Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 697

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[697] Reunion (6)

A master swordsman who has mastered both practical combat and theory to the extent that he wrote the Beginner’s Guide to Kazura Court Swordsmanship.

At one time, he was suspicious of Sirone and used the eye technique, Clear, but this time he couldn’t even dare to try it.

‘Am I really the boy of the time?’

I felt an aura that I couldn’t touch even if I didn’t have to bump into the energy.

‘Ivory Tower candidate. That’s why it’s a pity.’

Rather, if Sirone had been the first prince, even the current Kazura would have been able to find a ray of hope.

After Theraze of Kashan took control of Kazura, national power rapidly weakened, and a sense of defeat prevailed among the people.

Can’t beat Kashan.

The conviction that the kingdom would eventually fall broke the will of many talents who were devoted to the future.

On the other hand, what about sirone?

Now, he appeared in front of him with a skill that could be compared with any wizard in Kazura.

“You’ve trained tremendously. You can’t even be considered human.”

Sirone expressed humility.

“You are overrated. I haven’t accomplished anything yet.”

“… … is it?”

This was a private reunion.

Walker hardened his expression, knelt in front of Sirone and formally performed his official duties.

“The head of the royal guard, Litney Walker, is here. The King has invited Sirone to the royal castle.”

The blood drained from Adox’s and Michelan’s faces.

“King, the head of the Royal Guard?”

Compared to the centurion Adox, it was no exaggeration to say that he was a figure at the edge of the sky.

The appearance of Kazura’s best swordsman would turn the town upside down, but it was a shocking event to bow down to Sirone.

‘Who is that bastard?’

Sirone turned to Emma and said.

“I will stop. Thank you.”

With the king’s approval gone, there would be no more diplomatic problems.

‘I have to send a signal to Kido.’

As Sirone headed for the door, Adox blocked the way.

“for a moment! No matter how precious you are, should you go on like this?”

Regardless of his position, if he let Sirone go, his honor as a soldier and man would be ruined.

“Respected captain of the bodyguard, I don’t know who this is, but he tried to humiliate my wife. We will have to find out the truth.”

Walker’s face flushed.

To assert oneself in the face of the king’s order was to clearly show Kazura’s actual condition.

‘no. This is also a sense of entitlement.’

Walker calmly controlled his mind, belatedly recalling Adox’s words and frowned.

‘He tried to humiliate his wife?’

It was an unlikely event with Sirone’s personality.

“Is what Iza said true, Mr. Sirone?”

“Yes, it is true.”

Telling the truth changes their lives.

Only they could tell which came first, so Sirone wanted to leave it as if she had been to someone else’s house.

The thoughtful Walker nodded.

“Hmm, it seems that something is wrong. Stop leaving now. I have a carriage waiting.”

Addox said with a bewildered expression.

“Wait a moment, Captain of the Guard. No, how can there be circumstances in raping?”

“Shut up, foolish bastard.”

Feeling ashamed in front of a key factor in a foreign country, Walker glared at Adox terribly.

“If these were the days of glory, your head would have fallen off right away.”

How poorly the borders were guarded, so Sirone was able to infiltrate the village so easily.

As soon as the snow skill pressing entered, Adox gasped.

“Oh… … Kkeuk… … .”

It felt like someone was choking me.

“Sah, live… … .”

Right before losing consciousness, Walker turned away coldly and headed for the door, unable to hold back his anger.

“I will go out first and wait for you.”

Addox slumped to the floor, and Sirone and Lian pretended not to see him and jumped over him and came out.

Walker’s men pulled the wagon.

Originally, it had to be accompanied by a wagon, but since mobility was the key, the weight was reduced as much as possible.

said Walker from inside the carriage.

“The situation with Kazura is like this. She is too shy to lift her face.”

It could not be said that Sirone had no stake at all in a situation where military discipline was weakening and pseudo cult leaders were setting up.

“Sorry for coming this way. However, there is something I must tell Your Highness about.”

“yes. I heard it was about a lost prince.”

Shirone kept her mouth shut because she wanted to tell her directly.

“… … Can I ask you one thing?”

“Please speak.”

“When the conversation between Your Highness and Sirone is over, could there be a situation where I have to draw my sword?”


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Sirone intended to tell Orkamp the truth.

That your son died in place of Hexa.

“perhaps… … I think that might be the case.”


Walker raised his eyebrows, which had turned white.

“At that time, I will do my best. Please understand.”

Ryan’s eyes sank into the abyss.

‘That will never happen.’

Kido had already come down from the mountain and was waiting.

Arriving in the city by carriage, the party jumped to the capital of Kazura through the space movement magic circle of the Magic Association.

Only the bodyguards were waiting, as if the bureaucrats thought it was a matter of no benefit.

Walker arrived at the civil war following a secret route and inspected the weapons of Sirone and the others.

‘I want to disarm, but… … .’

He would probably refuse, and he wouldn’t be able to get through.

In any case, it was a matter that was not approved, so Walker reported to Orkamp beyond the door.

“Your Highness, Sirone-nim has arrived.”

“Stop by.”

The door opened and I saw Orkamp and Eliza sitting side by side on a chair on the podium.

‘You must have gotten very emaciated.’

The aura of the royal family was just an illusion expressed through titles, and the king and queen of Kazura no longer shone.

“Hello, Your Highness. This is Ariane Sirone.”

Orkamp’s eyes were half-closed in a different temperament than before.

‘He’s become a completely different person.’

Even in front of the king of a country, far from showing any nervousness, only the will to achieve the goal was conveyed.

“The soldier said he heard you through a dream. I was dubious at first, but it seems to be true.”

It seemed that the oracle of Terraforce had been delivered properly.

“Sorry to startle you. I have come because I have something I really want to tell you.”

Orkamp waved his hand before listening.

“Everybody stay out.”

As the aides left the civil war and the door closed, Eliza pulled out her head and asked, as if she had been waiting.

“Could it be that you were looking for our son?”

“Yes, I found it.”

Eliza’s face went into shock because she hadn’t expected it that far.

“Jung, really… … my son… … .”

Since there was no turning back from now on, Sirone’s eyes also became cold.

“I found it, but I couldn’t bring it to you. The queen’s son is no longer a man of this world.”

“What, what?”

Sirone confessed everything.

Obviously, only the facts were conveyed, but the language was distorted and processed in the heads of the two, and it sounded like a story from another world.

Orkamp asked in a strained voice.

“So, my son died… … will?”

“no. It is not like that.”

Sirone took a step forward and knelt down.

“Sirone! What are you doing?”

Rian and Kido looked back with surprised expressions, but Sirone had already made up his mind.

“The prince is not just dead. He was sacrificed instead to save me.”

Silence fell over the civil war.

‘Sirone… … you.’

Orkamp grabbed the chair.

‘How can you be so cold? How can you be so cruel!’

It was something I didn’t have to say.

If it was the parent’s heart, it would have been enough to just tell them that their son was dead and leave.

‘It must be that he doesn’t want to leave any remorse behind him. It must be that he wants to shake it all off and leave!’

Sirone raised her head.

“You may take revenge. You can also punish them. If it is something I can afford, I will gladly accept it.”

“Why eh eh!”

Eliza screamed with a ghostly face.

“Why are you! why! why! What the hell are you!”

As she shouted in a posture of vomiting something, the blood vessels burst in her eyes and the sound of blood boiling in her throat was heard.

“I will kill you! I will kill you horribly!”

As Eliza raised her claws and jumped out, Lian and Kido grabbed their weapons.


Orkamp’s voice slammed the door and the elite bodyguards rushed into the civil war.

“Protect Your Highness!”

Walker, who finished grasping the situation in an instant, rushed towards Sirone.

‘It must be killed.’

There is nothing more important than the safety of the king.


Rian twisted and pulled out the great straight sword.

The swords of the two collided, and the brute force pushed each other and slid across the floor.


As Rian lowered his stance and aimed at the sword, the walker stopped charging and held out his sword as if crossing it.

“Pooh woo woo.”

We could know each other’s capabilities just by working together.

‘It’s a tremendous power.’

Kido glared at the guards surrounding him one by one and swung his spear dazzlingly.

“joy! Come on, come on.”

Sirone said in a calm voice.

“Kiddo, Lian. stop. Drop your weapon.”

“no. I can’t.”

When Lian refused, Kido, who had lowered his spear halfway, hurriedly regained his fighting stance.

“are you okay. don’t want to fight Drop your weapon.”

Like Sirone, Lian was determined.

“no. I will protect you.”

Sirone frowned and shouted.

“get off!”

It was the only way to put out Lian’s fire, but even so, Lian kept her mouth shut.

Kido, who was caught between the two, looked left and right with startled eyes and asked.

“What, what? How to? Decide quickly.”

Sirone spoke calmly again.

“Rian, you decided to listen to me. It’s an order. Drop your weapon.”

“Then get up from your seat. Then I’ll get off.”

“… … .”

Sirone also did not break his stubbornness.

“Sirone, you have no intention of defending yourself right now. And they are against you. I can’t lower my sword Punish me when I leave this place.”

Kido, who judged that Lian’s words had some truth, snorted and gripped the spear even more tightly.

“Rian, I have no cause.”

Ryan’s eyes twitched.

“My roots are not in me, but in the prince of Khazra. The prince died in my stead. This is the starting point of my life.”

‘Damn it!’

Ryan bit his lip until it bled.

“If I can’t shake everything off here… … I don’t think I can go any further.”

As reason and emotion clashed, the sound of the handle of the great straight sword being crushed was heard.

‘What are you saying to me!’

Leaving Sirone behind his back and lowering his weapon in front of a master swordsman who was clearly intent on killing was an impossible order.

‘Yes, I can’t get off.’

Walker had to protect the king as well.

At that time, when the masters, who had surpassed the common people, looked at their opponents without even blinking, Orkamp gave an order.

“Walker, that’s enough.”

Walker, who was glaring at Lian with bloodshot eyes, weakly nodded as if to send a signal.

‘It will come down at the same time.’

The reaction speed of those in the civil war was the same as that of human arrows, and if it went off even once, it would be a major disaster.

The two lowered their arms as they observed each other with the greatest concentration of their lives.

The moment the two swords hit the floor, the atmosphere that seemed about to explode disappeared like a lie.


As the bodyguards followed the captain to withdraw their weapons, Kido took a deep breath and straightened his back.

‘It’s really tiring to go around with humans.’

It was a short confrontation, but it felt like a full-on battle.


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