Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 768

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[768] Apostasy (3)

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“This neatly solved the problem!”

As Minerva tried to put the bond in her bosom, Sirone quickly grabbed her wrist.

“Wait a minute.”

“okay okay. I was going to split it in half anyway.”

“Why do you need all this money?”

It was an amount that transcended the limits of luxury that an individual could afford.

“I don’t know since you’ve just taken over the department, but do you know how much money is broken running the ivory tower? With the income of the Kingdom of Corona, there is no way.”

“So you openly ask for money?”

“Isn’t that what we asked for? it’s a fair deal Besides, Nam Eymond never lost money.”

Cutting 40% of the budget is fatal to the country’s operation, but from a long-term perspective, it was like eating the country for free.

“You were the one who liberated North Eymond. Calculating the consequences of your actions is also the task of the stars.”

If North Eymond was handed over without any checks, the balance between the countries would collapse.

‘Even if I entrust it to the temple, there is no difference.’

After shaking off Sirone’s wrist, she took out the bond again and shook it in front of her eyes.

“If I’m not going to have it, will I eat it all?”

“follow your heart.”

From the standpoint of the Unified Space Management Department, it was only hoped that it would be used well for the safety of mankind.

“Let’s go back. I have to report it to Taeseong.”

As I was walking towards the exit of the government building, someone blocked my way.


He was a ferocious young man with the left side of his head shaved like a chestnut and scratches on his temple.

The hair on the other side was twisted down in dozens of strands, and at the ends were accessories that looked like beast teeth.

‘It’s a wizard.’

I felt the spirit zone of an outright aggressive type that doesn’t think about the feelings of the opponent at all.

“hello. My name is Sky Hugo, the authorized wizard of Nam Eymond.”

Minerva immediately responded.

“I don’t know. What are you saying?”

Hugo’s face was burning because he was a magician everyone knew in South Eymond.

‘Sheesh, you really don’t know?’

Just in case, I looked back at Sirone, but I only blinked with an innocent expression.

“It’s disappointing. Minerva is a senior, so even so, Sirone, I thought you were a little different.”

Minerva made an absurd expression.

“Miss Minerva? you?”

Even Garcia, the head of the South Eymond Magic Association, could not call themselves this way.

As if Yuugo knew that he had crossed the line, he immediately lowered his head and introduced himself.

“I’m sorry if I felt rude. Because they are not like others to me.”

“Why are we not like others?”

“Yeah… … I was also an ivory tower candidate.”

Sirone raised her eyebrows.

“You said you were a candidate?”

Starting with La Enemy, the candidates Arte introduced earlier were all Nane, Jin Seong-eum, and Sirone.

“The number of candidates selected by the Ivory Tower this time is 10 in total. And I was ninth in the rankings.”

If true, the unpleasantness was understandable.

“Oh, sorry. As for the candidates… … .”

Minerva interrupted Sirone.

“Sky Hugo, number 9 in rank. Like you, I’m an Unlocker who opened Immortal Functions, and I’m a Scale Wizard.”

Whenever he pretended not to know, when the information came out, Hugo’s lips went up.

“It is an honor to remember you.”

Sirone was also surprised.

“Did you know?”

“Nothing… … . If it’s the Sky family, it’s more eye-catching than other candidates. It’s because they’re the world’s best seeker family, comparable to the Maze’s Adrias family.”

When I heard the name Miro, I got a sense of how much it was.

“Until the labyrinth appeared, it was so tight that it was impossible to compare superiority and inferiority. If Adrias is defensive, Sky is aggressive. It can be seen as the difference between convergence and divergence.”

Yoga of the Ardino family branched off from Adrias also boasted the world’s best defense.

“Since the seeker family has been studying the logic of the world since birth, the probability of entering the Immortal Function is quite high. Maybe Sky is pushing it at the national level.”


While Sirone was lost in thought, Minerva asked again.

“But why us?”

The reason Miro is great is because he was uniquely great even in the great Adrias family.

There was no reason for Daesung Oh to change his attitude just because he put up the nameplate of the Sky family.

Hugo’s face was slightly distorted, but it turned into a wide smile like a reaction.

“haha! Yes. Well, I’m just a wizard who didn’t get into the ivory tower. But you know what? That we never had a chance to be tested.”

Hugo pointed at Sirone.

“I heard that Mr. Sirone was no different from me, right? Unless there was an absolute candidate called La Enemy.”

At that time, Sirone’s candidate rank was 4th.

Although they were tied to a group similar to Nane and Seong-eum’s Kar-Suchi, it was undeniable that they were lucky.


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‘I can see why you’re angry.’

Sirone, who rose to the top of the Five Stars, was proving the fact that Karuchi was not absolute.

‘Beyond Nane and Seong-eum and became a star.’

It is said that it is Yahweh’s state now, but even at the time of the test, Sirone’s skills were far from what they are now.

‘If only I had been given a chance… … .’

Hugo thought that if 10 candidates had been tested equally, the current results would not have come out.

“Aha, okay.”

There was mischief in Minerva’s eyes.

“In some cases, opportunity is everything. So what are you going to do? Death fight? Whoever wins becomes Oh Dae-seong?”

Cruelly stepping on sprouts that grow without knowing how high they are is her favorite hobby.

“It’s not that stupid. I don’t have any regrets about being in the position of Odaeseong.”

Hugo was displeased with Minerva, who was treated like a child.

‘The gap has already widened.’

He was the one who missed the biggest opportunity for growth because he couldn’t overtake five more of the best students in the world.


When Sirone reached the realm of Yahweh, Hugo’s father, Cassia, who now joined the Zion Project, said:

-Assume there is no sirone.

The moment you think there is, all the wizards in this world will lose their aspirations for the best.

‘Are you going to be pushed back again?’

Just as the labyrinth frustrated all wizards a generation ago.

“I have no intention of being stubborn. Mr. Sirone’s skills were proven just by being one of the Five Great Stars of the Ivory Tower.”

Minerva was disappointed.

“Then what are you going to do?”

“How about something like this? It is to compete with incarnation, not magic.”

depth of the realm.

“Hoo? Really, is that interesting?”

When Hugo came out unexpectedly hard, the light of hope shone in Minerva’s eyes again.

‘It’s quite belligerent. It’s also Sky.’

Like a beast waiting for its leash to be undone, it was clear that he was anxiously waiting for Sirone to allow it.

“Sirone, let’s do it. Isn’t it impersonal to pretend to be ignorant when you’re polite like that?”

do it, do it

Hugo also added his words to Minerva’s support, who was eager to have a good look.

“Let me be clear, this is not a challenge. However, if Mr. Sirone’s vessel is large, she might be able to understand the stubbornness created by my narrow vessel.”

In the end, it meant that I couldn’t admit it.

‘At least not far behind in the depth of the realm. Because I am the strongest swordsman weapon produced by my family.’

Of course, that’s not what Cassia taught.

However, the 3rd generation Hugo sensitively felt the atmosphere of the family that had to stay in the shadow of the maze for decades.

“I understand how you feel, but… … .”

After thinking, Sirone said.

“sorry. I don’t want to fight you.”

Minerva was more disappointed.

“Why why? Don’t you think about how unfair Yuugo must be? It’s not like you can see the stars often, so you just have to do it.”

Minerva’s inner thoughts were clearly visible.

“Don’t interrupt and be quiet. Since when did you care so much about other people’s affairs?”

Hugo tightened his eyes and spat out.

“… … Can I think of it as running away?”

“Yes, that is an accurate expression. I don’t want to win, and I don’t care if I lose to you.”

Hugo’s teeth were grinding.

“Of course you would.”

Since I had already thoroughly enjoyed the view from the highest point, it was enough to give it to someone else and come down.

‘That is unacceptable.’

The best position is that you cannot be satisfied unless you pull it out.

There was no substitute for concessions.

“I would also like to ask.”

When Sirone turned around, Garcia lowered her head, which was so immobile.

“sorry. I don’t think there is any need for anyone to feel defeated here.”

Garcia has arrived.

“Hugo is a global talent. Although he did not become a star, the Republic takes great pride in him.”

“The president of the association.”

It was the words of a senior who was far from the official rank, so this time, Wigo also relaxed his expression.

“The enemy we must fight now is not us, but the demons in our hearts. I fully understand the deep meaning of the five stars.”

Garcia looked back at Hugo.

“Wugo is no different from worrying about the world. It’s just that we’re human, so we’re just blocked by a wall we haven’t been able to fight against. I think that helping Oh Dae-seong overcome that wall is the way for him to become the core force of mankind.”

Minerva closed her eyes and nodded.

“That’s a good point. Something like Yugo, no, Yugo would be enough in the future… … .”

Sirone stopped talking.

“I can’t guarantee that it will help.”

“It will help.”

Whether he knew the subject by losing to Sirone or perhaps he really beat Sirone, at least the lump would disappear.

‘If it’s a confrontation of incarnation, the latter possibility… … .’

Garcia knew better than anyone what kind of temperament the incarnation of Hugo had.


As soon as the word of consent came out, the eyes of the three people who were focused on Sirone shone intensely.

“but… … .”

From now on, Sirone was also sincere.

“If you’re going to have a confrontation for that reason, I won’t moderate it.”

“This is what Hugo and I hoped for.”

Minerva said to herself.

‘Of course me too.’

As if hearing the sound of her heart, Sirone sighed and moved on.

“Where can I do it?”

“There are a lot of eyes in the government office. It would be a secret enough if it was Sky’s parent house.”

I said this because I thought of Oh Dae-sung’s body, but on the other hand, it was like having a confrontation in the enemy camp.

Sirone didn’t care.

“great. Then let’s go there. I’m running out of time, so I’d better start right away.”

When Sirone left the government building first, Hugo met Garcia’s eyes and clenched his fists.


The Ivory Tower, where the world’s best wizards gather, and Odaeseong, which stands at the top… … .

‘The chance to win is here!’

Minerva tapped Garcia’s butt as he left the government building following Hugo.

“Good job, very good job. What are you doing? I do things that help my life.”

Garcia didn’t answer.

“Shall we bet? Grant the wish of the winner. Let’s buy something on the way. You have to watch this while eating.”

‘I really hate this girl… … .’

Garcia didn’t answer.


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