Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 695

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[695] Reunion (4)

The man pretending to receive an oracle spoke faster.

It was just a collection of sounds made by moving the tongue, but the effect was so great that all the believers shed tears.

“Um Sala Um!”

“Um Sala Um!”

Everyone was moved by the words of the priest, but Sirone’s face rather heated up.

It was obscene and ugly.

“I saw a lot of guys like that before entering Radum.”

The goblins who lived in the forest were well-informed about human cultist rituals.

“Usually after doing something like that, they do pretty promiscuous things, don’t they?”

All the pseudo cult wants is to dominate and taste humans.

Perhaps a wizard who could use some magic, but it was enough to dazzle the eyes of ordinary people.

Ryan said, frowning.

“There are all kinds of people in the world. Why don’t we just ignore it and go? A possessed person or a bewitched person… … .”

“But there is also a believer who came in for the first time today.”

It was something I had heard through the oracle of the pseudo-priest.

“Perhaps that woman in the last seat… … .”

He seemed to be in his late 20s, and he was copying his movements and words with an awkward expression unlike the others.

“Ah, God Terraforce, please tell me… … .”

“Emma, ​​if you act so insincerely, the god Terraforce won’t give you an oracle.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Pray with all your heart. like this. God Terraforce, grant me an oracle!”

When a skinny middle-aged woman shouted, everyone prayed in a louder voice, as if competing.

In the hot atmosphere, the pseudo priest seized the opportunity to drive a wedge.

“Colonel the sacrifice!”

From the cave behind the altar, men in black hoods brought in a muzzled goat hanging from a thick tree.

The goat placed on the altar trembled, but the priest mercilessly cut its stomach and took out the heart.


Seeing even the blood in their excitement, the followers fell into a frenzy.

“This blood will purify us. Everyone, present yourself before God.”

Both men and women began to undress, but even in her distraught Emma realized that something was going wrong.

“What are you doing, Emma! If you don’t do it quickly, all the curses will rain on you!”

“But, Mrs. I like this… … .”

Without exception, the followers who had devoted their bodies and souls to the pseudo-priest had pale complexion and skinny bodies.

To them, Emma was fresh blood, and everyone was applying silent pressure with their eyes wide open.

“Should I come?”

Sirone had the same thoughts as Lian.

“Let’s cover our faces. just in case.”

“wait. I have a good idea.”

Having said that, Kido immediately jumped down.

“Better goblins than people.”

Kido raised his voice and shouted because his sleek body didn’t even leave a sound when he landed.

“Come in knowing where this is! You stupid people!”

The fanatics looked back and the priest’s face was distorted.

“Go, it’s a goblin!”

The fear that the believers felt in the already naked situation was great.

Of course, nothing appeals to goblins as much as naked humans, but looking at their skinny bodies with only their bellies protruding, I lost my appetite.

“This is goblin territory! If it doesn’t go away, I’ll cut off your legs one by one to taste!”

“The goblin’s realm?”

It was half true.

It was a comfortable place to think that if this wasn’t an area managed by the kingdom, I could find my own people.

“Eh, run away!”

As the cave reverberated with the clamor of the followers, the priest shouted.

“What are you doing! The god Terraforce will punish you!”

The power of the god dwelling in his heart stopped everyone’s movements, and the priest took advantage of that moment to raise both hands.

“At most one goblin! I’ll show you the power of the Terraforce gods! Oooooooo!”

All the torches stuck in the cave rose up and began to gather on the top of the man’s head.

Sirone was still watching.

‘It’s nothing.’

Perhaps the area where the torch burns was the limit of the priest’s spirit zone, and even though dozens of fires were combined, the firepower was low.

‘A really poor wizard.’

That’s why he couldn’t belong anywhere and was pretending to be a pseudo cult.

“Die, filthy goblin!”

At the same time as the priest’s arms were extended forward.

“huh? what?”

The bridge of the priest’s nose split all the way, and two of his pupils were cut.

“Aaaaaa! my eyes!”

The fact that the eyelids couldn’t even close meant that it was that fast.


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Seeing him kneeling and dripping blood, the hooded men drew daggers and charged at him.

“Is it loyalty? or not… … .”

Is it the camaraderie that tasted the same pleasure?

The only thing Kido did to greet enemies besieging him from all sides was to turn around with his back on the ground.

As I spread my legs like scissors and stood up like a spring, the hooded people held on to the severed parts of my legs and screamed.

“Ouch! My, my legs!”

Kido shouted at the followers.

“F*ck off! If you invade the goblin territory just one more time, I will throw you alive into boiling water!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Save people!”

The zealots, who were sober, left the cave without covering their naked bodies.

“Anyway, humans are strange.”

Kido, who had been watching with his tongue clenched, looked down at the crying priest.

“Since this guy is a bad guy, can I kill him?”

While traveling with humans, he decided to follow human behavior as much as possible, but Kido’s standards were only this.

“Salvage, please save me. please… … Please save your life!”

“sorry. I thought I would get angry if I ate it alive… … .”

After killing the priest, he intended to find a way out of the cave by eating his flesh.

“Aaaaaaa! live people… … ! Kuck!”

The priest’s body suddenly trembled, and Kido, who sensed a strange energy, hurriedly stopped moving.

“See you again, Hexa.”

Sirone and Lian jumped down, and the priest who slowly stood up opened his eyes.

It was impossible for human senses to lift the eyelids while the pupils were cut.

“no way… … The Supreme Court of Terraforce?”

“okay. He borrows Lee Ja’s body to convey his voice. Humans call it an oracle.”

“Can anyone just come in?”

“Not really. You need to access the Terraforce channel, and that can only be done in a trance state. I usually use dreams. But this guy shows no signs of going into a trance state.”

Sirone looked at the priest pathetically.

“The stronger the channeler, the more high-density spirit can be transmitted. Of all humans, Mei-Lei would be the most superior, but even such a human would be capable of small talk.”

“so… … Did you come in to chat?”

Is Justice Terraforce living a boring life?

“It is to tell the fact that any human connected to the Terra Force Channel can communicate with me at any time. This human’s channeling was so weak that he succeeded only on the brink of death, but a powerful channeler could even take my whole mind.”

It reminded me of the Kwan Yin annihilation through Mei Lei.

“You should tell me that quickly.”

“It just passed Congressional approval. It also means that the Terraforce race recognized you as the representative of mankind.”


As Sirone was lost in thought, he heard a moan.

“Ah, ah… … .”

Still unable to get out of her seat, Emma crouched in a corner, shivering.

“How about that woman? I mean channeling.”

“Your spiritual sense is so lacking. You won’t be able to hear my voice even in my sleep. Only this human can be channeled here.”

‘No matter how pathetic he is, is he a wizard?’

asked Emma, ​​putting her hands together.

“really… … Are you really a Terraforce god?”

“We don’t have the word God, but we humans call it that.”

“Well, then you must know everything about me, right?”

“My name is Emma. The biological partner of Adox, the centurion of the Kazura Border Guard. However, he betrayed the trust set by human standards and made a total of 63 biological relationships with Adox’s subordinate Michelan over a month, and recently planned to poison Adox… … .”

“stop! Please stop it!”

The fear of his own shame coming out of someone else’s mouth was enormous.

“Please forgive me! I will live kindly in the future! Her husband drinks all the time, breaks things and hits him whenever he comes into the house… … . And the affair also means that my husband started it first. Falling in love with that thirty-eight-year-old bar clerk!”

As the miasma welled up in Emma’s eyes again, Kido clicked his tongue.

“This house is in trouble too. Well, that’s what life is all about.”

Terraforce also classified Emma as evil, but that’s because they contemplate humans outside of life.

When you jump into the stage of life, only the emotions of the moment are vivid, but you don’t know what comes first.

“I am not forgiving.”

Emma was half insane.

“sorry! I’m really sorry! please forgive me. I will die if I find out my husband is here!”

Sirone reassured her.

“Do not worry. I won’t tell anyone. Instead of… … Could you let me stay at your house for a few days?”

“yes? Yes, yes! If my sins are forgiven… … .”

He seemed to be mistaken that Sirone had such authority.

Of course, seeing the miracle of Terra Force standing with his eyes cut, it was a natural reaction.

“What are you going to do?”

When Rian asked, Sirone turned to the Supreme Court and said.

“Tell Orkamp, ​​King of Khazra, that I have come. Through the oracle.”

Kido slapped his palm.

“aha. that way.”

A type of communications satellite.

If Sirone’s words were received from space and transmitted to the followers, the message could be transmitted to any country in the world.

“is it? wait.”

In the head of the Supreme Court with his eyes closed, the locations of the Terraforce followers all over the world were captured.

“There are not many Terra Force channels in Kazura. Even if there are, most of them are low-level channels like this.”

‘Isn’t that too bad?’

Each believer became a base station, but compared to the number of humans, it was not many.

“I found the nearest channel. There is one Terraforce follower within a 1 kilometer radius of the capital of Kazra.”

“A radius of one kilometer… … . Are you a bureaucrat?”

The higher the rank, the more convenient it will be.

“He is a military officer serving in the Royal Guard. Being a Terraforce follower is kept a secret outside of your family.”

“are you okay. ‘Cause I can’t help but believe First of all, send me the location of Emma’s house. All you have to do is say Sirone asks for an audience. and… … .”

Sirone chose her words carefully.

“Say you have something to say about your son.”

The judge’s eyelids trembled, and that was all.

“Transmission complete. Receiving the oracle will be after you fall asleep tonight. It will be delivered tomorrow morning.”

It saved a lot of time, but Kido suggested a more comfortable way.

“How about going to a military officer like now? Can’t you just write it on a piece of paper and get out?”

“Forced trance is an act of breaking order. Only Hexa, the representative of humanity, can summon me.”

Sirone agreed.

“okay. Then I’ll be waiting for the King’s contact.”

With that, the communication ended, and when the Supreme Court Justice’s expression disappeared, the pseudo priest covered his eyes and screamed.

“Aaaaaa! it hurts! It hurts! Where is here!”

‘He seems to have no memory.’

Mayray was like that too.

Those whose legs had been cut off had already died from excessive blood loss, so it was difficult to escape the cave without losing sight.

‘Spirit Zone. But is it possible in this situation?’

Ryan shrugged.

“Let’s go out for now, Sirone. Because there is nothing good about staying for a long time.”

“… … okay.”

The screams of the pseudo cultist echoed behind Sirone and the others following Emma out of the cave.


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