Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 742

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[742] Great Purifier (2)

* * *

The planet Taeseong and Sirone look down on is largely divided into five continents.

First of all, the North Pole with the ivory tower.

And below that lies the continent to which more than half of the world’s 70 countries belong.

The continent is divided into North, Central, South, and Middle East.

There are 21 kingdoms in the central continent, which has the highest national density, including Sirone’s hometown, the kingdom of Tormia.

The southern continent has a relatively larger territory than the central continent, but there is a feeling that national power is lower than that of the central continent.

However, the kingdom of Iron, located at the southernmost tip of the continent, was one of the Seven Stars and was a powerful nation representing the south.

Paras, the only kingdom in the Middle East, is also one of the Seven Planets and occupies the Akkadian Desert divided and occupied with Kashan.

When you cross the sea from the Middle East, the second largest land mass in the world comes out, which is called the East.

In the north of the east, there is the Jincheon Empire, a kingdom of three emperors, and six kingdoms under it are fiercely fighting for the second person.

If you cross the equator past the island country under the east, you will find the south, which is also the hometown of Gangnan.

There are 14 kingdoms, but the dominance is weak, and instead thousands of tribes live by keeping their own traditions.

Finally, there is Antarctica, the coldest place in the world, an unknown continent where no living thing can live.

And now.

The great work that had been progressing step by step since Ankera opened the door of the great purification was approaching the final moment.

The 3,600 altars installed in 69 countries around the world, excluding the Arctic kingdom of Corona, are about to open.

* * *

iron kingdom.

Iron Kingdom, one of the seven kingdoms, was a country with painful memories of Marsha’s parrot mercenary group degenerating into bandits.

But that is now a thing of the past.

After rescuing Sirone from the Undercode, Marsha activated a contract with Uorin, and now as a full-fledged S-class mercenary, she was receiving special treatment in the Iron Kingdom.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Freeman, who was looking down at the altar from the bottom of the cliff, rested his chin in thought.

Although he was no longer number two in terms of skill, he was still the vice-captain by Marsha’s side.

A medium-sized, nimble man reported.

“According to our research, more than 1,000 altars have been found all over the world, and there are more than 200 in the Iron Kingdom alone.”

And it has just been completed.

“Is it possible?”

It is impossible to build large altars simultaneously, even for the kingdom project, which would take well over a year.

Civil engineering works that completely cut down a mountain and made it flat were not possible with manpower.

“The power of magic… … Wouldn’t it?”

It was the answer that came closest to the correct answer, but Freeman could not readily accept it.

“Maybe God can do it.”

As the pale faces with no more eyebrows were distorted, the members grabbed their weapons with nervous expressions.

“Shall we infiltrate?”

Marsha ordered it directly, so even if God stayed there, I would have to go.

“Go in.”

As soon as Freeman gave instructions, the members lowered their posture like wild animals and charged toward the cliff.


The voices were small, but the footsteps of the 20 members who possessed superhuman senses stopped without any error.


Clay Marsha, the leader of the Parrot Mercenary Corps, walked through the forest holding a pipe in his mouth.

“What happened all of a sudden?”

Freeman asked, but Marsha only narrowed her eyes and looked down at the altar at the bottom of the cliff.

“It was short-lived. It’s not something we have.”

Horrible rumors from the high society were driving the Iron Kingdom into an end-of-the-century atmosphere, but the value of the mercenaries was money.

the agent asked.

“Captain, what do you mean by that? What in the world is there that we can’t hold?”

It was unusual for Marsha, a brilliant calculator, to withdraw from her plan midway through.

“Urgent information has arrived. The special forces of the Iron Kingdom, which were investigating altars in other regions, were wiped out.”


Unless it was a war with another country, it was extremely rare for Iron’s troops to be wiped out within their own country.

“Who the hell… … .”

Just as Freeman was about to speak, Marsha frowned and pointed at the bottom of the cliff.

On the paved road, a stooped old man was walking toward the altar with a cane on his back.

When Freeman, who had been watching closely, looked back at Marsha, she was gulping saliva through the nape of her white neck.

“Withdraw now.”

“what’s the matter?”

“I don’t have time to explain. That’s not human.”

“If not human, then what?”

“I don’t know either.”

It was an honest impression.

When she encountered Miro’s skills in Under Coder, Marsha thought that humans could not go deeper than this.

‘But that… … .’

surpass the maze

The reason I can be sure is because I felt as if all the scenery in the world was being drawn to the skinny old man.


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‘No matter how huge the maze is… … .’

It won’t be heavier than the old man.

“An uninvited guest has arrived.”

Number 1 in the Order of the Ten Commandments, Veron.

When Amitabha Banya’s shiny eyes turned toward the cliff, the members finally realized.


There was no lie in Marsha’s words.


In an instant, the entire mercenary group of parrots disappeared on the cliff, and Veron clicked his tongue.

“Young people these days have no ambition.”

Veron’s staff struck the ground again.

“How long are you going to eat the old man’s back?”

Arriving at the altar, Veron sat down on the lowest floor and fanned with his hand.

“Come to think of it, you’ve lived a really long time.”

The leaders of the Council of Ten Lords all lived more than 10,000 years, but no one knew how long Veron lived.

‘Why can’t I go anywhere?’

What remains in this world?

Just as Veron was silent and thoughtful, a red light rose like a flame in front of his eyes.


The 7th rank of the Order of the Ten Commandments, the disciple Prajna Shura, appeared.

He had a body as smooth as a snake, and when he dealt with lies, his dark eyes became long and cold.

“The altar is ready to be opened.”

“… … .”

“I built the altar according to Ankera’s instructions, but there is a lot of talk even in the Eternal Society.”

In order to become a god named Anke, Nane accepted each other in order to save sentient beings.

“What we wanted was for Ra to become a god and this world to become the only one. But now… … .”

A great void is coming.

“Some people are liberated, some people are reincarnated, and now some people are trying to shut it down.”

For Veron, this world was everything.

“As always, we must find meaning. For the Eternal, the meaning of life is the same as that of a mortal.”

“If you come, what is the meaning of Nane’s gong?”

“… … no.”

Veron stood up with his cane.

“So I’m thinking of making it from now on.”

Veron stepped on the steps of the altar and asked Shura who followed him.

“What do you think of fate?”

“The illusion created by the harmony of time… … How much? Because there is nothing outside the law of causality.”

Baron nodded.

“The human mind is just a grain of sand that gets carried away by the flow of time. The flow of the seawater does not change just because the fish are flowing backwards.”

Shura listened.

“If you sow seeds in the present, they will sprout in the future. Humans mistake it for a great ability, but… … .”

Veron caught his breath halfway up the altar.

“In fact, it was already decided from the moment the seeds were sown. it’s not about changing That’s how it goes.”

We do not create the future, but the future that has already been created strikes us.

“If human free will had the ability to truly change things… … .”

With the peak in front of him, Veron turned his head.

“Shouldn’t we be able to destroy the future, away from the illusion of changing the future?”

Even if you sow the seeds, you must be able to sprout.

“That it truly lives in the future.”


Shura, who reached the level of the disciple of wisdom, was unable to understand Amita’s intentions.

“The owner of this world says he will close it. If that’s the case, it’s something we have to accept.”

Veron looked up at the sky.

“However, it is human will.”

Obsession with the present world, eternal life.

Perhaps this is the meaning of himself who has been involved in this world for a long time.


Baron thought.

Amitabha Incarnation Technique – Iron pole.


Sensing the concentration of the law, Shura jumped straight from the top of the high altar and landed on the ground.

‘Concentration of great thought.’

Veron’s wide-open jaw trembled and a hoarse voice leaked out.


As the laws of the world twisted, they began to gather at the extreme point of the staff that Veron had struck down.

His will would be planted here with a binding force strong enough not to be pulled out by the waves of time.

-You’re foolish, Amita.

A huge voice spread from the sky.

Then all the clouds in the sky condensed and changed into the shape of Nane’s face.


When Shura invoked the incarnation of the disciple Vanya, numerous crosses formed a sphere-shaped defense shield.

The gestalt of union – the strangulation of God.

Just as looking at a stain on a wallpaper and thinking of a meaningful shape, her law combines lies to bring about a phenomenon close to reality.

‘Never be destroyed! I couldn’t even break the maze!’

Even if it was the world of the Under Code that specialized in one’s abilities.

– Don’t be afraid.


From Nane’s forehead, a sword as white as drawing paper was thrust into the god’s stranglehold at the speed of a flash.

“what… … !”

As the closely assembled crosses separated like a chemical reaction, Shura’s face was exposed.

‘This is me.’

He swallowed Ankera’s dream and was the nemesis of Shura, who was closest to being right in this universe.

“Ahhh… … .”

Shura’s shoulders trembled as her butt fell, and Nane’s gaze shifted to Veron.

There was no visible phenomenon, but the iron pole was already completed and nailed to space and time.

-You think I can’t break it?

Veron’s eyes looking up at the sky contained pride and awe at the same time.

“It’s your world, but it’s not like there’s no way to deny it if it’s only me.”

Because Nane’s Kar value is not perfect.

-Someday you will be swept away.

I don’t know how many resets I can endure, but it’s self-evident that eventually it will be destroyed by the waves of time.

Hexa was the only one who could survive.

“Then stop accepting it. I just want to know, is the human mind so insignificant?”

It was the last question Veron threw to the world.

“Even if everything goes back to nothing and there are no records left, the life of an eternal life is to fight until the end.”

Shura suddenly realized.

‘So before the altar opens… … .’

An iron pole was driven into the only point where there was room for reversal, and a fixed and unchanging standard was created.

‘Even if hundreds of futures are mixed, the beginning is always here.’

Veron, the 0.1% of Nane created by Sirone, accurately stabbed that sharp gap.

Perhaps the thought that nothing had been decided passed through Shura’s mind.


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