)


how much time has passed

The nerves began to return, starting with Arius’ groans as his ears were bleeding.


My whole body throbbed as if I had been beaten.

‘A labyrinth?’

However, there was no time to look at his body, and Sein, who regained his sight, immediately looked at the battlefield.

As if revealing the shape of the impact, dozens of peaks around it were cut into a circle shape.


As the inverted cross assembled into spheres was released, Shura spurred out first.

“We are going too.”

Arius didn’t hear, but realized Sein was leaving and immediately followed.

Shura stopped on a peak 400 meters from the battlefield and checked the ground.

Sein was anxious.


When I arrived by Shura’s side, my anxiety became reality.

‘Hello… … What is God?’

Nane was standing in front of Miro, who was kneeling in a state of sedation.

“If I hadn’t had a long-cherished wish… … .”

His lips were torn and blood was flowing, but his calm expression showed no shock.

“I would have paid you tribute.”

“… … .”

Miro couldn’t hear.

Nane held out her hand as she looked at her with her shoulders drooping and her head bowed.

“Sermon, go.”

A blue sword shot out and soared into the sky, becoming a single bolt of lightning and striking the top of the head.

Miro, who had been trembling for a while, slowly opened her eyes.

“Kill him.”

It was not a word of resignation, but in fact, he was so exhausted that he couldn’t even lift a finger.

“It was a hair difference.”

It was the pinnacle of extreme differences in results due to very small causes.

“Perhaps it could have come to fruition.”

Miro laughed.

“Are you sympathetic? You are not a god either.”

“okay. But I am a little more distant from humans.”

It was an inexcusable defeat.

“An impurity smaller than a speck of dust. why didn’t you throw it away? What holds you human?”

I wanted to hear

“Kill him.”

However, as if Miro had no intention of speaking, he quietly closed his eyes and waited for death.

“… … Sermon, kill.”

Twelve red swords came out from behind Nane and curled like claws toward the maze.

“There will be no pain.”

The killing spirit that seemed to pierce Maze’s body at any moment was transmitted to Sein from 400 meters away.

“no. Rescue now… … .”

“It’s already too late.”

Shura did not laugh in the face of the extinction of the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin.

“The one closest to Buddha knelt down. No one can surpass the Buddha’s time.”

The moment Sein throws his body away is the moment when Nane’s sermon is pierced into Miro’s body.

“damn! damn!”

In the end, it was all about delaying Miro’s death even a little while not being able to move a single step.

I didn’t wait

“It is over.”

Twelve swords were fired at Miro.

At that time, Sain and Arius’ hearts crouched down, preparing for a powerful beat.


A gigantic, brilliantly shining grotesque bird soared into the sky while wrapping around the labyrinth.

As the maze disappeared into another dimension, Nane’s sermon could not control the murderous intent and exploded itself.

“Zulu summons?”

Sane, who hurriedly looked around, found a maze that had moved several tens of meters away from Nane.

“at last… … Did you follow me?”

Zulu and Gangnan were sitting on the Cadra, while Gaold was standing on the ground holding the labyrinth.


When Sain and Arius cast space movement toward Kaidra, Shura clicked his tongue and flew to Nane.

A strange sensation opened Miro’s eyes.


Information came in at the same time that he was still breathing and that he was being held in someone’s arms.

“… … .”

The moment I checked Gaold’s face, my mind went dizzy and curse words came out.

“Damn it.”

Gaold laughed bitterly.

“A long time.”

That was the end of the reunion greeting, and Gaold turned his head again to face Nane.

“Is that Buddha? I must have had some children.”

Miro gritted his teeth.

“Put it down. why did you come here? It has nothing to do with you now.”

The exhausted Miro found it difficult to move alone, and Sein came and supported her.

“Gaold, you… … .”

“later. Do it later.”

In a different atmosphere from before, Sein kept his mouth shut.

‘Well, is it normal? After experiencing the terrible hell twice, I came back.’

As Gaold was intent on examining me, Miro looked up at me.

‘You must have gotten very skinny.’

All of the muscles that had been trained in endless battles would fall out, and only scars would remain.

‘It’s really the worst reunion.’

I had sworn I wouldn’t do it twice, but this time I owed my life to Gaold.


Rejoicing at the safe return of his master, Arius bowed his head, crouching beside the maze’s bridge.

‘I can feel my heart beating fast.’

A diver who has infiltrated Maze’s mind.

Arius knew the only trauma etched into her near-perfect psyche.

‘Mikea Gaold.’

A name that cannot be forgotten.

“Let’s go back. Since going to heaven was blocked for now, future plans in Zion… … .”

Gaold asked.

“Why does Buddha want to kill Maze?”

Sein wrinkled his brow.

“What do you know? I don’t have time to explain every word. Cooperate in safely evacuating the maze.”

“it’s okay. You can ask them directly.”

Gaold walked over to Nane.

“you idiot! Understanding the situation now… … !”

It was not a situation that could be resolved by being angry, so Se-in swallowed his anger and said to Kang-nan.

“Quickly go and get him. That kid is really dying.”

Zulu replied.

“I wouldn’t have come this far if I could have stopped it.”

“Then you will die.”

Zulu looked at Gaold’s back as he walked away.

“To Gaold, the reality is terrible pain. But he came back through hell twice.”

The atmosphere became somber.

“We do not know what Gaold suffered. That’s why I don’t even have the right to stop it.”

“Buy me some time.”

Miro said as he walked away from Sein.

“If you wait a little bit, your mind will recover. I’ll take you and run away Until then, protect Gaold.”

It was their last resort.

Sein clicked his tongue and turned to Nane.

“Sheesh, it bothers me until the end… … .”

Nane’s eyes lit up as she watched Gaold.



“Go away. as far as possible.”


I asked again, but no answer came back.

“All right.”

Even after Shura left, Nane calmly waited for Gaold to come.

‘It’s like seeing the old me.’

It was Nane who, after experiencing all the pain in the world, became a Buddha by giving up her body in hell.

“Are you an ascetic?”

Gaold didn’t think it worth answering.

“Why do you want to kill Maze?”

“To close this world.”

“Why is this world? Did I do anything wrong to you?”


Nane raised her index finger and pointed at Gaold.

“And you are the one who understands this world. Now, how about breaking the chains of suffering with me?”

“You understand this world?”

Gaold took a step forward, turned around and slapped Nane in the face with a full swing.

“How do I know that, you son of a bitch!”

Sein’s eyes widened in bewilderment.

“That madman… … !”

When Nane turned her head again, Gaold was thumping closer, eyes closed.

“Where did you clean up? A Buddha is a Buddha, what are you talking about knowing about me?”

‘It’s old!’

Sein looked back at the party as the old temperament was revealed.

“It’s a start! All ready!”

Miro shouted.

“Wait a minute!”

Gaold’s air press squashed the air, causing the ground to sway like a rubber sheet.


Blood dripped from Gaold’s eyes as he screamed with his ten fingers bent.

“I-that… … .”

Gangnan’s face turned pale at the sight of Nane, who was unable to move due to the pressure of the atmosphere.

‘How painful is it?’

Pain 1 trillion times.

Returning from hell for the second time, Gaold’s threshold was much higher than before.

‘This kind of pain?’

There was a strangeness in Nane’s eyes.

‘Then why doesn’t he die?’

Zulu said.

“It should have been dead already. But Gaold isn’t dead. Once that happens… … .”

It just happened.

“That’s why I can’t die now.”

Gaold, whose hair had turned white, approached Nane, shedding bloody tears.

“Can you tell me what real pain is?”

I was not insane.

“It’s not something I can stand. You just get hurt.”

“Sermon, par.”

The sword of light that was born above Nane’s head vibrated and shook the air that had become hard like a steel bar.

“no! Gaold quickly… … !”

When Miro shouted.

“It’s all about being confined to a narrow body and screaming pathetically. But like you… … .”

Unable to bear the pain, Gaold let out a scream and stomped the ground with both legs.

“Tell me the pain!”

Pain 10 trillion times.

“ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! ah! ah!”

Pain 100 trillion times.

“You foolish middle school student!”

Nane raised the power of the sermon to the limit.

“I will erase your pain!”

“Aaaaaaaa! Aaaaaa!”

Consciousness had already gone, and all that remained in my head was the thought of pain.

‘Thousand trillion pears of pain! High tide ship! Billion times! damn it!’

Where in the world is there anything like that?

‘No matter how much it hurts, no matter how much you scream… … .’

How would other people feel about it?

The biggest pain in the world is the pain you suffer, and that’s why the weight of pain is the same for everyone.

‘Still, I live on.’

Even though I know that it will never change, I wonder if tomorrow will be a better day than today.

‘Clean your teeth!’

Life is about wanting to live until the end.

“I’ve been through a bit of penance… … .”

Those were the words only Gaold could utter.

“Talk about other people’s pain!”

Pain 1 view pear.

First of all, the dozens of high peaks in the vicinity were pressed down to the horizon as if they were pouring down.

‘Oh, I see.’

In the moment of the astronomical amount of friction acting, Nane realized.

‘That’s why I couldn’t cry.’

Tears flowed down Nane’s cheeks as the high heat that melts any substance expands the atmosphere.


Jungcheon-dong exploded.


Taeseong’s scream resounded in the Temple of Earth.

‘Another person transcended the bay.’

Even with her eyes wide open in shock, countless thoughts ran through her head.

‘To upset the balance of the world… … .’

are human after all

The Monk’s Shrine has disappeared from the map.

“oh my god… … .”

Jungcheon-dong, which Shura looked down on, was as if God had scooped up the ground with a spoon, leaving only a pit.

Kang Nan sucked in the heat and coughed.

“Coke! Coke!”

If it hadn’t been for Miro pouring all her mental power into flying, it would all have melted away.

“Are you still alive?”

Zulu pointed to the middle of the pit.

“There he is.”

The faces of those who looked at the ground turned pale.

“Me, you… … .”

Gaold was sprawling at his feet looking down, spitting blood in succession.

“You fell down?”

Only Miro faced the truth while he could not properly grasp the reality even after seeing it with his own eyes.

‘Gaold, you… … .’

He broke the Buddha.

(end of volume 31)


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