Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 751

[751] The Temple (2)

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It was quite bizarre to see the 12 world leaders gathered in one place.

A single word from them would shake the world, and the agenda agreed upon here would cause a huge change in the earth’s crust.

President Vasari of the Republic of Korea, the site of the temple, is sitting in the chairman’s seat, but the overall composition is that the Seven Kings are on the side of the Three Emperors while King Lee plays the role of listener.

Uorin, the head of Valkyrie, closed the file.

“Then let’s set the magic bullet supply ratio like this… … .”

She paused for a moment, but pretended to catch her breath and spoke naturally.

“Shall we take a break for 10 minutes?”

No one showed any signs, but the meeting had already been going on for 7 hours.

‘That’s why it’s a problem.’

The only reason Wulin stopped talking was because of 17-year-old Gustav Havits, who was sitting across from the huge round table.

‘How long will you be staring at me?’

Since the temple was opened, Habitz hadn’t opened his mouth even once, and he had been staring at Uorin without even looking away.

It was the same even now after declaring a break, and the motion of sitting crookedly and nodding in a chair was no different from the first time.

‘provocation. No, it’s not like that.’

are analyzing

When I met the gaze that tried to capture every hair in my eyes, I hated to even think about what he was imagining.

“Heh heh, come to think of it… … It’s late to say hello. Congratulations on becoming the new master of the Empire.”

Mayer, the king of Jive, representing the Central Continent, asked Havitz to shake hands.

“… … .”

However, Havitz did not even turn his head and continued to move his chair.

“Hmm, hmm.”

Mayer’s embarrassment was indescribable, and the soldiers of the ‘Shinjang’ of the Jive Guards lined up behind them all put their hands on the handle of the sword equipped on the left side.

“Heh heh, stop that. In a place like this… … .”

Who dared to disrespect the King of Jive, this seat was a temple overflowing with such people.

‘You cheeky child. It was the same position not too long ago.’

Prior to the death of Havits XVI, Havits XVII was only a king who ruled part of the empire.

“By the way, what kind of person was Nane?”

When Moon Ryong, the ruler of the Moon Kingdom, asked, Jin Kang, the emperor of Jincheon, also showed interest.

“I graduated from the Jive Kingdom.”

Mayer put on an embarrassing expression.

“There is no such thing as a person. He was just an international student, and now he has become an enemy of mankind.”

At the attitude of blocking information in advance, the eyes of the heads of the Seven Planets did not look good.

Just this alone made the atmosphere cool, and Uorin met Havitz’s eyes for the first time.

“I want to ask you something.”

Havitz, who still seemed unresponsive, suddenly opened his mouth.

“How long has it been?”

Behind Harvitz, four figures were sitting on the floor in different poses.

“Seven hours and 48 minutes?”

Rather, the questioning woman was on her knees, and her outfit was ridiculous enough to be called a clown.

Her face was powdered white in a cumbersome fancy dress, and her eyes were always big because her eyelids had been cut off.

I drew large eyelashes in black, and there were three lines down and three lines up.

Gustav’s four skills, the battle doll Natasha.

Another highlight of the temple is the unique military standards of the royal guards who protect the kings of each country.

However, Havitz did not accompany the guards and entered and entered the temple only with four generals.

‘They’ve only heard rumors… … .’

Even if they didn’t show it, the eyes of countless people who were paying attention finally went to the back of Havitz.

‘The four skills that the King of Desire commands.’

Although Harvitz was not normal, there were many talented people among those who were led by the world’s best charisma.

Among them, the 4 skills were selected and selected talents, and those who reached the peak in one field.

“Seven hours and 48 minutes… … .”

Havitz muttered in a low voice, finally straightening the chair and resting his chin on the table.

“They say it’s Mitochondrial Eve, but it’s surprisingly impatient, a girl called the Empress of Kashan.”

A strong wind blew through the temple simply by shaking the bodies of 100 wind commanders.


The wave of air stopped in an instant.

“It’s not really something to bear with. Staring at me like that makes me feel bad.”

Uorin reacted as expected.

“You live with male genes, right?”

It was a fact known to all representatives of the temple, but it was an unwritten rule that could never be uttered.

“How about taking mine?”

Lightning struck Gando’s eyes, but Uorin was not shaken by such an event.

“Your ancestors also made such a suggestion.”

It was a secret file that no one knew about.

“But I turned it down because it wasn’t up to par. Even more, you are inferior to your ancestors… … .”

Harvits yawned.

“It will be fun. I wonder what kind of guy will be born. What if my daughter gives birth to another daughter?”

‘I’m not listening. Is there no trauma?’

I deliberately mentioned my father to stimulate my inferiority complex, but I couldn’t get that feeling at all.

‘Confidence close to madness. It’s the height of narcissism.’

His predecessor, Havitz 16, was a person who was sensible even though he was obsessed with desire.

‘A monster created by the times.’

Wu Lin, who has lived together throughout human history, knows how evil and cruel humans can be.

But the Harvits in front of me now felt like all of them put together.

“Hmm, so I gave birth to 3 daughters, and those 3 gave birth to 3 more… … . No, using her son to get her daughters… … .”

Ignoring Harbitz, who was constantly muttering, Uorin proceeded with the meeting.

“Now, let’s get into the serious agenda. This is the budgeting of each country for Valkyrie operation and altar defense.”

Even if it’s a holy war, it’s an iron rule to promote one’s own interests.

Therefore, it was the norm to bring up sensitive issues like now at a time when everyone is getting tired.

‘It’s a full-scale fight from now on.’

At the time when the representatives strained their eyes to get even a little profit, Havitz shouted.

“That’s right!”

The serious atmosphere suddenly broke.

“It’s food! All you have to do is hang them in clusters and have them give birth to one child a day!”

“You son of a bitch!”

At the same time as Jiandao jumped up, Jinkang, the emperor of Jincheon, hit the table.

Woo woo woo woo woo!

As the heavy table carved from marble trembled terribly, the faces of the five generals representing the Jincheon Empire, Ryongjang Oh, stiffened.


Seong-eum was also acknowledged for fighting against Nane, and entered the temple as a general of the Blue Dragon unit.

“I don’t particularly want to nag the ruler of the world… … .”

The fact that Habitz looked at someone other than Uorin was enough to guess the atmosphere in the hall.

“Why don’t you shut up that rotten snout? Or get rid of the smell of feces from your mouth.”

It seemed like something big was about to happen.

“I mean… … Are you asking me to poop, in your mouth?”

As Yeo-dal, the captain of the Oryongjang, pushed his heavy body forward, the members of the Yellow Dragon unit moved forward, shaking their ironclads.

Jin Kang did not tell Yeo Dal to stop because the moment he stopped, he was pushed back.

“This is the last time you accept the whining about losing your father, my immature king. You will have to choose your words carefully from now on.”

“What if I don’t choose?”

“A place in the Three Emperors World will be given to a dog raised by our people.”

Harvits averted his gaze and sniffed.

“dog? A dog?”

Then he pointed to Jinjiang again.


Natasha raised her head and smiled.


Yeoda put power into his body, and Seongeum cast an etheric wave faster than that, blocking his movement.

‘My lady, why?’

In Yeo-dal’s eyes, he could see a voice biting his lips.

‘It’s a battle between Habits and Uorin. If arrows are aimed at Jincheon for no reason, everything will be overwritten.’

It was a self-evident fact that the three pillars of the Three Emperors, the first to move would be attacked with pincers.

“Representative of Jincheon, thank you for speaking on behalf of a woman who cannot bear to speak.”

Wu Lin paid homage to Jin Kang, walked the alliance structure, and provoked Harbitz in earnest.

“I am of the same opinion. This is an important place that determines the future of the world. If you’re not good at interfering, why don’t you wipe the bottom in the bathroom before you come?”

“A reckless thing!”

An old man with medium hair who was sitting behind Havitz jumped up to the table and tore his jacket.


All of her bony ribs were exposed on her black nipples.


Bend over as if convulsing, he raised his eyes and glared at Urin.

Gustav 4th skill, the king of domestic affairs, sumodo.

“I looked at it because it was the same, and you dare to talk like that to the emperor of the Gustav Empire? stuck on one? uh? Shall I sweep it up right away?”

‘What kind of crazy game is this?’

Officials from each country clicked their tongues, but the faces of the chiefs at the round table all looked serious.

‘My king of sumo. The only person who can assist Havitz. Therefore, what Havitz desires is… … .’

It’s a war.

‘Is that so? But if you’re going to wage war against the world, start with… … ,’

Uorin, unable to read anything from Havitz’s expression, quickly changed her mind.

‘It’s not on that level.’

Why do you call Havitz an unknown being?

Why can’t anyone analyze him.

because there is no idea

‘Now I understand.’

Through the third reset, Wulin was able to observe the life of Havitz 17 three times.

As in the lives of others, Havitz killed 781 of his brothers and was always king.

‘But the problem is… … .’

In all the three times he killed 781 brothers, he never killed them in the same way.


A human being with no stereotyped thoughts in his head, only a jumbled mess of emotions.

In this age of chaos, it was only natural that Havitz, the extreme of chaos, would stand out.

“why? Are you hot? Then come on! I’ll kill all the Kashans! I will kill, kill, and kill again until the seed dries up in this land!”

“… … .”

The reason why there is silence in the temple is because a world war really breaks out the moment you strike back here.

Only Jin Kang was upright.

“Do you really think you can win? Against Kashan, Jincheon, and the seven planets, dragons, and fairies here.”

Harvits has no idea.

“huh. Do you think you can win?”

It was just filled with unfounded confidence.

‘Well, in a sense, that’s all.’

If you really believe that you can accomplish something, isn’t it the law that you actually lean that way?

“I will win. So let’s go, war.”

Amidst the tension that even the representatives of the Seven Planets swallowed saliva, Uorin’s head was still cold.

‘Is it an unstoppable flow? If so, invert in the next flag? No, it goes too far at that time.’

It was impossible to accurately predict even Uorin because the base event did not exist from the time of the Great Purification.

so it’s chaos

‘Where are you and what are you doing?’

I just hoped that Sirone had been properly informed.


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