Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 735

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[735] Two gazes (4)

* * *

Labyrinth Andre – World No. 1.

Sirone’s body began to spread out into the world, radiating the brilliance of a huge cross.

It was a sacrifice to revive countless beings who had disappeared as history was twisted.

‘The life that has passed, and the life that will be born in the future.’

everyone is precious

Looking at Sirone, who was gradually disappearing into the light, Kara Torsa, the martial arts dragon, lowered her body.

“Because of you, we will exist.”

Numerous dragons floating in the sky descended behind Kara Torsa and imitated his actions.

“Because of you, we will exist.”

Mitochondrial Eve shed tears.

“Sirone… … .”

With this, history will return to its place, and she too could later become the empress of the empire.

“Remember this light, Blitz.”

Catching the particles of light that filled the sky in her eyes, Kara Torsa delivered the message to Blitz.

“This is life.”

Blitz didn’t answer, but the current memory would endure in his head for an eternity without being transformed.

Labyrinth Andre – World No. 283.

As God’s punishment struck, the bodies of the army ants that invaded the Garnet Kingdom were shattered.

“No, wizard.”

When Merott’s antennae trembled in fear, Sirone pet her.

“are you okay. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

This world is someone’s dream.

So, Sirone could have closed her eyes and turned away from all of this right now.

‘but… … .’

If even the desire for happiness is an illusion, what is the reason for being born in this world in the first place?

“Everything will be fine.”

The place Syrone took with Merott was the room where the owner of the Garnet Kingdom, the queen, was.

“The thirteenth night… … !”

Upon reaching the entrance, Merrott shouted.

“No one can access it!”

On the 13th night, rolling on the floor while activating incarnation, half of the six legs had already disappeared.

“Yes, I know.”

Sirone lovingly watched the thirteenth night of a desperate struggle against the mighty army ants.

To him, Garnet is just one of many objects with biologically similar information… … .

“That is why it exists.”

We are meant to love those who are like us, and will forever stretch out into a wider world.


The screams of the 13th night from being surrounded by army ants spread throughout the cave.

Garnet, unable to get out of the Queen’s room, was only trembling in front of the deaths of her children.

‘pain. Terrible pain.’

Nevertheless, we would continue our journey for happiness by endlessly repeating feeding and breeding.

‘Yes, that’s fine.’

“mother! mother!”

The 13th night, crushed by the army ants, shouted as Merott rushed at it, bursting with pheromones of anger.

“Do not come! Get out of here!”

Merott had a mission to safely escape the colony and create a new colony.

Sirone understood the feelings of all of them.

‘Because the life of an insignificant creature is no different.’

Immortal function.

As Sirone’s body emitted an intense light, the ants that filled the cave stopped fighting at the same time.

“This… … .”

It was the light of life.

* * *

“What, what?”

As 19,000 crosses filled Andre’s labyrinth, Kido looked around with a frightened expression.

“What happened? Why suddenly?”

What was really serious was that Sirone’s body, currently in the labyrinth, was also shining in the same form.

The voice finally realized.

‘Could it be that I was exploring all of Andre’s world?’

It was not an impossible task for Sirone, who controls time as vocal sounds control space.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I was shocked to think that I had surpassed my own pace while wandering around 19,000 worlds.

“this… … ! I will collapse!”

It was only a matter of time before the cave’s ground collapsed when the entrances to numerous worlds exploded simultaneously.

‘No, it’s not on that level.’

If you recall why it was called a space-time prison in the first place, time and space would be jumbled together.

“You must avoid it!”


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The moment Seong-eum opened her eyes and was about to cast an etheric wave.

“Time-space prison.”

Nane muttered indifferently.

‘The 19,000 worlds defined by McLean Guffin.’

It was Nane who swallowed Ankera’s dream, but only vague assumptions about Guffin were possible.

‘It is being integrated again.’

Nane stepped into an impossible situation without fully realizing Guffin’s intentions.

“What are you dreaming about?”

I couldn’t help but ask.

“In this nightmare where only a terrible extinction awaits, what kind of hope do you have?”

Nane held out her hand slowly.

“You must be wrong.”

Sermon – end.

A red sword with the concept of annihilating the universe soared through the ceiling and plunged to the ground at the speed of light.

The vertical flash was so fast that it seemed to connect the ground and the sky, so no reaction was possible.


Even so, the reason why Kido’s moans were heard was that Nane’s truth did not penetrate the ground.


During Nane’s sermon, the bell was trembling just above the ground as if something had blocked it.

The voice’s head turned slowly.


Tears welled up in her eyes as she watched Sirone’s body becoming transparent like clear water.

“Until the end… … .”

If Nane’s Kar was perfect, there would be no life in this universe that could deny his truth.

However, the fact that the bell was not inserted meant that there was still another opinion that denied Nane’s enlightenment.

“I want to live.”

The life force that Sirone was spreading was preventing Nane from reaching perfection.

Tears flowed down her cheeks.

“I was stupid.”

The strong and the weak are all nothing but a dice game endlessly circling the cycle of life.

That’s why Sirone was willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of life itself to prevent the destruction of the universe.


Seongeum shook her head and wept.

“You shouldn’t leave like that, Sirone.”

She was blocking Nane’s truth with her brilliant will, but in the end, Sirone would spread infinitely.

“You are wrong, Sirone.”

As Nane pressed her palms down, the sermon bell began wriggling terribly toward the ground.


At the same time, the light of the cross emitted by Sirone became more intense, but this only accelerated its extinction.

“You cannot save the world with fleeting hope.”

If the world’s pain disappeared just by loving something, Nane would have given away his body thousands of times.

“Human emotions are nothing but a mirage after they pass. Who will remember you?”

Being alive is so natural for life that no one will honor Sirone.

“From a distance, it’s just that each other is pushing burdens on each other and turning pain away.”

They reincarnate infinitely, and that’s why everyone suffers.

“I will hang up.”

As Sirone’s spirit faded, the bell of Nane’s sermon pierced the ground with terrifying momentum.

“Is it over… … .”

At that time, Mungyeong muttered with a pale face, I heard Sirone’s voice, now dissolving like smoke.

“Even if life has no meaning, I will protect it until the end in this nightmare.”

“why? In a world that ends when you close your eyes, why bother to endure the pain?”

“There is no reason.”

Isn’t it enough to just love?

“we are… … .”

When Sirone’s body, which had completely spread out in light, disappeared, her voice hovered around the space like an hallucination.

-Because it exists for no reason.

“no! Sirone!”

Seongeum ran and struggled through the space that had been spread out with light, but nothing was caught.

“No reason?”

The existence that stood in my way disappeared, but he did not completely strike down the end of the sermon.

“Sirone, that is more than any truth I know… … .”

It was an incorrect result.

“Is that enlightenment? Are you saying that’s really the guffin’s intention? To live for no reason, die for no reason, reproduce for no reason, and eat without a reason?”

No answer came back.

It was frustrating for Nane, but it was devastating sadness for everyone who knew Sirone.

Kido lowered his head.

“Is it over now?”


On the other hand, Rian was still burning with fighting spirit, staring into the void where Sirone had disappeared.

“It can’t disappear like this.”

The yaksha’s will is strong enough to deny the reality, but he couldn’t revive Sirone with Denai.

“Give up. Sirone has become infinite.”

Seong-eum looked back at the transparent air surrounding her with sad eyes.

It has become such a huge spirit that is everywhere but nowhere, and has completely permeated the world.

you said

“Don’t be sad. Since this is also just a dream, what is the reason to exist and bear the sorrow?”

Nane put her hand on the handle of the sermon bell and pressed it hard with all her weight.

“This is the end.”

Anyone watching the end of the universe could not help but feel dizzy, and Mungyeong closed her eyes tightly.

“why… … .”

I heard your voice.

When everyone checked there, the sword of the apocalypse was slowly pushing through Nane’s palm and rising up.

“Why can’t I get it through?”

Still, Nane’s curl wasn’t perfect.

“You mean there is still a denial of my truth?”

“Rian! excuse me… … !”

Faint particles of light were gathering one by one in front of Kido’s point.

“It is not over.”

As world number 2940 exploded with a bang, more light particles began to gather.

Subsequently, world #8765 exploded, world #32, world #10837, world #8546, world #4109… … .

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

When 19,000 worlds were simultaneously liberated, a group of lights began to take human form.

He said in a trembling voice.

“Not one.”

The immortal function, which started from the samadhi of fear, broke each world and went back.

Kido cried out in tears.

“Sirone eh!”

Light has no will.

Therefore, the reason why a phenomenon that is merely a condensation of photons can accurately assemble the shape of Sirone… … .


Because the cause doesn’t exist.


As the infinitely spread mind formed a body again, Sirone put on a painful expression.

“You’re back! Sirone is back!”

It’s good news for those who have been waiting, but the process of degrading from a supreme spirit to a creature was terrifying for the person concerned.

‘Feeding and breeding.’

However, since it had already been experienced, the process of installing the biological system was more flexible than before.

“It’s me, and your sympathy for the world is not wrong. But we will exist to the end.”

The vocal sound, which confirmed Sirone’s clear eyes, trembled as if he couldn’t understand it.

“Speak, nonsense. That… … .”

It is impossible.

Seongeum, the same Unlocker, knew better than anyone else that an infinitely expanded mind could not return.

‘No, just one thing… … .’

Seongeum, thinking of the only way out, stared at Sirone with a shocked expression.

Infinite Wizard.


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