Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 700

[700] Where Ra is (2)

Unable to track Ra Enemy, Uorin traced the movements of all mankind except for Ra Enemy.

“It’s not a big deal if you call it a history search. It’s a way of searching through my memories and sorting them into a series of categories.”

However, it was great because the category of memory was the whole of mankind.

Most humans can only pass on fragments of what they have experienced in their lifetime to future generations, but Thera’s memory transfer did not leak information.

“In short, no human being in my memory has ever met the real Ra Enemy. Therefore, all that remains is a place that even I have never experienced, namely the world’s three great labyrinths. If it’s not here, it’s probably not on this planet.”

Sirone agreed.

‘An area where the frequency of output is extremely small compared to the frequency of input. But that means… … .’

Even if he met the real Ra Enemy, the chances of escaping were extremely small.

“I said I would vote for you on the premise of risking my life, but honestly, it’s true that I’m lagging behind the other contenders.”

If it was enough to be nominated for the Ivory Tower, the speed of judgment had to be similar, and what remained was the difference in inclination.

“Nane has already chosen one of the three great labyrinths and is going. without anyone’s help. Jin Seong-eum has powerful soldiers from the Jincheon Empire. The three treasures of the direct escort unit. Those who have been given the authority to go three steps ahead of her, and their skills are top-notch. And for you sirone… … There is a Mach knight and a goblin king.”

When Kido cleared his throat shyly, Uorin smiled.

“I know that Rian and Kido are strong, but this time the opponent is not formidable. You will have to push yourself.”

“are you okay. Because there are three labyrinths. Uorin, I don’t think they’ll find something you couldn’t find either.”

Uorin’s goals were also in line with each other.

“La Enemy is in one of these three labyrinths: Jessica, Andre, and Pytharos. So Sirone, you also have a chance. By any chance, do you have a map?”

Lian handed over the map of the world, and Uolin unfolded it on the table.

“Do you know the difference between a maze and a labyrinth?”

“Well, a labyrinth is a path, and a labyrinth is a space?”

“Similar. But to be precise, a labyrinth has an exit and a labyrinth has no exit. It is not a place created to dazzle someone from the beginning.”

Uorin pointed to the Morton Kingdom, which borders Kashan to the south.

“First, Jessica.”

Like the largest empire, there were only three kingdoms, Jive, Molton, and Bornai, bordering Kashan and the south.

“Jessica is the name of the first discoverer. It’s in an area 50 miles (87 km) from Molton’s castle, in the woods adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. maybe you can find it right away. Because it is too big.”

“What do you mean huge?”

“It’s literally too big. Another name for Jessica is Remains of the Giant. It is believed to have been built by giants before humans settled on this land. I don’t know how large the space is under the pyramid because no one has explored it to the end, but archaeologists estimate that it is equivalent to a small kingdom.”

“Hmm, getting out is a problem, but finding it is also a problem.”

“Among the three great labyrinths, it’s still pretty popular. It’s called a labyrinth because it can’t be conquered, but even if you don’t go too deep, expensive artifacts and sometimes even ancient weapons are found.”

Everyone who talked to Uorin was ignorant of the fact that the giant had come from heaven.

“Then Andrew. It is in the Akkadian Desert.”

Theraze pointed to the desert southeast of Kashan’s territory.

“The Akkad Desert is the largest desert in the world. The southern desert is the territory of Paras Kingdom, but Andre is in the territory of Kashan, north of the desert.”

Tormia was not a very large country, so it felt unfamiliar to introduce one of the three great labyrinths in their own country.

“Andre’s common name is the prison of time and space. As far as I know, it is the most unique of the three labyrinths and also the most difficult to get out of.”

“Why is it a space-time prison?”

“The flow of time and space is completely different from reality. The survival rate is 1 in 1,000. According to records, it is said to be in the past 3,000 years ago, and some say it is a place where there is a primitive age 10,000 years ago. Of course, I think there are people who have been to the future world.”

“Right. You mean that a different time and space unfolds every time you enter, right? This must be difficult. Are you leaving your life to chance?”

“Not really.”


When I looked up, Uorin was laughing mischievously.

“Actually, it is a famous tourist destination. Even now, thousands of people visit this place every year.”

“that is… … What are you talking about?”

“A long time ago, someone made Andre’s time and space independent. Even if you enter Andre, you will no longer be able to experience the mixing of time and space. Instead, if you go there, there are 19,000 round steel doors tightly packed. Each of them becomes an entrance to another world.”

“You mean there are 19,000 unique worlds?”

“okay. Each of them has a different time and a different space world sealed. Naturally, the steel doors are made so that tourists can’t open them, but no one wants to get in anyway. No survivors since the steel door. So no one knows how each world would have developed. Some worlds may have already been destroyed.”

“That’s why it’s called a prison.”

“It is a kind of prison. They created a prison and imprisoned the time and space where they violated the rules and ran wild.”

At this point, I was curious about one thing.

“Who the hell did such a great thing?”

“I don’t know. Nobody knows.”

Sirone’s expression hardened.

“Maclein Guffin.”

“okay. If you can’t find it even if you search all the history, it means that it has already been erased. Do you understand now? Andre is the remains of Guffin.”

Sirone swallowed and said.

“Maybe La Enemy isn’t here either?”

I wanted to believe that.

“Ahaha. It may be so, but even Anke is not an ordinary creature.”

Uorin, who had erased her smile, looked at the map again and took a picture of the Middle East, the Kingdom of Paras, on the left side of the desert south of Akkad.

“Finally, Pytharos, also known as the Hole of Corruption.”

Kido pulled out his tongue and raised it up.

“I don’t want to go just hearing the name.”

“If Andre is a singularity of time and space, Pytharos is a legal singularity. All the corrupting energy of this world gathers here. Why, just as rainwater flows down from a high place to a low place, Pytharos is a legal lowland.”

Ryan said briefly.

“It must be dangerous.”

“Even if not to the extent of the Ivory Tower candidates, those with low Kar will go crazy as soon as they enter. In addition, many non-entities born from turbid energy threaten explorers. Of course, the ranks of demons range from at least B to triple S.”

According to what I learned at school, it is known that demons are born as a result of the collective consciousness of ancient people.

A collection of turbid desires, pleasures, and taboos.

And now, realizing Bakji, Sirone was able to know another fact.

“The demons are the masters of the other world, right?”

“that’s right. Reality and unreality are born like twins and indirectly influence each other through a thin film. But sometimes the veil comes off, or the collective consciousness of humans becomes so strong that they come into reality.”

“Just hearing it gives me chills.”

It was a realistic evaluation of Kido.

“Anyway, La Enemy will be in one of these three labyrinths. To sum up, Jessica is as big as a kingdom, Andre has many worlds, and Pytharos is literally a paradise for demons. You can choose from these.”

Uorin smiled with the face of a merchant as if everything was cheap and good.

Sirone stared at her with wide eyes, but it was time to make a choice anyway.

“Then let’s choose. Remains of giants, prisons of time and space, holes of corruption. What would you like to do?”

After a moment of silence, Kido spoke.

“Can I be honest? I just want to go home.”

It was the first time he had missed his dead sister so much.

“Where we are going is important, but shouldn’t we also consider where La Enemy is hiding?”

Lian casts a stabbing attack that appears with a very rare chance.

“Oh, I see. Hmm.”

Sirone looked at the map again.

“The giant’s ruins are related to Ankera, and the space-time prison is the best place to hide.”

Kido said.

“But wouldn’t Pytharos be comfortable for Ra? You moved the army of the other world in Radum as well.”

After all, it wasn’t strange no matter where he was.

“What about the other competitors? Can you tell me where it went?”

“They haven’t decided yet either. However, judging from the position, I think Jin Seong-eum will go into Jessica.”

“It is the remains of a giant.”

“Jin Seong-eum is an unlocker. Magic is the ability to control space with etheric waves. It doesn’t matter to her that her radius is wide.”

“It means you’ve made use of your speciality.”

It was an excellent decision if you couldn’t guess the location of La Enemy anyway.

‘All that’s left is Andre and Pytharos. Which place will I choose?’

I wanted to avoid a situation where I had to fight with Nane over a labyrinth in a three-player competition system.

“Sirone, don’t think too hard. It’s not a competition where tricks work. They fight by using their own abilities. Both Nane and Jin Seong-eum have reached great heights, but you have a sense that transcends humans.”


“okay. The senses get stronger the more you train them, but equipping them in the first place is another matter. You can’t give ears to people who don’t have ears. But you are different.”

Uorin raised the index fingers of both hands side by side.

“It is said that living things have a total of 11 senses to accept the world. Humans have all five senses, but angels have all their abilities, a theory established with senses that transcend humans. That’s why humans don’t understand.”

Even Arius had not fully understood Ataraxia.

“The Valhalla Action, where the archmages are now paying off their debts, is also an extreme expression of a sense of oppression.”

“Valhalla action?”

Come to think of it, the core principle was similar to the bombing of Buddha statues.

“Just as some people use their eyes to draw pictures and some people hunt, even the same senses have different functions depending on how they are developed. So having one more sense attached is a huge advantage.”

I got a little more confident.

“Perhaps he inherited the senses of an angel right after he was born.”

‘Ikael… … .’

When I thought of her, my heart ached.

“Even so, it usually ends here, but you opened up to the 7th sense. It’s because you’ve already opened the ultimate feeling called final sense. It’s a feeling that even Anchera doesn’t have.”


Sirone tightly closed his lips.

He has no cause, but the two people who designed him may have inherited something bigger.

“I don’t know how far you can open your senses, but just training your current senses will be enough to compete with other ivory tower candidates.”

Opening the senses is on a different level than learning a new magic.

‘Well, just by realizing Bakji… … .’

Sirone’s mental power was greatly strengthened as he felt insubstantial concepts such as mind and concentration as if they were material.

It was confirmed that Ataraxia’s accumulation time completely disappeared while fighting Igor, the Lord of Terror.

‘This is the beginning. I can become stronger.’

When Shirone’s eyes were finally filled with confidence, Uorin asked with a smile.

“So what is your choice?”

Looking down at the map again, Sirone didn’t hesitate any longer.


Rian and Kido’s eyes followed.

A prison of time and space that contains the breath of a guffin.

– I will be where you seek.

“La Enemy is here.”

It was Labyrinth Andre.


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