Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 698

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[698] Reunion (7)

Eliza trembled at the situation that did not go her way.

“You, you dare… … .”

I couldn’t even fathom what it was like.

This is because the world doesn’t teach you how much anger you should be in front of the death of a child you don’t even know.

However, the resentment of having to live as a criminal for 20 years was enough to kill Sirone.

“sorry. I will do anything to make up for it.”

Orkamp’s eyebrows twitched when the word reward came out of the mouth of a person with a 1/3 chance of becoming a star.

However, Eliza had already lost her reason.

“die. That’s the only way you can compensate.”

“That doesn’t work. It is true that the prince died in my place, but it was not my will.”

“Walker! What are you doing! It’s a prince killer! Kill!”

When Walker did not move, Orkamp stepped forward.

“How about something like this? There are things scarier than death. It is to put them in a dungeon.”

It was a prison mainly for political prisoners, and it was a place where extraordinary torture was carried out.

“If even this is refused, I have no choice but to resort to violent means.”

Sirone confirmed Orkamp’s eyes and nodded.

“All right.”

As Sirone and the others followed Walker to the door, Eliza cursed.

“I will torture you horribly! I will never forgive you!”

Walker closed the door as if to block out the queen’s voice and walked down the hallway with a gloomy expression for a while.

‘Has Kazura become this powerless?’

No, Sirone has become stronger.

“Isn’t that too cruel?”


Sirone’s cold question made Walker realize that he couldn’t ask for anything.

“Your Highness is an outstanding politician, but he is definitely a human being. perhaps… … It may be a little late.”

It was timid revenge, but Sirone’s expression did not change.

“does not matter.”

When I went down to the third basement floor, I could smell the stench before I even opened the door.

Cells had been set up along the dark prison road, and groans could be heard from within.

“Even if it is only for one year, there is no need for torture. ‘Cause I’m going crazy All you have is a broken body.”

Walker, who had chosen a neat wooden prison, opened the door, and Sirone, Lian, and Kido entered one after another.

“then… … I hope to come back.”

Kido opened his mouth only after Walker had left.

“Sirone, what are you thinking?”

“Sorry. It won’t take long.”

“I know. In order to jump to Kashan, the King of Khazra must give permission. But Orkamp would have made a deal. He didn’t have to suffer in the dungeon.”

“Not just to go to Kashan. Like I said to Rian, I won’t be able to shake it off if it’s not now.”

Then I heard laughter from the prison across the street.

“Hehe, you finally came. I knew it would.”

The madman was holding on to the prison frame and opening his mouth.

His face was as skinny as a skull, his hair was sparse, and his upper and lower front teeth were all missing.

In the midst of a terrible appearance that could not be considered human, Sirone found a familiar feeling.


Theraze’s son and Urin’s older brother, Ji-on, was imprisoned in an underground prison.

“Were you here?”

“Yes, I was here. Because my sister, no, that monster has locked me up here. Uorin sent you too, right?”

I knew the truth of Uorin through Gaold in the Heaven Project and Miro who took me out of the moratorium, but the memory of actually meeting him was only his fresh appearance during the paternity confirmation commotion.

“You really locked your older brother here?”

“Puhahaha! real brother? Bullshit. It’s all bullshit! To the witch, humans are just livestock! Use it when you need it, throw it away when you don’t need it! You better look forward to it. Since you were abandoned by the witch, you will live a miserable life like me. Hee hee! Hee hee hee!”

Just by looking at Ji-on’s upturned eyes, I could tell that he was already crazy and out of his mind.

“I will watch you suffer! Right next to you!”

“Who is making noise!”

When he heard a voice in the darkness deep inside the prison, Ji-on hurriedly backed away and hit his butt.

“Ahhh… … .”

The fact that it was the voice of the one who drove Ji-on crazy could be known just by looking at the reaction.

The man was covered in bloody scaffolding, and his pupils were farther from normal focus.

The skull was exposed where the hair was missing, and even gray matter was visible through a hole the size of a coin.

“Your brain is literally contaminated.”

Kido said it was not a big deal, but Ji-on drooled like a conditioned reflex and trembled in fear.

“Kekeke, is there ever a time when my cutie is looking for me? I’ll stop the noisy throat.”

Unfastening his belt, he entered the prison and grabbed Ji-on by the hair and dragged him into the dark shadows.

“no! no! no!”

The desperate screams suddenly ceased, and after a while the torturer came out of the prison again.

“Hehehe, for a while… … huh?”

After confirming that a freshman had entered the prison across the street, he approached with a flick of his tongue.

“Hoo? What are these again?”


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It was electrifying to meet Sirone’s hateful eyes.

“Hehe, what about this place, once you enter, you can never leave?”

The torturer who unlocked the door opened it and entered.

“The intensity of the torture that day depends on how much you please me. therefore… … .”

He pulled out the iron tongs from his pants and reached out to Sirone.

“Let’s pull out a tooth.”

As soon as his hand landed on Sirone’s shoulder, Lian jumped out and punched the torturer in the face.

The chunk flew off with a bone-breaking sound and slammed into the frame of Zeon’s prison.

Sirone spoke without even looking at the torturer.

“Thank you, Lian.”

“It’s my job.”

Rian, who returned to her seat, added.

“I will protect you.”

Kido’s eyes widened in front of Sirone who did not use his hands until the end and Lian’s stubbornness to protect such Sirone until the end.

‘Both of them are jingling.’

As night fell in time, Lian’s snoring reverberated through the dungeon.

“You’re really insensitive.”

Kido stuck out his tongue at the sight of him sleeping in a place where even goblins didn’t want to stay for long.

“Sirone, why don’t we make up with each other?”

Sirone smiled.

“I never fought. Ryan wouldn’t think so either.”

“Still, disagreements are not good. I don’t take sides, but there’s a line that even Lian can’t concede.”

“know. So, I do as I please.”


“If Rihanna is the one conceding to me, I will not be able to judge her soberly. You will care.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

“Even if Lian wasn’t by my side, I would have done the same thing as before. but… … .”

Sirone stuck out his tongue.

“Because Lian was by my side, I can be safe.”

Sirone and Lian were not in a relationship that took advantage of each other.

“I thought humans had a really hard life.”

Kido put his arm on the wide open prison frame.

“It’s kind of fun, and it’s complicated too.”

Ryan rubbed his stomach and rolled over.

“I am hungry… … .”

“ha ha ha.”

While appetite overwhelms sleep, Lian opened her eyes.

“what? Are you here already?”

Sirone was already feeling it.

I hear a door open and a walker approaches with a torch.

He didn’t even look at the fallen torturer, and he didn’t care that the door was wide open.

“Come out. Your Highness is calling.”

“The thing to come has come. Let’s go.”

Lian stood up with a large straight sword.

“Pretending to wait while sleeping… … .”

After waiting for about 10 minutes in the panic room, Orkamp sat across from Sirone with the box.

“Was it worth it?”

“Thanks for caring. I was surprised that it was faster than expected.”

After all, isn’t it the enemy of the child?

“If you have to yield anyway, make sure to yield, my iron rule. And I can’t give you what you want.”

“What do I want?”

“You must want to go to Kashan.”

Calculatedly, there was no reason to stop by Kazura other than that.

“But jumping is impossible. It’s nominally ruled by the Kashan, but it seems to have hatred.”


I thought there was no possibility of that.

“Give me this instead.”

Orkamp held out the box.

“Uorin, no, Teraze left Kazura before leaving. He told me to give it to you.”

Sirone inspected the box with only her eyes.

‘Mitochondrial Eve. What is the intention?’

After receiving the box, Sirone raised her head and asked.

“What about the queen?”

“not good. But eventually you’ll forget it. Because it’s not a memory that makes you happy. She is that kind of woman.”

Orkamp said frankly.

“Actually, I don’t even know if there really was such a thing as a son. Still, wouldn’t the heart of the woman in her stomach be a bit different? She makes you understand.”

After finishing his business, Orkamp stood up from his chair.

“Leave Kazura as soon as you feel comfortable. And if you meet Theraze… … .”

“I will ask for the sanctions to be lifted.”

As Orkamp nodded and left the panic room, Kido and Lian leaned toward the box.

“what? what did you entrust? Could it be an object?”

Armand was also given to him by Urin.

“well? No more debt… … .”

When I opened the lid, there was a small iron box with a familiar pattern engraved on the surface.


In the language of angels, it could contain unique laws.

“It is sealed. Can it be unlocked with the Immortal Function?”

Rian recalled the memory of Sirone unsealing Tess’s drone when she went to heaven.

“huh. But I do have a bit of a flimsy feeling.”

When the immortal function was opened, the henna activated with a red glow.

“also… … .”

The law of henna contained a security circuit.

“It’s a one-on-one response. You can never solve it.”

If someone wrote the number 7653, no one but the person concerned could know what it meant.

“But with the Ultima System, it’s possible.”

Sirone, who was about to enter the code, suddenly raised her head.

“Huh, Ultima?”

“what’s the matter? It is clear that I entrusted it to you.”

“Uorin said he gave it to Kazura before he left. It was when I didn’t realize Jikji at the time.”

“Hmm, I see… … .”

“Thus, I entrusted this to the Great Purifier. In other words, it’s an incident that didn’t happen in the second reset.”

“It’s a bit embarrassing. can i believe If you hear in prison, they say you’re a witch.”

“Let’s break the seal for now.”

When Sirone entered the code, the armor of the henna came off and the contents came out.

It was a familiar mechanism.

“Metagate. Why this?”

said Ryan.

“Isn’t it about La Enemie? You want me to go to heaven and find it?”

“No, maybe it’s not new. You may have already memorized certain coordinates.”

Kido slapped his palm.


“It could be, but… … .”

They said witches and monsters.

“Maybe it is a very terrible place.”

Lian made a decision while the three looked at the metagate like a monster for a while.

“Let’s go. Is there no choice but to go and see?”

When the device was activated in a large area, the box opened and a huge black sphere distorted space-time.

“Is it heaven or hell? Is it hell or heaven?”

Hearing Kido’s ominous spell, Sirone pushed herself into the dark space.

My vision darkened, and soon the white light of broad daylight, not the gloomy torches of the Panic Room, gripped my retinas.


With half-closed eyes, I could see the endless marble floor and the dozens of windows that let in sunlight.

And under the window, a beautiful white-haired girl stood with her hands behind her back.

‘I don’t know, Kido. Whether it’s heaven or hell.’

It was an honest impression of Sirone when he finally arrived.

“huh? who is this?”

Sensing the presence, the girl turned around and saw Sirone, wide-eyed and laughing.


It was Theraze Uorin, the Empress of Kashan.

(end of volume 28)


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