Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 725

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[725] Face Off (2)

* * *

Seongeum and Sambo looked at the scene where a huge crater unfolded as if a meteorite had fallen.

“That place… … .”

It was the center of the Labyrinth Jessica.

“Something seems to have gone down.”

The reason Mungyeong’s voice is serious is because the size of the crater is beyond imagination.

‘Still, the fallen object is not visible. What the hell did it fall on?’

Volcano’s leader, Ziggs muttered.

“Ymir’s fangs.”

Seongeum, who had annihilated Volcano, forcibly set him up as a guide, but he was the first to arrive at the center anyway.

However, there was a story that came down like a legend.

“Rumor has it that Jessica is the area where Ymir’s molars fell a long time ago.”

“molar? Could such a pit be dug by a single fallen tooth?”

It was a crater about 2 kilometers in diameter.

“Princess, according to the ancient documents, Ymir is a giant who absorbed over 10,000 bodies. If the molars were pulled out in a gigantic state, the mass would be quite large.”

Ziggs let out a laugh.

“You are misunderstanding something.”

Mungyeong looked back with a displeased expression.


“You know about heaven. Ilhwa’s liquor is a technique that melts humans into giants. And Ymir is an unprecedented giant who has reached level 10 of Anecdote. Do you know what that means?”

Seongeum asked in a nonchalant manner.

“What do you mean?”

“The number of people who go into the anecdote is about 8 to 10 people. 10 such giants gather again and are born into the next giant. According to these calculations, the number of humans required to reach level 10 of Anecdotal Art… … .”

Ziggs raised a finger.

“That means reaching 10 billion people.”

“10 billion… … .”

Mungyeong couldn’t picture Ymir in his head.

“That is the king of giants, Ymir. Aside from how they put together the minds of 10 billion people, the numbers themselves don’t make sense. Even if he is not in a gigantic state, if the molars of such a person have fallen, it is my judgment that even a hole of this size can be made.”

Seongeum rested her chin on her chin and was lost in thought.

“if so… … What kind of incident was it that pulled out the molars of such a person?”

“It is unknown. Maybe someone from before history had a proper fight with Ymir.”

Ziggs looked back at the vast crater.

“As you know, giants are entitled to leave for a new world from the moment they pass the 6th level. The reason is that you can manipulate telomere levels from then on.”

Mungyeong recalled the secret of the Jincheon Space Agency.

“Partialization and Meganization.”

“okay. Tier 6 giants can create new entities with parts of their bodies. Also, if you use up your telomeres to the extreme, you can turn into a gigantic body. The average height of a Tier 6 giant is 80 meters, but when gigantic is activated, it is close to 2 kilometers.”

As he devoted his entire life to researching giants, it was information comparable to that of the Jincheon Space Agency.

“The peculiar thing is that the average height rather decreases after the 6th stage. We call this a response. It is a phenomenon in which the power increases as the size decreases. Volcano estimates Ymir’s response to be at most three meters or so.”

“A three-meter giant made of 10 billion humans?”

“Perhaps Ymir, who fought to the death here long ago, wasn’t as huge as I thought. She actually doesn’t even want to think about it. Because she realizes how small humans are.”

While Mungyeong remained silent, Seongeum raised her head.

‘Up there… … .’

In the real sky before artificial skies were created, Ymir would have struggled with something.

‘Is it the power of a single molar?’

In the meantime, a molar tooth was pulled out and it crashed here, and judging by the shock wave, it must have been swept away.

In the place where civilization disappeared, the giants built a pyramid to honor Ymir.

“So is it the remains of a giant?”

The only thing left in the ruins was Ymir’s molar.

“Okay, now that I’ve checked, that’s it.”

Jigsaw’s eyes turned to sadness.

“I didn’t achieve it myself, but my colleagues will be able to close their eyes comfortably now.”

It was a sight I had devoted my whole life to.

“Kill it. My role is over here.”

The reason he came all the way here following the voice that killed his comrades was to complete Volcano’s business.

“It is still too early to end the journey.”

The voice moved to Crater.

“Ymir’s molars. Shouldn’t you be able to see what it is?”

“Princess, but… … .”

Mungyeong, who was hurriedly approaching, stopped hurriedly, sensing the distance of three steps.

“It is dangerous.”

That was the nature of emotion.

It was a place where parts of the real Ymir’s body remained, not Ymir’s parts.

“I am concerned that there may be a transformation.”

“It can’t be this way, it can’t be that way.”

Seong-eum clicked her tongue and looked back at Mungyeong.

“How would you take the Ivory Tower Test if you were afraid of just one tooth? As far as I know, I heard that one of the candidates has already been to heaven.”

Before leaving the Hwangseong, an officer from the Jincheon Space Agency came to visit and said this.


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“Mama, one of the Ivory Tower candidates is close to me, so I would like to give you some advice. He says his name is Sirone.”

“I don’t need advice. It must not be a talent show for children. Wouldn’t it be something to risk your life and fight for results?”

“Of course it is. Mama’s upright character is a fact that the world knows. Haona, that’s why I’m telling you.”

At this point, I was also curious about the voice.

“Is that strong, Sirone?”

“It is strong.”

It was a word that came out without a second thought.

“Sirone is definitely strong. But it’s not just about winning and losing. Mama is also the heroine of the world, so the outcome of the battle will be determined by heaven. My concern is… … .”

Anchal, who gently turned his head, recalled Sirone, whom he had watched at Alpheas Magic School, and continued.

“He must be a human with a completely different temperament than the ones Mama has had to fight so far.”

“A completely different temperament?”

“Mama’s heart is not to bend even if it breaks. It’s also great because it never breaks. A steel pine that has been tempered a thousand times. But the one named Sirone… … .”

Anchal’s worries arise at this point.

“I will never try to break Mama.”

“… … .”

“No matter how strong the wind blows, Mama will not budge. But a light breeze can melt even steel.”

Voice hit the knee.

“I asked what you were talking about… … Do you also see me as just a woman! No matter what kind of person Sirone is, I will never give my heart to her!”

“It’s not because Mama is a woman.”

Anchal said with a serious expression.

“Because I am human.”

The brow of the voice narrowed.

“No, maybe because it is a creature.”

“What are you talking about now… … .”


Anchal sternly cut off his words.

“Maybe it’s just because Mama exists.”

Seongeum corrected her expression and asked.

“Is it that huge?”

Anchal brought his forehead to his two hands that were gathered together.

“I have no way of estimating its size.”

“Hmm, Sirone?”

“Mama, the strongest candidate in this test is Nane. However, his strength is clearly visible. Mama will never back down. but… … .”

Anchal slowly raised his head.

“You cannot collide with something that does not exist.”

The voice’s eyelids blinked rapidly.

“Mama, watch out for Sirone. You must never let him come into Mama’s gap.”

“I see what you mean.”

Voice raised his chin and said.

“But don’t worry. No one in the world can come inside my security.”

The voice that escaped from the flashback moved on again.

“The candidates who compete with me are not easygoing people. If they are risking their lives to compete, there is no danger I must avoid either.”

Unable to break Seong-eum’s stubbornness, Mungyeong sighed and followed, and Ziggs entered the crater with Sambo.

The two-kilometer-diameter pit reached several hundred meters in depth and was as narrow as a funnel.

‘small. There can’t be a hole like this without a really small thing being slammed into with great force.’

Ziggs’ shoulders trembled as he watched the Volcano hypothesis turn out to be true.

“Where is Ymir’s fangs… … .”

At that time, as the voice murmured, the crater vibrated violently, and the soil from the east, west, south, and north began to be sucked downward.

“Don’t come closer.”

While the voice stopped the party, four huge statues rose from the ground.

“That’s an ancient weapon! Princess, it’s dangerous!”

Jigs stopped Mungyeong.

“wait! That’s Yol! It’s the gateway to the test! If we get close, we too will be caught by the law!”

Just as the angelic law has the name Hera, in heaven the giant’s law is called Yol.

-He who has reached this place.

Four statues rose slowly, finally leaving the ground and rising to a height of 10 meters.

Their faces, crouching like fetuses and looking down at the Holy Spirit, resembled beasts, with long horns embedded in their foreheads.

-Are you a being that crosses the universe?

The sound made by the trembling of the body made of iron seemed to strike directly at the heart.

“If you are asking if I am a giant, I would say no. But if you’re asking if you can cross the universe… … .”

Seongeum covered his mouth with his sleeve and laughed.

“Why can’t I do what you guys can do?”

-… … prove the yol

Powerful flashes emanated from the long horns attached to the four statues and struck the vocal cords.


Due to the unavoidable act of the law, Seongeum’s body rose up surrounded by light and emitted a tremendous flash of light.


A tremendous shock rushed to Seongeum and blew her consciousness to the distant far side of the universe.

‘This place… … .’

It was only for a moment that the planet she lived in was visible, and soon a scene of the universe unfolded in the black darkness densely studded with stars.

‘It’s flying endlessly.’

In the inertia of consciousness moving away at the speed of light, Seong-eum realized the fear of an enormous scale.

‘Compared to the gigantic universe, humans are just dust.’

A street so vast that you can feel the certainty that you will never be able to return to the original world.

‘And this… … .’

Seongeum’s body, which had been engulfed in Yol’s flash, stood upright, and her petal-like lips opened softly.

“This is my first step.”

Ether Wave – Infernal Sword.

From the other side of the universe where the voice bounced off, the space was crumpled and pushed towards the body.

“Princess… … .”

When she finally confirmed her daily report, Mungyeong’s shoulders trembled and shed tears of emotion.

‘One step of Jin Seong-eum crosses the universe.’

You will never be able to reach her.

“Is it done now?”

When Seongeum landed on the ground, the four statues that had been silent fell through the floor.

At the same time, a white object quickly jumped out of the center and fell in front of the voice.

Ziggs shouted, his eyes shining.

“Ymir’s fangs!”

Seong-eum, who hates other people’s bodies touching her body, fixed the space and watched from a distance.

A single molar tooth, so small as to be believed to be human, was glistening in the artificial sun.

‘It’s a big deal! The legend was true!’

Since a giant like Ymir can create a new object with just one tooth, Mungyeong hurriedly drew his sword.


When there was no response after a long time, Ziggs expressed his opinion.

“Ymir is the only being in the army of heaven who can choose the battlefield. Perhaps his will prevents rebirth.”

“Heh, it’s bland.”

Ego-stricken Sungyin tossed the molar, and Ziggs hurriedly caught it with both hands.

“La Enemy is not here. It’s a pity, but I can’t. Let’s move on.”

From the beginning, the strategy of exploring all three labyrinths was possible only for Jin Seong-eum.

“Okay, where are you going?”

In terms of distance, Andre was close, but it was meaningless anyway to Seongeum, who was beyond the stars.

Seongeum looked back over the horizon and said.

“I’m going to see Sirone.”


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