Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 706

[706] Desert God (5)

According to the true meaning of esoteric Buddhism, it is a section (bardo) to experience the source of existence, and there is an opinion that it is similar to a near-death experience medically.

It is frequently reported that patients in a state of suspended animation face a landscape different from reality, and outstanding monks look into the world of the soul through extreme self-cultivation.

However, Park Ji of Sirone is currently accepting the two landscapes of reality and the other side at the same time as a clear sense rather than a momentary realization.

“Check again.”

As Bak-nyeo approached, destroying everything in sight, the blood disappeared from Sirone’s face.

‘Choeni Bardo!’

Just as the statue of Buddha merges the past and the future, when Choeni Bardo merges the two spaces, numerous routes that have not existed before unfolded like an electric circuit of a precise magic circle.

When Sirone, who had evaded the attack, cast Homing Photon Cannon, flashes of light rushed in as if he had eaten a spin.

Park-nyeo’s monstrous senses were activated, and her upper body vibrated as if plucking a string.

The air exploded just by shaking the upper body, and the photon cannons that wrapped around Park Nyeo collided with each other and disappeared.

‘Is that human?’

Park Nyeo was also surprised.

‘Certainly opened the foil.’

The 7th sense corresponds to the level of the senses of ordinary angels in terms of heaven.

Not to mention looking down, the numerous magic tricks of ordinary angels were the result of exploring this world with seven senses.

Park Nyeo lowered her stance and said.

“From now on, I will evaluate you in my own way.”

Extremely intuitive, but that’s why there’s no way to deviate.

‘What is that again?’

Behind Parknyeo, a gigantic organ resembling a heart made of steel shimmered like a hallucination.

Axing – Nirvana E-engine (V-12 cylinder).

After that, the hallucination disappeared and the vivid V-shaped incarnation soared like wings, and Sirone’s face contorted.


The feeling that the world was turning around her was like touching Lian’s Mach.

‘after that day… … .’

I tasted the best acceleration while dealing with Lian in Apocalypse, but I couldn’t be satisfied with that.

If it is the same incarnation, the series is wasteful, and it is bent into a V shape to mount more cylinders of the law.

‘I can run faster now.’

Very few people know that Bak-nyeo was a genius engineer of the Mecca tribe and a terrible speed freak before gaining eternal life.

‘Although Amita will object.’

The Order of the Ten Presbyterians do not like the behavior of the Eternals.


The corner of Park Nyeo’s mouth was torn.

“with me… … Will you go all the way?”

It wasn’t long before I felt the creepy energy, and the incarnation of V burned like a flame, and Park Nyeo’s appearance disappeared.


I tried to evade the attack by mobilizing all the time bombs and foils, but honestly, I didn’t think I would be able to hold on.

‘How are you so fast? Is it out of control?’

Momodo, who was watching the vanguard that had become a battlefield, covered her head with both hands.

“no! How did I protect the vanguard!”

Suddenly, a hole opened in the wall that had been intact, and a crackling sound was heard from inside.

After a while, the shops began to collapse in order, pushing away the dust clouds.

‘Catch up!’

If you move this fast, a hundred magics are useless.

Eventually, Bak-nyeo, who had bypassed the distance seven times longer than Sirone, rushed right in front of her eyes.


Lian blocked the way and swung the sword, and the sword bounced off with a sharp sound.

“I’ll take it! Bring Ratusa!”

Sirone bit his lip.

“Are you okay? That woman… … .”

Although Sirone always trusts Rian, she couldn’t leave her alone this time.

“I know what you mean. Because I’ve already fought.”

Recalling the battle in Apocalypse was still frightening.

“don’t worry. because you won’t die But honestly… … I have no confidence to win here.”

Lian’s words made the decision clear, and Sirone got out of the seat through Choeni Bardo.

“You see it for the second time.”

Baknyeo drew her sword and approached.

“Shall we run?”

Ryan only smiled bitterly.


Kido heard the sound of Rian and Park Nyeo’s axing destroying the vanguard.

“Sheesh! Are we just goblins?”

When Maga’s bandits arrived, Kido was standing on a spear pole held by ten toes.

“What are you guys? Why are you attacking us?”

“You don’t have to worry about dying.”

As the vice-captain pulled out his sword and approached him, Kido’s whole body was enveloped in a nerve-burning murderous feeling.

‘Awesome, these.’

Even in the central desert, few organizations could wreak havoc on the mighty Vanguard.

Each one of them was a Drakker, and especially the woman who fought Lian was far beyond the human realm.

“Cheuk, kuk, kuk.”

Seeing Kido burst into laughter with his shoulders moving, the vice-captain’s eyes went wild.

“Are you crazy? What’s so funny?”

“I’m feeling a little clearer now.”

There are things you learn when you face a situation where you will die right away.

‘A fate that may come at any time… … .’

That there is no single use.

“Right, Sirone?”

As Kido bounced the spear he was holding with both feet and came down, the spear pole soared into the sky and made a whirring sound.

And the moment it fell right in front of my eyes again, Kido’s body rotated at the same speed as the spear and rolled sideways.

“It’s best to run away!”

As Kido rolled the window like a cartwheel and went down the apartment vertically, the Maga bandits jumped down.

“Chase! We have to catch it at Vanguard!”

Meanwhile, Park Nyeo, who was driving Rian, caught Sirone climbing over the wall in the distance.

‘Have you chosen to meet Ra?’

Bak-nyeo, unable to send Sirone, ran to the nearby delivery device and grabbed the tank.

“wait for a sec! Don’t touch that!”

Momodo’s cry was blown away by the wind, and the cylinder of the V-12 delivered power to Baknyeo’s body.


The tank started shaking as the RPMs soared like crazy.

“Uh-oh… … .”

At the end of the increasingly violent vibration, the iron breaks with a crackling sound.


Parknyeo let out an animal-like scream and twisted her waist, causing the tank to spin greatly due to the centrifugal force and fly toward Sirone.

“It’s 100 tons… … .”

Momodo, who had a blank expression on her face, suddenly came to her senses and shouted.

“It’s a big deal! When the outer wall collapses… … !”

“Sirone! damage!”

Turning her head at Lian’s voice, Sirone widened her eyes when she saw the huge tank.


The 100-ton tank roared and collapsed the wall.

“Aww! what.”

Shirone, who had fallen outside the vanguard, clutched at the desert sand in a prone position.

The first thing I noticed was the sound of the burning wind.


Something huge was pushing in from the deep darkness of the desert.

“Activate the second tank and repair the windbreak! If we don’t block it early, everything will be destroyed!”

Momodo quickly gave instructions, but a strong wind rushed into the vanguard as if a hole had been made in the bank.

Double-glazed windows rattled as the sand splattered, and injured people were hit by debris from the building.

A subordinate jumped from the watchtower shouted.

“Manager! Northcarta… … ! no… … .”

He changed his words after deciding that he could not fully express his emotions with just the name of the equator wind.

“The desert god is coming!”

When Sirone came to his senses and cast Shining Magic, Kaidra flew in with a groaning sound from the place where the moon was above.

‘thank god. You were nearby.’

Kido and Lian ran toward the exit, and at the exact timing, the photon cannon shot through the iron gate.

“Rian! Kido! hurry!”

Shirone waved her hand and urged, and the vice-captain, who was watching from afar, shouted at the subordinate guarding the exit.

“Stop! Don’t let me get on the rogue!”

Kido stopped walking as the members on the Omek raised their swords and charged from the left and right.

“Sheesh! Go first!”

“Catch the goblins first!”

The Omeks jumped into the air and stepped on Kido’s spot with sharp claws.


Lian, who had arrived at Sirone, looked back and shouted.


As the dust settled, the sight of the severed omeks rolling on the ground was seen in agony.

Kido rolled out like a ball and ran towards the exit, biting off one of the animal’s legs.

“Puhehehe! how is it? Did I do well?”

“Stop eating!”

Kido, who had thrown his legs at Sirone’s rebuke, climbed onto Kaidra and grabbed the reins.

“I’ll drive! I’ve seen all the places to see here too!”

The Maga thieves all boarded the Omeks and charged towards Kaidra, brandishing whips.

“Captain! Do you chase?”

Ooh oh oh!

I couldn’t even hear my voice because of the harsh wind.

“I will go till the end.”

When Park Nyeo, who changed direction by twisting the reins, stood in the lead, the vice-captain looked back and gave instructions.

“Beat the drum! It locates by sound!”

ridge! ridge! ridge! ridge! ridge!

Hearing the sound of drums, Kaidra flew up.

“damn! It’s a really big wind!”

However, the wind resistance was so severe that it was not easy to increase the altitude.

The sound of the wind grew louder without knowing the end, and even the thieves who had nothing to fear in the world swallowed their saliva.

‘You’re really going to break through this?’

Sensing the strength of the wind, Kido shouted.

“come! come! come! come!”

Just as Sirone lifted his head at the deafening roar, Lian pointed forward.

“Sirone! excuse me!”


A desert tidal wave reaching a height of two kilometers was approaching, encroaching all the way to the horizon.

Sirone burst into laughter with an expression about to cry.


The members running on the ground also found a huge barrier of sand and became confused.

“Be strong! If eaten, it’s over!”

ridge! ridge! ridge! ridge! ridge!

Baknyeo took a deep breath as she was hit by strong winds that seemed to tear her skin apart.

‘It is Mother Nature’s wind.’

She lowered the only suit she was wearing and lifted her head, spreading her upper body wide.


I could see the white inside my quivering eyelids, and my waist swayed like a wave in accordance with Omek’s rhythm.

‘Literally an animal.’

Looking at Park Nyeo’s gently rising back muscles, the vice-captain tightly closed his lips.

‘It doesn’t matter if I become a beast. If that person… … .’

Even if he falls into the realm of animals, he will gladly sacrifice his life for Bak-nyeo as king.

Kido grabbed the reins and shouted.

“Hold tight so you don’t fall! crash!”

Sirone realized the reason of the law governing the desert as he glared at the gigantic sandstorm that drove him insane.

‘It’s not the wind.’

The reality of Northcarta conveyed through Bakji is the futility of countless lives that have been lost for eons.


Is it a coincidence created by the flow of air?

The sand particles flowing down the desert wall formed the shape of a huge skeleton and let out a scream.

‘I won’t be swallowed up by nothing!’

Even if it is a fate where only a miserable ending remains, I will fight the world to the end.

“Rian! Kido!”

A skeleton protruding from the sand barrier reached out its bony hands and pounced on Caidra.

“let’s go!”

At the same time, Lian swung the straight sword vertically.


Divine Transcendence – Mach.


As Lian’s will split the world in two, the skull’s face carved into the sand wall exploded into two.

Finally, a desert storm engulfs Caydra.


Kido’s voice spread through the wind.

“Don’t miss it! We are the Mark bandits!”

ridge. ridge. ridge. ridge. ridge.

The desert god comes, swallowing nothingness.


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