Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 710

[710] 19,000 Worlds (4)

* * *

Labyrinth Jessica.

In Molton, a beautiful kingdom adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea to the north, there is the remains of a giant, one of the world’s three great labyrinths.

Ever since the great hunter Jessica first discovered this place, the giant’s ruins have been the utopia of countless hunters.

Some people know about heaven and some don’t, but it was an established fact that many ancient weapons were buried here.

Even when Jin Seong-eum arrived at Jessica, numerous tents were camped around the huge pyramid.

Merchants opened a stall to provide their convenience, and farther away was the building of the Morton Kingdom’s Relic Restoration Department.

“Jessica is also an unconquered labyrinth. However, unlike the other three labyrinths, it is also a place where you can make money.”

At the words of Mungyeong, the leader of ‘Sambo’, Jin Seong-eum breathed cleanly and looked at Jessica’s pyramid.

Her large, sideways eyes were ferocious like those of a cat, and her tightly pursed lips were as red as raspberries.

As is often the case with Eastern women, she was small in stature, but with a long neck, her proportions were beautiful, and her fists were always clenched.

‘The Lady of Steel.’

Mungyeong admired Jinseongeum.

‘I don’t think I dare have you.’

The distance that Seongeum allowed him was three steps.

As the captain of the princess’s bodyguard, if there was a wish, it was to take one more step closer to her before dying.

‘It was a life that started at ten steps.’

It was the minimum distance that could protect the sacred sound by force.

‘Gubo, eightbo, sevenbo… … .’

The voice in the six steps was different, and the voice in the five steps was different.

With each step they took, their admiration grew, and it was only when they reached the third step that they could understand her.

‘I will protect it.’

Mungyeong could not imagine what Seongeum would look like when she reached this treasure that no man allowed.

“Come in. Time to put the ivory tower to the test.”

When Seong-eum looked back, 200 members of the SS, including 20 members of the Sambo, bent their knees all at once.

“You guys will stay here. I alone am enough.”

Mungyeong shook his head.

“That is not to be said. I do not doubt the princess’s skills, but Jessica is a place where unscrupulous hunters are infested. Please don’t mess with your heart by getting caught up in the weary tricks.”

There was anger in Seongeum’s eyes.

“Mungyeong, I am not a flower that needs to be pampered. The despicable schemes and the tricks of the men are things I have to overcome. Otherwise, how can you be considered a candidate for the ivory tower?”

Mungyeong knew that no matter how strong the hunters were, they would not be opponents of Seongeum.

According to the analysis of the Jincheon Space Agency, it was the theory that no one could beat Seongeum when the three candidates competed individually.

‘Those who rule the space have no weaknesses. but… … .’

I just hated it.

It was unbearably embarrassing to even see the true voice of a mere rogue.

“If that’s the case, keep at least the three treasures by your side. Anyway, this is also a competition. We will take care of miscellaneous matters.”

Seong-eum has a personality that doesn’t break his stubbornness easily at anyone’s words, but he couldn’t be cold-hearted towards the three steps he admitted himself.

“I get it. In that case, only the people of the Three Treasures follow me.”

Mungyeong, who had tears in her eyes at the overwhelming emotion, hit her head until blood gushed out on the ground.

“I will give my life to help!”

Seong-eum looked down at Mungyeong indifferently, but for a moment, the warm breeze of spring seemed to pass through her eyes.

“let’s go. It would be nice to have La Enemy here.”

“It will definitely happen. Isn’t the princess the one chosen by heaven?”

“Whoops, sounds like eunuchs… … .”

The princess of the Jincheon Empire moved toward the pyramid.

* * *

Labyrinth Andre – World No. 1.

When Sirone first arrived, what greeted him was the roar of a volcanic eruption that shook the world.

“here is… … ?”

It was Sirone who unlocked the door with the number 1 on the panel with the Ultima System and entered.

Oxygen much denser than the existing world.

Tropical forests stretched out to great heights and scales, and burning rocks flew in the sky.


When I raised my head at the grotesque sound from the sky, the monster creature over 40 meters in length quickly moved away.


When Sirone doubted her eyes and put on a blank expression, the bushes swayed and the face of a dragon with blue scales popped out of nowhere.

“Big uh… … .”

Goose bumps ran down my spine the moment I saw the machine-like eyes of an emotionless reptile.

Language was transmitted through the Ultima system.

“You are a strange person.”

The first thing I could tell was that it was, at least, a world inhabited by humans.

“Who are you?”

The dragon opened his mouth after thinking for a long time as if it was a fairly difficult question.

“Why aren’t you afraid?”

As far as dragons knew, humans were so weak that they feared even smaller animals than themselves.

“Where is this?”

Of course, Sirone was also nervous about the dragon, but he was a human who came from a world ruled by reason.

“now I get it. you are from another world That’s why you don’t know how strong I am.”

Sirone took on a bright color.

“yes! that’s right! What kind of place is this… … .”

“Die, you insignificant human being.”

The dragon’s mouth opened wide, and the flame’s breath instantly burned the forest to ashes.

“Anyway, a weak race… … .”

The dragon’s eyes, which turned around while licking his lips, caught something and quickly looked to the side.

Sirone, who evaded by teleportation, was frowning.

“how… … ?”

Are humans causing changes to the status quo that only dragons can do?

‘No, it’s not that kind of problem.’

What remained as an afterimage on the dragon’s retina was a phenomenon in which the human body turned into light and moved at tremendous speed.

“Sudden attack! What are you doing?”

The power of the breath itself was no different from that of modern dragons, so Sirone’s voice naturally rose.

“It can’t be.”

The dragon, unable to accept the truth, opened its mouth wide again and fired its breath.

“this… … !”

In the end, Shirone, who couldn’t stand it, responded with a photon cannon, and after that, a fierce battle unfolded for several minutes.


The dragon, which was hit on the side by the homing photon cannon, broke a tree and was pushed away.

Hearing the dragon’s roar, the creatures of the forest shook the vegetation with a sound like scratching an iron plate with a nail.

“It can’t be!”

Although he had interacted with many dragons, he had never heard of being pushed back by humans.

It is a completely new idea that is impossible even to imagine.

“It can’t be!”

The dragon, feeling anger for the first time in its life, twisted its body toward Sirone, and at the same time, the angel’s punishment fell.


“… … !”

When the spear of light penetrated, his mouth opened so much that his jaw fell out, but the impact was so great that not even a sound came out.

‘Die! Die! Die!’

The fear of death caused an earthquake in his pupils, and he moved his legs with deadly will while feeling his muscles paralyzed.

“Aaaaaang! Aaaaaang!”

Instead of chasing after the dragon that ran away into the forest, Sirone thought with a serious expression on her face.

‘Am I unable to fly?’

Some dragons in reality had degenerated wings, but were still able to fly through dragon language magic.

“The Age of Dragons.”

What Sirone could guess from the knowledge he had learned was the primitive planet where dragons ruled the world.

“How far in the past have you come?”

It was a moment of silence, and Sirone shook her head and flew up into the sky.

As Rian and Kido were defending with all their might, he had to find a way to break the seal as quickly as possible.

‘I knew about humans.’

The flame of the huge wings burned on Sirone’s shoulders as she looked around in search of a human settlement.

‘I need to find a place with water.’

It curled up like wings of light wrapped around her body, then shot Sirone like an arrow, pushing the air out with a bang.

* * *

Labyrinth Andre – World No. 283.

“There is no end.”

The huge green barrier blocking my eyes never looked like a huge plant.

It was just a normal weed that took root in the ground, and that’s why Sirone got smaller.

Boo woo woo!

As the air vibrated louder than thunder, Sirone hurriedly fell to the ground.

Then he stared blankly at the gigantic wasp, which looked well five times bigger than himself, brushing his back and moving away.

‘What the hell is this… … .’

As he cut the tens of centimeters of tall grass that blocked his eyes with the wind cutter, the familiar but completely different earth of the forest floor stretched out beyond sight.

“The prison of time and space.”

It is not just moving time and space, but expanding it by focusing on a specific time and space.

“What are you talking about here?”

Casting fly magic, he landed on top of a blade of grass, but the gentle breeze alone made his body shake.

“… … ! … … !”

Sensing the movement of numerous objects through the Spirit Zone, Sirone immediately activated the Ultima System.

“Enemy in sight! Enemy in sight!”

“Report coordinates! excuse me! excuse me!”

Sensing numerous signals rushing in like a clamor, Sirone looked down at the ground and was stunned.

“I-what is that?”

A good 10,000 ants were gathering around the blade of grass in a row.

“Report of the allied bees! A completely unknown insect has invaded our territory! Stop it quickly!”

‘… … I can roughly understand.’

It was a system at the bottom of the caste system from the universe to the natural world and from the natural world to the living world.

“Come down! You are surrounded!”

The ants, who climbed up the grass everywhere and occupied the advantage of the high ground, stuck out their butts.

“Let’s shoot our formic acid!”

“Shoot straight! Shoot straight!”

Hundreds of drops of acid fired like a cannon, and Sirone soared into the sky in annoyance.

“I’m really going crazy!”

Looking down at the ants relentlessly shooting formic acid, Sirone loaded the photon cannon into the palm of her hand.

‘There is no end anyway.’

It was a truly miserable feeling to kill tens of thousands of lives, even if they were insects.

“Wait a minute! Let’s solve it through our conversation!”

“Shoot straight! Shoot straight!”

The language of the ants was decoded by the Ultima system, but the ants could not detect Sirone’s voice.

“Let’s call the allied bees! Let’s get rid of it with a bee sting!”

‘Is this getting serious?’

If World 283 was the lowest system in the biological world, there was little chance of encountering humans.

‘I have to find a way to break the seal here somehow.’

I don’t know what kind of conversation I could have with the ant, but if I failed, I couldn’t guarantee the lives of Lian and Kido.

Sirone, who went down to the ground, raised her hand and said.

“Call the representative. therefore… … okay! Queen! I want to meet your queen.”

The shelling of formic acid stopped.

“Did it go through?”

It’s been awhile since I’ve had that kind of misunderstanding when I see ants sharing their opinions with their antennae.

“Get out of the way! I will punish the intruder with this body!”

As the sea parted in a place full of ants, the road opened and a huge soldier ant with a sharp upper jaw appeared.

“He appeared! Garnet Colony’s best warrior, 13th night!”

Numerous ants sprayed pheromone containing the information of number 13 all over the place, and I was in a state of confusion.

‘The best warrior?’

After examining the thirteenth night with her front legs raised and her chin snapping, Sirone nodded.

‘indeed… … .’

Looking at the aura rising from the gigantic size, it was definitely an ant with mastery of incarnation.


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