Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 716

[716] What do you get? (5)

* * *

Emperor Aganos.

Uorin, who quickly returned to her room with a frantic gait, slammed the door shut and touched the dressing table with her hand.

“ha! ha!”

My heart was still beating fast.

‘Why the heart?’

It was the first time in 800 years that Theraze’s heart rate exceeded the normal level.

“no! no!”

It was an empire built after thousands of years of preparation, and it was the best body created through the genes of thousands of people.

How is your mind?

A spirit that transcends humans controls all emotions in this world, and conversely, no one can touch her emotions.

“I won’t give it. No one can win my heart!”

Gando opened the door and came in.

“Queen! What are you doing?”

It was the first time Uorin had shown panic, so Gando was almost terrified.

“It has to end now. If you miss the timing, you will lose the means to subdue Sirone.”

“… … .”

Uorin looked into the dressing table mirror.

‘Would he like it?’

Thinking that Sirone would judge this appearance made me feel dizzy and my heart pounding.

“The Empress.”

Uorin suddenly turned around.

“Gando, am I ugly?”


Gando frowned as if he was puzzled when he saw Uorin’s expression full of recall.

“Does it look pretty? How pretty do you look?”

‘What the hell is going on?’

It was Uorin who acquired the appearance of the most beautiful woman by scraping together all the superior genes that existed in the world.

‘Absolute confidence. A perfect human being.’

It was unbelievable that Theraje doubted his own appearance and even asked others.

‘This is dangerous. no, it’s not dangerous She’s still powerful, still perfect.’

Theraze is Theraze.

Gando did not know what the consequences of the smallest rift in the glorious empire would be.

* * *

Sirone followed Panika into the temple.

A statue presumed to be the god of the code name stood in a place where there was a round hall like a small chapel in the Jordanian church.


The outstanding features, wide-spread wings of light, and the celestial body floating above his head were definitely statues of angels.

‘No, is it an illusion?’

Most of the angels were beautiful, and the statue in front of me was missing details, so I couldn’t be sure.

‘But why am I so used to it?’

It felt familiar, as if I had touched and polished this statue every day.

Drain, codename number 1, stood side by side with Sirone and looked up at the statue.

“Our goddess, Ataraxia.”

Sirone’s head snapped back.


What suddenly comes to mind is a statue that Arius, a grave robber, tried to steal by infiltrating the mother’s mind.

It was the concept of the source of ataraxia that Ikael had directly placed in Sirone’s mind through possession.

‘But why are you here?’

Drain continued his explanation without knowing why Sirone was puzzled.

“The code name is the city governed by the goddess Ataraxia. So people in other cities don’t have codes. Just like you.”

Drain, the person most loved by Ataraxia, put his hand on Sirone’s shoulder with a benevolent smile.

“don’t worry. Anyone who enters this city can be embraced by the goddess. With her grace, you can perform miracles with a human body. Life expectancy increased, illnesses healed, or divine knowledge gained.”

Codename number 9, Gail snorted.

“The biggest problem is that no one can get it. Pray to the goddess diligently even now. Shouldn’t you live like a human after at least the 200,000th generation?”

Sirone turned to Gail and fired at him.

“It’s not unfortunate that I’m ranked low. They are unhappy because people like you bully them.”

“ha ha ha! Have you talked a lot? I’m honestly afraid No matter what code you receive, it will be below me anyway.”

Getting the ninth highest code out of over 420,000 people was definitely a challenge.

Although the existence of Ikael gave a sense of anticipation, it was impossible to be sure of the ranking unless the standards were met.

“How can I get the code?”

“The method is simple. Kneel before the goddess and pray with all your heart. We call this [Kwoncheong].”

Gwoncheong was the most important ritual in a code name where life changes depending on which code you receive.

Panica whispered softly.

“It’s a fact that only rankers know, but you can do it as many times as you like.”

“what? You mean you get a different code each time?”

“huh. That’s why rankers are gathering in the temple. The middle class will die if they come here.”

When he found out that Sirone was an incapacitated person, it was understandable that Gail had a desire to live.

“However, there are very few cases where rankings change among rankers. Because the difference isn’t that big. Rather, there are many cases where the rankings go down.”

If you are in the top 1,000 out of 420,000 people, you don’t have to gamble.

‘But it will be different from the middle class. After all, they’re all gathered here to prevent a class reversal.’

Sirone also wouldn’t have been able to get his feet wet if it wasn’t for codename 97 Panica.

Panica said cautiously.

“The standard of Kwon Cheong is to kneel down and pray. But there are also rumors that you can get high codes through special methods. Some people take off all their clothes, and some people bow before entering the temple every step of the way.”

Panika’s voice was further reduced.

“I starved for 10 days and then recommended it.”

As long as I didn’t know the exact criteria for authority, I thought that humans would have done everything possible.

‘no. It’s not like that.’

To them, the code name is the only world, but to Sirone, it is only one of the 19,000 seals sealed by Guffin.

If the existing time and space had been isolated and developed into a completely different world, this would have been the era where Ikael stayed a long time ago.

‘Ikael… … .’

As the archangel trusted by Ankera, Sirone knew the terrifying history of destroying the human world.

‘What was Guffin thinking when he sealed that era?’

Gail pressed on as Sirone took the time.

“Hey, hurry up. Don’t try to do the same with those who were born with code names, even though they are innumerable!”

The method of requesting authority was like a superstition, but Gale, who wanted to get a lower code somehow, didn’t wait.

“game! Do you know how important this is? You have to give yourself time to prepare your mind.”

Panica took the side, but in fact, Sirone was the authority, so it didn’t matter anyway.

“I will begin.”

Sirone approached the statue of Ikael and held out her hand.

“Hey, that… … .”

The disrespectful authority was strictly forbidden, so Gail stepped forward, but Drain shook his head and stopped him.

“are you okay. It is for the Goddess to judge.”

Gale didn’t even argue anymore, thinking that it would be a loss to Sirone if he bought the goddess’s wrath.

Sirone raised her head and asked.

“Ikael, stop going back.”

The artificial brain vibrated and interpreted Sirone’s words, but to the people with the code name, it was a strange word like a spell.

“Hey, what nonsense are you talking about? And what about Ikael? To the benevolent Goddess Ataraxia… … .”

Just when Gale couldn’t stand it and tried to step out again, the statue trembled and the temple vibrated.

“What, what!”

Rankers looked around with uneasy expressions about an incident that had never happened before in a code name.

“Oh, Goddess… … .”

Drain, who never lost his confidence under any circumstances, opened his mouth in a daze when he saw the tearful statue.


As the code began to be engraved on Sirone’s forehead, rankers entered the temple.

“Is there a problem?”

No one answered, and Drain, Gail, and Panika stared at the dimly lit code.

‘Ichael! This… … !’

The moment Sirone, who felt the uncontrollable amplification of her mind, raised her head while gritting her teeth.


The statue was shattered, and a huge ataraxia unfolded above Sirone’s head.

‘It is expanding endlessly!’

Nothing passed through the magic circle, but the concept of amplification was enough to shake the world.

‘I see.’

As the code on his forehead emerged clearly, the secret of the code name permeated at the speed of light.

‘This world… … .’

While Sirone was lost in thought, the rankers glared at the code engraved on their foreheads.

“I-what is that?”


The rankers who checked Sirone’s code murmured.

“Are you from the lowest class? No, wait. Isn’t 427,621 the last number?”

Since this was an unprecedented reaction from Gwoncheong, Drain, who was worried, let out a sigh of relief.

‘Sure it is. Was it the curse of the goddess a moment ago?’

“pooh… … !”

Gail burst into laughter.

“Puhahaha! Last! Are you in last place?”

Even the rankers seemed to hold back their laughter in front of a dramatic number that made them not even feel sympathy.

“I’m really going crazy. I’ve never seen numbers like that in my life. From now on, I will teach you what kind of person you are.”

Panica blocked Gale’s way.

“stop! To those who are already having a hard time!”

There was no need to harm a man sentenced to the most miserable life in the city.

“No, that’s not it. Isn’t the fact that the last person came to the temple itself a rebellion against rankers? I will set an example here.”

When Gale, who had put the panica aside, looked away as if asking for understanding, Dryne stepped back.

‘It’s a punishment that surprised me.’

Mercy was also possible when the first place was maintained.

“Now then, where should I break it?”

Just as Gail was about to grab Sirone by the collar, the rankers suddenly panicked and looked around.

“what! Come on?”

The codes engraved on each of their foreheads began to glow, and Drain was no exception.

‘This is transcoding… … .’

Before I could even finish my thoughts, I felt the loss of power and a tremendous headache.

“Aaaaaaa! head! Head!”

The rankers around were shocked to see the new number engraved on Drain’s forehead.


“Stop, no way!”

The chain reaction that started with the dry line reached Gale and his code was converted to 427,630.

“it hurts! My head hurts!”

Rankers who had fallen to the floor in order of highest code all held their heads and screamed.

“no! my might! How did you get this authority!”

The code of 427,620 people living in the city is being pushed out one by one starting from Sirone.

The fact that no one can use authority means that everyone with code names has become equal.

Sobs flowed through the temple as the screams that had spread throughout the city ceased.

“no. It must be a dream.”

Those who were rankers a while ago were shedding tears while engraving the numbers of the lowly people they hated.

“Even if it’s just a dream… … .”

As Sirone approached, Gail backed away on her hips.


“That shouldn’t be the case.”

Passing by Gale, who shuddered in fear, Sirone looked back at the place where the statue had been destroyed.

The existing Ataraxia was destroyed, but another Ataraxia remained.

‘This is Ikael’s dream.’

The standard for Codename 847 that Guffin isolated was the very existence of Ikael.

“And now… … .”

Said the new Ataraxia, Sirone, looking back at the fallen people outside the temple.

“I am the standard.”

Authority did not exist in Sirone’s world.


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