Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 773

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[773] The question of the ball (3)

* * *

Beneath the Kaidra, a mysterious bird that straddles the Pacific Ocean, numerous starlights reflecting the sun overflowed.

Zulu, seated in the c*ckpit, led the way, with Kangnan and Gaold sitting opposite each other on a hollowed-out spine.

Breaking the long silence, Kang Nan opened his mouth.

“Don’t be too disappointed.”

Zulu gently turned his head away, but Gaold just closed his eyes and meditated.

Kang Nan, who gave up clumsy consolation, revealed his true heart.

“No, they are monks if they are monks, so does it make sense that they reject us?”

I stopped by Zion, but the answer that came back was inaccessible, and in the end I had no choice but to turn around without even seeing Miro’s face.

“If the balance of the law is so, then it is unavoidable.”

“Hmm, then what about Armin-san or Kuan-san? Even Zion needs an armed force.”

If it was the skills of Gaold and the others, they should have been welcomed in Zion with open arms.

‘That’s why I don’t understand it any more.’

Armin covered it up by saying that Miro was out of town, but in the end it couldn’t have happened without her instructions.

“It’s not about balance.”

When Gaold opened his eyes, Kang Nan asked.

“Then what is it?”

“It’s because it’s awkward to meet me.”

Gangnan’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you kidding me? No matter how much he was cut, the former president of the Tormia Magic Association was barred from his doorstep?”

Gaold looked back at the wide sea.

“It’s hard to see your face. It was roasted and fried like that in heaven. Besides, I owe you a debt.”

“What do you mean?”

Zulu said.

“Miro asked Gauld to sleep.”

Gangnan’s head turned back as if it would break.

“yes? When the hell?”

“When you were taken across the drawbridge. The two had a great fight. The labyrinth of the world was also emotional back then.”

It was a life saved by Kang Nan.

“That, so… … .”

“I didn’t. Gaold went to rescue you, and Miro said he would sleep when he returned intact. And now… … .”

Gaold is back.

“Wait a minute, does that make sense? Why would humanity’s greatest seeker reject us for just that?”

Zulu shrugged.

“Because it is true that Miro avoids Gaold whether it is coincidence or not. Unless… … .”

Gangnan looked at Gaold.

‘As expected, even now, Mr. Miro… … .’

Hell or reality, to Gaold, it’s just the same world, full of terrible suffering.

Even so, the reason for returning was because Miro lived here.

* * *

Nane and Shura climbed the highest peak of Jungcheon-dong in the east, hidden from view by clouds.

‘There… … .’

There is a guffin’s door.

‘Raise the army of heaven and end the war.’

Terraforce protects the order of the universe, but it is also part of the system created by Ankera’s intention.

If Nane directly leads the angels to attack humanity, even Terraforce has no reason to interfere.

‘Ra is everything.’

After Veron’s death, the Eternal community has been moving independently, but Heaven’s army is still strong.

‘Maybe this is the last.’

Feeling the end of the world approaching, Shura recalled Veron’s will just before he died.

– Live.

‘well. Is there anything eternal in the world?’

Eternity is necessarily unattainable, so it is a realm of faith that is not true.

Shura can’t understand faith.

‘Anyway, I’ll think about it a little more.’

Resentful of Veron who left after giving her difficult homework, she arrived at a shrine with 12 gateways.

At the end of the gateway, I saw a cave with a mysterious energy, and Nane lit a light and went inside.

“Guffin’s Gate.”

A huge iron ball engraved with henna floated on the ceiling as high as the top of the peak.

“Open, the gates of heaven.”

As Nane’s sermon was invoked, the iron-colored sword soared vertically and was deeply embedded in the iron ball.

As the iron ball split into fragments, a black sphere was born and absorbed the iron pieces.

“Let’s go, to heaven.”

The cave shook violently.


Shura warned, but Nane looked up with interest as the dimensional passage was rapidly distorted.

“It’s blocked.”


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At the same time Shura asked back, the dimensional passage spewed out fragments, which were quickly assembled into the original sphere.

“I block the dimension with the dimension.”

Nane asked as she turned toward the exit.

“Is it your skill?”

Shura frowned at the group of people blocking the exit.


Miro sat on the back of Arius, who was prostrated like a dog, and Shion’s staff, Sein, stood by her.

“How are you here?”

Miro stood up and said.

“What are you asking about? Now that the other side of the world has been opened, the next step must be heaven. But it won’t be easy. I did a lot of studying this way.”

Just when Shura snorted and was about to reply, Nane stepped forward and asked.

“Seeker, are you against my will?”

Miro savored Nane’s first impression.

‘This is the current Buddha.’

A person who realized that he was right after going through all the degrees and going through all the apostles who were against it.

‘Is that what the eyes that penetrate the universe are like?’

His skinny body, wearing hooded rags, and his face and arms are probably full of tattoos.

‘but… … .’

If you feel that you resemble Sirone, is it strange?

“The word “go against” sounds harsh, right? This fight will not end unless either side gives up.”

Nane’s eyes were locked in sadness.

“That’s why I’m trying to finish it.”


The incarnation of Guanshi Yin with thousands of hands was burning.

“You give up, me.”

Just as Mount Tai in the north is the lowest place in the south, the highest place to Miro is the whole without a blind spot.

Arius willingly became a dog and increased his prestige in the realm of Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin contemplating all over the world.

“Whoa! Krrrr!”

Shura hugged Nane from behind.

“On the subject of an insignificant mortal.”

As she revealed her serpentine traits, a long, blood-red tongue protruded and taunted Miro and the others.

“How dare you intimidate Buddha?”

Sein’s Iron Wheel quickly returned.

‘The god of lies, Shura.’

Even she, who denies the whole world, can’t deny Nane’s rightness?

‘The realm is equivalent to a maze. I have no choice but to leave Nane to Miro and strike a pincer with Arius.’

As if thinking the same thing, Arius stood up.

“Please leave it to me.”

Miro couldn’t answer.

‘It doesn’t even scratch with any magic. I wonder if it’s the standard to quickly subdue it with powerful axing.’

Even if the Buddha is right, if it is incarnation that distorts the law, the teeth will be eaten.

“I have something to tell you two.”

As Shura, who fell from Nane’s instructions, headed for the exit, Arius and Sein also turned around.

“Miro, be careful.”

Even if they don’t win, if the maze dies here, the balance of the world will fall sharply.

“I know.”

Miro, of course, knew, but it was not an opponent he could kill with his own survival in mind.

‘I have no choice but to risk my life.’

When Sein, Arius, and Shura went out of the cave, Nane came a little closer.

“It is indeed a good incarnation.”

Thousand-Armed Guanyin may also be an aspect of Buddha.

“But the era of needing you is over, so leave everything to me now and wake up from your dreams.”

An explosion erupted outside the cave.

‘The other side started.’

At that point, in Miro’s head, who had erased all thoughts, the sequence sequence developed at a tremendous speed.

“Buddha, if you are truly merciful… … .”

The incarnation of Thousand Arms Guanshiyin soared to the ceiling of the cave, spreading its thousands of arms like a fan.

“Couldn’t you have embraced their dreams as well?”

ball question.

The moment Nane’s head tilted to the side, the Thousand Arms Guan Yin’s axing was activated.

‘I can’t cry.’

The Thousand Arms Guanyin’s palm flew in from Nane’s left and right, drawing a huge trajectory.

‘I can’t cry over their dreams.’

As time is compressed, the number of afterimages increases.

‘Because it’s a dream I made.’

Conversely, as the number of afterimages increases, the speed of reaching a single time is faster.

‘I have to close it.’

tremendous speed.

In the end, the reason why all the afterimages feel real is that the amount of impact per one time is measured as the sum of the numbers.

‘He hit me!’

such axing.

‘This is me… … can’t… … blood… … .’

In the fragmentation of time, another fragmentation occurred, and Miro’s thoughts slowed infinitely.

‘sun… … .’

the universe has stopped

Looking up at the palm of the Heavenly Armed Guanyin, which had no afterimage, Nane thought about the ball.

‘Mercy for dreams… … .’

Deed Deed Deed!

When the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin suddenly vibrated, Nane hurriedly escaped from her thoughts, and strangeness filled her eyes.

‘It became faster.’


The ceiling of the cave was blown off by the pressure generated by the clash of the palms.

Miro clicked his tongue in the haze.

‘Sheesh! I dodged it!’

Nane, who jumped off by a hair’s breadth, flew up from the ceiling of the cave and looked down at the maze.

“Is that the spirit that protected the world?”

Nane’s tongue moved.

“Sermon, mind and heart.”

Thousands of swords formed a net and covered the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin rising from the cave.

‘Is it the incarnation art seal?’

As the law was neutralized and Thousand Arms Guanshiyin struggled, Nane pointed at the maze with her index finger.

“He who has the mind of a Buddha.”

The sword that was born at the tip of my finger began to spin round and round.

“I am Buddha.”

The sword, spinning at an unimaginable speed, crashes into the labyrinth, and a second later, the peak rises like a twist! twisted

Koo Goo Goo Goo!

As the mountain collapsed, the core exploded, revealing a labyrinth among the surging rocks.

“okay! Let’s see the end with you and me!”

Nane’s eyes sparkled as the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin grew inexorably and tore through the heart net.



An incarnation larger than the planet has been pressing on Nane, causing afterimages of over 200 million arms.

‘Can I avoid this too?’

It would be possible if you run away from the stars, but Nane, who inherited Ankera’s system, does not tolerate apostasy.

“Sermon. open.”

Two swords were born from the fingertips of Nane, who crossed her arms in an X shape, and rotated one full turn.

The world expanded around that circle, and the pair of Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin pressed down on both sides.


The air vibrated and the ground shook as if he was about to burst a huge ball with both hands.

“I will not run away.”

Miro was determined to die.

“I fight with my all.”

Because she is always the giver, not the one who keeps the game.

“Threesome… … .”


Miro’s consciousness was sucked in by fear, and the air was suppressed as the speed of the Thousand Arms Guanyin soared.

At the sound of the wind crumpling iron, the three men fighting on the opposite peak turned their heads.

‘Sammaegyeong? That’s stupid.’

In the end, it will only commit.


The moment Shura shouted, the thousand-handed Guanyin that covered the sky clashed with her palms.

“… … !”

My ears couldn’t hear it, and my son-in-law turned to darkness as his nerves went numb.

In a state of no sensation, consciousness gradually drifted away.

‘damn! Shock!’

Since they are specialized in the mental system, they used their own organs to protect their mentality.

‘Miro… … !’

In a state where it was unclear whether he was standing or lying down, whether his bones were broken or not, Sein prayed.

‘Just stay alive.’

The echoes of the roar shook Jungcheon-dong.


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