Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 757

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[757] The Doctrine of Evil (4)

“What is that woman?”

When the gendarmerie moved to surround her, the gendarmerie commander held up his hand to stop her.


It was a strange feeling.

And having a strange feeling meant that the military police captain had a much higher level of sense than other military police.

‘What the hell is this?’

I felt like throwing up, and once I realized that, my head was unbearably dizzy.

“What are you doing! ask quickly! Hiss! Hiss!”

Hearing the tumultuous sound of the Suwangdae, he slowly turned his head with a firm expression.

It was a shocking sight.

“Hey, why is this guy like this?”

Heterogeneous breed dogs that have undergone improvement after improvement using Karas are braver than wild beasts and are designed to absolutely obey the owner’s words.

“in action! I mean move!”

But even when I hit him on the butt with a whip with a leather belt attached to it, he just looked into the distance.

As if he desperately denied the woman in front of him.

‘I’m afraid.’

The disgusting energy the military police commander felt, something unknown was spreading from her body.

“Dogs are better than people.”

As Minerva approached, the heteromorphic dogs quietly scattered to the corners of the forest as if something had happened.

Their movements, which they couldn’t even express in extreme fear, resembled the psychology of the people who feed the warehouses of Garas.


As Minerva passed by, the military police chief could not stand it and poured out gastric juices.

“What, Captain?”

The members looked puzzled, but the military police chief was not at all envious of those who did not feel fear.

‘I lived because I vomited.’

In another three minutes or so, the subordinates would die instantly, without even knowing why, from being crushed by the woman’s energy.

“Come here, cute puppies.”

If caught, die.

Realizing this by instinct, the heterogeneous breed dogs sniffed the flowers inappropriately and acted different.

A heterogeneous breed of dog that spews out powerful venom sneaked away and was eventually caught by her hand.

Unable to even think of running away with its two powerful legs, it accepted the hand, and the wide dog legs bent all the way to the floor.

‘It’s a death god.’

How many lives do you have to kill to get that kind of energy?

Beautiful appearance, witch’s outfit.

‘Mirac Minerva.’

The military police commander realized that it was wrong to live with ARMY.


Heterogeneous dogs trembled with their hind legs fully laid down, and soon hot urine leaked out onto the floor.

“Are you scared? I?”

Whoa, whoa… … !

Water leaked out of the eyes, nose, and mouth of the 20-year-old dog, and the military policemen rolled over their eyes one by one and collapsed.

“Okay, let’s see.”

Minerva walked towards her hips and bent down to look down at the dripping urine.

“It’s a male.”

Yep! Break it up!

The breed dog Lee Hyung-dok let out a final scream.


As if a switch had been pressed, the dog’s eyes immediately flipped over and fell to its side.

“Three, my God… … .”

Leaning against the tree trunk, Jace looked in disbelief at the dying lives everywhere.

The members of the Suwang Corps and the military police who collapsed vomiting blood, and finally, the dogs of the Heterogeneous Dogs died in a fight.

“Even if it’s an ivory tower… … .”

The only surviving gendarmerie captain gasped and glared at Minerva.

“I can’t stop it now. Under the grace of President Igor, the Republic of North Eymond will rule the world.”


Minerva snapped a finger and the life of the military police officer escaped from his body.

“Go to the other world and do a lot, world domination.”

Jacey, who was the only one left with his life, asked, breathing heavily.

“you… … Are you an ivory tower resident?”

Minerva took a smoking pipe from the barrel of her broomstick, put it in her mouth, and lit it.

‘Are you ignoring me?’

Jace opened his mouth again.

“Then we must hit North Eymond quickly! Otherwise, the Garas will invade the world.”

Minerva exhaled smoke with a dejected expression.


Then, he slowly approached Jacey, brought her to eye level, and raised her cheek at once.

Jace, who turned his head with a slap, put on an absurd expression for a moment, then immediately fired at him.


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“Why are you hitting me! The one who can’t even move!”

Minerva hated humans.

If it’s a human being who thinks, “If I say this way, he will move that way.” … .

It’s disgusting enough to give you goosebumps.

‘I’d rather roll around with a dog.’

Still, Minerva doesn’t show it.

“sorry. I was wondering if this would solve it.”

Jacey bit her teeth with a look of resentment, but she had no intention of fighting the witch who had subdued the dog with only her energy.

“I know you. Archwitch, Mirach Minerva.”

Most of the five great stars of the Ivory Tower are shrouded in mystery, but Minerva was the most spectacular debut in the history of the Ivory Tower.

“What are you going to do next? Are you going to tell Igor to stop the experiment? or not… … .”

“I will take care of it.”

To be honest, nothing has been decided yet, but once I get to the capital and meet the president, everything will be settled.

“Please take me too.”

Minerva’s eyes were cold.

“… … Why?”

“Because I know something you don’t know yet. If you go to the capital like this, you will probably be in trouble.”


The witch’s laughter spread through the forest.

“Hey, little girl. Oh sorry. you are younger than me Of course, at face value, I am much younger.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, if you knew what kind of life Archwitch Minerva lived, you wouldn’t dare say the word “failure.”

I felt the aura of death.

“Even if you can’t move your limbs, you know you can do everything as long as your snout is alive. that’s you guys Terrify me any more and you will follow them.”

“porridge… … .”

A voice drowned in crying broke out.

“I want to kill you! The motherF*cking northerners who killed my husband! I want to kill every single one of them!”

Jace ej*culated with a contorted face.

“Please take me! There is nothing left! If I can kill even one more person, even my soul… … !”


It was the purest emotional state of human beings, the only one Minerva was not averse to.

“… … Tell me what you know.”

Jace suddenly came to his senses.

“The military police chief said that there are eyes even where you can’t see. North Korea is using the other side of the world. Otherwise, there is no way my identity will be exposed.”

“It could be because you can’t handle your work.”

“What are you looking at me for? A person who has mastered all the magic of espionage!”

No matter how much she screamed, not even a tooth could go in against Minerva.

“Ha, okay. So, there is a possibility that Igor may have colluded with the demons.”

It wasn’t to the point of failure, but it was the awkward part.

“I’ll take you.”

Minerva inhaled deeply, gathering the smoke between her lips and whispering quietly.

“Open your mouth.”

As if possessed, Jacey opened her lips and Minerva leaned over and kissed her.

‘ah… … .’

The smell of smoke passing through her lungs was like burning grass, and Jacey fell into an ecstasy she had never experienced before.

Detoxification Magic – Witch’s Breath.

I lost consciousness for a moment, but it was only a moment.

“it’s okay. You should be able to move now.”

I felt the nerves from my toes, and my muscles tightened as if it had happened at some point.

Jace, who awkwardly stood up from his seat, had nothing to say.

“I-over there… … .”

Lip contact is not a problem.

I couldn’t bear to lift my face at the fact that I felt the utmost bliss through her body.

“Don’t lie with a witch.”

The number of people who ended their lives because of the sweetness given by the witch was numerous, even in the case of Minerva.

“… … They hate humans.”

Leaving Jacey nodding blankly behind, Minerva concentrated her magic on her broomstick.

The shabby wooden material popped open and turned into a two-meter staff with a propulsion engine on the back.

Z, the best projectile of mankind, created by Taeseong’s intellect in return for giving up <Slaughter>.

Since it was officially registered in the Ivory Tower, it was a means of transportation that had to be correct.

“get on. Stop at a military facility and then enter the capital.”

Minerva sat lightly on the jet floating at a height of 1 meter with her thighs resting on it.

“Ah yes.”

It was introduced in the history books as the fastest thing in the world, so Jacey gulped and took a back seat.

“Hey, do I have to press? If you fall… … .”

“I do not need.”

The jet glowed purple for a moment, and as if trapped in a soft mould, the body was fixed without any effort.


At the same time as Minerva’s horse fell, a great spark spewed from the jet’s propulsion engine.


Jacey screamed at the sight of the sky speeding up despite barely feeling any inertia.

‘too fast!’

As the jet, which circled the sky once, accelerated in earnest, a sonic explosion exploded in just four seconds.

It was Mach speed.

* * *

Verdi’s mother, who found Baseto with a bewildered face, covered her mouth with tears.

“honey… … .”

What the hell happened to a person to that point?

“Bad children… … .”

Bassetto looked shocked and stunned, and his eyes were swollen from how much he cried.

“I need to bring my husband. I will die there.”

The moment Verdi’s mother, who had lost her temper, stepped forward, Sirone said in a cold voice.

“Don’t move.”

Verdi’s mother flinched and stopped.

“It looks like everything is still safe, so let’s be patient and watch. If you create a disturbance here, the number of victims increases.”

It is the spirit of fraternity that one cannot kill another person to save Baseto.

‘It’s really strange.’

However, the biggest reason for Sirone still not taking action was something else.

‘There are too many demons.’

In the other side world seen through Bakji’s senses, demons were patrolling in pairs.

‘But this place is outside the psychic realm?’

The underside world shares space coordinates with reality, but since the altar was opened, I tend to keep as far away as possible.

Thinking that she couldn’t take everyone with her, Sirone turned to Albas and said.

“Please protect Verdi and Mom. I will follow them and bring Mr. Baseto back.”

“But how are you going? From now on, there is nowhere to hide. This is a supply route for storing large-scale logistics.”

There was an endless expanse of open space for ten wagons to pass side by side.

“In terms of space, yes.”

Albas tilted his head, but he wouldn’t understand even if I explained it anyway.

‘Choeni Bardo.’

When Pakji and Sipok were combined, the reality and the world behind them overlapped, and Sirone’s appearance disappeared.

“Unbelievable… … .”

Albas looked around.

“Where have you been?”

Of course, Sirone was still by their side, and after checking the location of the demons, she stroked Verdi’s head.

“Hang in there. I will definitely rescue her father.”

Verdi suddenly thought of an answer.

“Where are you going?”

Why is my heart suddenly beating fast?

“Of course I went to rescue my dad.”


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