Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 701

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[701] Where Ra is (3)

The decision to go to the place where there are 19,000 worlds made Lian and Kido’s faces pale.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever look back.’

It was unpredictable how long it would take just to search a single world.

“Hmm, good judgment.”

Wu Lin said.

“Andre’s conquest difficulty can be said to be the worst among the three labyrinths. But if you… … .”

It is because it is the ruins of Guffin, and the Hexa designed by Guffin is Sirone.

“that’s right. I’m going to use the Ultima system. If Guffin did it, so can I. No matter which labyrinth you choose, if the probability of La Enemy being there is 1/3, I’ll bet on Andre.”

Woorin stood up.

“Okay, let’s start right away. Gando, put Ratusa on standby.”

“All right.”

When Gando left, Sirone asked.

“What is Ratusa?”

“Huh, I know when I see it myself. You can’t cross the desert in a wagon, can you?”

‘Hmm, is it a means of transport exclusive to the desert?’

Assuming that, I followed Uorin to the hallway, and a group of people occupied the corner of the street.

Sirone immediately realized their identity.


The world’s strongest swordsmanship group that cut Bosun, Kazura’s head of magic, into pieces like porridge in an instant.

The fact that he only realized the existence of the uninvited guest after hearing Gando’s words was a testament to how secretly Uorin kept the meeting with Sirone.

However, the inside of the wind was not good, and the anger was transferred to Sirone and the others.

Lian looked at the 30 swordsmen wearing owl masks.

‘They’re windmills.’

As befits those who cut out Quan’s Achilles tendon, each prayer was unusual.

But what was really scary was the collective life, Gakshi, that all of them were spewing out at the same time.

‘Are we going to try it?’

An ordinary swordsman would lose his life the moment he was exposed to the gaze, but his teeth did not go in before the will of the divine transcendence.

‘I see, I’m not an ordinary uninvited guest.’

As Fengzhang unified his thoughts, the one standing at the head of the triangular formation took off the owl mask.

Lian, who checked the Asian woman’s face, was convinced.

‘That woman is the leader.’

had ghost eyes.

“Queen, why did you bring in strangers without even saying a word to us?”

She was the only one who dared to show her displeasure to the Empress of Kashan, but Uorin responded coldly.

“What are you talking about? Isn’t it your duty to protect me? What was I doing when I was surrounded by these people?”


No one in the wind field moved, but a different level of energy shook.

Kido twisted his nose at the illusion that the surrounding scenery was distorted like oil on water.

‘As expected, this woman is a pervert.’

The leader of Fengzhang said quietly.

“I will not make any excuses. But, then, can we correct our mistake now?”

Rian, who felt murderous, blocked Sirone’s way, but Uorin shook her head resolutely.

“No, there is no chance. You are all fired.”

As the leader of Fengzhang, Wu Lin was difficult.

‘I don’t know. What the hell are you thinking?’

Then, Uorin hugged Kido from behind and hugged him by the neck.

“I don’t need incompetents like you. Because I already have such great bodyguards.”


Sirone and Lian made absurd expressions, but Kido was the most ridiculous person in this place.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Why am I your bodyguard?”

“I have always wanted to raise a strange pet. I think putting it on a leash and putting it next to me would be much more comfortable than a penguin. I will raise you from today, so why don’t you stop traveling?”

“joy! Are you going to tame me like a human?”

“How is that? Since I became the king of the goblins, I am making this proposal. You say you like to crawl? good. Standing on two feet is forbidden from now on.”

Kido’s eyes narrowed coldly.

“… … Sirone, can I kill this woman?”

At the same time, the leader of Fengzhang drew his sword, and the remaining 29 people performed the same movement without any error.

“It would be better to cover up the words. If you lay your hands on the queen, I will make the creatures feel unimaginable pain.”

In the immediate situation, Uorin hugged Kido’s neck even more tightly and whispered.

“Kido, will you fight for me? don’t believe what they say i fired them They will try to kill me.”

‘This woman is completely crazy.’

Just as Kido raised his eyes viciously, Uorin laughed, baring her teeth, and kicked him in the butt.

“good! Wipe out those insignificant things, pet goblin!”


At the same time as Sirone shouted, the wind chimes flew in, breaking through the display like smoke.

Uorin held his belly button and laughed, but all Kido could hear was the sound of the sword’s strong wind.

‘Damn it!’

It was clearly a human body, but the movement of the wind field was never human.


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Avoiding the whirlwind of blades that swirled like a gale, Kido rolled on the floor and swung his spear.

‘This… … .’

The leader of Fengzhang sensed it even after seeing the momentary movement.

‘He has mastered the logic of the land.’

The movements of Fengjang, who follows the law of wind, and Kido, who follows the law of earth, are entangled in a small space.

The air rubbed as if on fire.


As Kido rolled his body out of the room, the people of the Fengjang spread out like a flock of crows and stood up behind Uorin.

“Empress, please order me to kill myself. I cannot bear the shame of losing my place to a mere goblin.”

Uorin’s smile disappeared before she knew it.

“What about your incompetence that even such a goblin couldn’t deal with?”

The leader of Poongjang bit his lip as if there was no excuse, but Kido had a different idea.

‘If only we had fought one more second… … .’

Perhaps he himself was cut into chunks of meat.

The leader of Poongjang, who could not grasp Uorin’s intentions at all, delivered in an earnest voice.

“Anything you say… … .”

“I hate to hear it. go far away Keep yourself in the most painful state for the next three days. pitiful things.”

The leader immediately bowed his head.

The most painful condition would be different for each person, but it was the most comfortable to give instructions like this.

“I will follow your orders.”

Sirone asked as Fengzhang, who floated gently, moved away as if the corridor was sucking it in.

“Uorin, why the hell… … ?”

Uorin, who had a cold face until then, suddenly puffed out her cheeks and burst into laughter.


Then he pointed at the dazed Kido and stomped his feet.

“Are you surprised? Are you really surprised? Look at that face.”

Kido, who was standing hunched over with a spear, trembled and shouted out loud.

“What are you doing, you crazy woman! You almost died!”

Sirone was also disappointed this time.

“Yes, Uorin. It was too bad. It’s not another prank, it’s a wind farm.”

“Hmm, the king of goblins.”

As Uorin approached, Kido jumped back.

“Still, it’s quite good. They are a group that belongs to the high ranks among the Fengzhang, but they can’t stand the match.”

‘Human, does that look like a sum?’

It would have been 1,000 sums.

“I was honestly worried because I didn’t really care about goblin information. But seeing it in person is reassuring. Take good care of Sirone. You shouldn’t hurt a single hair. Understand?”

“shut up! Why should I protect Sirone? I am traveling on my own volition!”

Sirone agreed with Kido’s words.

“that’s right. Kido is not like a pet. Doing tests like this just to confirm that.”

‘You don’t know, Sirone.’

How much Uorin, no Therase, no Mitochondria Eve, value Sirone.

“Sirone, is it possible that the day will come when we sleep in the same bed?”

Kido spat out without passing through his brain.

“What bullshit is this again?”

Although the words were harsh, Sirone’s feelings were similar.

“I don’t think that will happen. First of all, I have someone I love, and you are the empress of Kashan. world’s strongest… … .”

“Yes, I am a little noble. I just want to say, if it happened, it just happened.”

When Wu-Lin talked about life, it was always confusing.

“If I kiss you now, that means I kissed you. It’s an obvious fact. Words like impossible, impossible, etc. will lose their meaning.”

seemed to know what it was.

“I am biologically 16 years old and will grow older. Maybe it will turn into a body you want to love.”

I still thought it was beautiful.

“Of course it is difficult. do we sleep together Just thinking about it makes me feel strange. It would be more natural to imagine them fighting to kill each other.”

It was not impossible for the Queen of Kashan and the star of the Ivory Tower.

“But life is anything that can happen. Maybe one day I will be your bride, maybe even your daughter.”

A moment of silence ensued.

“I know what you mean. I’ll keep it.”

Only Uorin should have known why she had brought up the words in this space at this moment.

‘Don’t worry, Amy.’

Satisfied with what Shirone had put in her heart, Uorin left the hallway with a bright expression on her face again.

“Well then, shall we go?”

They climbed the spiers of Aganos.

Zookeepers were waiting at the watchtower overlooking the capital city.

“Oh, what about that?”

Sirone pointed to a huge, hairless, monstrous bird crouching at the edge of the watchtower.

“Are you Kaidra?”

A tier 3 high-flying creature summoned by Zulu the other day, it could fly 7,000 kilometers a day.

“No way, is it summoning magic?”

“No, I just raised them. My name is Ratusa. Sometimes I ride when I want to get some fresh air.”


Uorin’s power could be guessed just by capturing and taming the summons of the archmage, which could only be realized through the boss.

“It’s quite a long way to Andre. But Ratusa should be able to arrive by tomorrow afternoon.”

“Whoa, tomorrow afternoon?”

“I have been trained since I was born, so I can sense human feelings well. It won’t be too difficult.”

As Uorin approached, who had taught him a few things about crossing the desert, Ratusa rubbed her beak against her cheek.

“Damn it, the sky isn’t very nice.”

Uorin looked back at Kido who grumbled and took out a bag of gold coins from his chest.

“take it. There will be times when you will need it.”

Before Sirone could speak, Kido snatched it up.

“Kick-kick, our queen has a sense. I’ll ignore the joke you made earlier about pets.”

“what? Aren’t you kidding?”

Uorin pretended to hold the string and laughed.

“Leash, I’ll buy the best one and keep it.”

“Because this looks really cute… … .”

When Kido approaches with a serious expression.

“I hear it’s called the Kiddo of Eating.”


“perhaps… … I don’t know if you can give me my blood.”

It was only then that Kido realized that something was wrong and blinked in thought.

“Kido, what are you doing? Come on.”

“Oh, okay.”

When Kido finally got on board, Sirone grabbed Kaidra’s reins and turned to Uorin.

“thank you. Thanks for saving time. I will pay you back someday.”

Armand, the debt repayment of the moratorium, and even today’s situation, she received so much.

“Careful, Sirone. The world is wide, and the desert of Kashan is even wider.”

After reciting Uorin’s words, Sirone nodded and pulled Kaidra’s reins.

“Let’s go, Ratusa!”

Raising her beak vertically, Kaidra raised her huge body and flew off the watchtower.


The shadow trapped in the sun moved away little by little.


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