Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 689

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[689] God’s Pupil (1)

The incident, which bubbled up like a bubble through the wheel of cowardice, was moving towards all possible patterns.

The reaction of an infinite number of patterns with one random was the same principle as throwing a huge number of pebbles to fill up the sea.

Everything that could happen has happened.

Fight, dance, torture, kiss… … .

Of course, these events do not actually happen.

It could have happened, but more importantly, La Enemy’s randomness was gradually disappearing.

As Sirone’s pattern increases, the number of things La Enemy can react to decreases relatively.

Some events turned into something that had no chance of happening in the first place, and that’s how the bubble on the wheel of cowardice began to burst.

In the end, after all the events have disappeared as ‘events that could not happen in the first place’, what remains is the true Movement Zero.

It was extremely easy to hold onto Ra Enemy’s shoulders, unable to react.


Sirone let out a rough breath and glared at La Enemie.

‘Caught. Never miss.’

Even if I had to die on the spot, I would bite and hang on.

‘It was a battle of probabilities.’

La Enemy said while Luffist was deep in thought.

“You’re finally here, Sirone.”

Even in the desperate situation, tension could not be found.

Piri Riri.

Then a black shadow passed by with a flute sound.

It was only after the blood flowed out that Ra Enemy looked at the part where her right arm had been cut off.

“Kid too.”

When Sirone turned his head, Kido, who was holding La Enemy’s arm, was standing hunched over with one foot gently floating.

“Gig gigg kik, there can be no mistakes in a speed killer. From now on, I’ll dig into your memories… … .”

“Okay, so eat quickly.”

Nervous Sirone pressed forward, but contrary to expectations, La Enemie kept an eye on the situation with a smile on her face.

“Then where?”

As I bit La Enemy’s arm and started chewing on it, time seemed to flow slowly.

As everyone watched nervously, something went down Kido’s throat.

“Hmm… … .”

Kido looked up at the sky and waited for the ‘Taste of Incident’ to activate, and his eyes filled with wonder.


And through <Nemesis>, the memories of La Enemy were delivered to everyone.

Sirone’s eyes shook in shock, and La Enemie gently tilted his head while looking at him.

this is the story.

It is the secret story of a being born as a product of perfect coincidence.

“Oh, this can’t be… … .”

The starting point of La Enemy’s memory is a distant universe that humans cannot experience.

A certain planet was inhabited by beings with life.

Its form, habits, language, and communication method were completely different from humans, but it was not a major problem for Sirone and the others.

because he had nothing.

“Come out! The head is starting to show! Cheer up a little more!”

A creature born with everyone’s blessings began a tragic life without even giving a second of joy to his family.

“no! no!”

Seeing the newborn child, the parents wept.

A child born with a mutation inherited none of its parents.

To be precise, all the sensory organs that their race perceived the world were in a state of being broken.

“Why my child! Why must it be our child!”

Nonetheless, the parents were determined to raise the child.

At that point, Sirone got goosebumps.

‘it’s crazy.’

He was a child who couldn’t ask for anything, and it’s impossible to even guess what state he was in.

They do not know what light is because they do not have a visual organ.

-La Enemy is blind.

They can’t even hear sounds because they don’t have organs of hearing.

-La Enemy is deaf.

They cannot smell, taste, and cannot even sense the movement of their digestive organs because their nerves are paralyzed.

‘How could this be?’

In this way, the ego was leading a miserable life, trapped in nothingness without any characteristics.

He could have thought something, but he couldn’t even think of it as a thought.

Time was meaningless, and one second in the photon field was extending to the length of 10,000, 100,000, or even 100 million years.


Kido screamed as if his head would explode just by accepting the memory.

Venice was also shedding bloody tears, chewing over the memory of killing two brains.


Even Sirone, who had much stronger mental strength than them, was struggling desperately with a distorted face.



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It’s so frustrating that I think I’m going crazy.

Perhaps at that time the child’s head was completely filled with something of this nature.

100 million years becomes 1 billion years, then tens of billions of years… … .

In the endless expansion of time, the nature of nothingness began to distort little by little, unable to endure the emptiness.


As usual, the parents who came to provide nourishment to the child ran away in horror when they saw the child’s body being twisted like a twist.

The skeleton was crushed, and the organs that were not needed in the first place went through the process of disappearing.

He was gradually turning into a lump of meat devoid of any random form or function.

By the time 40 years had passed by the standards of the photon system, no one was looking for him.

“… … .”

In silence, the world was just calm.

Since time does not exist, there is no function called aging.

It was destined to last forever, like an unloaded egg containing only the concept of nothingness.

So it was a perfect coincidence.

A signal without motive, intent, or purpose caused a feeble ripple in his world.

“… … !”

The skin of the chunk of meat was torn horizontally, and for the first time in my life, it began to move.


Clearly it was a question.

The horizontally torn shell was opened wide, and a tremendous amount of light poured into the pupils born.

-In the beginning there was light.

Then, as the ignorant information flooded in, the world of nothingness was filled with presence.

He called this world the universe.

– I exist.

Anker Ra (Eternal Ra).

As Venezia dropped to her knees, Kido, feeling dizzy, vomited up what she had eaten.

‘This is it…’ … .’

Ra Enemy said with a sad smile.

“Yes, this is me.”

Kido vomited everything up, but new memories were being passed on from the already digested flesh.

I saw La Enemy sitting like a doll with a thread cut in the dark space.

‘This is real!’

It wasn’t an incident, it was Ra that existed somewhere in reality.

“where are you? Where are you?”

“… … .”

“Answer me!”

Even in the flood of memories, Sirone desperately held onto her reason and shouted.

La Enemy shook her head and stepped back.

“I will become a god.”

Finally, all the memories were transferred, and Kido, realizing Ra’s true intentions, raised his head and shouted.

“Sirone! Dangerous!”

Rufist frowned and opened the spirit zone.

‘Damn it! That’s what you meant!’

He intended to become Anchera again in a human body.

If you cannot become a god even with the concept of the whole, you will transform into the most individual being and try again.

‘After all, La Enemy is… … .’

It was the totality of events that Ankera had been through since time immemorial to become a perfect human being.

1st. La Enemie (age 19): 98.7 percent.

Recalling the numbers she had checked while accepting the Ivory Tower Test, Sirone felt her hair stand on end.

‘I was almost there!’

Venice was right.

A 98.7% Kar value built up from the experience of the incident.

What fills the remaining 1.3 percent is not an event, but vivid memories of the five senses.

Kido twisted the spear with a frown.

‘We shouldn’t have come here!’

With 5 members Sirone, Chagall, Kido, Mayray, and Venezia, La Enemie’s car reading was heading towards 100%.

“Kill! When it’s done, it’s over!”

Being a perfect human being is no different than all human beings are wrong.

Therefore, it does not deserve to exist.

“Nice to meet you, Sirone.”

When Ra Enemy reached out her hand, the scenery began to turn red, as if the curtain of air was peeling off.

“Super thin.”

As the boundary between reality and unreality disappeared, a huge army appeared.

“How many are there?”

It was a large army of well over 1,000 even when counted in barrels.

Anglerfish with long necks like ropes and bulging bellies swept across the landscape in an instant.

“Kiaaaagh! Kyaaaagh!”


As the light curtain exploded around Sirone, the limbs of the demons flew in all directions.

‘What about La Enemy?’

As I twisted my body, a blood-red sword flew at me.


“Don’t invade our territory!”

The muddy voice was interpreted through the Ultima system.

‘What is that again?’

It was a large warrior with horns hanging at right angles to both temples.

“Barsheba, Lord of Despair.”

The landscape peeled off from behind Sirone, revealing Igor.

“What happened to this large army?”

“There are circumstances in this world as well. I’ll take it.”

Igor grabbed the spear of the blue flame and jumped out, and Warsiva swung his greatsword and fought back.

As Sirone bit his lip as Pia watched the mess, a voice came from behind.

“It’s dangerous at this rate, Hexa.”

A gray-skinned creature, over three meters tall, was approaching with extremely awkward steps by human standards.


There was no other name to be called.

“Battle doesn’t help us. Even at this moment, La Enemy is collecting the five senses.”

“Then what? Should we die?”

“That could be one way. However, Terraforce is a race that protects order. I have something to look forward to from you.”


“There is one way to temporarily lower La Enemy’s Kar value. But the aftermath that will come upon your world will be considerable. It is questionable whether the representative of humanity will approve.”

“Who is the representative of humanity?”

“… … no.”

That’s why it wasn’t revealed until the end.

“So it is decided here. Hexa, you become the representative of mankind. And I approve.”

“I don’t deserve it. I wonder if others will acknowledge it.”

“doesn’t care. Because it’s not a human problem. It is the rule of the Supreme Court of Terraforce. Never use this method without the approval of the representative of the race. you deserve Decide.”

Sirone looked back at the mayhem.

Everyone is killing the armies of the other world with tremendous force, but the numbers are still increasing.

‘If I go on like this, it will end.’

Having made up her mind, Sirone turned her head and said.

“good. I will allow you.”

“Approved. Yes, I will activate it.”

Mayray, muttering as if communicating with someone, strode forward, emitting terrifying light from her retinas.

“I am the Supreme Judge of Terraforce.”

A hand as long as a spear pointed at the world.

“From now on, I will begin to judge all mankind.”


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