Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 693

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[693] Reunion Chapter (2)

The king and other high-ranking officials had predicted the appearance of the Ivory Tower, but the pressure of success and failure being pushed right in front of their eyes was enormous.

King Adolf broke the silence heavier than steel bars and opened his mouth.

“In the Ivory Tower, for what reason did you visit Tormia Kingdom? The Kingdom has never done anything harmful to mankind.”

The corner of Tsuoi’s mouth went up coldly.

“You know it gets complicated when you hear it with your own mouth, right? You’d better confess plainly.”

Among the ivory tower departments, the System Inspection Department is most closely related to the situation of each country.

As much as he was involved in diplomatic difficulties, famine and refugees, and wars, meeting the kings of each country was common, and he knew how to deal with them.

“Of course, there have been major incidents in recent years, but the only thing is that the terrorist organization that threatened the kingdom was dealt with.”

Tsuoi lifted her skirt.

“You have no manners. Peeping at a lady’s underwear.”

King Adolf didn’t even look down.

“This is your last chance. If you harass me one more time, I’ll make you a king or something.”

The pupils of King Adolf, whose mouth was tightly shut, shook.

‘What on earth are you going to say?’

The high-ranking wizards and guards guarding the king’s side also had a fire soaring inside.

‘Damn it! Do you think we hold back because we’re scared?’

No matter how strong the Wizard of the Ivory Tower is, if he dies fighting, he dies, and there is no need to endure such humiliation.

However, it was not a matter of individual feelings, but a matter of the kingdom as a whole.

Even a single mistake in choosing a word would cost billions of gold, and if the day the Ivory Tower residents who stood behind the castle denied the kingdom of Tormia itself, everything would be over.

Adolf said in a softer voice.

“We have nothing to hide.”

Tsuoi’s eyes grew cold.

“You are not reaping the pretense. Let’s see if you can do that even if you kneel in front of me.”

At that moment, the door of the Grand Hall opened hastily, and a group of people entered.

“Sorry for being late, Your Majesty.”

The head of the Magic Association, Lufist, paid his respects in an informal way, and Sirone and the others who came in after him looked around nervously.

‘That woman… … .’

The first thing that caught Sirone’s eyes was definitely Tsuoi.

A woman with dark skin and curly hair tied up with hundreds of rubber bands.

It was such a powerful prayer that it would suffocate anyone who encountered it anywhere other than the royal castle.

“What are you?”

“This is Lufist, the head of the Magic Association. He is also in charge of the Radum Crisis. If you have something to say, tell me.”

Tsuoi snorted.

“There are a lot of stupid people here, too. The ivory tower is non-negotiable. If you tell me obediently, I’ll make sure you don’t do anything insulting.”

“What do you mean?”

“Anyway, the kingdom is… … .”

As Tsuoi pulled up her skirt, Iruki, Kido, and Lian made blank expressions.

“What is that polka dot underwear? whatever?”

Kido pointed at it openly, but Tsuoi didn’t react and studied Luffist’s face intently.

“… … .”

Then he suddenly turned around and waved his hand at the officials.

“Hey, did you see it? You can do it, if you do.”

The bureaucrats, unable to find anything different from Adolf’s reaction, frowned in displeasure.

‘What’s different? Are you just ignoring us?’

“however… … .”

Tsuoi turned around and pointed at Sirone.

“Who are you?”

Among the many people in the Grand Hall, only Rufist and this boy did not look at their panties.

“This is Ariane Sirone.”

“Sirone? Ah, are you Sirone?”

If you were an ivory tower candidate, you could understand.

‘I heard your fighting power is good. It went quite deep this way.’

Not seeing is a lot harder than you think.

This is because even the act of not looking at something is just a methodology for looking at something.

Therefore, it must be completely forgotten.

Just like you didn’t even know there was a gold coin until you heard that it was under a beautiful tree in the back mountain.

“Arian Sirone?”

The bureaucrats whispered, and even King Adolf looked at Sirone, revealing his face.

‘That boy… … .’

He was a student who graduated from magic school with the highest score in the history of the kingdom, and he was a talent he had missed.

The pity was added to the fact that Tsuoi, who pointed the finger at the king, controlled the way he spoke to Sirone.

‘The ivory tower dweller. I thought I was just being forceful, but do you know how to admit it to someone?’

Perhaps there was a certain level that Adolf could not enter, but it was not something to hurt his pride because the king was just a ruling job anyway.

“Okay, I’ll treat you as a human being in particular.”

Tsuoi completely turned to Lufist.

“Bring the seed of the flower right now. I will destroy it myself.”

Lufist shook his head.


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“Was it? However, the kingdom of Tormia does not have it. Because I didn’t even pick it up in the first place.”

Sirone’s mind became complicated.

‘I didn’t collect it?’

After La Enemy was destroyed, surely Rufist went to the fallen flowers to collect the seeds?

“Then where are the seeds now?”

“I do not know. It didn’t exist from the beginning, or if there was, there must be someone who has it.”

Tsuoi pursed his lips and fell into thought.

‘Are these things swollen?’

Of course, Rufist was telling the truth, but such a psychological trap was a scam against the Ivory Tower.

“You really won’t regret it, will you? You do know that avoiding the storm right now won’t end it, right?”

“of course.”

Lufist lowered his head.

‘This is a matter that cannot be reported even to the king.’

As Justice Terraforce annihilates Ra Enemy, people who lose their memories of a certain section are appearing one after another.

It is obvious that the Ivory Tower’s attention will be focused on Tormia due to a global phenomenon called oblivion disease.

Therefore, it was an intention to hold out until the storm passed by giving up ownership of the flower.

“You rolled your head. I pray that today’s decision will not turn into a disaster.”

“That won’t happen.”

Tsuoi also guessed that there was a way to get it back, but it was a political issue from now on.

“Let’s go, Musso.”

As Tsuoi took Musso out of the Grand Hall, Iruki told the king.

“Sorry for the fuss, Your Highness. We will also leave.”

The bureaucrats who had nothing to fear in the world shouted.

“what? Is Wangseong your playground? What’s wrong with wandering around here!”

“sorry. But here, the president of the association… … .”

“It’s a pity that I got through the ivory tower safely. What else is that goblin?”

It seemed that the stress from Tsuoi was considerable.

“Stop it.”

Adolf raised his hand.

“Anyway, didn’t you come running to help Jim?”

Iruki chimed in.

“Exactly, Your Highness. Isn’t there a saying that it’s better to hit several falcons?”

The blood drained from Sirone’s face.

‘Please stop, madman.’

It may sound like a rude joke, but Adolf laughed cheerfully.

A talented person who will succeed the albino as the leader of the dragon.

One day, the day would come when we would have to stake the fate of the country on this young man.

“okay. You and Sirone are alumni, right?”

“Yes, he is the only friend in the world. He came to me today with an urgent request. In that sense, may I step down first?”

Adolf looked at Iruki and Sirone alternately.

‘A friend… … .’

I thought it would be nice if Sirone became the star of the ivory tower.

“You may go away.”

“thank you.”

As Iruki turned around, Adolf added his words.

“Ah, before that, I have something to tell Sirone.”

Sirone said with an example.

“Yes, Your Highness. Please speak.”

“Unfortunately, Jim didn’t appreciate you.”

There were times when I was frustrated in front of the barrier of status, but it was my own choice.

But when I heard that from the person in charge, I was heartbroken.

“Your Highness, I… … .”

Adolf spoke first.

“On behalf of all the people of Tormia, I sincerely apologize for hurting your heart.”

The atmosphere in the Grand Hall was tumultuous.

There’s no way that he doesn’t know that it’s a political investigation, but something hot came up in Sirone’s heart as well.

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

Iruki and Rian, who were watching it, were more happy than Shirone.

‘It’s finally being acknowledged, Sirone.’

Of course, Lian knew better than anyone else that Sirone would not end here.

After leaving the Grand Hall, Sirone’s party rushed down the corridor, fearing that Tsuoi might have left the castle.

I saw two people leaving the castle in the distance.

“wait a minute! just a moment!”


As Tsuoi turned around with an annoyed expression, Sirone ran faster.

“There is something I want to ask you. About the criteria for passing the Ivory Tower Test.”

“Ivory Tower Test? Oh, La Enemy? why do you ask me that? You should contact the Human Security Enforcement Department or the Balance Department.”

Even though the world was on the verge of catastrophe, departments were clearly separated in the Ivory Tower.

“Still something… … .”

Probably, among the three candidates, Sirone was the only one who encountered La Enemie in the case, so I thought that a special rule should be added in the Ivory Tower as well.

“I really don’t know. Because the standard of the test is the area where Taeseong-nim’s kar works.”

Tsuoi hesitated for a moment and then said.

“I’m telling you because you asked, but I heard that the other two contenders are already close to passing.”

“yes? Already?”

It was the point where less than a month had passed since the test started.

“What are you so surprised about? It’s not particularly difficult, is it? Isn’t she supposed to find Enemy and come to the Ivory Tower?”

‘I can’t be careless with this.’

Did he think he had achieved it to some extent because Radum’s case was so big?

In any case, the ground task was to meet the standards presented by the ivory tower.

“I think you will receive the title of a star.”

She said it honestly, but Sirone’s inside was only bitter.

“Why do you think so?”

“First of all, it is overwhelming in combat power, and above all, it has destructive power in judgment. There are residents who point out Jin Seong-eum, but I don’t like her character. It’s stiff, but it feels like it’s a little fast.”

I could roughly guess what kind of person he was just from his expression on Kar.

“Do the residents even point out who will pass?”

“of course. Not too long ago, I did a survey of the stars. I’m busy to death.”

“A survey? What is the result?”

Tsuoi pursed his lips.

“Should I listen?”

“yes. I want to listen.”

I was nervous, but I couldn’t help but come here and listen.

“A total of 27 people voted and Nane took first place. Because 17 people supported it.”

“… … okay.”

“Second place is Jin Seong-eum. Nine people supported it.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“Then I… … You got one vote?”

Tsuoi patted him on the shoulder and comforted him like it was someone else’s business.

“Don’t worry too much. We’re not prophets of any kind, we’re just thinking that this person will be. Isn’t it karma to push yourself through?”

Of course, I wasn’t hurt, but I thought the percentage of votes was strange.

“So you thought I would be one of the stars?”

“yes. But I don’t know who. It’s an anonymous vote. but… … .”

There were rumors like this.

It was rumored that the person who took the picture of Sirone was Taeseong, the largest star in the Ivory Tower.

‘Really? But he rarely gives a different opinion to Oh Dae-seong.’

“Just what?”

‘Because it’s not certain.’

Tsuoi shook his head.

“no. try your best anyway I liked you a little bit.”

People who saw the panties hated it.

“I will cheer you on. Of course, the voting is over.”

As Tsuoi and Musso flew away by space movement, Iruki approached, scratching his head.

“Anyway, it seems that you are the number one extreme job among us?”

“are you okay. Because as much as you lost, you gained something.”

Although the progress may have been slower than that of the competitor, Sirone’s Car value was higher than before.

Rian said, putting her shoulder on the shoulder.

“We will win, Sirone.”

The words of Tsuoi no longer remained in Sirone’s head.

“of course.”


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