Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 772

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[772] The question of the ball (2)

* * *

While Sirone was having a conversation with Taeseong, Minerva listed 〈Slaughter〉 on the Ivory Tower.

Araka of the Ministry of Internal Affairs handed over the documents.

“Whatever the consequences of ‘Slaughter’ in the future, the Ivory Tower will accept it as ‘right.’”

“great job.”

“I just hope that it will be put to good use. Well, if it’s Saint Sirone, you don’t have to worry.”

“Aha, is this different from me?”

Araka responded with a smile.

“You look very bright.”

Even before Sirone came, Minerva’s face upon returning from her mission was colder than the countless corpses she had spawned.

“is it?”

<Defense> is indestructible.

Of course, it does not have the durability of an absolute concept like Lian’s weapon <Idea>.

‘A dagger that anyone can break with just a hammer.’

However, in the end <Slaughter> is reborn according to the laws of this world and ends up in someone’s hands.

‘Crystal of intent to kill.’

It was a chain reaction of endless deaths.

“Since it’s Sirone, it’s multiple types, right?”

As if reading his thoughts, Minerva turned and shook the file.

“thank you. I’ll pay you back later.”

Araka looked at her as she walked away.

‘Yes, the world will never forgive you.’

Because she is a great witch at the peak of evil.

‘So at least forgive yourself, even you. Wouldn’t that be enough to survive?’

There is no one who wishes her happiness, who drove mankind to the brink of destruction.

I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

Araka thought.

“We’ve taken care of <Slaughter>, and it will take some time before Terraforce’s verdict comes out… … .”

As Minerva walked away, organizing her thoughts, a gray matter brain came swimming through the air.

“Brain, are you still in the ivory tower?”

The brain of an unknown person.

Even Minerva, the leader of the Human Security Enforcement Department, could not tell who the brain belonged to.

I’m just guessing with a few assumptions.

“what’s the matter? It looks like you’ve been waiting for me.”

“… … .”

Sensing that she was looking for a quiet place, Minerva took the brain and went into her room.

When the brain flew into the chair and cast an illusion spell, a handsome man sat cross-legged before he knew it.

“what? What service is this?”

“Don’t you like it?”

It was a sweet voice that melted women’s hearts, but Minerva’s eyes were narrower than before.

‘First assumption here.’

Even if you can use magic, your brain is just your brain.

‘Can’t hear, can’t see.’

Why can a brain without sensory organs respond accurately to surrounding stimuli?

‘There is only one possibility.’

It meant that the senses of the brain were using the 10th level, the infinite, and if so, it was possible to deduce what the brain contained.

‘The Akashic Records.’

In Minerva’s opinion, there are two ways to withstand the reset triggered by statelessness.

‘One is hexa.’

A new signal from outside the system.

‘And another… … .’

Copying the Akashic Records and backing them up to a new storage institution.

‘It’s not Ankera.’

The Akashic Record of the brain is different from the current Akashic Record, and may be early information.

‘Now it’s time for a major purification.’

As three resets were performed, much information was erased and no one can remember it.

However, someone felt the need to preserve the original information to resist the reset.

‘What did you want to leave behind?’

Conversely, what event lost the most information through the three resets?

‘History of Heaven.’

Gaia, the first human who fought against Anchera.

‘Therefore, there is a very high probability that the owner of this brain… … .’

You will become a Gaian.

Although Gaia no longer exists in the universe as the guffin leaves the photon system for the last time.

‘The history of fighting against the whole is left behind.’

through the mindless brain.

“Nothing… … .”


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Minerva laughed nonchalantly.

“Isn’t that my style? You don’t seem to know women very well.”

“is that so?”

As the brain developed the illusion magic at high speed, countless characters, regardless of gender or age, ran like a roulette wheel.

The last one to stop was Sirone.

“Has the prank increased?”

The reason Brain entered Minerva’s department was to enforce human safety.

“I know you decided to erase me, right?”

“Whoa, you seem quite hateful? No, what you really hate is the anke line that I have for you?”

The brain did not go over to the judo newspaper.

“You don’t have to entrust everything to Hexa.”

Maybe it was the only word in the brain that had Guffin’s information backed up, so I couldn’t pass it up.

“I know. Does something like you exist in my head? It’s not that easy.”

“I heard you met people playing card games.”

“I saw the possibility of ending the game. But betting money on gambling is different from reality. Good and evil, you have to give a huge shock to either side to break the balance.”

“So, help Ae to defeat evil?”

“Then, shall we help Gong Gong and strike a line? It is the most rational of the number of possible choices available to mankind.”

“Do you think it will be possible with <Slaughter>?”

Minerva shut her mouth.

“Evil is not something that can be overcome with rational judgment. Even if we change the law… … .”

“I know. I mean you’re looking for a way First of all, we have to wait and see what kind of judgment will be received on Sirone’s apostasy.”

Minerva muttered, resting her chin on her chin and thinking.

“It would be nice if something happened.”

* * *

East Jungcheon-dong.

It was incorporated into the Jincheon Empire, but it was a legal holy place that even the empire could not touch.

The tens of thousands of peaks that rose through the clouds were once a place for those who became members of the family of the law to cultivate their hearts.

Monk’s Mountains by name.

However, now that the monks of Jungcheon-dong have left for Zion, what remains are the petit bourgeois who live in the fields… … .

“Hahaha! human! human!”

It was the demons who slaughtered them.

“Evacuate the civilians!”

The army of the Jincheon Empire responded quickly, but the number of demons who occupied Jungcheon-dong reached 400,000.

‘Jingle jingle guys.’

Although Jincheon competes for the first and second place in the world in terms of population, the limit of troops defending Jungcheon-dong is only 20,000.

“Stop! Fight for your life!”

The monk left, but if the Holy Land of the Law was captured by the demons, humanity’s morale would drop dramatically.


The imperial army could not even take advantage of the defensive advantage in the offensive of the demons pushing in like a river.

Gartas, commander of the 7th division of the 4th Corps of the Army of Hell, was a monster with sharp needles piercing his skin.

“you idiot! That’s the only thing that bothers me!”

The hungry ghost who was cutting human limbs shuddered at Gartas’s words.

“I’m sorry!”

When he tried to strike the dead body again, Gartas pierced the body with his spiked feet and threw it away.


“No imagination! at least… … !”

Grabbing the soldier’s head and pressing it to the ground, he rubbed it at a tremendous speed as if sharpening an eraser.

“This is what I mean!”

The eyes of Park Ki, the commander of the Imperial Army, who had been watching the gruesome scene from afar, returned.

“You bastard! What do you think of humans!”

Gartas’ eyes shone terrifyingly at the sight of Bakgi riding down the hill on horseback.

“It’s a nice toy.”

“Even if I die, I will take your neck!”

Bak-ki’s skill, which had mastered physical art up to 4 stars, was amazing, and dozens of matches were made in an instant.

“It’s over!”

His spear pierced his neck.

“Hey, how are you feeling?”

Gartas walked forward and embraced the horse and hit at the same time with his huge body.

Kihee Ain!

At the same time as Turejil, the horse died instantly from the shock, and numerous thorns pierced through the armor.


“how is it? Doesn’t it feel great?”

Piercing the body with thorns so thin that one could not die was a typical form of torture regardless of country.

“like this. like this. like this.”

The pain intensified every time he moved his body, and in the end he had no choice but to scream, giving up on the beat.

“Are you happy?”

I turned my head in the direction of the voice and saw a man with a tattoo on his face standing there with a sad expression on his face.


Gartas, who had pulled out and dropped the sword, distorted his arrogance and turned his whole body upside down.

“Buddha… … .”

If Yahweh is an object of hatred, Buddha is an object of fear.

“What makes you so happy?”

Behind Nane, Shura was slaughtering countless demons with the power of Gestalt.

“Why are you here? Wasn’t it the altar you liberated? To awaken fear in humans.”

Nane came here looking for the Guffin’s door.

“So we have a reason to fight… … .”

“Sermon. pain.”

At the same time as the words fell, a purple sword protruded and pierced Gartas’ stomach.


Gartas, who opened his eyes wide enough to let his eyeballs come out, knelt down holding onto his stomach.

“it hurts! It hurts!”

“okay. That is the pain.”

Even in his distant consciousness, Park Ki couldn’t believe the situation in which Nane had subdued the division commander with a single blow.

‘Is this Buddha… … .’

As Nane moved, Gartas was startled.

“Why are you doing this to me? You did what you wanted! No, you did!”

“what I want?”


As the sword stuck in the pit of the stomach vibrated, pain filled his entire body to the point of dispersing demons.

“stop! Please stop… … !”

“Listen carefully, henchmen of hell.”

When Nane touched the top of Gartas’ head with the tips of her five fingers, her head stiffened.

“If you guys didn’t exist, no, at least if you guys could do penance… … .”

Nane’s face crumpled with sadness.

“There is no reason for me to close the world.”

“no! rather kill me… … !”


When the sermon was uttered, Gartas’ body exploded into the eternal world of nothingness.

The demons, realizing the appearance of the Buddha, scattered in all directions, and Shura, who had finished the battle, approached.

“I am still breathing.”

Parkgi raised his head with difficulty.

“Buddha… …

I brought my face to you as if you wanted to hear me.

“If I die… … How are you doing? Is there really nothing after death?”

“It will wake you up.”

Nane’s hand touched Bakgi’s chest.

“It is only a dream. So don’t be afraid Once you open your eyes, you will remember this moment and laugh.”

“… … is that so?”

The corner of his mouth, which was trembling with pain, went up.

“I hope you wake up soon.”

He closed his eyes with the most comfortable expression in the world, and he probably wouldn’t fall into hell.

Nane, who put her palms together and prayed for peace, lifted her eyelids and looked around.

The scenery of phosphates with corpses resembled those seen in hell in the other world.

“There are no more survivors.”

Shura thought this would be comforting.

“Is it a good thing?”

But I asked again.

“Uh, of course war is terrible. Because countless lives are suffering and precious people are disappearing.”

Nane grabbed my chest.


His mouth opened involuntarily, and a scream erupted from the depths of his chest.

“Aaaaa! Aaaaa! Aaaaa!”

Jungcheon-dong was shaken by the vibration of the sermon, and Shura, unable to fathom the meaning, just shook her shoulders.

“My heart hurts.”

When I thought of the pain of beings who had fallen into the world of demons, it felt like my heart was torn into a thousand or ten thousand.

“Even though it hurts like this, I… … .”

Nane looked back at Shura with a sad expression.

“I can’t hold back my tears.”

The irony of emptiness.

That’s how I was wondering.


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