Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 754

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[754] The Doctrine of Evil (1)

The 48th Military Facility was a place where special experiments were carried out under the direction of President Igor.

As such, the most elite agents were stationed there, and the commander was also a captain-level person directly elected by the capital, Pacia.

widely! widely! widely! widely!

With sabers hung from their belt loops and studded boots, people were terrified as they patrolled.

“you! Come on!”

“Me, me?”

When the soldier’s eyes turned to life, a man who was walking on the road hurriedly ran up.

Upon arrival, the soldier’s fist struck the man.


The man who was beaten to the ground without even knowing why did not have the courage to look up at them.

“Are there any stupid children like this? Don’t you pay your respects to President Igor even after seeing us patrolling hard?”

North Eymond’s Military Code contains no such provision, but there are over 300 provisions stating that the soldier is the law.

There must have been something unpleasant, and if he resisted here, he would be mercilessly decapitated by the sword.

“sorry! Long live President Igor!”

The man who jumped up raised his arms to the northern sky where the longbow was located.

“… … Go see.”

When the soldier spoke with cold eyes, the man hurried away, feeling fortunate that his neck was still attached.

The partner who was watching from the side asked.

“Why is the pressure so low today?”

“not really. The kids have lost their burrs. Ever since the altar was opened. How can the discipline of a country stand like this?”

“Is the collection not going well?”

The 80 soldiers stationed at the 48th Military Facility were receiving a kind of labor fee from the 1,200 citizens of the city.

“They said they were sick these days. My daughter is sick or something. I’m putting it off every day.”

“ha ha ha! I got caught so badly. Well, when a child is sick, parents turn a blind eye.”

“It’s nothing to laugh about. I have to send money back home, and I’ve spent too much at the bar this month.”

said the partner with a wink.

“Shall I accept it?”

“Is there any way? Even if I hit and break it, it didn’t come out. Doesn’t the commander hate it when strange rumors spread around our flag?”

“This is why jjambab is scary.”

The partner waved a finger and pointed to the residents’ quarters.

“Even if your daughter is sick, isn’t it better than dying?”

Verdi, a 12-year-old girl living as a citizen of the North Eymond Republic, was resentful of the world.

‘why… … .’

Even though he didn’t know exactly what happiness was, he was certain that he was unhappy.

Even in the middle of a fever, she had to cook food for the soldiers who had invaded from the morning.

“So you’d better think carefully. You don’t need to catch a child, do you?”

The soldiers were angry because they couldn’t collect the money, and Verdi was miserable that his mother was beaten because of him.

‘You can’t be sick. I have to endure it.’

I heard a knock on the table, followed immediately by my mother’s tearing screams.

“Is this a joke! Do you really want to know when you see the end?”

I wanted to tell him to run out and give me all the money I hid, but nothing changed anyway.

“please! Not my daughter!”

“Don’t go away! Can you still say that you are a great citizen of North Eymond!”

The hand cutting the carrots became faster and hit the chopping board with a bang.

It was a dagger he had picked up in the mountains a month ago.

“… … I want to kill you.”

<Law killing> was activated.

‘Is it suddenly quiet?’

The thought was only fleeting, and soon the floor became noisy and the soldier’s partner came in.

“hey! I’m going to die of hunger! When will it end?”

“Wait a little. It will be soon.”

Verdi, who hurriedly placed the onion on the cutting board, cut his fingertips while slicing it quickly.


As I cried at the blood leaking from my fingers, my partner kicked me.

“This stupid thing!”

After knocking Verdi to the floor, he checked the onion and frowned.

“Where is the blood of being sick?”

There were bits of flesh and blood on the chopping board.

But what caught his attention was a dagger lying next to the chopping board.

“what? this… … .”

It had a simple and simple shape, but it was as clean as new, and it was unusual that it had a purple sheen when exposed to the sun.

“what’s the matter?”

A soldier entered the kitchen.

“Look at this. I was hiding something like this. Anyway, all the things that make you sick are the same.”

My partner asked as if thinking about it.

“How’s the harp?”

“It is resolved. He said he brought the money now. It’s going to be like this right away, because I’m just earning money for nothing.”


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“Hey, that’s why I told you to trust me. A pack of cigarettes?”

My partner reached into the basket and tossed a potato.

“It’s not good to cook here. Let’s eat this and wake up.”

Seeing that the potatoes had sprouted, the soldier quickly threw them back with a snap of his wrist.

“I won’t eat it even if I give it to you. Eat yourself.”

As the potatoes clung to his hands, his partner thought it was funny and made an offer.

“Then how about this? The person who loses by playing catch will eat it. And a pack of cigarettes.”

The soldier took a position to receive and said.

“However much. Throw it.”

“Okay, let’s go!”

The moment when you take a posture like a player and throw potatoes with a smooth connecting motion.


Partner realized.

‘Wait a minute, am I right-handed?’

Potatoes were received with the left hand.

“What were you holding in your right hand?”

Because he was immersed in his thoughts, the dagger left his hand in a full swing and landed right between the soldier’s forehead.


Verdi covered his face and screamed.


When the partner checked the soldier’s condition, he was dead instantly with his eyes half bulging out.

“Oh, no. I didn’t do it!”

He ran to Verdi.

“You saw it too! We were fooling around! Why did I take the potato with my left hand? Right-handed, I mean!”

Of course, he was holding a dagger in his right hand.

“Mole, I don’t know! I don’t know anything!”

I really don’t know, but the reason I shouted exaggeratedly was because of the guilt that remained in my unconscious.

“Verdi! what’s the matter? Aaaaaaaagh!”

The mother, who found a dead body at the entrance, threw the bundle and fell asleep.

“Sah, I killed a person!”

“You fool! That’s not it! This is an accident! Why would I kill this bastard!”

The partner, who had been strongly denying it, suddenly opened his eyes and pulled out the dagger stuck in the soldier’s forehead.

“Yeah, yes! you killed it! Just do what you killed!”

When I held out the dagger, my mother horrified and stepped back.

“As if you killed me! I’ll take care of the back! If this is reported to the superiors, I’m done!”

It was the words of someone who threatened to kill her daughter, so she only shook her head.

“Just listen to me!”

Frustrated, I took a step forward, but the fallen soldier’s palm was stepped on.

My partner’s heart sank at the soft feeling as if he was tearing through the soles of his boots.


Just as I was about to stumble forward as my step foot resurfaced, an insight crept into me.

‘Never die!’

I realized something from instinct, not reason.


However, the moment I saw the soldier’s eyes, my body stiffened again and sprained my ankle.

‘My, I didn’t kill you!’

He twisted his body sideways, but his limbs were already stiff and he fell to the floor with his whole body floating.


The dagger plunged deep into the nape of his neck as he fell with his arms bent.

“Kkeuk. gurgling… … .”

Seeing her eyes wide open with blood boiling from her neck, her mother teared her hair and sobbed.

“Aaaaa! Aaaaa!”

… … This is <law killing>.

A keen-eyed crime expert will note the corpse’s unnatural posture, but in the end, no evidence is left behind.

“Why is this happening to us? What should I do now… … .”

Even calling it a coincidence made no sense, so it was natural for them to panic.

“I killed… … .”

Strangely enough, however, Verdi’s heart was rather calm when the object of fear had disappeared.

“What do you mean, dear? These people died in an accident.”

“No, Mom. To be precise… … .”

Approaching his partner’s corpse with a bewildered face, Verdi snatched the dagger from his hand.

“you you… … .”

Verdi raised the corners of his trembling lips and looked back at his mother.

“This knife granted my wish.”

“Are you crazy? At times like this, you need to be more alert!”

“Think carefully. With this dagger, we too can live happily! No one will bother you!”

There was no need to know that it was an S-class object belonging to the highest tier of weaponry.

“I will destroy everything. I will punish the people who bullied my family! No, I will destroy Igor!”

“Are you really crazy?”

Mother was angry, but Verdi was already possessed by the magical power of <Slaughter>.

“Carl, can you do it? Will you protect me until the end? My family in this hellish place… … .”

A man’s voice was heard from outside the door.

“no. That’s it.”

The door, apparently locked, opened very naturally, and a man in a robe entered.

“Who, who are you?”

Even though I was relieved that it was not a military uniform, my heart thumped at the calm appearance even after seeing the two corpses.

‘Dead. That’s a fatal wound that can’t be regenerated.’

Concluding that it was certain, Sirone took off her robe and walked towards Verdi.

“I’m here to get a dagger. won’t you hand it over to me? It’s not something you should have.”

Verdi’s eyes went wild.

“Who is your brother who wants this? I don’t think you’re from here, but get out of here before I report it!”

With the exception of the port city of Dormica, no strangers were allowed to enter North Eymond.

“Two people have already died. Better hand it over to me before the number of deaths increases.”

“He deserved to die! They are my mother… … and me… … !”

Tears welled up in Verdi’s eyes.

“Never give up! Without this, you will have to live in hell again! No, I won’t!”

“The name of that dagger is <Defense>.”

Just knowing his name made me feel deprived.

“It’s hard to explain to you, but it’s like magic. Twist causality to cause murder. It is a vicious weapon that has killed countless people since a very long time ago.”

“It’s nasty… … .”

“There is a world of difference between just wanting to kill and really killing. However, there is no difference in <Slaughter>.”

Verdi hurriedly hid the dagger.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s nasty. This knife saved her mother’s life. She didn’t protect our family from anyone!”

Sirone nodded.

“I know you did your best. Because <Defense> must be really earnest to activate. You wanted to protect your family, right?”

“Huh. uhhhhhhh.”

Verdi sobbed.

“I really had no intention of killing him. i really… … I just want to protect her mother… … .”

“okay. But <Slayer> is not as nice as you. So let’s stop here. If this happens again, then it will be you, not Carl.”

Sirone stroked Verdi.

“You cannot protect your family with anger. If you depend on this heinous thing, you lose something really important.”

Verdi burst into tears with a terrified face.

“Aww! mom! Mama!”

“… … .”

Raising the child’s wrist, Sirone grabbed the blade of the dagger and carefully retrieved the <Defense>.


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