Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 759

[759] Possibility (1)

Having infiltrated the 48th Military Facility, Minerva and Jaycee opened the way by mercilessly punishing the garrison.

In the first place, it was Jacey who volunteered to be the guide, but the reason why he didn’t have to was because no one had approached Minerva.

“Save me, save me… … !”

The death energy from Minerva caused the soldiers to fall on the spot and die moaning in pain.

‘The Five Great Castles of the Ivory Tower.’

Jace also lived with pride in his status as an unofficial third-class wizard, but on a completely different level.

‘I haven’t seen magic yet.’

Minerva, who overpowered the army with only her energy, moved to the laboratory in the Central Office.

“wait a minute!”

Jacey exclaimed hastily.

“This is where the original Garas is! The moment it opens, there will be an uproar.”

“Garasu has no prototype. Exactly no one knows the prototype. Because they are the ones who destroy the biological system.”

“That makes it even more dangerous. It is on a different level from heterogeneous breed dogs that have been brought up to the level of a species. I will catch whatever I see and breed them.”

“doesn’t care. open it.”

Jace couldn’t resist her, and eventually unlocked the iron door.

Another iron door appeared, and when it was opened, the prison that contained Garas was visible.

“Kurrrr! Krrrr!”

As Minerva took a step, Garras’ hideous voice resounded from all directions.

‘This is the first time I’ve been so excited.’

As Jacey trembled and followed, Minerva stopped in the center of the warehouse.

“It smelled like a witch. For them, it will be a more powerful aphrodisiac than any aphrodisiac.”

“Shall we open them one by one?”


As Minerva’s eyes narrowed and she swung her jet, her body changed into that of a young girl.

“Welcome, sweet children.”

At the same time as the horse fell, dozens of iron doors were ripped open with a bang.


The blood disappeared from Jace’s face, who had watched the experiment to see what kind of race Garas was.

‘As expected, I overcame it.’

Unlike the dog breed, Garras’s desire transcended even Minerva’s life.

But Minerva was still staring straight ahead with half-closed eyes.

‘Destined to become a witch.’

By the time she realized that she couldn’t escape, her body and mind were already in tatters.

“If this is my fate, I have no choice but to accept it.”

Dozens of Garas attacked her.

“Mr. Minerva!”

Judging that it was already too late, Jacey turned around and tried to run away, but something surprising happened.

“Ah! Aagh!”

However, the shape of the tangled glass bubbled like oil, and the number began to decrease little by little.

“Witch’s Breath.”

Before I knew it, she bit the smoking pipe and came out through the gap of the glass, puffing out smoke.

“How did you do it?”

“I had a lot of fun. between themselves.”

As far as Jacey knows, Garas’ desire to reproduce is the pinnacle of living things, but he never combined with the same species.

“Is the sexual desire 100,000 times that of humans? If that’s the case, it’ll be about 100 million times now. At that point, nothing can be seen.”

“100 million times… … .”

The appearance of them united into one mass was like a lump of black oil, and countless mutants repeated birth and extinction.

Minerva watched indifferently and said.

“Biological systems consist of reproduction and feeding. Garas has the property of maximizing the compatibility of the breeding system and extending it to the entire ecosystem. But what if you combine the same species?”

Jacey turned around and Minerva raised a finger.

“After all, evolution is impossible. After repeating countless mutations among themselves, what they choose is stability. And that means… … .”

“It’s going back to square one.”

Minerva watched without answering, and what finally appeared in front of them was a black sphere about a meter in diameter.

Like a tadpole egg, the sphere trapped in the mucous membrane vibrated and split in the middle, splitting into two.

“Selra… … .”

As the eruption proceeded, the size of the black spheres decreased and the number increased exponentially.

When the number of cells exceeded 40 trillion in cycles, the human form was finally revealed.

“I wanted to meet you once. Argones.”

the father of all life in the universe.

Also, Taeseong, who belongs to the category of mother, called Argones a biological program early on.

When Argones’ mouth opened, the mucus that was blocking his throat cleared and a voice was heard.

“He wanted to meet me.”

There was no pitch in the tone of his voice, as if someone who did not know the language spoke only with sound.

Minerva didn’t care.

“Ankera is gone. It’s impossible without your involvement. What are you up to?”

If it was truly a biological program, it would have been Argones who provided Ankera’s body.

“I don’t embellish anything. Spread the creature far and wide. It fills the space with more objects, even where there is no sun.”

“He is a very conscientious official. Sooner or later, this world may be closed completely.”

“It doesn’t matter, my daughter.”

Minerva’s eyebrows twitched.

“You are the lowest probability and the most important probability among those created because of me. Kill as you wish, breed as you wish. That’s what your odds mean.”

“I wasn’t made for a need like yours.”

“I don’t care what you think. I didn’t make you either. You were just chosen by chance.”


Minerva’s eyes lit up with life.

“Do you think that is the reason for my pain?”

“It eliminates mutations.”

Argones’s body became watery like porridge and soaked into the floor.

“It’s dangerous!”

Argones, who had turned into slime, emerged from the walls on all sides and attacked Minerva and Jacey.


No one was already in the place where the slime waves were rushing in, and Minerva, who flew into a corner, shot the jet to the ground.

“Breath of Ruin.”

As if time had sped up around Minerva, black smoke rose at a frightening speed.

As Jace, who was standing behind her, sensed the power and cast defense magic, smoke spread forward as if an explosion had occurred.


The sound of a building collapsing was heard from a place shrouded in black smoke, and it quickly grew out of control.

‘How far… … .’

When the magic smoke dissipated and the sight finally opened, Jacey shivered.

Mirac Minerva’s magic, which she first confirmed, was at the level of turning all visible scenery to ashes.

‘This isn’t magic. It’s a disaster.’

There was nothing rising above the ground 200 meters ahead of the fan-shaped spread, only black hills of ash piled up.

“Tsk, you’re annoying me.”

Minerva, who had returned to her adult form, turned to Jacey while spinning her jet.

“let’s go. There is still one more thing left to check.”

Without saying a word, she just nodded her head.

‘If this person… … .’

She would be able to get the greatest revenge on the North Eymond Republic for killing her husband.

* * *

“Let go! free me! I want you to send me home!”

Bassetto realized the situation he was in when he saw the only structure in front of him.

shabby cabin.

It was a place called the cabin of eternity by the workers, and once you entered it, you could never come out.

“You did everything you were told to do! why the hell… … Kuck!”

The soldier struck Baseto hard on the back of the head with the hilt of the saber.

“If you want to be black, you will wear it, there are a lot of words. Don’t struggle needlessly, go inside.”

It was a problem even if I did my job too well.

It was a conclusion made by soldiers who grasped Baseto’s ability to judge coolly in a crisis situation.

“You are fixed from today.”

“You children! What have I done wrong!”

There was another blunt impact, and the soldiers grabbed Bassetto by the scruff of the neck and threw him into the cabin.

“I know you are lucky. You can eat a full meal in a private house that other workers can’t even dream of.”

It was said to be begging for food like a dog in a solitary cell with no means of suicide.

‘Damn the kids… … !’

If I was with the workers, I’d rather tie them up and then ask them to strangle me.

“Send me home. to send me home… … .”

Bassetto, who had been squatting in the corner of the cabin and sobbing, felt someone’s presence and raised his head.

“what… … !”

Sirone climbed through the floor of the cabin as if there were stairs in the basement.

“Phew, I finally found it.”

The Law of Zion, which had to cover the entire world, had holes drilled here and there to maximize efficiency.

“Hee! Ears, ghosts!”

Bassetto struggled with his legs, rubbing his back against the wall with nowhere else to back.

After experiencing so many terrible things, it seemed that the grim reaper had finally come to pick them up.


Sirone, who calmed Basseto by placing her hand on her lips, looked at the movement outside and then asked.

“Are you Verdi’s father?”

Bassetto’s eyes, which had been making a frightened expression, suddenly changed and rushed at him.

“How about Verdi? Family, where is my family? Answer me! What the hell did you do to my daughter… … !”

He seemed to think he had taken his family hostage.

“Everyone is fine. I came to hear what Mr. Albas said. Get out of here with me.”

“Al, Albas? Was he alive?”

Bassetto’s eyes were filled with relief.

“I will take you to my family. Hide in a safe place until we finish the job here.”

“You mean to finish? what the hell This is a dictatorship ruled by President Igor.”

The five great castles of the Ivory Tower were transnational.

“I have a way. get out at once If any soldiers come… … .”

Sirone stopped talking and pricked up his ears.


An explosion erupted outside the cabin, echoing people’s screams from all directions.

“for a moment… … No, follow me!”

Judging by the size of the explosion, hiding inside a building seemed more dangerous.

As soon as I opened the door and went out, the demons completely engulfed the space and slaughtered the soldiers and workers.

“honey! Verdi!”

As Bassetto stomped his feet, Sirone hugged him and teleported him.

“It’s dangerous!”

Fireball exploded.

Where Sirone turned her head, she saw a woman in Northern Eymond’s military uniform casting magic.

‘Why are they on the same side?’

It was Jaycee, a North Korean spy.

“joy! quite… … !”

Seeing Sirone dodging the fireball, she cast fly magic and attacked.

A spy couldn’t have a sincere ally, and everyone here was her enemy.

‘I’m going to kill them all! Abominable bastards!’

The death of her husband, who was the only family she returned to after six years of penetrating life, devoting her youth.

“You guys feel the same way!”

Carrying Minerva on her back, she cast invisibility magic right in front of Sirone.

If it’s a being that relies on its eyes, it’s safe to say that it’s already dead… … .

‘This way!’

Sirone’s senses were three levels higher than humans’, and the photon cannon accurately captured the target.

‘How can I… … ?’

Jacey was dizzy.


The moment when the experience of a 3rd-class wizard compresses the air to form a high-strength curtain.


The impact of the photon cannon hit Jaina in the stomach, vibrating the press harder than rebar.


With the magic of invisibility broken, she realized that she didn’t know where the shock wave was pushing her.

‘I’m not just a wizard.’

It was the first shock I ever experienced.


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