Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 764

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[764] Lord of Ruin (3)

‘They’re really nasty guys.’

The name of the nanobody led by Maraduk is ‘Small Force’, and it was a scavenger of the underworld where microbes could not exist.

‘An existence outside the law.’

The reason why demons are not bound by the law is because they belong to the psychic realm created by humans.

Maraduk’s demonic energy, which seemed to ignore physical force, was also a small power that worked in the other world.

‘If I couldn’t block it with the password… … .’

would have died


As the choeni bardo was released, the scenery of the other world burned like a piece of paper on fire.

Maraduk stood solemnly in the ruins that humans would have to fight for a month to create.

“… … It was an excellent decision.”

Sirone glared at Maraduk, but the aftermath of 100,000 stacked Quantum Super Positions disturbed her mind.

‘It’s really hard to get past this point. It’s better to think of it as the limit of what’s currently available.’

The only way to maintain character in an infinitely spread mind is to drop the Kar value to an extreme level.

‘The depth of the realm.’

If Miro or Veron had reached the realm of Yahweh, it wouldn’t have been this far.

‘Why am I so shallow?’

Even planning 100,000 cases was no longer a human category, but Sirone felt sorry for her.

“The only thing that can prevent ruin is extinction.”

Maraduk walked with his sword hanging down.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

The sound of laughter was terribly unpleasant, but Sirone, whose mind was not yet stable, was able to buy time.

“Is this Yahweh?”

As soon as the laughter stopped, a terrifying black flame rose from Maraduk’s body.

“With this kind of light… … .”

Maraduk, who evaporated his body, swung his sword right in front of Sirone’s eyes.

“No demon repents.”

Sirone did not react.

‘Still in my mind… … .’

The reason why I added 100,000 overlaps to the dark sphere was because I just needed a gravitational field size of 8 meters.

‘Valhalla action!’

As the number of incidents increases, control becomes more difficult, so the concentration of power inevitably falls.

‘Calculation impossible!’

However, this was also an efficiency worthy of Sirone.

‘Valhalla action!’

potential for perfection.

It was the unique personality that if all variables could be eliminated, it would be the fastest and most powerful to be perfect.


Perhaps that’s why he reached the limitless state.

“ha! ha!”

What remains for those who have continued to be perfect, and reached this position by surpassing that perfection again… … .

“You speak interesting laws.”

What is it?

“Certainly not human.”

Maraduk looked at the magic circle of Valhalla action floating above Sirone’s head with interest.

‘Calculation is impossible.’

Since the devil is out of the law, the Valhalla action could not suggest an equivalent exchange.

‘All I could do was avoid it.’

The second calculation Sirone tried was just avoiding the seat.

‘Even if I don’t have any ability, I’m just strong.’

In return for avoiding Maraduk’s sword, the exchange was a delay of 1.87 seconds even with Sirone’s level.

-Angels that cannot be abrogated.

Minerva’s words finally made sense.

‘Ataraxia, Valhalla action. It is the extreme of the law that can be created with the senses of an angel… … ,’

The demons were beings that were in conflict with the law.

‘So chaos.’

Maraduk pounced.

“What do you want?”

It was not at a level that could be smoothed out with a sense of time, so Sirone restarted the Valhalla action.


The distance of 16.7 meters, which was moved while ignoring time, required a suspension of 4.3 seconds.

“Human Happiness?”

Maraduk rather seemed to enjoy it and leisurely pursued Sirone and threw himself.

‘I can’t avoid it forever!’

Like compound interest, each time the Valhalla action was linked, the amount of time Sirone had to pay was increasing.

However, if he didn’t avoid it right away, he would be cut off by Maraduk’s sword, so he had no choice but to pay back endless debts to stop it.

“You have succeeded, Yahweh.”


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Black smoke billowed from his body as Maraduk gathered all the powers of the Underworld.

“To make the devil feel pity.”

As the demonic energy called the Great Annihilation raged, it encroached on a radius of 4 kilometers from where Sirone was.

There was no sound, but all the zones for a small village had disappeared from the world.


At a place 4 kilometers away, Sirone was crouching and unable to do anything.

“Pain and pleasure are sensations, but… … .”

Maraduk approached in an instant.

“Where does happiness come from?”

Knowing that there was no turning back, Sirone cast Quantum Super Position as a Valhalla action.

Thousands of sirones moved, but it was not an opponent to overwhelm with numerical superiority.

“Even if you’ve struggled like this… … .”

Every time Maraduk wielded his sword like mad, countless events were extinguished.

“Can’t you find something that isn’t there?”

Maraduk, who moved faster than the sense of time and grabbed the alter ego, stabbed Sirone in the middle of the forehead.

‘are you okay. It’s not the main body.’

The moment the cold sensation penetrated her forehead, Sirone’s life was cut off.


The sharp tip of Jet’s spear entered division commander Besium’s mouth, pierced the back of his head, and stuck to the ground.

“Ahhh… … !”

Minerva, who had already dealt with the other three division commanders, put her butt against the collapsed wall while holding onto Jet’s rod.


Blood flowed from his lips, and his clothes flowed like rags, revealing his inner flesh.

Bethum said with the jet in her mouth.

“… … You are strong.”

Even from the perspective of the demons, I couldn’t think of them as human beings.

“It is not strong.”

Minerva, who tore the clothes around her waist, stopped the blood flowing from her shoulders and said.

“It’s just a good fight.”

“… … .”

Besium, savoring her words, turned her gaze to watch the battle between Sirone and Maraduk.

“Why don’t you kill me?”

“I will kill you. If you feel like it.”

“Aren’t you making excuses?”


Bethum’s mouth was torn with his jaw parted open.

“Because you won’t be able to defeat our corps commander either. Are you going to save your life by doing what you had to do?”

Minerva’s eyes pierced Maraduk.

“… … I will not deny it.”

You don’t have to risk your life.

“But to be honest, I feel bad. just… … If you are looking at that child.”

“Yahweh is unlucky.”

Minerva laughed.

“ha ha ha! that’s right. The one who dies The one who dies and the one who lives Isn’t living life? That, in another sense, is mysophobia.”

“You like him.”

Minerva leaned her forehead against the jet and looked down.

“Why do you think so?”

“There are only two types of people who deny Yahweh. Hate terribly, or love terribly.”

“Don’t you think it would be the former?”

“It’s the same thing anyway.”

The demons… … Why do you hate Yahweh?

“Whoops, it’s because you’re the division commander, right?”

As Minerva grabbed Jet and spun it around, Bessum trembled in pain.

“Big uh… … .”

Taking her hand off the jet, Minerva bit into the smoking pipe.

“Everyone wants to be perfect in the beginning.”

Savoring the pain’s departure, Bessum turned her pupils back to the sky.

“Anyone can do as little as arranging a pencil. And that’s what you think. beautiful.”

Minerva’s smoking pipe drew pictures in the air.

“That’s how the journey to perfection begins. Build a house, increase the number of floors, I should be happy, there should be no flaws in my life.”

The painting was released into smoke and collapsed.

“Then one day I suddenly realized. Can it really be perfect?”

“Humans are stupid.”

“that’s right. Only the desire for perfection remains and the self disappears. I just have to give up a little bit and live.”

Minerva turned to Sirone.

“If you think that there can be no pain in the world, you must be mysophobia.”

The 2,458th Sirone stabbed by Maradouk’s sword died in agony.

‘are you okay. Because I’m not the main body.’

In fact, everyone is sirone.

“That’s why I’m angry. The heart of Yahweh who loves the whole is noble, but… … .”

Minerva’s cigarette smoke drifted long.

“Sirone, where are you in the whole thing?”

Maraduk, who had cut off all of Sirone, finally grabbed the main body by the neck and lifted it up.

“Keukkeu, laughing Yahweh.”

Minerva shook her head.

“That’s why you can’t win.”

If it is a fraternity that cannot love itself, that would also be arrogance for sacrifice.

“Because of our obsession with perfection, everything falls apart with impossible odds.”

Sirone is strong, but not a good fighter.

“Take <Law Killing>, punish the atrocities, save the world, close the altar, and without a single victim… … .”

I liked that sirone.

“But put it down.”

It seems that the filth that could not be hidden in front of any saint becomes equal in front of Sirone.

“It doesn’t matter, even if everyone dies today.”

That’s why Sirone is a little better than me.

“It’s not your fault, Sirone.”

But if you don’t realize it, Minerva looked down at Bessum, thinking that she would have to hand over the world to Nane at this point.

“I wish you a rebirth in paradise… … .”

was already dead

“Hahaha! Ha ha ha ha!”

Maraduk, who was holding Sirone’s lifeline with both hands, let out a hearty laugh.

The cruel devil’s temperament, which had nothing to do with his beautiful appearance, was revealed as it was.

“To see the weeping face of Yahweh.”

Hot tears flowed from Sirone’s eyes as she was about to end her breath tied to the debt of Valhalla Action.

‘I’m sorry, everyone… … .’

couldn’t save the world

‘because of me… … Because I’m weak… … .’

Just as Jacey lost her husband, countless people will shed bloody tears in pain.

“Do you have any last words to leave behind? I will leave it as a record that will never be erased in the history of the demons.”


The first thing that came to Sirone’s mind when he heard the word will was Amy’s face.

‘I miss you.’

Because Sirone is the only person she loves more.

‘If only I had listened to you back then… … .’

If only I hadn’t turned a blind eye to the voice in my dream screaming not to go.

“Write it like this.”

said Maradouk, who had reached the limit of his patience.

“Yahweh didn’t even make a sound.”

Sirone trembled and raised his head.

“The reason I realized fraternity… … .”

The reason why I love everything that exists.

“Because I don’t want just one person to disappear.”

An unapproachable vibration came from Maradouk’s arm, which was holding Sirone’s neck.

“die! An abomination!”

Maraduk pushed with all his strength, as if to break his neck, but a greater force pushed his fingers away.

“This, this… … !”

Sirone’s body radiated light by itself, revealing a presence that was incomparable to that of Quantum Super Position.

“Yes, Sirone. If you truly want to save the world with the light of Yahweh… … .”

Minerva, who had been watching from afar, murmured.

“You must transcend ten thousand.”

The ninth sense that living things can reach, Gongjin, was waking up in Sirone’s body.


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