Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 755

[755] The Doctrine of Evil (2)

* * *

The temple was heading for the worst.

Even after Gustav Havitz, 17, declared war on the world and left the venue, the representatives of each country remained silent.

‘Really a war?’

The reason why the heart beats even though they are at the peak of power is because the opponent is the worst tyrant in human history.

President Vasari of the Republic of Korea, the host country of the temple, opened his mouth with a pale face.

“Should I believe this? So, at this moment, the fact that World War broke out.”

If Havitz sent troops, the first target would be the Republic of Korea, which was closest to Gustaf.

“It is impossible to analyze Harvitz’s thoughts. But if he is true to his desires, it is probably true.”

Even though he was a representative of the same temple, Uorin’s words were special, and President Vasari’s face turned into tears.

“Why? Isn’t it an unwinnable war? The temple will also be damaged, but Gustaf will perish.”

King Kasartak of the Kingdom of Paras said.

“The Gustav Empire’s win rate, calculated at home, was under 10% under the premise of giving up Valkyrie. If it’s simply a madman, even if it means starting a war, just step on it.”

“I’m not crazy.”

Everyone in the temple turned to Uorin.

“Of course, the odds of Gustav winning the war are extremely slim. But under certain circumstances, it is more than 90 percent.”

Jin Kang, the emperor of the Jincheon Empire, asked.

“What is it?”

“Probability of the world going to be a mess.”

The pupils of the representatives from each country shook.

“Havitz thinks it’s not just war. If the Gustav Empire raises its military and spreads to the continent, east, and south, it becomes difficult to protect the psychic realm. In the end, the demons will break through the barricade and come out into the world… … .”

From then on, it’s chaos.

“You are driving it into an unpredictable situation.”

Uorin nodded.

“Havitz moves by instinct, but the Gustav 4th skill is already drawing a picture in your head. It’s worth doing in a situation where the probability becomes meaningless. Also, in such circumstances, Havitz’s abnormal thinking will be a powerful weapon.”

If war is about consuming everything available, Gustav’s strategy to use the underworld was excellent.

‘Havitz, 17 years old. he’s a scary guy It’s more disturbing in that it’s not something I thought about and judged. He’s just feeling it.’

If you truly believe in it, in the end, the world will have no choice but to revolve around you.

“Is this the end of the human story?”

The first class dragon, Blitz, stood up.

“If you’ve heard this far as a member of the temple, the formality must have been met. From now on, I will deliver the agenda of our Balaur.”

It was quite an arrogant tone, but the reason no one was offended was that Blitz deserved it.

‘The 12 apostles who keep time. Among them, the thunder pterosaur is said to be the strongest in terms of combat power.’

It was the first time he had attended the temple as a representative of the Balaur, so the representatives also pricked their ears.

“As of today, the Balaur will leave the temple.”

“… … .”

Like Gustav, anyone can resign if they pay the price, but silence leaked from the venue.

“May I ask why?”

It was not yet time to inform humans.

“The reason the Balaur joined the Crusade was to protect time from Ankera’s Reset. And now Ra’s will has been passed on to Nane, and now it has reached the point of closing time. For us, it is the gong that must be prevented before evil.”

As the direction of Ae and Gong was newly created, the world could no longer be defined by the dichotomy of good and evil.

‘It turns out like this after all.’

Nane, who says that we must leave for the place where the truth is, and Shirone, who say that only the place where we put our hearts is real.

‘This is just the beginning. In the future, countless people will define themselves anew by the compass of the law.’

There will be countries that follow the Gustav Empire, and even the Holy War countries are no exception.

Enox, the representative of the fairies, asked.

“Withdrawal from the temple? So what do we do?”

“Why are you asking me that? You are the representative of the fairies. If you want to stick to humans, do so.”

It was said to be on its own, but it could not hide the nuance that it was not pleasant to be involved in human affairs.


While the representatives of the Seven Stars watched with hard faces, only Uorin was convinced.

‘The temple will remain.’

The fairies of heaven and the fairies of the human world are divided into fairies and elves.

Elves are as strong in spirit as fairies, and above all, they have bodies that are close to humans.

‘The level of magic is incomparable to that of humans.’

It is presumably a union between a celestial nymph and a Norse, which meant that a terrible experiment had taken place in the distant past.

“I will stay in the temple. If there is a war, many lives will die, so of course the fairies should help.”

Uorin was terrified.

‘What kind of race could lay down its life for a race weaker than itself?’

If this was also a line, it was too ‘artificial’ line.

“Representative of fairies, your choice seems to warm the hearts of everyone here.”

Enox flushed and stuck out his tongue.

“Hehe, praised. Do not worry. Because fairies have helped humans since ancient times. It’s different from the noble dragons.”


Turning coldly, Blitz changed his body and flew up into the sky before he even left the door.

After breaking through the wall of the ceiling and disappearing, large chunks of stone fell to the spot where the round table had been.

“… … It is the worst crusade.”

* * *

Sirone put the dagger into her bosom.

‘This can’t be reconstructed.’

The reason material can theoretically make anything is because it creates matter.

However, because the significance of <Slaughter> lies not in the material but in the spirit contained in it, it was impossible to imitate.

‘I just make a dagger of the same shape.’

For example, it was the same principle that even if Sirone combined organic matter to create a human body, he could not put life into it.

When Verdi calmed down, her mother stood up.

“I need to clean the house.”

Seeing a dead body was terrifying for her, but it could have killed her entire family.

“I’m going to suck the mop. From blood… … .”

“It’s no use, Mom.”

Verdi shook his head.

“Everyone will find out anyway. Because the house to collect money is set aside. If you don’t run away now, you will be arrested.”

You won’t believe it if you explain <Slaughter>.

That is why what was more feared than the death penalty was the persistent torture aimed at finding out the truth.

“No need to worry.”

Sirone approached Verdi and her mother.

“I don’t have <Defense>, but I will protect you. So let’s find a way together. What would you like me to do?”

Verdi showed an expression of hope for a moment, but soon despair filled his eyes.

“Don’t lie. Why does a strong person like my brother help us? Mom and I are useless anyway.”

He knew at least that the reason he came here was <law killing> and not himself.

“I know you will leave eventually. I don’t have time, I think I’ve done enough for this, and it’s annoying… … .”

A child raised in a harsh environment seemed to know more than an adult in a peaceful world.

“I am not leaving.”

Sirone stroked Verdi with a pitiful expression.

“I will never leave until the means that threaten you and your family are completely gone. I’ll promise.”

If philanthropy meant not being able to kill someone to save someone, Sirone had to deal with the work here.

“really… … Will you protect me?”

The fate of protecting everyone is painful, but I was happy that I didn’t have to leave her right now.

“of course. never bother you are the most valuable person in the world I will do my best to protect you.”

Verdi and her mother burst into tears in front of words and emotions they had never heard in their entire lives.

“thank you. thank you.”

Since there was no time, Sirone regained her composure and looked back at her mother.

“Is this all family? Maybe the vice-gun… … .”

“no. My husband is currently working hard. I work for about a month at a military facility and come back.”

A shadow fell over the mother’s face.

“No matter how much I ask them what they are doing, they don’t say anything. If you find out, the whole family will be massacred. however… … .”


“I don’t think it’s normal. When I get home, I don’t eat for three days and just sleep… … I talk strangely in my sleep. I think I’m having a nightmare.”

“What are you talking about?”

I hesitated as if it was embarrassing to say, but my mother finally confessed it.

“I’m not going to give birth to a monster child.”

“Excuse me, but my husband… … .”

“Yes, of course I am a man. He is Verdi’s biological father. But it’s strange that he has such a dream. He asked in the morning and he threw things and got angry. He’s not the type to be angry with his family.”

I had some guesses, but it wasn’t something I would bring up in front of Verdi and her mother.

“great. Let’s go find the consort for now.”

Leaving the bodies of the soldiers unattended, Sirone took Verdi and her mother outside.

Even if he wore a hood, he would quickly become suspicious, so he climbed a mountain and took a long detour to enter a military facility.

‘It’s really strict.’

While sealing the altar, Sirone experienced several countries, but this was the first time that the discipline was this strict.

“Is it really okay if I follow you?”

Verdi and her mother, sitting close behind Sirone, were so tense that it was difficult to breathe.

“Because I don’t know your husband’s face. If you see a face you know, even if it’s not her husband, tell me.”

After passing about 7 buildings while avoiding the iron-clad boundaries, Verdi’s mother pointed to the front.

“Hey, it’s Mr. Albas.”

A man whose eyes were dead enough to be considered a corpse was dragging a cart full of rotten food.

“I am my husband’s friend. God, how can a person do that… … .”

The Alba she remembers was a huge one that weighed over 100 kilograms just a month ago.

“Can you call me?”

Desperate to find her husband, Verdi’s mother plucked up the courage and stepped out of the shadows.

“Mr. Albas. Mr. Albas.”

Albas, who hadn’t even turned his head, suddenly came to his senses and looked back with a shocked expression.

“Mardel? how are you here… … .”

Putting down the handle of the cart, he quickly ran to her left and right and grabbed her by the shoulder.

“it’s crazy? Where do you come from here? Go home quickly!”

“What about your husband? Haven’t you seen my husband?”

Albas finally found Verdi crying and a stranger holding her hand.

“I’ll be thrilled. Are you here to save me?”

“that’s right. This one will protect us. Mr. Albas will also leave.”

Albas lowered his head sullenly.

“Give up. I don’t know what kind of person this brother is, but Baseto can’t go back anymore. Just raise Verdi well. Please tell my family the same.”

“You can’t come back! I hope my husband… … !”

Sirone stopped talking.

“What are you doing here?”

Perhaps, in order to survive here, he would have lived by blocking the thought.

Albas, who was choosing the words to answer, finally realized what he was doing and his face turned pale.

“I don’t know. I don’t know either.”

Albas covered his face and sobbed.

“Here… … The devil lives there.”


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