Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 761

[761] Possibility (3)

“The law of <Slaughter> is not omnipotent. Unless the opponent is also an idiot, he tries to avoid the law.”

said Minerva.

“Cause and effect interlock endlessly. Axing is twisting it to the extreme. But even if there is an axing that cuts everything, there is also an axing that blocks everything, right?”

Minerva crossed the index fingers of both hands.

“When they collide, a new law is born in which the two overlap.”

<Law Slaughter> should work in conjunction with the law of the target, not to enforce the law.

“Statistically, it takes four months on average to circle the planet.”

“what? Is it surprisingly fast?”

It was an incredibly fast trip around the world compared to having to bite the tail of causality.

Minerva agreed.

“huh. It’s a pretty powerful axing. However, in severe cases, it may take more than a year. For example, what if the target of <Slaughter> roams the world nonstop?”

It will be an endless chase.

“It actually happened. The subject was a diplomat. What I realized at that time is that no matter how fast the law of <Slaughter> is, it cannot be faster than the speed at which it moves to carry out a specific purpose. So what did I do?”

“You took it yourself.”

“answer. That’s why ‘reset’ is so important. After erasing the target, artificially designing the incident.”

“But is it possible? Even if the owner of <Slaughter> dies, the law has already been invoked, right?”

“There is one way. It’s what I call ‘retargeting,’ and you can use it to reset things.”


Sirone was lost in thought.

“It’s a very tricky weapon.”

“It is a characteristic of S-class objects. Rather than being difficult, it’s so effective that there’s a lot of room for maximization. Armand too? Just like anyone can be strong, but you have to understand it perfectly to function 100 percent.”

Sirone understands Armand perfectly.

‘And there is only one person in the world who can handle <Slaughter> the best… … .’

The creator of the weapon was Mirach Minerva.

“great. Let’s move together for a while. Please explain to Uorin if you ever need to use <Spell>.”

The Empress of Kashan would have designed the optimal method based on Minerva’s explanation.

Meanwhile, while Sirone and Minerva were talking about <Slaughter>, Jacey’s face was dazed.

“really… … Is it possible?”

Workers were enjoying a pleasant reunion with their families in the landscape where the demons were washed clean.

“Then why… … why the hell… … !”

Did my husband have to die

“If you have such a great ability! Why the hell! Why didn’t you save my husband!”

Hearing Jacey’s voice, Sirone turned her head, and Minerva’s eyes locked coldly.

‘Possibility… … .’

Just by showing the possibility of saving the whole, Sirone can be said to be close to a god.

‘But not everyone can be saved.’

In the end, someone will suffer, and that pain will endlessly circulate according to the fear of reincarnation.

‘I got caught this time… … .’

Minerva became a witch.

‘Tomorrow is you.’

If you have an incurable disease, suffered a natural disaster, or lost your life in an unexpected accident.

The life of a creature is to turn and stop the bomb named Pain, whose turn will be next.

So, watching from the end of time, this world is just full of pain… … .

still i am right

‘Those who think they’ve cast their lot right now won’t understand me… … .’

Jacey would have been too.

‘You know? Now Jaycee… … .’

And Minerva.

‘The fact that this world is so resentful.’

Jacey cried.

“Why me! why! Everyone else is happy, why am I the only one who has to suffer like this!”

Sirone bit his lip.

‘It’s because of me.’

It was the pain caused by blocking me, and the number of bombs would increase further in the future.

‘I want to become stronger.’

No, if only I could turn my heart around, even by begging on my knees.

However, knowing that this couldn’t be the case, Sirone terribly clenched her fists and made up her mind.

“It’s not your fault.”

Minerva put her hand on Sirone’s shoulder.

“It’s not even my fault.”


What happens when an all-cutting axing and an all-blocking axing collide?

The law says:

“It’s just the way it is.”

state of contradiction.

“Just because we can’t imagine it doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences. this is the result Accept it and move on.”

Minerva laid Jacey on her lap, who was crying until she was exhausted, and bit into a smoking pipe.

“Sleep for a while. This will help.”

Jacey’s pupils relaxed peacefully as the witch’s breath leaked through her lips.

“Because if we leave it as it is, we might make bad choices.”

Minerva, who had lifted Jacey up in the air with her magic, turned to Sirone and said.

“Let’s go to the capital. I have to finish this job.”

The witch’s broom jet swept away Godan’s corpse and flew quickly.

“Do you want to ride together?”

The seat seemed to be cramped because Jacey had to be picked up.

“no. Go away. I will follow you.”

Minerva laughed at the words that she would follow even though she knew it was a jet that was listed in the world record.

“good. If it’s too late, I’ll handle it my way?”

As soon as Minerva jumped up and landed on the jet, powerful gas was released and soared into the sky.

The sound of metal grinding followed by a sonic explosion, and Sirone turned to Verdi.

She nodded as if she understood what she wanted to say, then bowed deeply again.

‘thank you.’

Sirone, who had regained her composure, looked back at the sky and bent her knees.

broad interest.

As the wings of light spread tens of meters in length, the eyes of the people watching widened.

“Uh-oh… … .”

If it was just to fly, it would have exceeded its capacity, but it had to be this much to follow Minerva.

As everyone looked up at the pair of wings soaring into the sky, the light descended at a terrifying speed.


A roar erupted, and Sirone’s body disappeared through the clouds in less than a second.

“oh my god… … .”

Moments later, another sonic explosion erupted.

‘It’s too fast. I’m flying at Mach too.’

Each time the wings hit the air, Sirone’s body was pushed forward hundreds of meters.

It was only after doubling the cycle that I was able to capture the smoke created by the jet’s flames in the distance.

“oh? Did you really follow me?”

Minerva looked around and waved, as if meeting an acquaintance in passing.

It was no longer in a situation where their voices could be transmitted, and Sirone and Minerva read each other’s lips and chatted.

“Are you going to take me?”

Jacey was hanging like laundry and looked like it was about to fall.

“don’t worry. Surprisingly, the ride feels good. Jaycee… … .”

Minerva looked down at the swift-flowing mountain landscape and broke the Law of Jet.

“I can leave it here.”

Sirone hurriedly turned his head, but Jacey was already visible as a dot in the distance.

“… … Are you okay?”

“Who do you think I am?”

Sirone, speechless, looked back, but Minerva increased the thrust of the jet.

“The loser grants the wish.”

As the jet stretched 10 meters in length, Minerva gradually began to overtake Sirone.

“I will listen to anything.”

As she flinched and bounced forward as if she had disappeared, Sirone’s sympathy also boiled over.

“Yes, this is it… … .”

I didn’t have any particular wish, but I desperately wanted to avoid the situation of granting her wish.

As the mass of the light wing increased, it hit the atmosphere with solid strength, and Sirone’s body was shot like a cannon.

‘Hey there!’

The capital of North Eymond came into view.

* * *

the capital city of Parsia.

The Sujanggung, where the president resided, was a multi-purpose fortress with 780 buildings all connected.

Revolution Square was one of the largest man-made structures in the world and could accommodate all of the capital’s 3 million people.

Putting it in is probably accurate, but Igor thought that everyone in the country should praise him directly.

Of course, it was the case of the human Igor, but that idea was still valid even after the governor was changed to a demon.

“Commander, preparations are complete.”

Commander of the 24th Corps, Maraduk of Ruin.

He was a man with a beautiful appearance that caught the attention of many women, and light purple hair that came down to his shoulders.

Golden patterns were engraved along the rim of the black armor that adhered to the body, and on the left side of the throne, a sword was leaning toward its owner.

“How long have you been together?”

“The total number of troops who have escaped from the psychic realm is 8 million.”

It was a number that corresponds to dozens of times the army of one country, but considering that Satan’s army is 2 billion, it was not even a corps level.

“Enough to hit a human.”

When Maradouk came down the stairs with the sword attached to his waist, the four division commanders all retreated left and right.

The room was completely soundproofed, but the windows were vibrating due to the shouts outside.

“I will be the vanguard and destroy the world.”

As soon as I opened the window, the blocked sound came in like a cannon.

“Kill the human! Kill humans!”

An army of 8 million spread out beyond the Chieftain’s Palace was roaring with evil.

Sirone looked down at the scene of Pasia.

“… … What is that?”

While most of the streets were empty, more demons than ants swarmed on the side of the chief palace.

said Minerva.

“I guess the capital is over. I can’t even see the resistance. The Capital Defense Forces must have already been destroyed.”

“Are there any survivors?”

“Maybe. But it won’t be on the side of the chief palace. If someone got in there, they would be eaten right away.”

“I need to find survivors.”

“That’s a good choice too. But now is not the time. Things get complicated when the second generation of demons from the chief palace cross the border.”

It will infiltrate into society and move covertly.

“It would have been possible to experiment because it was a closed society, but that’s why we also have a chance. Let’s hit it.”

“You want to play?”

The number of troops gathered in the Chief Palace seemed to easily exceed 5 million even when checked in terms of unit area.

“Where are you going to start?”

Minerva bent her index finger.


As Sirone turned her gaze to the tips of her fingers, Minerva’s body floated and left the jet.

“Everything from start to finish.”

When Minerva’s body resisted, the jet moved ahead and rushed toward the entrance of the Longbow.

‘Are you really doing it?’

Dealing with an army of 8 million alone was impossible with human common sense.

“Wake! Go right away!”

Although it broke away from the jet, the tremendous inertia still led Minerva’s body toward the eldest arch.

Hey hey hey!

The demons at the entrance looked up at the sky at the sound of the gong of Mach’s speed.

“A surprise… … !”

Before the words could be finished, the jet crashed and the second generation of demons in the area soared into the sky.


remaining troops.

7,999,954 (7,999,954) people.


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