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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 692

[692] Reunion Chapter (1)

The head of Yongleo is obliged to give the clearest and most rational answer to the king’s question.

The types of questions vary widely from metaphysical to non-metamorphic.

Asking the secrets of the universe is embarrassing, but when asked what is the most difficult question to answer, Albino said:

“What would you like to have for lunch today?”

This anecdote shows how much the king of a country relies on the head of the dragon.

Therefore, it was not strange that the mansion of the Mercodyne family was located in the royal castle management area, unlike other nobles.

“Hmm, does that mean the captain of the dragons lives here?”

It was Kido who had been tired of hearing the word “dragon” since he was the commander of the speed killer.

“Not the captain, but the chief. But it still hasn’t been repaired. How badly did you collapse?”

When Lian jumped high, construction was in full swing inside the mansion, involving dozens of workers.

“This is the royal castle management area, right? Was there a civil war?”

“haha! no. Iruki blew it away. The magic you cast last in the graduation exam.”

Upon receiving the butler’s report, Iruki’s mother, Arganeth, quickly crossed the garden and approached.

“Welcome, Sirone.”

“hello. You are still beautiful.”

Arganeth covered her face and twisted her body.

“Oh, that’s a bit difficult to say. Now her husband is also on duty, so he comes in very late.”

Sirone said with a smile.

“I don’t think it matters much.”

“Ho Ho! is it so. Iruki-kun also went to work at Yongle. I don’t even think about coming in because I look like her dad.”

It was good to the eye even without looking.

“May I ask for your dragon mine pass? I also have something to talk about when I meet Iruki.”

It wasn’t a dragon that I could go to chat with a friend, but if it was Sirone, the core of the Radum incident, the business connection was sufficient.

“I’ll write you an internal pass. Irruki-kun is probably waiting too. Because the situation is unstable these days.”

If you’re the hostess of a Mercodyne, confidential information flows in like gossip, even if you don’t want to hear it.

“thank you.”

After receiving the pass to the inner castle, Sirone and the others crossed the threshold of the inner castle, which is the core of the castle.

Each Buddha building was built in a beautiful garden, and the people passing by were also nobles.

Sirone found her friend sitting on a garden bench with disheveled hair, staring blankly at the sky.


When I shouted in joy at the street where there was not much noise, Iruki stopped sipping tea and turned his head.

“Here, here!”

When he couldn’t find Sirone because of the poor eyesight, he even waved his hand to announce the location.

Iruki, who had been watching closely with his head stretched out like a turtle, smiled and raised his teacup.

“Hey, Sirone.”

Mercodyin Iruki (20 years old).

A rank-level researcher of the Yongleo, an advisory agency directly under the king.

I thought they would always be the same friends, but when they were reunited in society, I was deeply moved.

“I was waiting. 1 hour early come in.”

Shirone tilted her head, but it was impossible to fully understand a human named Iruki anyway.

As Iruki crossed the corridor as if it were his own, the soldiers and officials saluted as one.

“It’s also a dragon. Did you come out?”


Iruki, whose eyes widened as if he had heard a scary joke, just let out a dry laugh.

Iruki, who took Shirone and the others to the laboratory, served tea and stared at Kido.

“By the way, this one? Excuse me for saying this in the first place, but have you ever heard that you look like a goblin?”

Kido shot at the joke that didn’t work.

“I am a goblin! Isn’t that my half-brother that I lost before?”

Sirone introduced himself.

“Kido. We want to travel together in the future.”

“Aha, the height of eating. The leader of the Speed ​​Killers. Radum ranked 179th in the political ranking, ranked 7th in the armed forces, and the special ability is the taste of memory.”

Shirone was surprised to see Iruki already spouting dragon-torpedoes, but Kido didn’t seem to like it.

“My strength is only 7th? There was no sub-species other than Draker that could beat me. Humans are also very poor at information.”

“According to that sham information, you are number one right now.”

It was known that all the executives of the Spectrum, who were ranked higher than Kido, had died.

Kido, who had nothing to say, looked back openly showing that he hated this human, but Sirone was strangely relieved.

“It’s still there. How are you today?”

A sigh could be heard as if the ground were going to collapse.

“A prediction, a prediction. My job is to collect data from the capital and write forecast reports on an hourly, 12-hour, and 24-hour basis. For example, Madeleine came in now… … .”

As soon as the words were finished, the maid opened the door and came in.

“Iruki-sama, the convening of a lay-level researcher meeting has been scheduled. It is called an emergency.”

“all right. I’ll be there on time.”

When Madeleine left, Iruki pointed to the closed door.

“Did you see it? It’s like this. She probably has a 64.8 percent chance of having an upset stomach within 72 hours. There was an incident yesterday where the water quality of King Seong Bingo was polluted, and low-quality ice was supplied in descending order, and fruit shaved ice was served during dessert time today. And the result of my data analysis! She has only had two occasions in five years of not eating fruit shaved ice!”

As Iruki slammed the table and shouted, a pitiful silence fell in the lab.

“… … You are suffering.”

Iruki sat on the sofa and covered his face with both hands.

“It’s not that easy to say. I checked Madeleine’s medical records, water source reports, medical encyclopedias, and even personal observation diaries. Ah, why did we train so hard at the magic school? Big data or something, I want to sleep and die.”

I thought it was a useless analysis, but all information starts from a combination of small things.

This was also a training that members of the Yongleo had to go through, and the higher the rank, the higher the quality of information handled.

With the top-of-the-line brains operating 24 hours a day, predicting the system throughout the kingdom and analyzing risk factors.

‘The one at the top is Iruki’s father.’

Judging from the case of Iruki, the quantity and quality of information handled by a mercodine albino was unimaginable.

“Cheer up, Iruki.”

Knowing what Sirone wanted to say, Iruki leaned on his chin and pouted his lips.

“Well, if you do, good days will come. It’s not just me suffering. At least it’s better than Nade.”

“By the way, what about Nade?”

“I work for the local alchemy guild. It looks like it went into a carrier tank, but the work is very difficult.”

“But didn’t you say you were opening a store?”

“That’s true, but when it comes to material costs, it seems a little lacking. He said he and Liz would save money together and open a small shop first.”

“If it’s for the money, I’d rather… … .”

Although he was reluctant from a friend’s point of view, there were many brokers in the world who would hire Nade for a large sum of money if he was good enough.

“You know, his personality. I won’t use magic. I tried lending it to you, but they say you need to know the bottom physiology to become a merchant. That’s not wrong. Because I am doing it now.”

“okay. Everyone is working hard.”

Seeing her friends living their best lives is probably the value of humanity that Sirone risked her life to protect.

“how about you? I read the Radum report in my father’s study, but is there any chance of passing the test with this?”

“I don’t know. So I’m going to ask you for some advice. Also tell me what I’ve been through.”

Sirone briefly told what had happened in Radum, adding explanations about Lian and Kido.

“Hmm, in the end, La Enemy is extinct. It’s definitely an ambiguous situation.”

The condition for passing the test is to find Ra Enemy and safely arrive at the Ivory Tower.

However, the Ra that Sirone met was only an incident in the past, and now even that place has disappeared.

“Okay, I’ll fix it. You can ask the person directly.”

“huh? party?”

Iruki got up from her seat as if she had made up her mind and unlocked the secret safe under the desk.

“what are you doing? I am very anxious right now.”

“Did you think I was just investigating an upset stomach? The good thing about entering Yongleo is that you can ‘steal’ the top secrets at will. Let’s see, if you calculate the route… … .”

It was the same as leaking in school and leaking in society.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but are you really okay? That’s a violation of the Kingdom Security Act.”

“Ordinary people do. It’s just a confidential reading between the same department. If you get caught, you will be punished for exceeding your authority. OK, the calculations are over. let’s go.”

When Iruki put on the code and went out into the hallway, Madeleine, who was smiling and holding a fruit shaved ice, was startled.

“Oh my goodness! Where are you going? Meeting soon… … .”

“Because something happened. Please tell them you are not attending.”

“Plain ranks do not have the right to not participate!”

“Say anything and take it away. Oh, tell me my mom is giving birth to her second child now. I’m going instead of her father.”


Looking back at Madeleine, who was standing there with a blank expression, Iruki pointed at the fruit shaved ice.

“Throw it away and eat mine instead.”

* * *

Around the time Iruki got out of the lab, the ministries of Tormia’s castle faced a major emergency.

“Now we have entered through the outer gate!”

A first-class alert was issued, and the guards, fully armed, stood guard over the Grand Hall.

King Adolf of the kingdom of Tormia was sitting on the throne, but the queen was unusually absent.

It was because he thought of a case in which the face of the kingdom would be cut.

“I have entered the castle!”

Just the report of quickly breaking through the country’s gateway brought anger to Adolf’s face.

“Your Highness, shall we activate the magic control device?”

“Stop it. There’s no need to provoke you. And anyway… … .”

I couldn’t bear to say that there was a high probability that it would not work.

“We have arrived at the royal castle!”

At the same time as the report, the woman’s voice that shook the inside began to reverberate as it was amplified by sound magic.

“Don’t look at my panties!”

“… … huh?”

The ministers, frowning at the roar, all turned to the doorway of the Grand Hall.

“Cut your eyes! Control the optic nerve!”

A black girl strode down the aisle, holding out the symbol of the ivory tower, the star or tablet, and holding out a short skirt with the other hand.

A tall black man was following behind him, wearing sunglasses and carrying a huge yam sword over his shoulder.

“Don’t look at my panties!”

At that moment when the ladies-in-waiting as well as the high-ranking officials bowed their heads deeply and stepped back to open the way, the girl came to a standstill.

Then the black man squatted down, stretched out one leg, and put his finger on his sunglasses.

“you! You just saw my panties!”

“no! Didn’t see! I never… … !”

“You couldn’t have imagined! Don’t even think about it! Before I rip out your brain and throw it away!”

The bureaucrat felt deaf as the voice, amplified to such an enormous size, shook the hallway.

‘Damn it! It won’t work if he doesn’t show it!’

What kind of simbo is it to insist that you don’t look at her while walking with her skirt up proudly?

“Just don’t do what I tell you not to do! okay?”

“yes! All right!”

The girl turned coldly and walked out the hallway, kicking open the door leading to the grand hall.

“King Adolf raise your hand! The Ivory Tower System Inspection Department has come to find out the truth of this situation!”

The guardsmen pulled out their weapons in unison, but King Adolf stopped them by slowly raising his hand.

“I am King Adolf.”

The girl snorted in front of the promised ceremony and said while holding the star plaque in front of her eyes.

“I am an Ivory Tower 2-star resident, Byeolya Tsuoi.”

His nickname is Black Mars and Harmony.

“And this one… … .”

When Tsuoi pointed with his thumb, the black man sat down again with one leg outstretched and pressed his sunglasses with his middle finger.

“… … .”

Byeolya Tsuoi’s satellite, Carl Musso (Dog? Pig).


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