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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 685

[685] Heonhwa (5)

The power of high-speed armor-piercing bullets was so great that it could pierce the iron plate of an ancient weapon with only kinetic energy, but Lufist felt uncomfortable.

Fresh flowers must be handed over to the kingdom in intact condition.

‘No response.’

I couldn’t feel anything inside the iron barrier that was perforated like a honeycomb.

‘I opened the floor and avoided it.’

As Lufist expected, the iron plate in a completely different place opened, and Flallino reappeared.

“I will show you the consequences of your arrogance.”

The floor Rufist was stepping on rippled like a wave and became a giant marble that trapped him.

“are you kidding?”

An iron prison for an iron wizard.

When I was about to smash it, I felt the inertia of falling with a force stronger than gravity.

‘This is a strategy.’

It was the ability to create a small world that governs not only the system of living things but also materials.

As if melted by the heat, steel orbs fell endlessly into the hole, and finally crashed to the floor with a thud.


When the ceiling suddenly opened and the marbles fell, Sirone hugged Maylei and threw herself.

Kido, who was already far away, blinked at him, but the marble exploded and Lufist appeared.

‘It’s blocked.’

Checking the ceiling, he clicked his tongue.

“I’m starting to get annoyed.”

And that annoyance went to Sirone, who was still hovering in the lower layer.

“What are you doing? You told me to take control of the main system, right? Where is Jane?”

“This is the control room.”

Sirone, who had already arrived, pointed towards the device with sad eyes.

“By the time we arrived… … .”

Lupist, who did not understand Sirone’s words, frowned and turned his head, and only then found Jane, who was dead and smiling.

He usually doesn’t express emotions, but now he doesn’t even feel human at all.


The stomach was open and the muscles in both wrists were completely torn.

There was no need to confirm her death, but Rufist approached her.

Sirone followed and said in a sad voice.

“I think I forced my heart to beat while in cardiac arrest. So the wrist muscles… … .”

“I know.”

Kneeling on one knee, Lufist examined Jane’s hand.

“When did you come?”

Armand gave the information to Sirone.

“A minute and thirty-two seconds ago.”

“You lost your Nemesis.”

I wouldn’t have put it in a Kubrick.

Because I cut off my finger.

Sirone suddenly realized.

“Could it be, Chagall?”

If he was a person who fell behind the Great Purification Period, he would have infiltrated the flower due to Ra Enemy’s design.

“It was good that I extended my life with transcendence, but the final treatment was disappointing. You should have destroyed it somehow.”

Sirone made an impression.

“What are you going to say in this situation? Jane did her best.”

“So what? Shall I pat the corpse for a good job?”

“President of the association.”

There was anger in Sirone’s voice, but Rufist turned away from Jane coldly.

“I’ll take care of your death, but if I were alive, I would have slapped you in the face. Even though she is the trinity of the spectrum, she is not a woman to die easily. In the end, his affection is the problem. This is why you can’t be a girl.”

“Don’t say anything without knowing what the situation was like.”


I knew her better than my parents.

“good. Go to the ovary on the upper floor and steal the seed of the flower. Currently, Flarino is in control, but with the Ultima system, there should be no problem.”

“but… … .”

“I do not have time.”

Since what Rufist said was true, Sirone gave up the argument and turned around.

“Let’s go, Mayray, Kido.”

After leaving the control room, Sirone burst into anger.

“It’s cold-blooded. There seems to be no blood or tears.”

Kido ran to Sirone’s side and said.

“It’s not like that, Sirone.”

“We’ve been working together for over 10 years. But how do you sell like that? I would never do that.”

“Did you not notice?”

Sirone looked back at Kido with puzzled eyes.

“huh? What do you want to notice?”

“The president of the association saw the woman’s body.”

Kido was watching Lufist.

“Since then, I haven’t blinked once.”


Kido pretended to stab himself in the eye.

“It is not naturally possible. Of course, I don’t know what that person is thinking. But I don’t think I’m unaware of it.”

As Sirone ran while looking at the floor, Mayray said.

“Anyway, we are also nervous. It bothers me that Mr. Jane is dead, but also that La Enemy is silent.”

Kido raised the bridge of his nose.

“It’s a hidden place. You’re not even breathing You need a sense of smell. There is nothing like that in exploration.”

“But the sense of smell belongs to a man named Chagall. Can I convince him?”

“You don’t have to convince me.”

Sirone said.

“Because taking Nemesis means that it will happen in the end.”

“… … .”

I felt like a puppet caught on the thread of fate.

Meanwhile, Rufist left the control room in the opposite direction to Sirone and the others.

When the automatic door opened and we entered the hallway, Flallino was standing on the side of the stairs.

“How do you feel about losing someone important to you?”

Rufist sensed an alien aura rushing from behind.

After a while, black smoke rose, and the pure-blooded vampire Laika blocked the retreat.

“Input the original code to retrieve the real flower. the way was good The try was good too. But I guess you didn’t expect that ability to run.”

Rufist finally looked back and his eyes were bloodshot without closing them.

As if that was even more enjoyable, Laika smiled and raised her hand.

“I ended it with this hand. I didn’t quite finish it, though. The result is like this, so I think it’s better. He would have died the most painfully.”

Rufist wasn’t offended.

It wasn’t unpleasant because of that.

“If I’m afraid of pain, I won’t do such stupid things.”

“Hehe, you are human too. Does your voice tremble as you speak? Were you a precious person?”

said Flareno.

“You failed. Control of the flower has been passed back to me, and sooner or later the royal castle will be destroyed.”

Rufist let out a sigh.

“no. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Knowing how strict the head of the Tormia Magic Association is, the two members of the Three Ministers put on a puzzled expression.

“You look angry? You are human after all.”

It was not a word of sympathy.

All Flarino wanted was for Lufist to feel the same way he did and be just as frustrated.

“Don’t be mistaken. That woman is nothing to me. She was an aide and she was the chief of staff. She’s got a bit of an odd corner, but she’s already in the yard and she’s dead.”

Laika and Flallino’s faces stiffened as the air felt heavy, as if it had turned to heavy metal.

“He was competent.”

She was a resourceful woman who even made Luffist, a single-minded person, the president of the Magic Association.

“That’s the only reason I’m annoyed. That capable girl, a talent that she has little chance of reaping no matter how much she invests in her education, is maddeningly upset that the life of a subspecies worm has consumed it.”

Beyond the feeling, the air was actually starting to seep into the iron.

“How are you going to compensate? There are many difficult problems that the woman has to solve while alive. Even if people like you die a hundred times, I can’t handle it.”

“How dare you ignore the vampires!”

Laika, released from the smoke, rushed in, and Flalino moved the iron walls in all directions and pressed them.

“… … Ironclad.”

At the same time as the horse fell, the air rippled around Lufist, and the iron barrier began to spread.


Laika broke through the iron wall with her demigod and half-soul ability, but pushed the area out as the 2nd and 3rd iron walls were created.


Florino, assimilated with the real flower, crouched down and shouted.

“Are you going to break it? It must be a precious flower to you too.”

“Of course it is.”

The value of ancient weapons was so great that they accounted for more than half of the kingdom’s national power.

“That should have been enough.”

As the wave of the iron wall became more intense, it began to extend toward the outer wall of the huge living flower.

“You’ll regret it! you!”

A cool smile appeared on Rufist’s lips.

“You won’t regret anything?”

Koo Goo Goo Goo!

As the vibration of the flowers growing toward the sun became more intense than before, Sirone and the others stopped walking.


Kido shouted as he clung to the wall.

“It tilts! Are you disturbing us?”

“No, not at that level.”

The angle of inclination exceeds 20 degrees.

Considering the height and weight of the flower, it was almost impossible to restore it to its original state.

-I do not have time.

Recalling Lufist’s words, Sirone suddenly realized.

“I see.”

I didn’t say it with the capital hit in mind.

“I’m trying to break it.”

“Break? I haven’t even gotten any seeds yet. Wasn’t that important to humans?”

“You’re right, Kido.”

Since when?

Perhaps from the discovery of Jane’s body.

“You’ve already lost your temper, Mr. Rufist.”

The 47th ironclad wave bent the inner substrate and extended to more than half the diameter of the stem.

The durability of the ancient weapons was higher than that of steel, so the waves of iron walls that could not overcome the resistance disappeared, but the 48th, 49th, and 50th vehicles were endlessly rolling in.

“Insignificant human hee hee hee!”

Laika, who had penetrated 87 iron walls, grabbed Lufist by the shoulder and stuck out his teeth.

‘Just one bite!’

The president of the Magic Association can be used as a limb.

“Something like a bat.”

For the first time in his life, Rufist raised his mana to a level that the system of his society disapproved of.

Steel Magic – Geumgang Tsunami.

The half-soul half-soul body was swept away in front of the waves of steel that pulsated 10 times per second.


“stop! How did you grow this flower? Are you crazy?”

Flarino delivered through all the speakers of Saenghwa.

‘You lost your temper? you’re welcome.’

That wasn’t our style.

‘Right, Jane?’

The strategic value that can be obtained when the real flower is handed over to the kingdom, the astronomical price of the seed that the real flower produces, and the numerous potential benefits derived from it.

‘It’s enough if I can handle everything.’

It will become incomparably stronger than ancient weapons and will reverse all losses.

‘I’ll fight for your share.’

Rufist never closed his eyes.

‘So rest in peace, Jane.’

Finally, the 362nd iron wall reached the outer wall of the flower, and Rufist unleashed the strongest power in his life.

‘This is it…’ … .’

As the steel-clad waves burst the outer wall and bounced off, the base of the flower was completely separated.

‘I am a flower for your grave.’


Flarinos screams seemed to perfectly represent the agony of the mouthless creature.

“Fall! I did it for real!”

Kido stepped on the slanting wall of fresh flowers and ran around, while Sirone and Maylei floated in the air as if they were in a state of weightlessness, searching for an exit.

“Let’s get out there! If you get caught up in it, it’s the end!”

It would be a shock to fall from space.

“I can’t fly!”

“I’ll take it! Just jump off!”

As Sirone and Mayray escaped, Kido threw himself into tears.

“Anyway, like a crazy race!”


Feeling the ground shaking, Ethella raised her head with a rain-soaked face.

The world’s most expensive flower, 600 meters high, was falling south of Radum.

“Humans… … human.”

An existence that promotes human happiness from the human point of view.

A cut flower withers, but the flower is placed in front of someone’s grave to mourn the death… … .

We’d say even that is beautiful.


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