Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 682

[682] Heonhwa (2)

* * *

The inside of a living flower that grows naturally by absorbing photons is partitioned with a thick iron film like the cells of a real plant.

This is because the material called mineral itself mimics the genetic mechanism of living things, and as growth progresses, cells grow larger or differentiate.

In addition, it can be said that it is a machine that far transcends human engineering knowledge in that it creates complex and precise devices on its own, just as human cells divide repeatedly to form the heart, liver, nerves, and bones.

Therefore, it was not surprising that when Lufist arrived in front of the control room, the door opened by itself.

Inside the 40-pyeong hexagonal space, countless wires, display devices, and an arithmetic device enabling highly precise interception were busily operating.

Rufist ignored the 10 black spirits guarding Flallino and moved on.

“It’s been a while, Flallino.”

Ten years ago, they had met at the negotiating table prepared through a secret channel in the capital of Tormia.

“Yes, Lufist.”

Flallino’s expression was cold.

“Things aren’t going the way you want them to. I hoped you wouldn’t become the president of the Magic Association.”

Rufist, who can be said to be the representative far-right in the kingdom, became the center of power in the kingdom, which was like a disaster for Radum’s subspecies.

“It’s worldly. That word is absurd. Because some people fail, can’t some people succeed?”

It is no coincidence that Mikea Gaold, who is classified as a key figure on the left, rose to the chair of the association despite concerns from politicians.

At the time, he was focusing on the Heaven Project, and the domestic terrorism issue based on Radum was only a side note.

“So you’re saying you’re going to pick flowers anyway?”

The thought of handing over all the fresh flowers he had grown for decades to the kingdom made Flallino sick to his stomach.

“no. How much is this and can you break it easily?”

Lufist opened the spirit zone and raised the steel batteries.

“We have to pull out the roots.”

“Protect the Minister!”

The black spirit unit, made up of women, spread out to the shadowy place.

Black young people’s gray skin becomes transparent in the dark, so they are excellent for guarding key figures.

In addition, the feature that women’s physical abilities are not inferior to men’s was also suitable for protecting the psychology of the Hwajok.

‘The art of darkness.’

The shadow expanded like water and filled the room.

The light disappeared due to the power to swallow Shining magic, and several black spirits approached Lufist in complete darkness.

‘The best security is to remove risk factors.’

Literally assassination.

Their movements, which boasted equalization that perfectly assimilated into the darkness, were difficult to capture even with Spirit Zone’s synesthesia.


The four swords cut through Rufist’s body without a sound.

‘Doesn’t it catch anything?’

The feeling in my fingertips disappeared, and my nervous system went out of control, as if a block had been separated.

“Aren’t you stupid?”

The corpses of the black spirits, which had been separated into dozens of pieces, were scattered on the floor.

“What are you going to do if you attack Carl?”

Iron is an object to be avoided, not an object of attack.

‘That child… … !’

The black spirits hiding in the shadows shed tears of blood at the death of their own people, but they never showed signs of it.

Although technically excellent, their patience was not superhuman.

“I will kill you!”

Just when the rest of the Dark Spirits were ready to fight to the death, Flallino raised his hand and shouted.

“Stop it!”

“Minister! but… … !”

“Rufist is not an easy opponent. Leave it to me.”

Although he showed a strong appearance, he could not guarantee how long he would last against the steel wizard who had no blood or tears.

“Hand over the control of the flower.”

“I make an offer. Please prepare a place for Radum’s sub-species to live. Then I will give up the interception.”


To set up a separate facility for sub-species in the kingdom of Tormia would cost a lot of damage.

‘Jane will do it.’

Rufist trusted Jane’s abilities.

“Are you willing to spill blood when there is a peaceful way to solve it?”


When Luffist opened his palm, the sharp metal like a blade rotated like a storm.

“Do you think you guys are human?”

As he swung his arm, a layer of gray metal opened like mercury and aimed at Flallino’s neck.


The black spirit hugged her and collapsed on the floor, and fragments split in the air spread like explosions and penetrated into the darkness.

Following the screams, the corpses of the remaining black spirits appeared out of the shadows.

“How are we different from you!”

Florino, who fell to the floor, cried out in a miserable voice.

“We too have feelings, culture, and history! A being that can love, rejoice, and share sorrow! But why are you trying to ostracize us!”

“First, you guys don’t pay taxes.”

Rufist took another step.

“Second, you guys don’t give birth to humans. It means that you are not legally subject to issuance of a national registration certificate. Incorporating them into slave labor or warehousing would have a one-off effect, but from a long-term perspective, supporting you would eventually become a burden to the kingdom. It is a waste of money on a different level than having a pet dog or raising livestock.”

Flallino wept.

“Finally third.”

Lufist looked down at her with cold eyes.

“We, the proud people of Tormia, who pay taxes, produce children, and provide labor, hate you. So just disappear from the world. Humans are comfortable when you are gone.”

Flarino’s shoulders trembled.

“How can you be so cruel? For just that reason… … Is it okay to kill a life?”

“Is that the only reason?”

Rufist kicked Flallino in the jaw.


The only remaining black spirit hurriedly supported her.

The moment he saw Flallino’s eyes tremble with shock, the black young man gave up on Lufist.

‘It’s a big deal. The need for passivity is manifesting.’

The fire people are strong, but only a small part of them are born with aggression, like carnivorous plants.

Even Flarinora, who had been able to reject the desires of others through training, was nothing more than a flower before the authority of the head of the Magic Association.

When Rufist headed to the display of the energy output device and pressed the cancel button, a window requesting a code popped up.

After licking his lips, Lufist approached Flallino again and created a storm of blades.

“I’ll cut off the limbs first.”

“Yeah man!”

The face of the last remaining black spirit who jumped off the ground was shattered by a storm of blades and fell to the side.

“Give me the code if you want to die comfortably. Torture isn’t my major, but I bet you won’t last a minute.”

I was afraid to the point of flying away.

“You know how many fire tribes were sacrificed.”

The scent of fire tribes filled the room.

“We are owned by humans, sold when we get tired of it, used again by new humans, and then withered away from stress. It’s human to feel sorry for street dogs! But why don’t you extend a hand of salvation to us!”

“What do you know, what about you guys?”

Flarino closed his mouth with a sad expression.

“Do you think humans don’t have a history of parents having to watch boiling water poured down their children’s throats? We didn’t get it for nothing. People are always dissatisfied. Equality is far away, and not everyone can be happy. However, countless human sacrifices were required to build such a crude system. It is a system created by humans, only for human happiness. But things that didn’t help at all suddenly appear and ask me to put them in?”

Rather, Flallino’s heart became cold again at Lupist’s attitude that does not tolerate emotions.

“You’ll regret it. We will see what your selfishness will lead to.”

The incarnation of a flower rose from Flallino.

When the lineage of the Violet Tiara, reputed to be the most beautiful among the flower family, was revealed, the room felt bright.

‘I should probably capture him alive.’

Jane would take care of it anyway, but it was better to keep Flallino alive, at least for the sake of Man’s sake.

‘Because it’s a waste to destroy fresh flowers.’

If the steering system is broken, the money spent on repairs was astronomical.

“Watch smart.”

The incarnation of Flallino was released into a powder of light, and it emitted an intense light like a neuron.

“The anger of a flower trampled by humans!”

Incarnation Art – Small World Creation.

* * *

“Mr. Jane!”

Arya, suffering from severe infection, jumped up and down.

Through mental resonance, her current condition was conveyed to the brain connected to Jane as if experiencing it firsthand.

“Is there a problem?”

“I am a vampire! strong!”

Kuan’s expression became serious.

There was only one pure-blooded vampire, Laika, in the leadership of the spectrum, to the extent of driving a person as talented as Jane.

“Kuan-san, please go! Mr. Jane is not showing his true ability.”

It was hard to beat Leica while resonating with a sick person.

“It’s not possible. My job is to protect you.”

If Arya is attacked while entering the flower, the code disappears.

As long as the blow to the capital was self-evident, even if Jane died, Arya had to be protected.

“but! Mr. Jane… … .”

I felt guilty because I gave up the easy way and chose the difficult way to save Arya.

“When Jane dies, then I will take you to the real flower.”

Quan sighed coldly, looking back at the fresh flower and biting his teeth.

‘Please be safe… … .’

* * *

Black smoke rushed through the hallway and turned into a human figure right in front of Jane’s eyes.

Before it even took shape, Laika’s palm struck Jane’s stomach, and a huge wave of shockwaves pierced her body.


My body didn’t move a single step, but I felt as if my life had flown to space.

She fell to her knees with a thump, staggered as if she was going to fall forward, and then fell backwards and shot the back of her head.

“Uselessly persistent.”

Looking down at the dead Jane with her eyes open, Laika clicked her tongue.

Around them, the corpses of their servant vampires were dissolving into black smoke.

They are not purebloods, but they have powerful souls in their own way.

The worst feeling was that I couldn’t disparage Jane’s ability to wield 7 such vampires through mind control.

“Anyway, it’s over.”

As Laika fluttered his cloak and turned around, his figure vanished in an instant.

-… … Seed!

Arya’s voice penetrated Jane’s brain as she died.

– Mr. Jane! Mr. Jane!


The feeble light of life began to dwell in the dead pupil.

His heart stopped beating, but he still had about 20 seconds to reach brain death.

‘The president of the association.’

A belated flash passed by, and Jane slowly raised her hand.

‘For the country and the people… … .’

It was amazing to concentrate with a dying brain, but it was nothing compared to the most difficult stage of self-harm for a wizard.

Gathering wind magic into her fingertips, she pierced her stomach and grabbed her heart.

‘I can’t die yet!’

When he cast Mental Transcendence, a type of mental magic, the muscular strength that went beyond the limits of his body acted and his heart contracted.


As the blood circulated, body functions gradually returned, but the contractile force of the heart was not at a level that could be maintained with the strength of a woman’s grip.

‘I have to regain control of the flower.’

Feeling the muscles in her wrists burst, Jane stepped on the hallway wall.


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