Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 765

[765] Lord of Ruin (4)

* * *

“That’s what I heard.”

The number of people Wu Lin met surpassed the criminal, so Gando did not bother to ask who they were.

“Humans have five senses.”

Uorin drew the table with her two index fingers.

“It’s like a card game, for example. Combining five cards defines a set of rules. Of course, depending on the creature, the number of cards is different, and the card you have is also different.”

“The rules that define it will also be different.”

“okay. The problem starts here. Defining the rules means starting the game.”

Uorin patted his head.

“From the moment the game starts, the pattern of combinations is endlessly accumulated. Then you realize The fact that in addition to the five cards I have, there is one more card I cannot have.”


“The experience received by the five senses is integrated into one sense, synesthesia, and stored in memory. The speed at which this synesthesia accumulates is called time.”

Time is also felt through the five senses.

“But sometimes I feel the time differently. I thought it would happen, but it really does.”

“The accumulation time of the senses has changed.”

Uorin nodded.

“We already exist in all time zones. However, because it is a being with five senses, it only feels the moment when synesthesia accumulates as reality. But some beings accumulate senses faster than humans.”

An example is an angel.

“Compared to the human present, the angelic present is much greater. By our standards, it feels like real time has exploded and expanded.”

A sixth sense accessible to creatures.

“This is called time-lapse. Sirone, who has the incarnation of a light angel, feels a greater present than the present we feel.”

“… … It’s not human.”

“So Sirone got a new card in her hand.”

the rules will change.

“A sense is something as precise as an object. Sirone, who feels time as a sense, can feel all the spaces that exist at the same time, and realized a new world.”

Gando looked out the window.

“The psychic world.”

“People who are sensitive can sometimes feel it. Things like the feeling that someone is next to you, or strange eyes that can be seen through the cracks in the door… … . Of course Park Ji is not at that level.”

“Because inaccuracies are not sensations.”

Wu Lin was satisfied.

“As we reached Shipok, Bakjiro, and Choeni Bardo, even the 7th sense was perfectly integrated. At this point, Sirone comes to sense the spirit as an object.”

Uorin spread her arms.

“What remains is scalability. Shirone, who opened the immortal function, entered the 8th sense by opening the senses of supercognition. I can sense all the information in the world.”

“I almost never came back.”

“If the spirit of Yahweh had not been supported. But he ended up becoming the Infinity Wizard.”

“Are there any more left?”


Uorin raised her index finger.

“Sipok senses photons, and Bakji senses quantum. The granularity senses photons.”

In order, they conquered time and space, non-substance, and information.

“Information is a signal with its own personality. If so, how is that signal made?”

Her index finger bent.

“A certain form. All information in this world is made up of infinite combinations of forms created by vibrations.”

form is everything

“To put it simply, every event in this vast universe happens only once.”

Uorin, who bent her index finger, caught it on her thumb and bounced it.

“These are things that happen due to the action of a certain force.”

“Only once… … .”

“okay. To put it in the simplest terms, someone was walking down the street and saw a thread pulled tight. So I just tapped and bounced. That’s it.”

Gando kept his mouth shut.

“I don’t know how hard it bounced. The result of the universe will be split into infinity by that intensity, but in fact, it vibrated anyway, and time, space, substance and non-substance, all information are combined in a specific form by the probability that the amplitude creates, and this world we live in now It is what the world was made of.”

Uorin looked up at the ceiling.

“We are living by leaning on that power in the vibrational amplitude of a single thread. It will stop someday, but that is a day so far away that even I, who have lived for an eternity, can’t imagine. Let alone stop, we don’t even know when the amplitude will decrease. Of course, by then this universe will have to come to an end.”

It was a scale that even Jiandao could not have imagined.

“Only vibration is the whole. All information is vibrating in the process of endlessly repeating poles and poles.”

“Then, resonance… … .”


Uorin looked back at Gando.

“The world that can be explored by those who have realized supercognition is no longer fixed. It is an endlessly fluctuating world, caused by just one force. And the 8 senses combined with the strings… … .”

Opening her fan, she uttered solemnly.

“It means that it can resonate with the vibrations of the world.”

“… … .”

Although he didn’t understand everything, Gando bowed his head in an unknown sense of awe.

* * *


Maraduk, who was holding Sirone’s neck with both hands, frowned at the harsh vibration.

“What the hell are you?”

What was truly frightening was not the vibration, but the numerous vibrations felt through the transmission.

It was as if the whole world was shaking with Sirone’s vibrations, and Maraduk’s vision was shaking terribly up and down.

“Abominable Yahweh!”

As he twisted Sirone’s neck hard, the afterimages of Sirone created by the vibration began to suffer with different expressions.


What Maraduk realized through that expression was that the number of afterimages exceeded 10,000 units.

“What is this?”

I wanted to break my neck right now, but Yahweh’s light was canceling out the devil’s energy.

“die! die! die!”

As the thick arm muscles swelled to the point of explosion, Sirone’s vibrations intensified.

There seemed to be well over 100,000 sirones, and screams leaked out from the overlapping of all kinds of expressions.

It was a sound that could not be heard even in hell.


In front of that cosmic phenomenon, for the first time in his life, Maradouk felt a fear of the unknown.

Sirone shedding tears of blood, sirone screaming, sirone crying out for help.

“… … Are you mocking me?”

Through the afterimages, I could see Sirone sticking out his tongue while laughing, Sirone ecstatic, and Sirone bursting into laughter.

“How dare you mock the corps commander!”

At that time, Maraduk, who has raised the energy of destruction, gives strength to his hands with the determination to consume his life.

‘The afterimage is disappearing.’

It was exactly the same reaction that resonated.

Tens of thousands of sirones turned into thousands, then hundreds, and finally dozens.


Sirone, who gritted her teeth and endured pain, with the same expression, was just swaying back and forth quickly.

‘No, it’s not shaking.’

If one person had been shaken at this speed, the brain would have already been killed inside the skull.

‘A huge number of incidents.’

It was a process in which 100,000 sirones overlapping with quantum superpositions were combined into one piece of information.


The moment when the gradually diminishing afterimages go from 5 to 3 and finally to one Sirone.

“Are you still doing that?”

Valhalla Action’s debt is gone.

“We will die together! Yahweh!”

At the moment when Maraduk exploded his magical powers and chose to return, Sirone’s eyes widened.


The Sirone, united into one Sirone, spread the light of Yahweh in the Spirit Zone with a diameter of 40 kilometers.


The demons, with only infected people left, turned to ashes and scattered, screaming desperately.

“It’s warm… … .”

The corner of Minerva’s mouth went up slightly as she bit into the smoking pipe with her eyes closed.

“Hey Yahweh! Yahweh!”

As Maraduk’s screams pierced my eardrums, the feeling of choking was completely gone.

When Sirone slowly opened her eyes, Maraduk, whose limbs had melted, was on her knees clenching her teeth.

“How evil are you?”

Being able to withstand the light of Yahweh meant that the demon of the corps commander was equivalent to Satan.

“Don’t think it’s over.”

Maraduk raised his head.

“There are many ways to annoy you. Repent, Yahweh. Realize your foolishness and follow the devil’s path!”

Maraduk’s body turned black and began to reveal the true form of a demon.

Even her beautiful appearance was nothing more than a body made up of small efforts, and she became a hideous shadow that attacked Sirone.

“I will destroy you.”

The squeaking sound of bugs replaced the vocal chords.


At the same time as the sphere of ataraxia wrapped around Sirone’s body, light exploded.

Slayer Dragon Magic Quasar.

Numerous lights flew in a parabolic arc from all sides, trapping Maraduk in a huge sphere of light.


It was as if ink had been dropped into water, but a much more repulsive silhouette was wriggling around.

“I will not forgive you! Hey Satan… … please Yahweh… … .”

As the small forces dissipated, the sound disappeared, and when the quasar’s light disappeared, not a speck of dust remained.

“It is over.”

Looking back, Minerva was approaching.

“no. This is just the beginning.”

Just as Sirone looked back at the sunset over the horizon, Minerva hit her head.

“ouch! Why are you hitting me?”

“Isn’t that cool at all? Did you think I would look at you with moved eyes when I turned around like that?”


Minerva pointed.

“Anyway, you’ve figured it out now. Abandon the obsession of protecting everyone. I like moving with efficiency in mind.”

Sirone rubbed her sore head and said.

“It’s still what I have to do.”

“Even if this happens… … !”

“But, if you can’t protect it, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

The ferocity in Minerva’s eyes disappeared.

‘Began to put myself in the whole.’

What you can’t do is what you can’t do.

‘It’s only true to admit that.’

And the highest efficiency for perfection.

“I am not afraid anymore. I just do my best and do what I can.”

If the delusion was destroyed, Minerva’s will to follow Sirone’s perfection was also valid.

“good. Shall we seal the altar then? Let’s report to Taeseong and fly to Kashan right away.”

The agenda of the stars was endless, and Minerva soared into the sky in a jet.

Since he should be able to catch up with her now, Sirone stayed for a while to gather his thoughts.

‘A new sensation. This must be the ninth.’

I don’t know that the 9th sense is called resonance, but I have heard about the 10th.


And now I have a vague idea of ​​what kind of world that sense is hidden in.

‘Manipulation of all world information. And if this is possible, theoretically… … .’

Reset, you can reset the world.

‘Sensation of Ankera.’

If there was an owner in this world, it was definitely the manager’s authority, and it was doubtful whether even Sirone would reach it.

The reason Sirone, a human, was able to acquire a 6th sense is because she inherited the senses of an archangel.


Also, the reason why I was able to rise to the 9th sense is because the end of the senses, the 11th sense Ultima led me.


Ikael pushed it and Guffin pulled it up.

‘After being made human… … .’

In a situation where one last sense was left, Sirone remembered them and felt a terrible longing.


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