Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 744

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[744] Great Purifier (4)

* * *

The ground shuddered wildly as lightning-like flashes fell on the 3,599 altars spread all over the world.

As Nane’s will seeped in, red light began to leak through the cracks in the bricks, causing confusion among the occupying troops in each country.

“Commander! The altar is about to be opened!”

The adjutant shouted, but the commander checked the map until the end and put the sword around his waist.

“It is a strange thing.”

According to the guide of the temple where the Three Emperors, Chilwangseong, and Prince Lee gathered, there were still 23 hours left before the altar was opened.

“No, is it normal?”

The altar, which was built up to a height of tens of meters, was built so quickly that there was no time to use hands in the kingdom.

History in one day.

Numerous kingdoms have tried to destroy them, but the return result is annihilation.

In the end, the agenda passed into the hands of the temple.

‘But the temple is not transnational either. They will eventually act for the benefit of their country.’

The adjutant reported.

“According to the emergency intelligence, the Iron Kingdom made a last attempt to destroy the altar, but failed. We obtained information about the annihilation of an elite unit last night.”

It was none other than the elite troops of the Seven Kings.

“Report to the kingdom. Current time 14:47. The altar is opening sooner than expected.”

The same report would already be going up in many countries, and the final gathering place was none other than the temple.

“All right.”

An ominous light began to spread as the bricks of the altar disintegrated as if they had lost their gravity.

“I-what is that?”

As the landscape changed, a terrifying world of internal organs, muscles, and bones was revealed.

“Arus! De Mehah!”

As the veil peeled away, those with eyelids closed as if melted and teeth jagged like nails protruded.

Arus, a resident of the other side world.

In the sense of solitude, it was a demon tribe that used its sense of smell to chew up everything around it.

“Aww! Run away!”

The light from the altar quickly engulfed the troops, and as Arus appeared close by, the soldiers lost their will to fight.

“damn! Full army retreat! It even draws in the ‘guidelines’!”

The temple notified the world of its response, and the radius they measured was outside of two kilometers.

‘It is too late. I’ll take full control in 30 minutes.’

Demons were taking over the world.

* * *

Sadness filled Sirone’s eyes as he looked down at the planet from the Temple of Earth.

“at last… … .”

What happened because he couldn’t stop it.

“It opened sooner than expected. Amita’s decision made Nane impatient.”

Just as humanity knew Nane’s intentions, Nane also knew humanity’s movements as if looking into the palm of their hand.

“Nane sympathizes with life, so I don’t want to waste time. I was aiming for the perfect timing, with no room for counterattack.”

“It’s an acceleration of enlightenment.”

“yes. According to my calculations, if the Carr number goes over 10 million decimal places, even Sirone will have a hard time blocking it.”

It’s 1 percent in 10 million places, which is almost like nothing, but it was a huge gap in the ultimate realm.

“It takes about 48 hours to get there. Perhaps the temple was predicted based on this information, but I think I did not properly calculate the variable of the Order of the Crusade.”

Amitabha’s presence was felt in that it could advance the time promised by the Buddha by more than 20 hours.

“How long will it take?”

Thousands of red dots spread across the continent were growing rapidly at a rate that could be seen with the naked eye.

It gave me goosebumps when I imagined what people living on the ground would be going through at this speed just by looking at it from space right now.

“That red light is called the psychic realm, and it erases the veil between the underworld and the real world. It should be enough to cover the entire planet in a day or so.”

“How can I stop it?”

Taeseong shook his head.

“It is not something that can be physically broken. That is a system, not a material.”

“It’s the Akashic Records.”

“yes. Only beings with the highest authority can handle the Akashic Records directly. To express it as a creature, it is a law that operates in the 10th sense, the state of ignorance.”

Anke Ra was a being with a 10th sense, and that authority was now completely passed on to Nane.

“When the altar was built, Louver once attempted to enter La Enemy’s dream. But Louver is also a product of the Akashic Records. It was erased as soon as I logged in.”

because of the lack of authority.

“Therefore, in order to destroy the altar, Nane, who inherited the dream of Ankera, must do it himself… … .”

Nane destroyed an altar in Iron Kingdom.

“We have no choice but to infiltrate and destroy concepts that are not in the Akashic Records.”

“… … That’s what I have to do.”

“yes. Only sirone is out of the whole. So, this is Sirone’s first mission. Please seal the altar.”

Sirone recalled 3,599 altars.

“I can’t make it on time. By the time the seal is over, there will be no one left alive.”

“They will buy you time.”

When Sirone made a puzzled expression, Taeseong floated the scenery of a huge ice continent on the ceiling of the Temple of Earth.

“They are people that Sirone knows.”

As the radius of the psychic sphere rapidly expanded, 680,000 deaths occurred worldwide in 10 minutes.


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The problem was that the real world and the other side world were using the same space, just hidden behind a curtain.

In a situation where the walls of the royal castle, ancient weapons, and any concealment facilities are useless… … .

“I approve the Zion project.”

Representatives of the Samhwanggye, Chilwangseong, and Prince Lee who gathered at the temple in 18 minutes and 42 seconds after the altar opened signed the documents.

The document fell into the hands of Valkyrie’s best information wizard and crossed the continent at the speed of light.

“Mr. Miro, your approval has dropped.”

It was transferred to Armin, the Eternal Reflector, and passed into the hands of Miro, the representative of Zion.

“It’s too late! After all, politicians!”

Their help was needed to run the Sanctuary of the Lawyers, which was supported by 48 countries around the world.

“Let’s start. The more time you take, the greater the damage.”

Miro nodded at Quan’s words and opened his mouth as he looked directly at Nane across Antarctica.

“I will gather everyone’s will. From now on, we will reduce the realm of the psychic realm as much as possible.”

The icy earth blazed like flames as torches rose from the 700 totems lined up behind her in two rows.

long-awaited silence.

“… … .”

Between the two rows of pillars stretching towards the continent, 37,000 religious leaders from all over the world were lined up tightly.

Looking up at Miro’s face filling the ceiling of the Temple of the Earth, Sirone’s heart was moved.

‘I didn’t give up.’

Veron disappeared, but there were still countless people who stood against Nane.

“Did Mr. Miro plan it?”

“yes. When Ankera resets the world for her third time, she feels like only she foresaw.”

The hexa created by Guffin to prevent the reset of the world, and the person who carried through the hexa was Miro.

“Of course, the memory of Istas was erased along with Guffin, but the insight circuit is still there.”

Anke Ra wanted to become a god, but he could never surpass the whole just by repeating the reset.

“So only beings who can shut themselves off are gods.”

As a result, Miro’s old woman’s heart paid off.

“The stronger the resistance, the more the world will suffer, but with this I bought time.”

Taeseong looked back at the maze and said.

“He is the one who protected the world from Heaven’s army for 20 years. In terms of defense, it is by far the best of mankind. It won’t be easy for me this time either.”

Sirone’s two fists gained strength.

‘I can still fight more.’

It was a fact that I could be sure of because it was Adrias Miro and no one else.

“Humans are not your exclusive property, it is me.”

Miro raised her hands as the embodiment of Guanyin with a thousand hands filled the Antarctic sky.


Numerous monks seated behind her followed her gestures as if commanding the law, concentrating their consciousness.

Leaders of 984 denominations, including the Church of Yore, the Monastery of Karsis, and the monks of the Eastern Middle Heaven, called the ivory tower of the world of salvation, all gathered in one place.

‘These are almost all lines that exist in the world.’

I won’t be evil

“But that is also something we will define.”

In order to activate the seesaw of the law, it was appropriate to refer to Nane as evil.

‘It’s decreasing.’

From space, Sirone watched as the realm of the psychic realm was rapidly shrinking.

‘This is the Adrias Maze.’

He was the teacher who taught Sirone the meaning of life.

“Push a little more!”

Following Miro’s instructions, the scribes moved in perfect order, strengthening their will.

At the same time, the torches exploded from 700 totems and ascended into a huge pillar of fire.

Even the cold of Antarctica was blown by the heat, but those who had already entered samadhi did not even feel it.

‘The ignorant bastard.’

Miro’s eyes became ferociously powerful.

‘How can you do this with a human body… … .’

It was inevitably confronted with Nane by the seesaw of the law, but it was a strong will that made me feel awe.

‘Yes, you are the closest to God. Eat it all!’

The size of the torch was getting weaker little by little.

‘Honestly, this is too much!’

The fear of the psychic realm lies in breaking down the barrier between the real world and the hidden world that uses the same space.

It was that the defenses built by humans would lose their meaning, so the main task of the Zion Project was to reduce the area of ​​the psychic realm to at least 1 kilometer or less.

‘The boundary must not collapse.’

If it was just a hole, even if demons invaded, human war could be waged in human territory.


Suddenly, curse words came out of Miro’s mouth.

‘Asmodians are not good.’

That’s why it’s called the demon, but he was also a hidden being created by humans.

“Mr. Miro, you must forgive me.”

Armin hurriedly spoke as Miro’s mind was shaken at the extreme of concentration.

“If you collapse, it’s over.”

Miro felt as if he could hear Armin’s voice from far away.

‘Even when the world destroyed the Adrias family, I was not shaken. But this… … .’

Isn’t that too absurd?

‘Why do good people suffer?’

Armin shouted.

“Relax! Sirone has already forgiven everyone’s sins. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity!”


The sequence of the maze, which had reached a plateau of acceleration, began to run at a terrifying speed again.

‘Sirone, how could you forgive me?’

Just as Nane’s achievements were marvelous, Sirone’s philanthropy was no less marvelous.

‘I can’t be pushed by my disciple!’

Finally, when the maze sequence reached the mysterious state of 10 to the 64th power, the flames of the totem pierced the sky.

“Never give up.”

As if time had been turned back, the realm of the psychic realm was shrinking towards the point where it was first born.

Radius of the psychic realm, 17.4 km.


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