Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 760

[760] Possibility (2)


I felt the pain only after I had already flown 20 meters, and Jace desperately held on to the consciousness of moving away.

‘stop! Stop!’

I applied reverse thrust with blow-type magic, but my body bounced off the floor like a ball, only doubling the pain.


It was the first time she realized that a person could roll for so long and so much.

It rolled endlessly, and no sign of stopping seemed to be waiting at a very distant point in time.


You will roll and you will die.

The moment she heard a thunder and felt something break, a powerful force suddenly stopped her.

“Huh! Huh!”

Jace, who looked up at the spinning sky while holding her in her arms, focused on his body.

‘Three ribs, broken wrist, ruptured ankle ligaments.’

The moment I judged that far, what came to my mind was what kind of magic I was under.

‘It was just light.’

Information about God Particles is now quite well known, but Book Eymond was an exception.

‘There is no wizard like that here.’

If a 3rd-class archmage can be defeated by a single magic attack, then it should be a 1st-class wizard.

“You got it right. It must have been a good experience for you too.”

Minerva clicked her tongue and blew her witch’s breath into Jacey’s lips.

“iced coffee… … .”

I fell into ecstasy for a while, but when I came to my senses, the pain in my body was gone without a trace.

“It’s a level that has been put together. Do not fight.”

Jacey’s eyes widened.

“It can’t be! There are still thousands or tens of thousands of people to kill… … ! Keugh!”

Jace crouched down as his side ached.

‘Rage is beautiful.’

Minerva, who had been watching him lovingly, corrected her expression and stood up.

Sirone stood in front of him.

“What are you doing?”

“You know. If you still don’t know, you’re at a low level. North Eymond conducted experiments that were threatening to mankind.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“As you can see… … .”

Minerva introduced the scene where countless demons turned to ashes and disappeared.

“You have to finish one by one. Sooner or later North Eymond will disappear from the world map.”

Not revealing the room for compromise means that she also grasped the true nature of Igor.

“The same goes for Garas, but the control of the altar has already passed. See those demons? There are still huge numbers coming out. It’s hard to finish it unless it’s a genocide.”

“That is cruel. Even people who have nothing to do with it get caught up in it.”

“Of course it is. But it’s my job to minimize the damage. And to be honest… … .”

Minerva’s eyes changed.

“There is no human in the world who would feel unfair about being killed.”

“… … .”

“If you are strong, you can make a choice. either good or evil. But for the weak, the only weapon that can make them strong is evil. When you do something evil, people get scared. I wonder if I will suffer that kind of damage.”

Minerva’s smoking pipe pointed at Baseto.

“Do you know how different that guy is? If he had been as strong as you, he might have been worse than Igor. That nobody knows.”

I learned what kind of person Minerva was from the elevator in the Ivory Tower, and I learned why she became that way through the story of <Slaughter>.

Since compromise would be difficult, Sirone also spoke her own words.

“Stop the slaughter. From now on, I will take care of North Eymond.”

The person who didn’t want to do that the most was definitely Jacey, who came to Minerva’s side, clutching at her side.

“Were you acquainted?”

Surely that should be enough to not be ashamed of.

“Should I say we know each other? It’s a work colleague.”

“yes? A co-worker?”

After confirming where she worked, Jacey narrowed her eyes and looked back at Sirone.

“You mean that person is also a star?”

“okay. It’s embarrassing. If it was another star, I would kick it out, but he has the same rank as me.”

Same rank as Minerva.

“So, what about Oh Dae-seong?”

“okay. I’m the Human Security Enforcement Department, he’s the Integrated Space Management Department. But the problem is… … .”

The United Space Management Department has a little stronger attack on Taeseong.

Jacey, unaware of the fighting inside the ivory tower, was just interested in Sirone.

“I must have just turned twenty… … .”

Well, wasn’t Minerva actually over seven hundred years old?

“that’s right. He is twenty years old.”

Jacey looked back at Minerva with a puzzled expression, but she wasn’t joking.

“And mankind’s strongest wizard. No, second in the ranking?”

Minerva hinted at Nane’s existence and said with a playful smile.

“Yes, joint first place.”

“Don’t instigate childish fights. I’ll figure it out for you. The problem now is Mr. Minerva. Nothing is solved this way.”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“Dispel the disaster magic right now.”

The demons, second generation demons, and ordinary people were all dying from the deadly poisonous gas she scattered.

“Do you have <Spell>?”

Sirone frowned.

“Let’s make a deal. If <Law Killing> comes out, I will hand over this agenda to the United Space Management Department.”

“I can’t.”

“You’re going to hand it over to Kashan? It wouldn’t be an idle place to care about politics.”

“no. I have a feeling that if Mr. Minerva had this, he would suffer even more than he does now.”

The poisonous gas disappeared.

“Just because you sacrificed for everyone doesn’t mean you can protect everyone. Neither you nor I are gods. And no guffins. Even if you reach the realm of infinity, it is only human infinity.”

Minerva pointed to the battlefield.

“see? Even now, countless people are dying to the demons. You can beat them, but you can’t save them all! You, too, should stop being a petty god and make choices and focus!”

so it’s annoying

“To Nane, to Kashan, to the altar, to humans, to atrocities… … ! you can’t do it all! Right now, even the residents here can’t protect it!”

On the other side of the supply route, Verdi and his family shouted.

“dad! dad!”


Baseto threw himself away, and the demons chased after the family with scary weapons.

Simultaneously, the situation was analyzed.

The second generation of demons was massacring the garrison, and in the distance Godan, the commander of the 48th Military Facility, was slicing the workers with a sword.

said Minerva.

“This is reality! Killing them all minimizes damage! So leave it to me and get out!”

“What is reality?”

The moment of giving up is real.

“How do you know without trying?”

As Sirone focused her mind, the Spirit Zone grew to an unimaginable size and covered the military facility.

“Oh, this can’t be… … .”

In front of the spirit of Yahweh beyond human limits, Jaycee did not even dare to interfere.

‘Quantum Super Position!’

100,000 stacks.

A significantly higher number of sirones than when they explored Andre’s Labyrinth cast teleportation in all directions.

The flash that spread like an explosion was blinding, and countless people experienced the miracle at the same time.


Synesthesia, the five senses plus time, space, and mind, has been transmitted through the Spirit Zone.

That transcendent information analyzed every situation without any error and saved people who were on the verge of being attacked by demons.

“Damn Yahweh! Abominable Yahweh!”

In a situation where only the demons were annihilated, the second generation of the demons stopped their actions as if frightened.

“Ah, ah… … .”

Verdi shed tears as he looked up at the thousands of flashes of light parabolic in the sky.

I couldn’t analyze it with an adult’s head, but the emotions that filled my heart were no different.

“Huh! Whoa!”

save everyone

“My brother told me.”

At the 48th Military Facility, there are countless people who live and are treated as subhumans.

“You are the most valuable person in the world.”

When something that no one had attempted in human history became a reality, people knelt down one by one.

light embroidered the sky.

“What is that light?”

While everyone had the same question, the demons turning to ashes shouted.

“I hate Yahweh! I’ll tear the people you love to shreds! I will watch you shed tears of blood in hell!”

“Die, Yahweh! Be cursed, Yahweh!”

people muttered.


A love that humans cannot do.

“Lord Yahweh… … .”

100,000 flashes of light created 10 million afterimages and covered the sky, and finally the whole world was filled with light.

Sirone knelt down and exhaled heavily.

“Huh! Huh!”

Looking back at the scene where all the demons had disappeared, Minerva fell into deep thought.

“It’s not over yet!”

What remains are a few second-generation demons.

Most of them suffered injuries that made them unable to move, but Commander Godan survived and charged towards Sirone.


It was natural for them to hate Sirone, who had everything except love among human emotions.

“I will kill you, abominable… … !”

When Minerva held out her hand, the jet flew with tremendous acceleration and pierced Godan’s body.


As he toured the facility in that state and penetrated all the buildings called buildings, the high end finally drooped.

“… … Are you okay?”

Minerva, who had finished, approached Sirone, who was practicing mindless breathing.

Sirone raised her head without speaking.

“It’s as if the person who will answer is you.”

“I can do it. You may have your kar, but please leave this task to me.”

“We saved the 48th Military Facility.”

Minerva looked back at the tranquil landscape.

“Are you going to save the capital next? North Eymond further, the continent further, the East, the South… … .”

until when?

“Just because you did it today doesn’t mean that your karma has been implemented.”

“i know. but… … .”

Sirone looked back at Verdi, who was crying tears of joy as she hugged her family.

“Because it doesn’t matter.”

If one individual can save the whole on the condition of sacrificing everything… … .

‘I couldn’t do it, so I didn’t do it either. But if, really, if there was even a 1% chance of that… … .’

What better gamble could there be?

“Hey, on a topic that doesn’t even exist like Kar.”

Sirone smiled and stood up.

“Then are you entrusting it to me now?”

“What do you know? Anyway, if you’re black, it’s the Human Security Enforcement Department. What we got in return is recklessness.”

It was the department that killed the most people.

“I will also have <Swordsman>.”

As Sirone hammered the nail firmly, Minerva smiled and turned around.

“I can’t. Do you know how to use it?”

“yes? just… … Doesn’t it automatically activate when you put your earnest heart into it?”

“Otherwise it is. That would be enough to kill a badass bastard, but the opponent <Law Killing> will probably be on a different level this time.”

Sirone had not heard the news of the temple.

“The atrocity that the Empress of Kashan is watching is Gustav Havitz, 17 years old. He is the person who became Gustav’s emperor this time.”

“Three Emperors… … .”

“It should be quicker to understand that you know Uorin. Their skills are also not average. That means there will be a lot of stratagems to avoid the law of <Slaughter>.”


Sirone could not have imagined that the emperor would die.

‘Certainly so. To kill the emperor from North Eymond to Gustav’s palace, and from there again through numerous escorts… … .’

How can the alternative law be changed?


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