Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 767

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[767] Apostasy (2)

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Southern Eymond Republic.

Almaretta’s expression at the cabinet meeting was surprisingly reminded.

‘Is unification finally coming?’

According to the spy’s information, Igor was already dead and the capital city of Pacia was liberated a few hours ago.

‘How did that happen… … ?’

It was a situation where there was no choice but to question, but the cool-headedness disappeared in the face of hope that the long war could be ended.

Ministers waiting for the presidency also heard the news of liberation through their own channels, but few knew the exact issue.

“Is this really reliable information? There are many strange corners. There will be no harm on our side.”

The country that avoided the invasion of the demons was one of the few countries in the world, but the war was also booming for the ministers.

‘Because I make a lot of money.’

The people who were close to death saw no reason to oppose Congress’s tax increase.

“Out of 400 North Korean spies, only one sent the news of liberation. Aren’t you too excited?”

The fact that only Jaycee survived meant that no one could escape the demons’ surveillance.

“He is a trustworthy person. He is talented and has a deep sense of patriotism. It is true that Igor is dead.”

The Home Secretary asked, turning to the Defense Minister.

“What happened?”

Just in time, Almaretta came in.

“I will explain.”

As the ministers rose, she motioned for her to sit down and went up the honor guard.

“It is true that North Eymond has been liberated.”

“Do you have any grounds to conclude?”

“Because Igor died a long time ago.”

The conference room was buzzing.

“To begin with, the core force that led this incident is neither the resistance nor the anarchists, but the Ivory Tower.”

A sigh escaped the ministers.

“I will brief you.”

As the defense minister got up and walked to the honor guard, Almaretta stepped aside.

A 30-minute briefing followed.

“… … It is estimated that the number of demons currently residing in the capital is less than 10 units, and the two stars seem to have left to seal the altar.”

A shadow fell over the faces of the ministers.

“In just one day… … You said you liberated Pasia alone?”

“Monstrous bastards.”

What kind of people are the stars of the ivory tower?

“Thank you for the briefing.”

As the Minister of Defense returned to his seat, President Almaretta touched the podium with his hand and said.

“As you may have guessed, we are at the most important crossroads since the division. North Korea is currently in a state of anarchy. It’s a point where every minute and every second is a waste.”

said the Home Secretary.

“We should immediately send troops to occupy the North. It has been our land since the beginning. We cannot hand it over to another country.”

Almaretta nodded.

“I agree. However, if we act assertively, we will rise from the ivory tower. We have to go through a mutual agreement.”

I used the expression mutual agreement in good words, but the ministers who had experience dealing with the stars grunted.

‘I’ll have to pray for my hands to become feet.’

said the foreign minister.

“Leave it to me. Even if it is given, I am confident that the right to interfere with the North will come.”

The word “dealing with the stars” is absurd, but the foreign minister once struck a dramatic deal against the ivory tower.

“no. This time, I will negotiate myself.”

“Are you the Commander?”

The stars couldn’t help it if they wanted to, but usually the head of a country did not dare to be humiliated.

“What kind of stars are these? Do we even know each other?”

“that… … It is a special secret.”

Even if you are a star in the ivory tower, you are a citizen and a magician who once belonged to a certain country.

In any case, it was not good for the country to reveal their identities in advance at a ministerial-level gathering.

The foreign minister spoke like an experienced person.

“However, we need to know how much, so we can prepare to welcome guests, right? How many stars do you have?”

According to his theory, the stars of the ivory tower had slightly different tendencies according to the number of stars.

“The number of stars is 10.”

“Ten… … .”

The Foreign Minister, who had been rolling his eyes while searching for memories, frowned and tilted his head.

“wait a minute. It’s two people, but how can 10 stars… … .”

The foreign minister’s face hardened as if it had been stuffed.

“10 things?”

The basic arithmetic of 5 plus 5 equals 10 passed through their heads, and all the ministers gulped their saliva.

“Now you know roughly, right?”

As the ministers slowly turned their heads, Almaretta gave a chin gesture to the door.

“What are you doing, aren’t you moving fast?”

Sirone and Minerva boarded the jet and quickly crossed the airspace over South Eymond.


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“That’s Gardan, the capital.”

It was a huge city built in the middle of a meadow.

“It’s bigger than Basuka.”

“Because it is a republic. Even with the social costs, the development speed is much faster than that of the kingdom. The national defense is extremely high.”

Tormia is also a powerful country, but it is said that South Eamond’s defense power is comparable to that of the Seven Kingdoms.

“Still, I like Tormia better.”

“Whoops, who said what?”

The state has no meaning to the star of the ivory tower, but Sirone, who has regained her humanity, is not bad.

“Let’s get off in front of the castle gate.”

“are you okay. The star of the ivory tower is also a free pass to the airspace. And you think you already know everything?”

A procession of troops continued up to the government building.

“Is this your first time meeting the chief? Maybe the soldiers are out of their minds right now. I’ll peck you like crazy from the top.”

“Do I really need to be so welcoming?”

“No. I’m doing that because I have something to tear off. Don’t be swayed, just do what I tell you to do.”

When we reached the government building over the city wall faster than the sound, the officer shouted in a engrossed posture.

“Embrace extreme poverty!”

Citizens who had been airlifted in advance sprinkled pollen to match the performance of the military band, and a grand welcome ceremony was held.

“Never mind. Just look ahead and walk.”

Sirone, who knew that it was not just a favor, moved on with a cautious expression.

Ministers, vice ministers, experts and heads of departments, and commanders wearing the rank of general.

‘That person… … .’

Almaretta, the president of South Eymond, who was standing against the background of the government building, approached with a humble smile.

“Come, come, poor man. Thank you for visiting South Eymond Republic.”

Even as the people watched, she bowed her head twice to Sirone and Minerva.

‘I risked life and death.’

While Minerva gave a meaningful smile, Sirone didn’t know how to respond.

“Uh, I belong to the Ivory Tower… … .”

Ignoring the president, Minerva turned to a man in his early 50s standing to her side and said,

“Long time no see, kid?”

Nam Eymond Magic Association president, Luda Garcia, replied with a slight nod.

“long time no see.”

A certified first-class wizard who has honed fire magic to the limit, his fireball is said to burn down a village.


Minerva bent her index finger down as if lowering her head further.

“… … .”

Garcia was motionless.


“This is a welcome ceremony prepared with the utmost effort. Let’s not do anything that lowers the dignity of each other.”

Sirone felt it from the first time he saw Garcia.

‘Strong, this person.’

It was a prayer that did not fall in the slightest compared to Lufist, the head of Tormia’s Magic Association.

“again. This is your last chance.”

Almaretta, completely forgotten about being ignored, winked with a puzzled expression.

‘I just do it. You know this human nature.’

Garcia bowed at a 90 degree angle.

“It’s been a while, Star of the Ivory Tower.”

Minerva, who was looking down at him with cold eyes, pointed at Sirone with her chin.

“There is one more.”

Garcia showed no emotion.

“nice to see you. This is Garcia, the head of the Magic Association.”

“yes. This is Ariane Sirone.”

Long words would only hurt his feelings.

“Hey, are you the president of the association? it’s grown a lot It seems like yesterday that you were trembling in front of me.”

Minerva’s age was felt again.

“I wasn’t trembling.”

“Sirone, remember this guy’s name. Because it’s the best in the world in terms of fire.”

The fact that Minerva, who did not pay attention to the president, introduced herself, was credible.

Almaretta’s face turned cold as if it were a lie after leading the two into the conference room.

“Can I be direct?”

“What’s the point of asking someone else? do it anyway I’ve seen enough of the president’s sincerity.”

It was the head bowed to have this right to speak.

“Give me the right to rule the North. I will not take care of the altar, nor will I do anything that will be criticized by other countries.”

All the republic wants is money.

“What do you want to do, Sirone?”

It’s easier to leave it to Nam Eymond, but I thought it would be better for the temple to manage the altar.

“It is not completely sealed. Are you sure you will never break through?”

“The president never uses the word absolute. However, I am proud of Nam Eymond’s national defense.”

Almaretta took a quick glance and pulled out a box from under the table and held it out.

“And this one is weak.”

Sirone’s impression was crumpled at once.

“In this way… … .”

But before he could say anything, Minerva took the box and opened it.

Contrary to what was expected to be gold and silver treasures, it was a bond, and the amount was written where the state seal was stamped.

“You know I’m not kidding.”

“It’s 10% of South Eymond’s national budget. Please leave it to me. I am confident to satisfy the ivory tower.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

‘Giving 10% of the national budget? It’s not at the lobby level. You should never accept this.’

Minerva, who was rubbing the bond, threw it with a flick.

“It’s troublesome if it’s like this.”

‘also. Minerva is also a star in the ivory tower.’

Just when I felt ashamed of doubting her for a moment, I heard shocking words.

“Half of the national budget. No less.”

At first, I doubted my ears.

The amount of 10% they suggested was the same, but one human being didn’t need that much money to live his whole life.

‘… … I see.’

Almaretta looked at Sirone with tears in her eyes.

“That is too much to ask for. How will you run state affairs if half of the budget is taken away?”

“what do you think about it?”

Sirone nodded and said.

“If it’s half the time, I’ll allow it too.”

“… … .”

Again, like a lie, the emotion was quickly erased from Almaretta’s earnest eyes.

“Twenty-five. I cannot yield more than that.”

“We said 50%.”

“Thirty percent. Anything more and they would rather give up their sovereignty over North Eymond.”

“40%. Let’s finish with this. I don’t offer two methods. Either pay 10% annually over four years, or hand over the government bonds now.”

“… … I will give it to you now.”

Minerva shrugged and laughed.

“You’re a pretty good president, you.”

It was expected that other countries would pay more than that during the four years of paying 10% each.

However, if I end the contract now, there will be no future interference in the ivory tower forever.

‘In other words… … .’

It means that even if you give 40% of the annual budget, having the governance of North Eymond is a business with much more money.

‘Still, this won’t cause Nam Eymond to run wild. It would be better to end it at this level.’

What was surprising was that Sirone realized his intentions at a fairly early point in time.

‘I thought he was smart, but surprisingly he’s a solid guy.’

If it was 40% of a country’s budget, it would be an amount that Minerva could not exhaust even if she spent her whole life.

Sirone realized that it was not a matter of money, but that Eymond Nam needed to cut the budget.

‘It’s already a military force comparable to the Seven Kingdoms. If North Eymond is absorbed, it will become another seed of trouble.’

Almaretta held out its newly drawn bonds.

“Both of you are in the best position in the ivory tower, so I believe there will be no backtracking with this.”

The amount amounting to 40% of the national budget was written.


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