Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 73

[73] Dream On(2)

When about 10 children sat down at the table, Lumina’s mother served generous portions of boiled meat.

Sirone noticed. It would cost quite a bit to prepare this much food. Paying the price wasn’t a problem, but it was odd on its own.

Alto said he had read Sirone’s mind.

“don’t worry. Selling monster skins makes money. Going to start working tomorrow. Of course, I will have to ask for your permission first.”

“huh? no. Of course it should. Oh, and the name of the monster is Ulk. I heard that fingernails and fangs can get you a pretty good price.”

I thought that if it was Sirone, of course he would allow it. Moreover, it was a bigger income than expected because other parts also made money. 

But most of all, it was the fact that I learned the name of the monster.

In this world, knowledge also becomes money. 

If you put it on the market without even knowing its name, it was obvious that you would use a dumping machine. It could have been a much bigger loss than the effort put into tanning.

“Right. Anyway, thank you. Like Ulck, without you, our village would have had to move to another place.”

For generations of people who have lived by cultivating fields and selling things from the mountains, it was a terrible thing to lose their home. In that sense, Sirone was a hero who saved the village.

“are you okay. Because this place is precious to me too.”

Sirone sincerely thought so. Ulk’s meat would decay over time and be unsellable, but the children did not go up to the mountain and remained.

not rich That’s why life is hard, so there are more things to blush than nobles, but I liked those who knew how to live together.

said Martin, munching on the meat.

“Anyway, I’m sorry that your hard-earned vacation ended like this. Wouldn’t you rather go up the mountain together tomorrow? Let’s sell everything, including the shells and nails, and have fun with the money.”

When it came to playing, the children of the slash-and-burn village were not missing, but Sirone shook her head in regret. He wanted to go back as soon as possible to analyze his insights.

“no. I’ve had enough rest. Thanks to that, my fatigue was relieved. I have to study hard now. I have to go back to school tomorrow morning.”

* * *

After dinner, the children went back to their respective homes. It was a moonlit night, but they still had work to do. The equipment had to be serviced overnight and the carts had to be checked.

Sirone climbed the hill and looked down at the slash-and-burn village. Children were carrying torches from house to house, preparing for tomorrow’s work. A soft smile crept across his lips as they joked around and chatted happily.

“Sirone, you were here.”

“uh? Alto, how did you find it?”

“I thought it would just be here. What are you thinking? You don’t even know I’m coming.”

“Old thoughts. When I came with my father, we played a lot. We play hide and seek in the field over there.”

“It did. But you had a lot more time to read books by yourself. Of course it’s because of us.”

“no. It’s because I love books so much… … .”

Alto gave a good laugh.

“You don’t have to. If you don’t know, it makes no sense. Because children have longed for you since before. So there were many times when I was jealous too. Now that I think about it, I feel sorry for you more than one or two things.”

“No, I was weird. Maybe I was afraid to meet people. It was a confusing time.”

Unlike other children in the slash-and-burn village, Sirone was the pride of her parents as she never had an accident. However, in reality, since he encountered magic at the age of 12, it has been a series of endless agony and worries.

Alto nodded as if he had a guess. He was able to see and realize Sirone’s magic today. 

The boy who thought he only read books without knowing the world was actually fighting more fiercely than anyone else.

“I’m sorry, Sirone.”

“Because it’s okay.”

“No, not that. I mean at a drinking party. I said something presumptuous. Everyone has something called a bowl. I made a mistake. Don’t take it to heart.”

Sirone remembered Alto’s stinging point last night. He wasn’t hurt. He also chose magic because it was a burden he had to carry on his own.

“I don’t think so. Actually, I’ve never thought about it until now. How blessed I am living. How lucky you are.”

“No, Sirone. you worked hard That’s why others help you too.”

“But the truth is the truth. What you said is my reality, and that’s why I have to embrace it for the rest of my life.”

Alto smiled bitterly. There was no one in the slash-and-burn village where he could criticize himself like others.

“It’s amazing, being a wizard.”

The mindset of wizards was incomprehensible. But that’s why the people of the world are in awe of them.

Sirone and Alto looked down at the slash-and-burn village. They didn’t say anything to each other, but their eyes were looking at the same place.

* * *

the next morning.

The adults started their daily routine at dawn, and only the children were left.

Sirone ate breakfast at Lumina’s house and left the house. 

The children saw them off, but they too were carrying a lot of work tools to dismantle Ulrk.

In their lives, where there is no day off, Sirone realized how important the road she was walking was.

“Goodbye, Sirone. study hard Be sure to become a wizard.”

Alto asked for a handshake. Other children also flocked to Sirone to say goodbye.

“Sirone, are you coming to play again?”

“Next time you come, tell me more about the magic school.”

“haha! okay. I will come after the semester is over. You guys are doing well too.”

After saying goodbye to the children, Sirone looked back at Lumina. Even in her cheerful mood, her face was as dark as she was.

Sirone also had a vague idea of ​​Lumina’s love affair. But what? Things between a man and a woman weren’t something you could think of with your head.

“Thanks to you, Lumina, I ate a lot of delicious food. Will you do it again?”

Lumina then smiled. She had a transcendent smile. She knew that what she wanted more of here was that she was greedy.

“of course! So come often. If you pretend not to know that you are a wizard, I will beat you.”

“okay. I will definitely come back.”

While going down the hill in the slash-and-burn village, Sirone suddenly looked back. And she shouted at the children who were still in place.

“All right! healthy!”

When Sirone turned around and walked away, Rumina lowered her head helplessly. What made her sadder than the fact that Sirone was leaving was the reality that she could no longer even like him.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Alto put his hand on Lumina’s shoulder and asked. Rumina couldn’t hold back and shed tears. Alto was upset for nothing. He had guessed his love for Shirone since he was young, but he didn’t know if it was this serious.

“Sheesh, if you feel so sad, at least try talking. What should I do to beat him up and bring him back?”

“no it’s okay. Sirone didn’t leave.”

Rumina wiped away the tears alternately with both hands and raised her head. Suddenly, a bright smile appeared on her lips.

“Sirone, you are heading towards your dream.”

Lumina prayed to the god of mountains and forests.

May there be a warm light on his way.

* * *

While going back to school, Sirone thought about the topic raised by the slash-and-burn village. 

How far can I really go?

Being a guest of the Ogent family did not accomplish anything by studying with the students of the Magic School.

Learning from failure as a lesson and continuing to work hard did not apply to him as a commoner.

You have to explode your talent without rest. We must develop without hesitating for a moment.

She goes to school with the support of the Ogent family, and studies the advanced science of magic at the expense of her parents.

Is this really the right way?

If you fail at least one chance, will you be able to accept it and live the world as before?

After arriving at school, Sirone turned to the research club. His mind was disturbed, and he was reluctant to enter the inn. 

‘Are the kids having fun? I shouldn’t have lost much… … .’

By now, Iruki and Nade would be happily betting in a different world casino. Please, I hope you don’t hang only house documents.

Passing through the Eastas labyrinth and entering the warehouse where the study group was located, Sirone stopped in front of the iron door. A human voice leaked through the crack in the door.


When I opened the door, Iruki and Nade were sitting on the sofa and arguing. Iruki was excited like never before at how heated the discussion was.

“you idiot! A perpetual power engine is absolutely impossible!”

“Why are you so tight in the front and back? I’m not talking about infinite power, it’s the second kind of perpetual engine!”

“That violates the law of entropy!”

“Then what is this! What is this I made!”

Nade pointed to the wind-up wagon on the table. In fact, it was an iron box with wheels that would be ambiguous to call it a wagon.

“uh? excuse me… … .”

Nade looked back at Sirone. And she reaped, picked up the wind-up carriage, and waved it before her eyes.

“Sirone! you see and tell me because i made this Once you’ve wound the mainspring like this, put it down on the floor… … !”

The wagon moved in a circular motion. Even so, the mainspring that had been wound had not unwound.

Iruki raised his ax eye and pointed.

“Hey Sirone! Don’t be fooled. That’s a total scam!”

“What is the scam? You are tired of waiting for when to stop, so you are doing this with me right now!”

“You fool! Anyone can make anything that can be proven in 1-2 hours! The institution you created is just highly efficient! Even when I turned the spring, it was filthy tight!”

“What is it? It’s a miniature, so it has limits. If you make it bigger, you can increase the performance 100 times!”

“How big are you going to make it? as much as the sky? It would be much more efficient to feed the horse and lead it!”

“All you have to do is show the possibilities! Technology is supposed to move towards lightweighting over time!”

“Technology that is not supported by theory will eventually collapse!”

“What do you know about theory! If you make it and use it, it’s done!”

Both mathematicians and engineers made sense. Sirone blinked and listened to him, then looked at the carriage.

Seeing them heat up the useless wagon, it felt like all of a sudden, all the worries from a while ago were blown away.

‘ah… … I see.’

One day, that wind-up wagon will also be born with a decent name through the research of numerous scholars. And someone will create new knowledge through it again.

How arrogant to think that only I can do something. I didn’t come this far because I was great. 

If my father hadn’t bought me the book, if I hadn’t joined the Ogent family, if I hadn’t had the teleportation test, if I hadn’t met Iruki and Nade… … .

There is no current sirone.

A series of coincidences that occurred with a very small probability. All those events led Sirone to this place.

‘thank you. Thank you for letting me stay here.’

Sirone, who was immersed in her own emotions for a while, quickly regained her smile and asked her friends. 

“By the way, what happened to the casino?”

Nade, who was rubbing foreheads with Iruki, turned his head with an unfair expression. 

“How is it? It was all robbed and returned in one day. If only the last bet had been placed, we could have hit the jackpot.”

“That’s why I said it would be a spade. 57 percent chance.”

“Funny! I heard you and lost a lot! 57% is a piece of shit! How is that different from bokbulbok?”


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