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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 748

[748] The Age of Turbulence (4)

* * *

Gustav Empire.

The Gustav Empire, which divides the world into thirds along with the Kashan and Jincheon empires, was saddened by the emperor’s death.

Black flags flew everywhere in the streets, and no one bared their teeth.

If his smile were to be caught on the competition table, he and his family would be decapitated that day.

Squeezing out crying was a natural skill of the people of the empire, and many people had nightmares about the music heard from door to door.

So Havitz, 16, quietly passed away on a cold starry night at the age of 122.


While the whole country is seething with the heat of sadness, there is only one place where the sound of laughter and the joy of pleasure never cease.

It was Arkaba, the easternmost part of the empire, ruled by Havitz XVII, the late son of Havitz XVI.

The official’s expression hardened as he passed through the Grand Hall of the royal castle, Arkaba, and headed for the annex of Havitz XVII.

‘A fact that should never be known. The emperor… … .’

He died of pleasure.

Havitz’s 16-year-old corpse was in a state of glaring eyes, with filth vomited from all the orifices.

The 17 women who were in bed together and the maid who posted the first report were decapitated on the spot.

‘The only remaining bloodline in Gustav, Havitz 17 years old.’

Havitz XVI gave birth to 782 children in 122 years, but all of them were not of this world now.

This is because of the unique inheritance method passed down to the Gustav Imperial Family, and members of the royal family who are over 20 years old receive a kinship killing license.

Any member of the imperial family over the age of 20 can be killed, and if unavoidable, a successor is determined through a special test.

Harvitz 17 also became the final successor by brutally punishing 17 members of the royal family four years ago.

‘In other words… … .’

He killed 781 of his brothers.

After the death of the emperor, he had to immediately run to the capital and attend the succession ceremony, but still staying here… … .

‘Without any basis, but absolute confidence.’

Anyone who knows the 17-year-old Havitz’s path says this with one voice.

Unanalyzable, unknown existence.

That’s why even the nobles of the empire do not dare to launch a coup d’état.

Upon reaching the huge gate made of gold, the messenger of the capital swallowed dry saliva and took a deep breath.

“… … .”

Moans of pleasure and joy could be heard through the door.

“Your Highness, Darmov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the capital, wants an audience.”

Instead of answering, I heard the screams of men and women, and as if that was a signal, the guards opened the door.

‘This is beyond imagination.’

The smell of corruption stung my nose first, and 200 men and women were doing beastly acts in a huge space.

The pretty boy and the pretty girl were both beautiful and young, but when they looked at them in bulk, it was as if they were seeing a monster with bizarre things.

“What are you?”

An undressed middle-aged man was sitting on a golden chair, smoking a pipe.

‘The author is… … .’

The King of Desire, Gustav Havitz, 17 years old.

The face was ugly long, the nose was small, but the eyes were beautiful like a woman’s, and they were in perfect harmony.

‘It’s exactly what I heard.’

In this place filled with the air of pleasure, only he was watching the actions of others without doing anything.

Rumor has it that he smokes an asker.

It was a powerful drug that was banned even in the empire because even if it was forcibly blocked for one day, he would commit suicide.

‘But Harvits 17 enjoys askers.’

Smoke 3 grams exactly every 24 hours.

‘The strongest temperance achieves the greatest desire.’

It was a famous saying that spoke of Harvitz’s disposition, and it was the reason he survived among more than 700 siblings.

“The empire mourns the death of the emperor. You have to hold the succession ceremony as soon as possible.”

“it’s bothering. There are no women and no men to strip off, no things to have, no ambitions there. When I want to become emperor, I will visit you, so give it to anyone for the time being.”

Harvits burst out laughing and pointed at Darmov.

“What would you rather do? It wouldn’t be bad to massage the beauty of the empire before dying.”

‘What kind of confidence do you mean?’

Feeling terrified, Darmov hurriedly said.

“I don’t know how to respond to Your Highness’s jokes because the small man is stupid.”


Asker’s smoke billowed out of Havitz’s throat as he turned his head and smiled.

Laughter suddenly cuts off.

“As much as we fear pain, we fear pleasure.”

Havitz asked for the smoking pipe again.

“Does your heart race just by imagining great pleasure? Are you afraid that you will lose control, that you will lose yourself?”

I couldn’t breathe as if my airway was blocked.

‘Please, please finish quickly.’

For the first time in his life, Darmov regretted being Minister of the Interior of the Empire.

“My father did.”

Havitz XVI had seen all the sweetness in the world, but there was one thing he couldn’t have.

“Did you say Adrias Miro?”

The successor of Guffin, the best defender of mankind who blocked Heaven’s army with a dimensional barrier.

From the moment he lost sight of her, Havitz, 16, strangled himself with pleasure like a man with an insatiable thirst.

“It’s about losing control. He has no interest in the emperor, but in that respect he is a pathetic human being.”

Since he was a Darmov who assisted the emperor all his life, he had no choice but to open his mouth this time.

“Your Highness, it is not for someone who will receive the title of emperor to make comments that disparage the former emperor… … .”

“No problem.”

Havitz, 17, rose from his chair.

“If this world were to be given a few problems by an author named God and then be rewarded for solving them… … .”

Suddenly, the sword next to the chair was pulled out.

“Everything would have been simple. There is no one to be unfair, and I will not worry about whether I will live like this or that. But I mean,”

Habitz, who came down the stairs, rolled the man and woman lying in front of him with his foot.

“The problem is not even there in the first place. What is this world like… … like a square. We just get together here and do something.”

There is no right answer because there is no problem.

“Whatever you do in there… … .”

Darmov shrugged as the sword pierced the torso of the two as they rolled across the floor and crashed into the ground.

“It means nothing happens.”

The stabbed moaned, but those addicted to askers didn’t even care.

Havitz continued to draw his sword, watched the bloody blade for a moment, then shrugged.

“Okay, I killed someone. What’s your opinion? Do you think I did something bad?”

The blade of the sword touched the nape of Darmov’s neck.

“My, all the subjects of the Empire are the property of Your Highness… … .”

“no no! Not like that! I mean, there’s nothing in the world that shouldn’t be done! It’s not like there’s anything you absolutely have to do. just… … !”

Havitz, who was shaking his head looking for something to say, turned to Darmov and shouted.

“It’s nothing!”

A bloody sword pointed at the corpse.

“Dead! it would be painful So what? what’s happening to me You’re just dead! I just killed him!”

“Huh. Whoops.”

Urine trickled down Darmov’s trousers.

“That’s why it’s interesting, the world now.”

If human emotions become reality and attack us, what form will Havitz’s emotions take?

“I am not interested in the emperor. If you’re here to tell a boring story, I’ll make it fun.”

“castle… … The temple is open.”

Darmov squeezed his voice desperately.

“This is the 420th meeting. Because there is no owner of the empire… … Your Highness must enter the temple… … Whoops!”

Suddenly the knife was withdrawn.

“Hmm, it’s a temple.”

Havitz’s eyelids, which had been closed and thoughtful, trembled, revealing the whites.

“Yes, it’s a much more fun place than the Empire.”


“Ah, I’m really going crazy. This is really unbearable… … .”

After confirming that blood was flowing to Havitz’s center, Darmov slowly backed away.

“Yeah, that’s it. One finger at a time… … pop… … .”

I didn’t even want to think about what I was imagining.

“But that is just interlude entertainment. True desire is not like that. Do you know what I really want to commit, Home Secretary?”

“Me, for me… … .”

“world. everything that exists.”

Grabbing the sword and extending both arms, Havitz’s center of gravity became completely vertical and stood up above his belly button.

‘I’m not human. Even if he is a human being, we must not put him in the category of a human being.’

The new emperor, Gustav Havitz, 17 years old.

“The whole world will be violated.”

A fly I don’t know where it came from was flying across the ceiling.

* * *

Southern Akkadian Desert.

3,000 demons who escaped from the psychic realm gathered here, the epicenter of Northcarta, the equatorial wind called the god of the desert.

“Commander, there is no place to occupy anymore.”

A demonic warrior wearing armor weighing over 1 ton was standing in the direction of the muddy and gloomy voice.

Member of the 4th Corps, 2nd Division Commander, Surga Gasias.

“… … .”


Although it is used in a bad sense for humans, it was originally a general term for a phenomenon in which a strong collective consciousness was projected.

Humans’ power is distributed among many countries, while the demons’ entire army is united under the name of Satan.

It is called the 72nd Corps directly under Satan.

The extreme fear that occurs when a human dies turns into a demon and flows into the underworld.

The frequency of occurrence of demons is almost equal to the number of deaths left in human history, a figure that clearly shows what kind of life most humans have lived.

And the commander of the 72nd corps uses their fear as food to train an army of over 2 billion in hell.

“What is occupation? It is to look down from a high place on the state of perfect submission.”

In that sense, the 2nd Division under the 4th Corps could not be said to have occupied the southern desert.

“Now I’m going to play the last one left.”

In the end, demons can be said to be a race made of the remnants of information left behind by humans, that is, the soul.

The furnace that melts demons is called a ‘fire plate’, and ‘hellfire’ that melts human souls is always burning here.

When the souls that have fallen into the hellfire are purified, they become one and become a demon, and the ability is determined by the individuality of the combination.

“Let’s go, my faithful men.”

The position of division commander in Satan’s army is equivalent to that of a nation’s commander in terms of human rank.

Although the psychic realm was reduced through the Zion Project, it was like leaving the worst demon in the desert.

“Kill the human! Every time they scream, we will grow stronger. Give them the most terrible death!”

Therefore, humans define Ma in this way.

devil demon.

“This world is ours!”

An army of 3,000 crossed the desert.

The place they were heading to was the dungeon of Zulu, the great wizard of the Kingdom of Paras, and the pyramid where Gaold and Gangnan were hiding.


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