Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 703

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[703] Desert God (2)

“Yaksha… … did you say?”

There was no way that the Maga bandits didn’t know about the yaksha, the people who only gathered S-class criminals in the empire.

‘It won’t even reach the captain’s toes anyway.’

Incarnation was not a military force, but a standard of a realm, and the level of the same yaksha was very different.

As Bak-nyeo loosened her faded five-colored turban, her ominously black hair flowed like a mane.

Wiping the sweat from her chest with a turban, she carefully inspected the King Scorpion’s corpse.

The shredded corpses of scorpions were strewn about the area where the pits had dug as if a meteorite had fallen.

In some places it was neatly cut in two; in others it was cut into small pieces, as if ground up.

“One half. Two Yasha.”

Judging by the combination, it must have been the party she was looking for.

“Where did you go?”

Even though I was puzzled by the leader who talked a lot today, the vice-captain told the truth as he knew it.

“It seems to have gone south.”

“What’s in the South?”

“Vanguard… … It is the largest oasis in the area. It is a place where merchants use it as an intermediate base before moving on to the Kingdom of Paras. Security is tight.”

Baknyeo passed the turban to the vice-captain and got on the omech.

“ah… … .”

The deceptive smell made the vice-captain desperately suppress the desire to bury his face in the turban.

‘Calm down. not a woman She’s just a beast.’

Until it rains, she doesn’t wash herself, and of course I’ve never seen her wear underwear.

All he had was a pair of clothes that were no different from rags, and when he urinated while walking around, he couldn’t help but panic.

I’ve never felt so beautiful

But why does my heart become as hot as if it were on fire when I was near her?

Baknyeo gave the instructions.

“Vanguard. We go south.”

The members’ eyes widened.

“Are you sure you want to pursue it? Now the desert god is approaching.”

Bak-nyeo, the king of beasts, felt the difference in the temperament of the wind.

“They already left a few hours ago. It’s already too late. You won’t be able to make it on time.”

“You just have to run fast.”

Isn’t it because it’s impossible to run that fast?

“There is no problem going.”

The vice-captain wanted to make Park Nyeo’s wish come true.

“But what are you going to do now? The business of removing altars.”

“You can do it later.”

It was a solution that only Park Nyeo could suggest.

“… … All right.”

The vice-captain aboard the omech shouted to the members.

“From now on, run at full speed! The destination is Vanguard!”

‘it’s crazy. I’m going to kill them all.’

Park Nyeo and a band of 40 bandits set out for the south.

* * *

As night fell, the temperature dropped rapidly, and it was to the point that even flying in the sky would freeze your body.

“Ugh, it’s cold. I have a problem with this.”

I finally understood Uorin’s words that we must arrive at Vanguard before sunset.

“Be patient. I see an oasis over there.”

A huge oasis like a lake reflected the moon in the sky, and a commercial complex was formed next to it.

‘That’s Vanguard.’

An apartment complex consisting of three buildings formed its own outer wall, and numerous stalls were visible in the vacant lot inside.

said Ryan.

“That’s a fortress. The building is steel and the windows are double glazed. Do you really need to build it like that?”

“Definitely strange. Besides, you know what? People are often seen after the sun has gone down.”

Numerous merchants, unknown where they had been hiding until now, were quickly gathering in Vanguard.

“Right. Like people who are being chased.”

Kido laughed.

“Kick Kick! What are you worried about? Uorin told me to go. That woman, although she may be a jerk, she knows the right way.”

It was an oxymoron, but it was strangely understandable.

“We fought like crazy during the day, so let’s definitely rest when we rest. Because I got a lot of money.”

As Kaidra approached, the merchants gathered in the vanguard all looked up at the sky and shouted.

“hey! Look over there!”

Baltan was frightened by the appearance of a terrifying rogue bird, and sirens sounded from the watchtower of the vanguard.

“monster! A monster has appeared!”

Then someone pointed at Sirone.

“for a moment! There are people!”

Kaidra, who had Uorin as her owner, seemed to be familiar with this situation and settled in the closest place.

“What are you going to do with Ratusa? Even if you take them to a stable or something, they’ll all be food for one meal.”

“I said that Uorin didn’t need special care. He says if you set him free, he will get his own food.”


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Sirone, who had jumped off Kaidra, stopped moving and looked straight ahead with a firm expression.

Numerous merchants were watching Sirone and the others.

“uh… … hello?”

They greeted each other in the common language of the continent, but the merchants, who could spend their entire lives in the Kashan language alone, did not understand.

“Aren’t you Middle Eastern? What is that creepy green face?”

“It must have been poisoned by the poison of the desert. Tsk tsk, I’m sorry. That’s how it’s not good to get married.”

Kido had never eaten Middle Eastern people, but he understood them only with their gazes and tongue clicks.

“These are real! I’m a goblin! He has the most handsome face among goblins!”

The sound of clicking the tongue got louder.

“Where do you guys come from?”

Sirone answered the elderly merchant’s question.

“Lian, tell me. We are not merchants, and that monster is my pet. Introduce me as a wizard.”

That should have been enough to convince him.

As Lian traced his memory and conveyed the rumors, a stir arose among the merchants.

“Wizard? Aren’t you a great wizard enough to play a monster like that?”

“then… … .”

Everyone’s eyes changed.

‘Wizards have a lot of money.’

As soon as the thoughts were over, all the merchants rushed around Sirone.

“what! What are these people doing!”

If a fight breaks out between merchants, business is closed on that day, so soliciting guests is absolutely prohibited inside Vanguard.

But outside the vanguard, the person who bites Hogu is the owner.

Especially for a wizard who summons a monster, buying all of their stuff wasn’t even a chore.

“here! buy my stuff! It’s a special product! Quality is guaranteed!”

“I have to tell you something!”

Numerous words have been passed down through the Ultima system.

“Buy mine! Buy it quickly! Before I kill you!”

‘If you’re going to kill me, why are you doing business?’

As the skeletal-thin man held out what looked like a clod of black earth, a foul smell hit it.

“You were looking for this? It is a medicine that makes you immortal.”


“If you mix a spoonful with water and drink it, you will never die until the next morning. You can have a great night.”

“I’m not buying it! I’m not buying anything!”

“Alone is enough! Don’t you know the saying, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing?”

Sirone cried out.

“Rian! I can’t understand a word of what you’re saying!”

At the same time, Lian grabbed Sirone and jumped over people.

Kido with crooked glasses was waiting with a bewildered expression, and when Sirone arrived, he turned around at the same time.

“run! Get inside!”

As I passed through the front gate of Vanguard, I heard the faint sound of Kaidra flying in the sky.

“wow! really amazing! It’s a complete sellout.”

As Sirone got on his knees to catch his breath, he heard a woman’s laughter.

“Ho-ho-ho! of course. Because this is the middle of the desert ruled by nothingness. I cannot bear it with my sane mind.”

It was a plump, fat middle-aged woman in her 40s, escorted by two subordinates equipped with swords on her left and right.

Her lips were blood red, powdered enough to make her dark skin look white.

She was carrying a Middle Eastern fan, and her corset was tightly tucked under a see-through dress.

“you are… … ?”

The woman passed the fan behind her and said hello.

“My name is Momodo, the 32nd manager of Vanguard. I heard you’re a wizard, is that true?”


Ryan didn’t even need to translate.

“Forget about the fuss outside, and please spend a fortune at Vanguard. Tonight is going to be quite long.”

“What does that mean?”

This time, Lian interpreted.

“Soon the god of the desert will attack this place.”

“God of the desert?”

These are the words I saw in the dead man’s diary.

“The god of the desert is the equatorial wind created by the special environment of the North Carta and Akkad deserts. A huge sandstorm sweeps everything away.”

“If it’s such a great sandstorm, how is this place still safe?”

Momodo pointed to a huge mechanism installed between the U-shaped apartments.

“It’s a distribution device. Even in a sandstorm, they scoop it up right away. Luna, an oasis that never dries up, and this distributing device are the pride of Vanguard.”

It was the only resting place in the central desert.

‘Hmm, then the great movement of the King Scorpion… … .’

How on earth is it such a great sandstorm that monsters over 2 meters in length run away in droves?

“Vanguard is safe. So spend your money! Enjoy! Even the gods of the desert will not be able to stop your extravagance.”

As Momodo blew up Vanguard’s promotional message and disappeared, Sirone and the others looked around at the colorfully decorated market.

“Since you’re so confident, let’s be comfortable. At least you won’t be buried in the desert, right?”

If a desert storm came, they would have no choice but to be stranded for a while.

“Is that so? Let’s fill the stomach first. You didn’t eat anything while fighting the King Scorpion.”

Sirone and the others’ choice was grilled salamander on a skewer.

It was disgusting to see, but Kido’s theory was that when you come to a new place, you should taste the specialties of the new area.

I bought a meaningless souvenir and took a special cream that prevents skin from being damaged by the sun.

“It’s fun, it’s a trip. Where shall we go now?”

“How is it over there?”

At the place Sirone pointed to, tents of various colors were lined up along the road.

“It’s an astrology shop. I heard that the tribes of the Akkadian desert are good at astrology.”

“Aha, you mean foretelling the future?”

Kido, who blinked, snorted.

“I don’t believe in that. Even if you think of it as a simple statistic, it’s a lot, right? Have all the prophets of the world gathered here?”

“haha! It doesn’t.”

Sirone’s thoughts were the same, but it was also true that he was interested as a prajna who had realized the law.

“There are very few astrologers in the world who have realized the true law. Let’s pretend to be cheated though. Because these are also memories.”

Each tent had a long line of people.

‘Well, this place is a desert.’

For those who survive in a land where death reigns, it is natural for them to feel great anxiety about the future.

“It’s popular. Do you think we will have to wait a long time?”

“That tent has no strings.”

It was a tent with crystal ball flags fluttering, and surprisingly, there was not a single person waiting.

Kido said with a suspicious look.

“Normally, a place like that would be really incompetent.”

“How are you? I don’t even believe it anyway It’s fun to hear from other people’s mouths about what we’ll be like later.”

Since I decided to take a break, I wanted to try various things.

“Kick Kick! I will become the ruler of the world.”

After finding the astrology shop, Sirone tilted the tent from side to side and went inside.

“excuse me. what?”

A girl about her age was sleeping with her head thrown back, even with her face covering on the table.

I was watching him drooling and not wanting to get up, but Kido came in after me and said,

“Because there are reasons for ruin.”


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