Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 696

[696] Reunion (5)

* * *

As she descended the mountain to avoid the border guards, Sirone learned about Kazura’s current situation.

The number of soldiers was reinforced, but their mental armament was rather weak, so I could see soldiers taking a nap infrequently.

The loss of the kingship will cause his self-esteem to sink to the bottom.

“That’s the village.”

It was a village with about 40 households, all of which were wooden buildings except for the government office.

Looking down at the scene of the village where the torches were hung, Kido said.

“I’d rather be in the mountains.”

As for the city, goblins were just monsters to the residents of the remote mountainous area.

“Are you okay? If it is late, it will take about two days.”

“What are you talking about? Goblins aren’t as weak as humans.”

Sirone and Lian are superhumans who have been trained through training, but most people can’t match the physical abilities of goblins.

“Mountains are more comfortable. It’s easy to get something to eat.”

Human cooking wasn’t bad, but the taste of blood-soaked raw meat was desperate.

“Sorry. I’ll send a signal when someone comes from the capital.”

“Because it’s okay.”

After swinging the spear, Kido’s body seemed to turn sideways, and he disappeared from sight in an instant.

‘If it’s Kido, the guards won’t find out.’

After finishing her thoughts, Sirone was about to enter the village, but Emma opened her mouth with a nervous expression.

“Hey, priest, what should I explain to my husband?”

If you bring two strangers, especially young men, into your house, you’ll be outraged.

“Please introduce yourself as a merchant. Weapons can be put in rings. And I will give you an example.”

Seeing the bag of gold coins, Emma let out a sigh of relief.

It was not a situation where money was in sight, but her husband, Adox, was a person who would sell his family for money.

When they crossed the barrier, the chickens pounced, and the dogs who smelled the stranger barked.

Arriving at the thirteenth house on the east side of the village, Emma unlocked the door with her key and looked around at Sirone and the others.

“Come on in.”

The 14-pyeong space was not divided into a kitchen and a bedroom, and in the corner was a staircase leading to the second floor.

Addox, who was sitting at the table, fired.

“Where the hell are you wandering around!”

Emma’s shoulders shook when her husband, who usually slept out like a meal, was home today.

“Honey, are you done already?”

Addox was a man in his mid-thirties with a wild beard.

“Are you talking nonsense since the sun went down? Do I look like a guy who drinks every day?”

Addox, who was sick from yesterday’s hangover, frowned and asked Sirone and Lian.

“What are you guys? It’s the first face I’ve ever seen.”

“I am a merchant. Can I stay here for a couple of days?”

“What kind of merchant are you in a remote area like this? Maybe you guys… … Aren’t you a pagan? Blow honestly.”

Recently, there have been reports of the Church of Terra Force approaching and extorting money from the residents of nearby villages.

“Haha, it can’t be. Since it’s a new guild, we’re looking for a place to deliver goods. I will do market research for a day and leave.”

There was no such thing.

“What top is it?”

“It’s a bit clear. This floor is so sensitive to rumors… … .”

“are you kidding?”

Sirone added hastily.

“Nade top. please keep it a secret I heard from Emma that her breath is strong here… … .”

As he took out the gold coin, Adox’s eyes shook.

‘For that amount of money… … .’

Misa, the barmaid, would have loved it.

‘Take a close look at this, hmm.’

However, since he was a soldier, accepting the money given to him at once had room for trouble later on.

“The hardware store across the street is also a lodging business. Why don’t you go there instead? Of course, it’s a remodeled attic, so it’s the same here or there.”

Sirone realized Addox’s psychology.

“Hehe, it seems that staying at the store is different from the upper class. Isn’t this industry all like that? Please take care of the convenience.”

“Still, this amount is a bit excessive, isn’t it?”

“Since you caused a nuisance, shouldn’t you have to pay a high accommodation fee? Think of it as the sincerity of a merchant.”

“Well, otherwise.”

Adox, who received the gold coin from Sirone, confirmed that it was an international standard made by the Red Line Currency Division.

“good. Treat them well, so that they don’t feel uncomfortable. I’m going to sleep outside tonight too.”

Emma guessed Adox’s destination, but in today’s case, she had no choice but to let him go.

“Yes, please come in early.”

Contrary to her lithe voice, Emma grinded her teeth from the moment Adox left.

“Bad child. I went to the younger brother again. They’ll be throwing gold coins and making all sorts of bluffs.”

I had nothing to say.

“Eat first. There will be some drinks.”

As if it was difficult for her to keep her spirits up, Emma emptied all the remaining half of the large bottle of alcohol.

“Honestly, the only thing that woman in Misa is better than me is the number of times she has dated men! Her husband is stupid too, but that woman is worse!”

Faced with the complaining Emma, ​​Sirone responded without showing any displeasure.

“Haa, it would be nice if my husband looked like half of the priest.”

As she got drunk and hit her head on the table, Lian picked her up and carried her to bed.

“Are you okay, Sirone? I think it would have been better to wait at the inn.”

The stake was that Emma’s husband was a centurion in the Border Guard.

“Adox is fine. You can’t start a lawsuit between countries with speculation alone. It is Emma who really needs to be on guard.”

“but. Things get out of hand when Mr. Emma speaks up. So she told the Chief Justice that she would be in this house.”

Because I couldn’t bear to kill Emma.

“huh. You must never take your eyes off it until someone comes from Kazura Castle. If there is any sign of revealing even one of them… … .”

“If you can see it?”

Sirone’s gaze turned cold.

“I’ll ask you then.”

Wizards are cold-hearted people.

“… … okay.”

Sirone thinks she needs to be eliminated before she gets out of control, but it was also Sirone who couldn’t turn away from Emma in the cave.

If possible, I want to find a way that is good for everyone.

‘Walking a tightrope between ideal and reality. Is that a wizard?’

Just like Jane who had to walk while holding on to her heart to save Arya.

‘It’s a really difficult life.’

Even if he was reborn, he was Lian who thought he would never become a wizard.

* * *

the next morning.

Addox rubbed his stomach and went to work.

“aide! Miguellan!”

Michelle opened the door and came in.

“Did you find it?”

Adox, completely unaware of the fact that he was his wife’s lover, said while pretending to hold a cup.

“Do you have any honey left? Put some in and bring it.”

“No way, did you eat again?”

It was Adox, who boasted that he would never drink alcohol yesterday and left work early.

Adox, who drank in honey water, said while brushing his beard.

“Keuuu, I think I’ll live a little longer.”

“You went to Mass.”

“Hey, don’t talk. I had a windfall yesterday. It was an amazing night.”

Adox, who recalled the night before, corrected his expression and said.

“Oh, and you, go to my house for a while.”

“What are you doing?”

“Because it is strange. The merchants came yesterday, but they seem to have other plans.”

“Are you a heretic?”

“Honey, have you seen the heathen spend money? Oh no.”

Addox hurriedly shook his head.

“Anyway, take a good look. I was out yesterday I mean, check out what happened with Emma.”

‘A piece of trash.’

To think that he had messed around with the tavern clerk and had the adjutant watch over his wife.

“All right.”

It would be good if he could see Emma, ​​so Miguellan ran straight to Addox’s house.

‘That person is suspicious.’

The merchants Adox spoke of were noble enough to be believed to be aristocrats, and even handsome.

“What about Miguel? What happen?”

Emma opened the door with a surprised expression, but Miguellan didn’t show it and answered.

“This is the centurion’s errand. I have something urgent to tell you.”

I wanted to say I love you.

“You have a guest. I’m sorry, but could you please leave for a moment?”

“Then I’ll be on the second floor.”

As Sirone and Lian climbed the stairs, Miguellan hugged Emma impatiently.

“I missed you, Emma.”

“Why are you here at this hour? What are you going to do if you get caught?”

“Your husband sent it. trash guy. It looks like you spent the night at mass yesterday too. Let’s put the plan we talked about before into action.”

It was a plan to poison Addox.

“I can’t do it. If we get caught… … .”

“don’t worry. Nobody cares who dies in a valley like this.”

The thought that God was listening terrified Emma.

“Believe me. We will be together until the end.”

Michelan, who looked even more lovely, was about to kiss him, but the door suddenly opened and Adox came in.

“Emma! Merchants here… … ! huh?”

Miguellan and Emma hurriedly dropped their bodies, but they couldn’t help what they could already see.

“what? Why are you holding my wife by the shoulders?”

“Baek, why is the centurion at home?”

The gold coin received from Sirone was the problem.

Merchants around the world mostly use international standards, but Kazura’s current border has been closed for over a year.

‘Maybe he really is a heretic.’

He came with that thought, but at present, only anger toward Miguellan was in Adox’s head.

“How dare you treat my wife!”

Miguellan held out his hand at the sight of his superior drawing a knife.

“Centurion! Misunderstanding!”

“misunderstanding? what misunderstanding? Did you put honey on my wife’s shoulder?”

“That, that… … !”

Michelan’s head turned quickly.

“Merchants! The merchants tried to rape your wife.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Why would you lie? I was just trying to calm the frightened wife.”

Addox, who rolled his eyes, asked with intent to kill.

“… … Where are those children now?”

“There is a standoff on the second floor. I’m trapped because I sealed the exit.”

Miguellan intended to take Emma with him when Addox ran upstairs, but things didn’t go his way.

“You damn kids! Won’t you come down soon? I’ll make sashimi alive and eat it!”

Sirone and Lian calmly descended the stairs at the sound of the house reverberating.

Unlike yesterday, Adox’s face stiffened when he saw that a huge greatsword was attached to Lian’s back.

“What, what, you guys?”

Lian grabbed the handle of the big sword and asked.

“Sirone, is it now?”

“… … .”

If Emma reveals the secret, Adox and Miguellan must be killed as well.

‘Is it inevitable?’

Then someone knocked on the door.

“Are you there? I am looking for someone.”

“Are you busy now! go away!”

The door opened, and a large old man strode in.

“Does this child listen to me with the back of his ear… … ! huh?”

The moment he saw the seal engraved on the old man’s armor, not only Adox but also Miguellan’s face turned pale.

“King, troops directly under the royal family?”

Sensing the disturbing atmosphere of the scene, the old man looked around and fixed his gaze on Sirone.

“It’s been a while, Arian Sirone.”

I thought it would take a quick route as the issue was an issue, but it was much faster than expected.

‘As expected, that person is coming.’

If it’s nice to see Sirone, who has reaped life, he smiles and says to the person he’s glad to see.

“yes. long time no see.”

It was Litney Walker, the captain of the Kazura Royal Castle’s bodyguard.


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