Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 750

[750] Crusade (1)

Tormia Kingdom.

If you go down south from Baska, the capital, you will find the Mapal area, known for its mining area.

It is an important area enough to account for 45 percent of the kingdom’s iron ore production, but it is relatively underdeveloped.

In other words, it meant that the damage suffered by the demons was the most severe, and hundreds of war orphans were suffering from severe starvation in Mapal.

“Here, here.”

There was a small hut where the workers lived and slept in the place where the tunnel collapsed and turned into an abandoned mine.

When the seven children of Dorkin Orphanage opened the door, a haggard woman with loose hair was waiting.

“You are here.”

Now he wanders the world without a place to lean on, but he was once a spectacle of Radum’s spectrum.

Flower Tribe Flarino.

A powerful shock hit her mind when the ancient weapon ‘Flower of Life’ broke, but she survived in the end.

The position of head of Radum was an enemy of the kingdom, and the place where he hid like that was the abandoned mine in Mapal.

“hi? Are you hungry? eat this.”

The children from the orphanage wrapped the leftovers in a cloth and handed them over.

Florino, who hastily stuffed his stomach with food, felt the eyes of the children and lowered his head.

“You always take care of me like this, thank you.”

Extreme passivity made it impossible for even children to treat it carelessly, and it was strange to them.

“are you okay. Our orphanage puppies also eat it.”

The illusion that if you are just beautiful and obey the master’s words, they will also give their lives to protect you.

That illusion that only flowers can make was the biggest failure of the clan.

“By the way, what are we going to do now?”

“Let’s play tag. Flarino, you find us.”

Still, the children were innocent, so Flalino deserved to stay here for a long time.

“yes. Then I will find it.”

Just as the children were about to leave the cabin holding Flallino’s hand, the door opened and a boy one head taller than his peers entered.

“Hey, you guys!”

You can enter the orphanage until the age of twelve, but his face looks good enough to be sixteen.

It was common to lie about one’s age, and Dorkin needed someone to control the children.

“Ugh! what, what?”

Even though he knew about the incident in the cabin, he didn’t care, so he didn’t know why he suddenly looked like a goblin.

“Follow me all. Director, take that woman for a long time.”

Dorkin Orphanage.

The altar was opened and the orphanage was newly established, and the director was a man named Dorkin who was over 60 years old.

‘Kids are truly awful.’

Having gone through all of the childbirth struggles, the reason he dared to establish an orphanage was because of the subsidy from the kingdom.

‘But it’s salty.’

Success comes from a crisis.

“Director, I brought her.”

According to rumors, he is a little short of his head, so he does everything the children ask him to do.

Dorkin, who thought that the children were also a little short-sighted, let go, but the sixteen-year-old’s report was not something to be taken lightly.

“Do you want to ask me to come in?”

When I said this in a benevolent voice, the door opened and Flallino walked away with an awkward expression.


Dorkin’s eyes changed at once.

If she was just an idiot, she would have put her in an orphanage and had her do chores, but even among aristocrats, such beauty was extremely rare.

‘Is the woman selling her body crazy?’

He stood up from his seat as he watched Flallino, who was looking down in terror.

“So, you stole food from our orphanage?”

To be precise, it was dog food.

“yes. Thank you for your help.”

Dorkin also raised his hand, revealing the emotions he had been hiding.

“Then you know what to do.”

“… … .”

Flallino had no choice but to accept his new master, but suddenly there was a commotion outside.

“What, what is it, mister!”

The moment he saw the face of the man entering through the door, Flallino’s shoulders trembled.

The shock of the time when the flower was broken came to mind.

“Uh, what do you think?”

It was Lufist, the president of the Tormia Magic Association.

“How do you feel? I knew where you were and what you were doing from the start.”

I just held my breath for a moment to avoid the attention of the ivory tower.

“The seed of the flower, where did you put it? Have you already planted them?”

It was fear like a nemesis to Flallino, and when she slipped back, Dorkin stepped up.

“Hey, what are you? Can this woman be a pillar?”

It was a perfect situation to misunderstand, even when I listened to the conversation, as well as the impression engraved with scars.

“You are shutting up. I will take this woman.”

Dorkin, who once dominated the back alleys, could not hand over the woman meekly.

“Do you see what the young blue crab is talking about? do you know where this is? Designate a kingdom directly supported by the capital… … !”

Lufist slapped the back of his hand, and Dorkin’s head slammed into the wall with a bang.

“Aww… … !”

Lufist, lightly ignoring the shivering old man, strode toward Flallino.

“me… … Are you here to kill me?”

“Kill? Why kill a talented person like you?”

In order for the project in Yongleo to be successful, it was better to have as many fire tribes as possible.

“Give me the seed of a flower. If you follow the instructions obediently, I will guarantee your safety as the head of the Magic Association.”

Dorkin turned his head, forgetting the pain.

“Eh, the head of the Magic Association?”

It was surprising that the head of the Magic Association had come to such a crumbling town, but the fact that the reason was because of a woman was shocking.

‘Who the hell is that woman?’

Flallino said with a trembling chin.

“anyway… … Going to break it again… … .”

To her, Rufist was fear itself.

“I will gather the fire tribes. We provide a village for you guys to live in. And I have work to do.”

“A thing to do… … ?”

Since it was an unconventional treatment, I thought the price would be miserable, but Rufist spat out unexpected words.

“I’m going to build a flower garden.”

Of course, what would be planted there would not be beautiful flowers, but ancient weapons made of steel.

“… … .”

“think carefully. is an alliance It’s probably the only chance and last chance for you Hwajok to survive.”

No answer came back, but Rufist, who read Flalino’s eyes, turned around.

“Follow me. We are going to the capital.”

As the two headed for the door, Dorkin hurriedly stood up.

“I-over there… … president of the association.”

If today’s work entered the upper class, the orphanage would be closed that day, and he was bound for prison.

Rufist said in front of the door.

“It is a sensitive situation. I don’t know what kind of scum you are, but don’t be too mean.”

Dorkin immediately figured out his intentions.

“yes! sorry! It will never happen again.”

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t disgusting, but Rufist went outside without saying anything more.

‘No organization or person is lacking. They’re trash and criminals now, and they’re not in a position to cover them up.’

According to Lufist’s theory of systems, humans are like machines that operate only when coins are injected.

Even humans like Dorkin provide the labor society demands once money is pumped in.

‘Orphans are also future resources. It’s good to have a minimum device that can be managed.’

Even if it was a contaminated system, it was the situation of the kingdom that it could not be destroyed carelessly as long as money was involved.

‘That guy will never understand.’

Perhaps because the world is heading towards destruction, the face of a man as terrible as an enemy came to mind today.

* * *

“Are you really okay?”

Gangnan, who had been crying for a long time while hugging Gaold, stood up as if he had suddenly remembered it.

“What if it’s not okay? Are you saying you want to die?”

Gaold’s body was still soaked in pain.

“There was no sign of it happening until now… … How were you able to come back?”

“The door is open.”

I couldn’t recall the Undercoder’s memories, but after returning to reality, there was information that my senses told me.

Perhaps it went on endlessly, and finally crossed the boundary of the dead and entered hell.

Just in the heat of pain, while countless souls around me melted into the fire of hell… … .

“I just kept walking.”

Gaold’s soul, which had a foot in his life, never melted, and endured only eternal pain.

“Then I opened the door and came out.”

As the altar opened, the psychic realm was created, and for Gaold, that point was the end of hell.

“Is that what you want to do now?”

Even though he had a journey that he could not even dare to imagine, Kang Nan was rather absurd in his calm tone.

“But it is true.”

Gaold took a deep breath and rubbed the wick with his fingers to blow it out.

“You don’t have to suffer.”

“Pain… … .”

Gaold, who had been looking down at his fingertips indifferently, looked back at Gangnan.

“The pain has gone up.”

The reason my heart sank the moment I heard it was because it was an unbearable pain even before falling into a deep sleep.

“How, how do you live like that… … .”

Gangnan started to cry again, but Gaold only smiled bitterly.

“Pain is the only proof of life. There is no one in the world who lives as intensely as I do.”

“But in that state… … .”

Just as Kang Nan was about to speak, the screams of the dead reached the lowest level of the pyramid.

“… … Looks like Zulu is done.”

Gaold realized just by hearing the sound, and after a while Zulu entered the room.

“The demons are wiped out.”

Gangnan tried to explain Gaold’s awakening, but Zulu already knew through the vibrations of the pyramid.

“… … You’re back.”

“Thanks to. I owe you this time too.”

“Wandering through hell. It wouldn’t have been a meaningless time for you. What did you bring back?”

What he realized through the hardships that humans can’t imagine, is it really Nane or Sirone?

“There is nothing special.”

Gaold clasped his palm.

“It just got stronger.”

Zulu nodded, pulling up a chair and sitting next to Gaold’s bed.

“Then you will have to decide where to use that strength.”

Zulu calmly recited the story of Gaold after he fell into a deep sleep.

Gaold was unresponsive, but his eyebrows twitched when he heard about the Shion Project.

“It is Chaos. Nothing is fixed, only mutual beliefs collide.”

“You are right.”

Gangnan’s eyes fluttered at Gaold’s words.

“If not one person can disappear without leaving, it can be said that this world has a true happy ending.”

There is no one to feel resentment, and there is no emotion to feel resentment.

“Then you can go to me.”

Gaold was by far the most suffering person in the universe, so it was only natural that he agreed with Nane’s thoughts.

“but… … Mr. Miro is standing up to me.”

Gaold’s face contorted.


I walked endlessly through the fires of hell, knowing that if I just closed my eyes, I would be freed from the pain.

‘I am the salvation.’

In the end, empty space, where everyone would disappear, was the only way for Gaold to break the chain of obsession.

“ha… … .”

A cowardly, arrogant, foolish woman who knows a man’s heart like shit.

“Heh. Hehehehe.”

The more I thought about it, the more pathetic I burst out laughing.

“I’m going to really go crazy.”

Having made his decision, Gaold raised his head.

“Is it okay if I step on a guy named me?”

Zulu and Gangnan did not answer, but they knew there would be no change.

Gaold’s heart was also bigger than the universe.


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