Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 763

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[763] Lord of Ruin (2)

* * *

“Brigade commander.”

Besium, the 7th division commander belonging to the 24th Corps, approached with a clap of black iron armor.

“Soldiers are attacking our allies.”

Maraduk of Ruin, a beautiful man, sat on a throne and smiled lightly.

“Can you stop it?”

Besium immediately prostrated himself.

“Just leave it to me!”


When Maraduk rose from his seat, the three division commanders who were standing besides Besium saluted.

“This is an interesting ability. It’s an infection… … .”

The sight that Maradouk looked down through the window was a huge wave with no personality.

“Aww! die! Just die!”

Number of infected: 165,843.

Maraduk laughed while exposing his fangs as he watched the walking dead demons massacre their own people.

“Isn’t it really the devil?”

Savoring the irony, the four division commanders silently watched the scene outside the window.

Number of infected: 325,574.

The infection route created on a scale of 1 million units was pushing toward the leader’s palace, causing huge ripples.

“Clean it up.”

Maradouk made a firm decision.

“They are useless.”

It was already an irreversible situation, and when the number of infected people exceeds 1 million, the division commander gets tired from then on.

“I will follow your orders.”

While walking in the middle of the battlefield, Sirone and Minerva caught sight of the leader’s palace in the distance.

“Determine yourself! Kill yourself as soon as you get bitten!”

Hell’s brigade commanders put a bluff, but the chain of command was no longer in a situation to work.

Some demons took their own lives, but the statistics always converged to the average, and as the demons who missed the opportunity attacked the surroundings again, the infection grew like a snowball.

Number of infected: 653,329.

Sirone gulped as she walked along the path opened by the army of hell.

‘it’s over. It’s a terrifying magic.’

It benefited from a high population density, but even if it were dispersed, annihilation would have been a matter of time.

So my heart ached.

‘The magic of fratricide.’

When Minerva first revealed this magic to the world, humanity was on the brink of extinction.

‘Originally, to get rid of humans.’

How terrible must be human hatred for this kind of magic to be realized in the world?

“Don’t be like that.”

Minerva, who was blowing out cigarette smoke, said with a grin and tearing the corners of her mouth.

“It’s embarrassing to praise you like that.”

“… … .”

Just when Sirone was lost in thought, an explosion occurred in the leader’s palace.

“Looks like you finally realized that your ass was on fire.”

There were four people who radiated purple energy that was so vivid that you could see it where Minerva pointed the pipe.

“I’m the division commander.”

At the same time as he finished speaking, the demon in black iron armor took a step forward and swung his sword.

“The pitiful things.”

The trail of the sword, which should have ended as an afterimage, still remained in the space, wriggling, and then spread out, causing a huge ripple.


The number of demons cut by the single sword exceeded 300, and other division commanders also began to eliminate allies.

“It’s a counter-fire operation.”

If you remove the infected in advance, you can at least prevent the demons from flooding into the leader’s palace.

“A demonic judgment. But I can’t stop it anyway.”

The number of infected people has already exceeded the number of non-infected people.

“I can buy time. Look over there.”

Pointing to the top of the Leader’s Palace, Maradouk, the commander of the 24th Corps, was looking down at them with a displeased face.

“You look good.”

Minerva’s voice was as cold as ice.

“I will be strong.”

There was no room for objection, the demonic energy was burning like a flame.

“I will take over as the corps commander. You clear this up.”

Sirone shook her head.

“no. This is my job. I will take down the corps commander, so please take the division commander’s side.”

Minerva burst into laughter.

“Have you ever fought a corps commander?”

There was no

“You know how strong the division commander is. But the corps commander is not at that level. The best masterpiece that can be created through the condensation of demons.”


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It reminded me of how Igor, the lord of terror, harassed the mercenaries with ‘brains in a vat’ in Radum.

“The army of hell was born when the individuality of Satan melted into the raw material called demon. Especially from the division commander level and above, the bizarre personality goes beyond common sense. It’s a different matter from what I’m right about.”

Satan was a being outside the law.

“The reason Nane’s sermon is powerful is that it is right after all. His tongue becomes the sword of truth and pierces the world. On the other hand, the reason your Yahweh is powerful is because it makes the wrong not wrong.”

All the laws love Sirone.

“That’s the Infinite Wizard. All imaginable things are realized through the light of Yahweh. Are you a newbie then?”

not god

“You only use the power of a god, but you are a human. God doesn’t imagine. He is everything he made.”

If it was really God, Jacey wouldn’t have accepted the world as suffering.

“You’re bragging, but you’re strong. Clearly, the only thing that can stop my huge rightness is your infinity. But it is also a battle of scalability. In terms of depth… … .”

It was a firm voice.

“I don’t think your realm is deeper than Miro or Veron. At least not yet.”

that’s also true.

“You are twenty years old now. You follow your judgment because you see the potential, not because you believe you can save the whole thing right now. Isn’t Jace’s job like that too?”

While all demons except for a few commanders were infected, Minerva moved on.

“Leave it to me. I’ll ask your back.”

Sirone put his hand on Minerva’s shoulder.

“Please let me do it.”

“… … This is not a bet. If you die, humanity is over. It doesn’t matter to me.”

“I don’t die. Nothing can be saved by death.”

Minerva clicked her tongue and turned around.

“do whatever you want. The world you saved anyway, whether you boil porridge or poison yourself… … .”

“Do not worry. Because in Heaven, I survived even against the archangels.”

Minerva smiled bitterly.

“Angels who can’t abort (system destruction)… … .”


“I am the master of the system called Anke. I mean, no owner allows you to set your own house on fire.”

“I do not understand.”

“Listen to Taesung for details. Why did Anchera have no choice but to seal Ymir… … .”

Minerva, who swung the jet, bent her lower body and assumed a posture to jump out.

“I won’t stop you if you do, but you better be careful. The commander of the corps stands against Yahweh.”

As Minerva rode the jet and rushed forward, Sirone put her doubts aside for the moment and threw herself away.

‘If you defeat the corps commander, the war will end.’

As soon as he flapped his wings, he arrived at the spire of the leader’s palace where Maraduk was located.

An explosion erupted where Minerva was, but without even having time to look back, Maraduk took off.

“Is it Yahweh?”

The corps commander’s sword was erected vertically, and black energy covered the blade along the handle.


As Maradouk’s sword swung the landscape in half, a line 10 meters thick stretched out to the horizon.

“What is that?”

Shirone, who left her seat using the sense of time, climbed the spire on the other side and observed the ground.

There was no sound, no shock.

The straight line, as if drawn with a ruler, was a deep furrow whose depth could not be guessed.

‘How deep is it?’

One kilometer, ten kilometres, maybe more.

“It’s troublesome if you’re surprised already.”

Where Sirone slowly turned his head, Maraduk was floating a black sphere above his right hand.

“The Demon of Destruction.”

The oily orb crashed through the ceiling of the leader’s palace.

“… … .”

When I checked the inside of the palace as a spirit zone, the spheres that penetrated successive floors pierced the ground.

‘It keeps falling.’

It was a physically impossible phenomenon.

“don’t worry. It cannot pierce the stars.”

Sirone looked back at Maradouk.

“just… … It only hurts a little.”

He was different from me because he was free from the law, and even an infinite wizard had no choice but to squeeze his imagination.

‘How should I stop it?’

* * *

Taeseong crouched down with a painful expression on his face.


The formidable shock applied to the stars was being transmitted to her body.

“Are you okay?”

Another member of the Five Greats who was invited to the Great Earth Temple, St. Mahoro Amanta, approached.

The tallest star in the Balance Department, he was a slender man with bald hair, brown skin and wrinkled eyes.

As the wheel he was holding between his thumb and forefinger turned rapidly with the sound of a spring, Taeseong’s eyes turned to it.

‘World wheel.’

The meaning of Mahoro was ‘the one who turns the world wheel’, and the sound of the spring was a sign that he would step out if necessary.

Taesung smiled.

“Do not worry. It doesn’t break down to this extent.”

A very long time ago, even when an asteroid collided, it was Taeseong that confidently overcame it.

“Yeah, that’s right. Even if demons and the like are planning a breakup, transcending full moon (overclocking) is a long way off. However, it means that Taeseong does not have to endure pain needlessly.”

Amanta only pursues moderation, and in that sense, the demon’s current move had a feeling that it went too far.

“You speak like Terraforce.”

“… … It’s the same philosophy. You can’t exist if you don’t follow the rules. I am neither on the side of demons nor on the side of humans.”

The sad face of Taeseong was put in between the wheels of the fast-turning world wheel.

“I just hope I don’t make you sadder.”

As Amanta gripped the World Ring in her hand, she realized how quiet the Earth Temple could be.

“Please pay respect.”

After Amanta disappeared, Taeseong looked back at the scene of North Eymond reflected on the ceiling.

“Sirone… … .”

The day of judgment was approaching.

* * *

‘Angel’s Punishment!’

Hundreds of archangels of light threw the spears of light at the same time, devastating the ground.

The leader’s palace had already lost its shape, and the capital, filled with the dictator’s greed, was reminiscent of a wasteland.

‘I can’t catch it.’

Maraduk’s sword caused afterimages, and each time it was cut, numerous Sirone’s heads fell off.

All of them are sirones, but they sacrificed themselves with the determination to protect their bodies.

The problem was the energy of destruction that Maraduk’s sword sprayed like ink, and it was disappearing as soon as it touched any substance.

‘Homing Photon Cannon!’

As many as two hundred homing photon cannons drew a parabolic arc and attacked Maraduk, but he had no reason to move.

“The Veil of Ruin.”

The photon cannon dissipated in a silent ripple of light as black liquid covered Maraduk.

“I misjudged.”

Maraduk dropped his sword to his side, poised to swing it wide.

“It wasn’t even a plaything.”

As the swordsmanship of the great annihilation unfolded, black liquid was sprayed in all directions in a huge line.

‘Poetry of fire!’

After penetrating the trajectory of the line using the sense of time, Sirone entered the other side of the world through Choeni Bardo.

‘That’s it!’

If it was a phenomenon that ignores physics, it could only be an ability that was activated in Park Ji’s realm.

As expected, the black liquid was flying while encroaching on the other side of the world, but the shape was different from the real world.

“What the hell is this?”

I was able to feel it as a spirit zone thanks to the time I earned by making a shield out of materials.

Tiny creatures were gnawing at the iron.

‘It’s nano.’

Because there were so many of them, it took only an instant for the iron to disintegrate, and Sirone hurriedly threw herself away.

“Do you think knowing will make a difference?”

Maraduk, who tracked the location of Sirone who touched the nano weapon, swung his sword in the real world.

“Of course it will change.”


“100,000 stacks.”

A black hole with a gravitational field with a radius of 8 meters was born as the particles of God were compressed terribly.

Key eh eh eh!

As the black liquid drawn in a parabolic curve was sucked into a spiral, a goosebumps scream erupted.


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