Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 769

[769] Apostasy (4)

* * *

Hugo’s home was a huge temple built on a meadow 14 kilometers from the capital, Gardan.

It was the place where the largest number of ascetics in the world stayed, except for Dongbang Jungcheon-dong, which is a sacred place for monks.

However, since most of them are currently participating in the Shion Project, the temple was empty when Sirone arrived.


Hugo’s cousins, who received the news that the head of the Magic Association had arrived, rushed in.

“What’s going on at the main house? And who are these people?”

When Justice Terraforce judged the entire human race, the number of good was less than 1% of the total population.

Their failure to enter Zion was proof that their discipline had not yet reached its peak.

Hugo introduced it himself.

“You are the stars of the ivory tower. This is St. Arian Syrone, and this is St. Mirac Minerva.”

“Arian Sirone?”

For the relatives of the Sky family who supported Hugo, Sirone was a very painful name.

“A very great person has arrived. Oh Dae-seong, who is at the top of the world, is in such a shabby place… … .”

Garcia explained before the atmosphere heated up.

“Hugo asked for instruction. Could you lend me a place to perform the incarnation?”

The faces of my cousins ​​came to mind.

‘You finally got your chance. Good job, Hugo.’

Miro does not consider Sirone to be a disciple, but it is an undeniable fact that he once studied with her.

If he defeated Sirone with the incarnation technique here, he would be able to regain the title of the world’s greatest Kudo family.

‘It’s not only Hugo’s fault.’

After reading the hostility in her cousins’ eyes, Sirone realized where Hugo’s twisted core began.

‘There is no teacher here.’

There was no way Cassia, the head of the household, would not know what her son was thinking, but he left for Zion with everyone.

To protect mankind from demons.

‘thank you.’

Sirone’s eyes changed.

‘I will correct Hugo.’

The cousins ​​withdrew pale faces.

“Ugh! what, what?”

Even if her discipline was shallow, there was no way she wouldn’t feel the chill that froze the Sky family and even her heart.

Shirone, who had lost Yahweh’s warmth, was a perfect wizard in the eyes of Garcia, a certified first-class wizard.

‘Is this really a wizard of terms and conditions?’

Like absolute zero, a spirit without the slightest movement was extreme cold.

“Huh, how are you? Are you going to finish it?”

Minerva stood next to Garcia.

“A terribly pure, terribly cold spirit zone. Isn’t that the state of mind that every wizard dreams of?”

“… … I can understand Yuugo’s heart.”

I wanted to feel it just once.

“To be able to remain unswayed by all stimuli… … How would you feel?”

“It’s easy to give up. Also, the wizard should be like that. Aren’t you much more handsome than when you were Yahweh?”

Garcia shuts her mouth at the nonsensical sound.

“let’s go. I want to finish quickly.”

As Sirone’s voice made the Spirit Zone vibrate, Hugo’s heart felt clear and frozen.

‘Sheesh, what is it? Or suppress the steamer.’

An infinite wizard who has mastered all magic in the world.

If you collide with pure spirit, you will not be an opponent.

“I’ll say it again, it’s a showdown of incarnation. The use of magic is against each other… … .”

“know. Guide me to the place where we will fight.”

Hugo turned to the training ground.

“Follow me.”

After casting the fly magic, Sirone, Minerva, Garcia and her cousins ​​followed.

‘joy! It’s all about pretending to be proud!’

The place where Hugo arrived was a vast vacant lot where it was easy to focus on the art of incarnation.

There was no wall visible all the way to the horizon, and this was also a place specially supported by South Eymond.

“now! Since we’re here, let’s start quickly!”

Minerva, who cheered up with a round of applause, turned to Garcia and asked.

“Bet, are you really not going to? Isn’t it because you can’t bet on a promising player from your country?”

“I don’t gamble on the suffering of others.”

Garcia said firmly.

“But if you’re simply asking for an opinion, I’d like to raise Hugo’s hand.”

“Ho-ho-ho! The pride lives on.”

“… … Will it be so?”

I don’t mean to disparage Oh Dae-seong’s skills, but Hugo has spent his entire life fighting virtual mazes.

‘The incarnation created in that way.’

The reason there are no permanent winners is that latecomers can analyze and absorb the best.

Today was the day when Hugo’s efforts bore fruit.

“Direct attacks on the flesh are prohibited. Only battles between incarnations determine the outcome.”

There was nothing to worry about at the level of the two of them, but the impact on their minds would have been considerable.


As Sirone unfolded the sequence ceremony, the incarnation of the light angel rose hugely as if piercing the sky.

Hugo’s cousins ​​widened their eyes.


As the scenery shook grotesquely under the influence of the time period, I was on the verge of getting motion sickness.


Hugo, now showing his teeth, performed incarnation with a blatant sneer.

“Then let me show you my weapon.”

As the sequence unfolded, smoke as thick as white paint rose up on Hugo’s shoulders.

“Heavenly Knight.”

The smoke rising to the height of the light angel turned into a knight covered in white armor.

It was a sleek shape that seemed to focus on mobility, and the surface of the armor was smooth as if it had been coated.

She was slender enough to be considered a woman, and she was holding a 9-meter long sword in both hands.

‘The size is big, but it’s clear. It will take a lot of power to break that thing.’

For the Sky family, who has been studying the state since birth, the sequence ceremony was the field they were most confident in.

“How about this? It is the incarnation of a celestial knight. I don’t think I will be ashamed to face Oh Dae-seong.”

To facilitate the incarnation’s confrontation, Sirone moved more than 300 meters away from Hugo.

“… … Let’s begin.”

At the attitude of ignoring it until the end, Hugo wrinkled his nose and developed the art of incarnation.

“You won’t even be able to follow it with your eyes!”

It was dizzy just to see the 20-meter-tall incarnation approaching in an instant.


The moment the Celestial Knight crosses his swords with an X and cuts the light angel’s head, you exhale deeply.


1 second to here.

The surroundings of the light angel rapidly distorted, and suddenly it floated higher than the celestial knight.

‘Angel’s Punishment!’

Just as a single flash of light rushed toward the broad back of the celestial knight, Yuugo widened his eyes.

‘I already know!’

As the front and back sides of the incarnation wearing white armor were reversed, it flew straight toward the light angel.


The celestial knight’s side bent in an impossible trajectory, avoiding the angel’s punishment.

While the powerful impact swept the ground, the two swords stretched beyond count and stabbed the light angel.


Sirone’s brow narrowed.

“This is not the end!”

The white armor that made up the celestial knight churned like liquid and charged in every pose imaginable.

‘This… … !, 

Sirone finally realized.

“Can I avoid my dump?”

Three swords flew in from all angles and stabbed the incarnation of the light angel.

Each one was a one-hit kill, and a huge shock was sent to Shirone’s mind, who was using incarnation art.


Sirone’s eyes were still clear.

‘You’re holding on like this? Well, you won’t break.’

The corner of Yuugo’s mouth lengthened.

“Suffer forever.”

The heavenly knight completely disintegrated the body and attacked the light angel in an unimaginable form.

“… … It’s quite the incarnation.”

Minerva, who had been watching with a cold expression like a snake, let out a long puff of cigarette smoke.

“The collapse of form is the collapse of logic. In other words, you can print the thought itself?”

“It is the law called dump.”

Garcia said.

“Hugo can print anything he thinks through the Celestial Knight.”

is such a law.

“Even if the sense of suddenness expands the present, the reaction itself is nothing more than a result after the cause. But dump… … .”

“Cause and effect are output simultaneously.”

“That’s it.”

It was possible if it was spirit, not physics, and incarnation was the expression of its unique personality.

“To jump through the maze?”

Hugo’s psychology is Minerva, but it was the first fact that came to mind when he saw the heavenly knight.

‘The position of contemplation that accepts and understands all angles of the world, that is Miro’s Thousand Arms Guanyin.’

On the other hand, the heavenly knight was the position of divergence expressed by Hugo to the world.

“He is an incarnation of the Sky family’s temperament. In terms of the depth of realization, I think it is second to none.”


Minerva snorted, but that was the only response she could respond to Garcia’s words.

‘Win! I win!’

The Celestial Knight was clearly showing the collapse of logic and the form of the whole idea being output.

never been beautiful

However, it was the most functional form in the universe because it was completely alien to human aesthetic sense.

‘Shall I tell you what is really scary?’

If it’s just a dump, it might be funny depending on the level.

“Sky’s reasoning fills the sky.”

The heavenly knight struck the light angel in a way that blocked all trajectories, even the variables of time.

Numerous sharp swords were embedded in the light angel’s body to the extent that there was no place to stab them anymore.

“Big uh… … !”

A moan escaped from Sirone’s mouth, and cold sweat formed on his forehead.

“Is the reason you hold on is your pride?”

The Celestial Knight pulled out his three swords and retreated.

“It’s disappointing. If you knew you couldn’t win, it would be a beautiful sight to just admit it.”

“okay. Really strong.”

Sirone slowly looked up.

“If I admit defeat here, are you satisfied now?”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

The celestial knight unleashed Yuugo’s anger and stretched out numerous thorns.

“How dare you invent an excuse to escape?”

Sirone gritted his teeth as he looked at the shape of the Unlocker’s thoughts pouring in.

‘It’s much more twisted than I thought.’

I didn’t intend to do it moderately from the beginning.

‘I’m sorry, Mr. Cassia… … .’

From now on, even a confrontation between incarnations was an area where Hugo’s life could not be guaranteed.

‘I guess this is the only way.’

When I first realized this, I thought it would be of no use except for me.

‘Angel’s Punishment!’

The light angel lowered the spear.

“It’s no use!”

As Yugo’s thoughts were printed, the heavenly knight evaded the light spear in an extraordinary form.

‘This is 1 second.’

The light angels made up of time period rapidly changed their shape as they went through the stages of thinning, granularity, and resonance.

‘And this timeline… … .’

Sirone gritted his teeth and invoked incarnation.

‘It bounces!’

Light Angel’s Incarnation Technique – Time Vibration.

“what… … !”

Even in a fleeting moment enough to be called the smallest unit of time, Hugo’s thoughts were formed by squeezing through the gaps.

‘Why are you coming again?’

What made it all the more incomprehensible was that in this short moment, the punishment of the angels was flying again.

‘Dump… … !’

Hugo realized what this was when he dodged the 3,000th spear with all his might.

‘The same time is vibrating.’

The time that has still passed is the beginning of an instant.

‘How long… … .’

At the point where Article 1 is repeated for the 6,281st time, Yugo’s reasoning finally reached its limit.

‘Now I don’t know.’

The moment I let go of the string of cognition that was pulling me tight, time passed by the standard of my five senses.


The mind seems to be destroyed.

In such a distant consciousness, the last reason Hugo realized was the infinite repetition of a specific second.

It was a shock that the time of each different event vibrates 100,000 times per second.


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