Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 718

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[718] The Key to Liberation (2)


When Garnet’s pheromone was emitted, the cybernetic world caused the greatest tremors ever.


In order to control the numerous ants in the colony, you will have to change your voice.

“You yearned for the outside world. Just like me when I was younger. You brought something strange today.”

Everything that happened in the Garnet Colony had already been taken over through the lady-in-waiting ant.

“I thought you would like it.”

Merott, who folded his wings and paid respect, turned to Sirone and said.

“Tell your mother what you told me. I hope you find the answers you seek.”

As Merott ran away, Garnet’s extraordinarily long antennae approached Sirone.

“I have heard of it. About humans.”

The definition of a human being told by the ant was completely different from the human beings that Sirone knew, but he did not think it was absurd.

“I said humans are very tall, but you are small.”

“that… … .”

As Sirone explained about Andre, Garnet, who had been listening carefully, nodded.

“You mean it’s divided into so many worlds, right? If each one is an independent world… … It’s like watching us.”

Andre was similar to the colony system of ants.

“Exactly. Worlds classified through special criteria. And the standard of this world is the Queen.”

Because Garnet built the colony.

“I see what you mean. So, what do you want to ask?”

Sirone poured out questions at the speed of thought.

“System. What is the standard for dividing workers and soldiers? What is the vision for Garnet Colony? What criteria are used to determine the arrangement of rooms and the size of the territory?”

If the ants build a colony and prosper is similar to Andre’s 19,000 world, then the Queen’s intentions could read the Guffin’s thoughts.

“When the food supply becomes scarce, how much the labor of the workers increases, and the princesses and nobles waste resources… … .”

Garnett shook his head and stopped talking.

“It’s not like that.”


“I understand the intent of the question, but I don’t think I can give you the answer you want. I’ve never thought of anything complicated like that while building a colony.”

“I never thought… … No?”

Did Guphin just separate the 19,000 worlds without thinking about any standards?

“Then how did you build such a precise system?”

“There was just something like this.”

Garnett, who recalled the first time he arrived here, looked up at the ceiling and said.

“I hope everyone is happy here.”

“… … .”

Sirone felt like he had been hit in the head with a hammer.

“I want my beloved children to be safe. Build a new colony happily without sacrificing anyone… … .”

Garnet looked down at Sirone again.

“So I don’t understand your question. Why do you think that Don’t we already have a system called love? My colony isn’t complicated at all. I guess it’s not your idea that it’s complicated.”

“uh… … .”

Sirone raised her forehead and stepped back.

‘I hope everyone is happy here.’

In this world, in this system.

‘There is no such thing as 19,000 standards.’

Only one criterion divided the chaotic space-time into 19,000 worlds.

At the realization of the unimaginable goal, Sirone shed tears of overwhelming emotion.

“Love for everything.”

It’s called fraternity.

* * *

Labyrinth Andre – World No. 1583.

A year-long survival trial of 2,000 residents of White Black began.

In addition to the 10 participants, many residents gathered at the entrance of the white area, burning their will.

Of course, their will was nothing compared to the participants who would soon commit a brutal murder on Mount Anarchy.

‘Can I really win?’

Even though 80% of the production was at stake, looking at the faces of the participants, none of them were particularly trained.

‘Well, I don’t like this kind of thing either… … .’

Those who stand out will be the first to be nominated, and Sirone has been the most stand-out person in White lately.

On the other hand, Black is a zone where everyday life is war.

‘Can’t I just hope that the weak come out?’

Since even 20% of production is enough to monopolize the system, there was no reason for the strong to risk their lives.

The village chief looked back at the villagers and shouted.

“everyone! Today we must face off against those who revere violence. Wishing all the participants the best of luck on their way to Mount Anaki, the battlefield of the law!”

Applause erupted, but the facial expressions of the participants, including Sirone, did not change.

“From now on, we will begin the confrontation of the law!”

While the village headman shouted, “Tear your throat,” the participants rode a wagon and moved to Mount Anaki.

‘It’s for transportation purposes, but it’s actually a prison.’

The inside was tidy, but there were dozens of people escorting the wagon, and I didn’t know how it would change the moment I escaped.


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“Did you say sirone?”

A middle-aged man sitting across from me said.

“I am Marco. He is the father of two daughters, the son of an elderly mother, and the husband of Janie.”

Sirone’s voice became a bit harsh at the strange introduction, which could be guessed at.

“is that so? I have no family to feed on.”

At least in this world it was.

“Don’t get me wrong. It’s White’s rule. If you have any complaints, you can decide by voting here.”

Without having to listen to the rules, it was predictable that the vote would come out the moment they went into voting.

“are you okay. Please tell me something.”

“The reason our village is called White Black is because a unique moon rises every year when there is a battle of the law.”

Marco opened the wagon window and pointed outside.

“Can you see the law changing?”

Sirone poked her head out the window and saw that half of the moon was covered in darkness, like a lunar eclipse.

“When the confrontation begins, the two halves of light and darkness invade each other’s territory and transform into water droplets.”

Sirone recalled the providence of Taegeuk.

“The moon is called White Black. We don’t even know when the moon rose. The important thing is that you can’t get a weapon unless you’re in the moonlight at the top of Mount Anarky.”


Marco leaned over and said.

“As white and black representatives receive the moonlight, one hundred and twenty weapons are scattered all over Anarchy Mountain. It’s in the form of a card, and you can use special abilities by holding it.”

It was the operation of the law.

“There are two types of cards. Class cards and weapon cards. There are a total of 20 job cards and are automatically distributed to all participants. Depending on what kind of job you take, your physical abilities are completely different.”

“For example, what kind of job do you have?”

“Every job is there. Among them, 20 jobs are randomly distributed every year. If you’re a doctor, you’ll get the ability to heal wounds, and if you’re a swordsman, you’ll get powerful physical abilities.”

It was partly a matter of luck.

“The remaining hundred cards are various weapons. It can be transferred and taken away, but it cannot be destroyed. In the end, 20 contestants get one job card and then have to fight with a combination of various weapon cards.”

Sirone rested her chin on her head and thought.

‘It’s on a different level from individual axing. This is a great law.’

The existence of the Guffin was felt in the wheel of the law, which was engaged in the realm of God.

“The problem is when the white-black moon harmonizes.”

Marco continued.

“In order to obtain a weapon, the representative of each district must take an oath under the moonlight. If we don’t take the oath, our weapon won’t activate.”

“You’re asking me to take that oath?”

It was a shameless request if it were brazen, but the nine contestants would have pointed out Sirone anyway.

“Even Black needs a weapon. The weakest will come out, so it won’t be too dangerous.”

‘It must be really dangerous.’

White’s participants wouldn’t act until they got their weapons, but it was a golden opportunity for Black to cut their numbers.

‘To fight on an equal footing with Black, White must have a weapon. Are you saying I’m a scapegoat?’

While everyone held their breath waiting for the decision, Sirone leaned back in her chair and said,

“all right. I will do it.”

A sigh of relief was heard, and Sirone, who felt sorry for it, frowned and opened one eye.


The woman sitting next to Marco was looking at Sirone with an apologetic expression.

‘Did you say Mr. Breeze?’

All I knew was that I was working as a hairdresser.

She spoke, changing the shape of her lips.

‘thank you.’

Upon arriving at Mount Anarchy, Marco said.

“We need to get to the top as soon as possible. If it’s even a little late, the black guys will be camped out.”

‘They said it wouldn’t be dangerous when.’

In order to understand this world anyway, I had to enter the most dangerous place, so I nodded without muttering.

“How can I take the oath?”

“All you have to do is think that you belong to White under the moonlight of White Black. It will be over in an instant.”

“Then let’s go.”

As Sirone quickly ran to the top, the remaining nine participants began to plan a full-fledged strategy.

“Once you get the weapon, go to the area mentioned before… … .”

No one thought that Sirone would come back.

By the time Sirone reached the top, the harmony between white and black was almost over.

‘Is this also the law?’

The moonlight, shining directly from the sky, created a circle with a diameter of several tens of meters on the ground.

In the realm where light and darkness interlocked in the form of Taegeuk, Sirone entered the place where the light was shining.

‘What kind of strategy is Black?’

There hadn’t been much movement yet, but I could feel that I had already arrived.

The circle on the ground drawn by the moonlight became clearer and finally formed a perfect harmony of black and white.

“It’s a start!”

At the same time as the residents of Black were shouting from all sides, someone started running from the front of Sirone.

‘It’s an opportunity! I’m going to catch it here!’

Should Black fail to obtain the weapon, the balance of the law would quickly tip to White’s side.


The person who entered under the black moonlight was a boy who didn’t seem to have entered school yet.

“what… … !”

Sirone hurriedly stopped the attack, and the child collapsed on the floor in tears.

“Help me! Help me!”

White-black light and darkness rotated rapidly, launching huge pillars of light high into the sky.

A hundred starlights spread out, and twenty job cards bent like a guided missile, hitting each one’s chest.

‘Location is exposed.’

As I quickly twisted my waist, I saw seven cards losing their light in the bushes.

‘Eight children. Are you saying that all but two are gathered?’

It was to kill Sirone.

‘My card is… … .’

Putting aside the anger of sending the child to the starting line, Sirone checked her job card.

‘A seeker?’

Without even having time to analyze the detailed characteristics, a black participant flew in from the bush.

“Hurray! Amazing, Great! Deal with the scapegoat first!”

I don’t know what job it took, but it was incredibly fast, and I already had a weapon card in my hand.

“good! Power bomb!”

The card flashed and dozens of bombs rained down on Sirone and the child.

“Aww! save me… … !”


A tremendous explosion shook the mountaintop, and Black’s contestant burst into a mad roar.

“Hahaha! With this, 9 people against 9 people! Isn’t that fair?”

“You are talking nonsense.”

The moment the contestant turned his head at the voice heard from the side, the photon cannon hit the abdomen.


The man, screaming so loud that his eyes popped out, flew dozens of meters and fell down the cliff.

“Aaaaaa… … !”

The screams faded away, and Sirone, holding the child in her arms, looked around with fierce eyes.

‘Live is gone. ran away.’

Black participants were quick to judge the situation.

Law confrontation white black.

Survivors: 19.


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