Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 687

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[687] Incident (2)

* * *

“Aww! Save the goblins!”

Sirone caught Kido struggling like a swallow.

“I said I would catch you. Why are you making such a fuss?”

“damn! I hate the sky!”

To Kido, who realized the logic of the earth, the sky was an uncomfortable place with nothing to hold on to.

“Anyway, that person is really crazy. I didn’t know you would break this.”

The seismic waves generated by the fall of the flower had destroyed more than half of Radum.

“It’s better. I don’t really like ancient weapons.”

The map weapon, which judges by looking at the map, does not try to look into what is there.

Only the scale of damage and gain according to strategy and tactics are measured.

This was the reason why Sirone refrained from wide-area destructive magic as much as possible.

“That is your idea. Is that too expensive?”

Putting Kido on the ground, Sirone looked around.

Due to the impact of the falling flowers, the ground bounced like a rubber sheet, and all the dust on the ground rose up, making it impossible to see an inch in front.

Fortunately, it was raining, so the clock would not be disturbed for long.

‘The spectrum was destroyed and the flower was broken. What is La Enemy thinking?’

Sirone looked back at Mayray.

“how is it? still the voice… … .”

Sirone felt his heart stop and met her eyes.

“you… … who is this?”

Her appearance hasn’t changed, but the person in front of her now isn’t Maylei.

If the face is a mirror that reveals emotions, her face as she stares at Sirone with her lips pointedly pursed contains an unknown emotion that has never been seen in any human being.

“… … .”

When she couldn’t hear anything from Mayray, Sirone opened the foil.

Behind the material lies the concept that defines it.

A sword is a set of atoms, but in order to recognize it as a sword, the concept of a sword must precede it.

Therefore, if the concept of indestructibility preceded a sword, it would not be destroyed in reality, and this was the identity of Lian’s great sword <Idea>.

Soul, idea, concept.

It doesn’t matter what it is defined as, but there are two ways for humans, beings with five senses, to step into this realm.

One is to escape from the body made of matter (brain in a vat).

Another is to feel the other world in the realm of reality (Park Ji).

Sirone looked at Mayray with the latter ability and got goosebumps.

‘this… … what?’

Mayray’s conceptual form was different from that of humans.

It was over 3 meters tall with a thin body like thorns, and the top of its head stood out like a fan.

The arms were long and thin, the waist was bent, and the eyes were covered with shiny black retinas without pupils.

“Who are you… … .”

As Sirone spoke, Kido grabbed her wrist.

“it’s okay. Leave it alone for now.”

“Kido, what happened?”

Kido couldn’t feel Bakji, but he was predicting it to some extent through the taste of his memories.

“I knew it when I ate Mayray’s blood. Her memories are not human.”

Mayray’s memory was something a goblin’s imagination couldn’t analyze.

“Anyway, it’s clear that he intends to fight Ra Enemy. In other words, they are allies.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“that… … .”

Mayray said to Sirone.

“It’s been a while, Hexa.”

It was not human language, but the Ultima System interpreted it.

“Do you know me?”

No, it was Hexa to be precise.

Sirone, who recalled Hexa’s memory with Igor’s ability, still did not feel that it was her own.

Mayray looked around and said.

“Too much noise. It must mean that the time has come. wait a moment. You will know everything.”

“wait? what?”

Mayray raised her head and pointed her index finger toward the sky.


* * *

“Big! Shit!”

The collapse of the flower caused numerous casualties regardless of race, but the pure-blooded vampire Laika was able to save his life with a death sentence.

“Do you think I will disappear just like this?”

Laika, who had crawled out of the gap between the fallen flowers, swayed and stood up.

It was such a huge tower that even when it collapsed, it seemed as if a cliff was standing there.

‘I want to suck blood right now… … Recovery comes first.’

Vampires are a race with a unique concept of half-god and half-soul.

Staying on the boundary between material and concept, they can destroy or penetrate the wall according to their will, but neither function perfectly.


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Wood, for example, is easier to destroy than stone, so wood is an easy material for vampires to penetrate.

Rufist’s iron wall was so strong that it would be difficult to destroy it unless he was pureblood, and that’s why Laika’s body and soul were in complete disrepair after being hit by the Geumgang Tsunami.

“I congratulate you that you are still alive.”

Rufist walked on the muddy ground where rainwater and dust mixed.

‘Damn it.’

Lufist’s tenacity in finding Leica until the end at the scene of an accident comparable to a natural disaster could be said to be great.

“I’m glad you’re alive. You have no intention of killing me gracefully.”

Laika, baring her fangs, responded.

“Quack. I will regret it. Would a dead woman come back just by picking a fresh flower? She couldn’t even steal the seeds. Your mission is a complete failure.”

There was no way he didn’t know that the key reason for sending the head of the Magic Association from the royal castle was the real flower.

“It’s none of my business to die soon.”

A gurgling sound came from Laika’s throat.

“Like a lowly human… … You dare to kill a vampire?”

Rufist let out a long sigh.

“Human, human. Don’t you guys know what else to say?”

“Because it is true. It’s just absurd that a weak race is ruling the world.”

“Yeah, not weak.”

Rufist meekly agreed.

“In general, I mean.”

Laika’s eyes widened.

“Let me tell you something funny. Two men went down to hell with their families.”

Rufist extended his index and middle fingers with the back of his hand showing.

“And I decided to get out of hell. By the way, one man succeeded, but one man couldn’t get out.”

When I bent my index finger, only the middle finger remained.

Despite knowing that it was a common curse among humans, Laika had to suppress her anger.

“A man who has failed is because he could not abandon his family. When his wife fell, he lifted him up, and when his child fell, he carried him on his back and ran. Eventually, the gates of hell were closed.”

Rufist sneered.

“On the other hand, a successful man didn’t take care of anyone. Whether his wife fell into the fire, his parents cried out in pain, or his children shed tears of blood, he could only run and run and finally get out of Hell before it closed.”

Rufist opened his arms and asked.

“Isn’t it strange?”

“… … What do you want to say?”

“You know, this is a metaphor. A metaphor for the system of human society. The more responsibilities you have, the less competitive you are. Even so, they give up competition and choose responsibility. Those ‘normal’ people you mentioned.”

It was too young to live in Rufist’s eyes.

“Most of the people who heard this story had the same reaction. Pity the men who fail and criticize the men who succeed. So few people ask this question. Why did a successful man have to run and leave the people he loves most in hell?”

Lufist raised his index finger.

“Because it is efficient. The moment you take responsibility for someone, everyone dies. Then what about the spirit of the man who abandoned his family and ran? Can he really be called sane?”

Rufist shook his head.

“Absolutely not. Obsession with success, madness. I call this mind murder. Whether you have no guilt innately or suppress it with the power of reason, victory or defeat depends on how many precious people you can kill with your heart. And now the upper echelons of the human system are teeming with such madmen. How do you feel about humans being a weak species?”

Luffist’s smiling face turned cold.

“The opponent standing in front of you right now is a human beyond the normal category. Everyone who has entered Radum and carried out their missions is an extremely brutal mind-killer. Only those who had to kill the people they loved the most to become wizards, to spread the will of good, and to reach the pinnacle of swordsmanship remain. Kill, kill, kill, keep killing and going up.”

Killing your friends, family, and even yourself, the only thing you get is… … .

the real me

“Don’t think you’ll be the same as the good people you sucked blood from. No one is normal here. The top of the world is swarming with madmen who will do anything to achieve their ends. It’s not a system that lowly races like vampires dare step into.”


Laika screamed and ran.

Although his soul was not even half recovered yet, he could not control his anger at the trampling of his tribal pride.

‘Jane… … .’

Rufist poured out the remaining words without hesitation, but Rufist was not relieved.

The reason why a genius magician of the mental type met his death in the den of subhumans was probably because he had to take responsibility for someone.

‘You should have killed him. You should have lived.’

Perhaps Jane wanted to find a better life free from the guilt of murder.

Steel Magic – Diamond Water.

The steel formed over Rufist’s shoulder and transformed into the arms of a huge beast, crushing Laika.


Laika struggled limbs, clinging like a mouse caught in a lion’s paw.

Being unable to escape even with half-soul abilities meant that the durability of the Diamond Tree was strong enough to exceed that of a vampire.

“Shall we play with it soon?”

Laika’s face twisted grotesquely.

“Lower… … .”

Geumgangsu’s claws penetrated Laika’s body.


The vampire’s scream continued for 10 minutes.

“Turn it off… … .”

No beast of prey would make such a mess of its prey.

When Laika died, the body first dried up.

Eventually, it turned to dust, and the dark soul was scattered into the air.

‘Is this the end?’

Laika had disappeared, and since the flower had been destroyed, Flallino would not have been able to use its power either.

There is still a Draker among the Three Ministers, but since he hasn’t shown up yet, it seems that the Sirone Mercenary Corps has taken care of it.

“Finally found.”

When I turned to the place where I heard the sound of splashing water, Chagall, whose hair was wet like a mop, was walking hunched over.

The first thing Lufist checked was the bag Chagall was dragging.

‘I retrieved the dagger.’

The only weakness was gone.

“I will kill you.”

Chagall’s gait quickened, but Lufist did not even move.

And when he came close, he slowly turned around, and Chagall kicked the ground and passed Lufist.

“La Enemy!”

The rapid-fire sword stabbed the air at a terrifying speed.

“Wherever you are!”

Chagall sniffed and flung himself to the other side where the flower had fallen.

“Find it and kill it!”

Rufist took out Nemesis from Kubrick.

‘The sense of smell has captured it means that sooner or later everyone will gather.’

La Enemy started to move.


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