Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 681

[681] Heonhwa (1)

The three ministers, who are in charge of the ball, water and justice of the spectrum, gathered at a round table.

After giving the order to hit the capital by maximizing the output of the flower, La Enemy had not appeared in my memory, but it was irrelevant now.

Defense Minister Flarino, who manages the main system of the flower, said.

“I have 13 percent left to full power. In the next 24 minutes, Basuka’s royal castle will disappear from Tormia.”

Laika, the Minister of Home Affairs, looked at her with the cool eyes of a vampire.

“Awesome. It’s a key piece of code that hasn’t been hacked in decades.”

The fresh flower is basically a defense-type ancient weapon, but if you increase its output to the maximum, it can hit even the royal castle.

However, the reason why it has not been performed so far is that the kingdom put a password on it in the early stages of the growth of the flower.

“La Enemy. Are you saying it was real?”

It was Flallino who hacked the core code, but she also succeeded based on the memories of La Enemy.

It was the point at which it was proven that he, who had no substance and existed only as a memory, had the ability to destroy the world.

“It doesn’t matter. The point is that sub-races dominate the human kingdom.”

Battle Minister Drakker raised his spirits and said.

When the speculation unique to the dragon horse was released, the same ministers, Laika and Flallino, were breathless.

“Shouldn’t we be moving soon? A few humans have already infiltrated the living flower. Let’s finish it before it gets complicated.”

Laika asked Flallino.

“Who came in?”

“The head of the Magic Association and the chief of staff. The pact is broken, but if we can’t stop those two, everything is for nothing. La Enemy isn’t showing up. It must be our problem.”

“Something human.”

Laika’s body began to dissolve in black smoke.

“I’ll finish it soon and come back.”

When he completely disappeared, Draker also stood up, using his hands on the table.

“I will take care of the outside.”

“Can I help you?”

When Draker raised the corners of his mouth, his reptilian scales twitched.

“Take good care of the flowers.”

It was an ambiguous expression because she is also a flower, as well as protecting real flowers.

Although she has reached the point of suppressing her reaction to the emotions of others, her unique sensibility has not disappeared.

The Hua people give their all for someone who loves them.

It wasn’t a bad feeling because he was born that way, but the possessiveness of humans was unmatched when compared to other creatures.

‘Protect the flowers.’

Flarino took a deep breath and made up his mind.

‘Protect the flowers.’

* * *

‘Can I make it on time?’

Having infiltrated the living flower, Jane quickly ran towards the main system.

With all power to the cloaking facility gone, she also realized that Spectrum was preparing to intercept the capital.

‘I have to do it.’

The problem was that Arya’s condition, which was linked to the Spirit Zone, was gradually deteriorating.

If she loses consciousness, it may be impossible to read the core code itself.

‘Was it the right choice?’

If Lufist had been here, he would have even kicked the cheek.

‘The president of the association.’

It has already been over 10 years since I worked with Lufist.

It was she who got a job as an aide through an interview when he entered politics as a wizard.

Being a wizard also played a major role in passing, but it wasn’t a smooth relationship from the start.

“There is an evaluation that it is too extreme in civil society. In particular, high-ranking aristocrats are protesting against imposing excessive taxes for the purpose of increasing defense spending.”

“Go ahead. It is necessary.”

Rufist was a no-nonsense personality, and Jane was full of passion.

“So I wrote a revision agenda. First of all, set the rising tax rate to around 1.3 percent and target the nobles to whom the progressive tax rate is applied… … .”

“You’re a dirty talkative girl.”

Jane’s hand as she was flipping through the papers stopped, and she asked with a hard expression.

“yes? What did you say just now?”

Lufist raised his arms on the table, glared at Jane, and said clearly.

“Dirty, talkative, girl.”

It was so absurd that she stood there blankly and listened with her eyes lit.

“jane? Did you call me a girl just now?”

“okay. what is that?”

“This is a clear derogatory remark about women! I’m going to file a complaint with the State Administration! Also, if you don’t apologize politely here and now, we will announce it to the media! How does a politician with gender discrimination tend to run state affairs… … !”


Rufist stopped talking.

“sun. do whatever you want But you know what? You are fired as of this time.”

The blood drained from Jane’s face.

“This, such an unfair treatment… … .”

“I hate working with you. so get out Turn it off.”

Tears glistened in Jane’s eyes as she snorted vigorously.

Rufist squinted one eye as she threw the folder on the floor and closed the door hard enough to deafen her ears.

“What do you have?”

That evening, after finishing his work, Lufist donned a coat and left the castle.

‘I’ll have to pick up a new aide tomorrow.’

With no one to do chores, I was more tired than usual.


Jane was waiting outside the gate of the castle.

It was an eye opener, and as soon as he saw Rufist, he strode over and spit it out.



“So that! You don’t even care about me anymore, so what’s up? why? Are you feeling bad?”

“Have you been drinking?”

“No, I’m going to drink it from now on! Even if you quit, let’s talk. I can’t sleep because I’m worried about this country unless I fix your rotten state of mind.”

“Then don’t sleep. Don’t you have anything to do anyway?”

Rufist tried to pass by, but she moved aside and blocked the path.

“Where are you going? Shouldn’t I apologize properly?”

“I didn’t do anything to apologize.”

“Oh yeah?”

cried Jane, looking around dejectedly.

“Everyone look here! This politician today… … !”

“it’s crazy? What are you doing?”

Lufist grabbed her by the shoulder.

“joy! Isn’t it scary what people know?”

“It’s not scary, it’s embarrassing.”

“Then it’s embarrassing. Don’t you have anything to do anyway?”

There was no bullshit like this.

“okay. go. Let’s go.”

“It will be soon.”

She shook her shoulders as if telling her not to mess around, and when she led the way to the bar, Lufist followed, gritting her teeth.

Two hours after that, Jane, who had become drunk, repeated the same words several times with her eyes wide open.

“You can’t live your real life like that. And then there is not one friend left. Do you see what I mean?”

Rufist checked the time.

“late. Stop going back.”

Jane’s upper body turned round and round as if she felt herself spinning.

“If you go, do I have to go? uh? Are you cool?”

Jane tapped Lufist’s temple with her index finger.

“you… … .”

Putting her index finger on her temple again, Jane pushed with all her might.


Lufist turned his head and bit his teeth as he glared at Jane.

“Stop drinking. You’re a spirit-type mage.”

“Nope? am i going to take Do you hate the girl because she drinks?”

“You said you were sorry. A few times too.”

“Is it okay if I say I’m sorry? What about the scars in my heart?”

Jane hit her chest in frustration.

“You can’t live like that. Then… … .”

It felt like God had drawn a dodol-i table on the musical score of time.

“Come back to work tomorrow.”

Jane burst out laughing.

“In that way… … .”

“Don’t call me a girl, don’t discriminate against women, and I’ll review the agenda you suggested, so go to work tomorrow.”

There was some truth to her suggestion.

After taking a picture with her head on the table, she turned to Lufist.

The sarcastic feeling disappeared at the corner of his mouth when he smiled.

“I can’t say it with my own mouth, but you really picked a good subordinate. How far will you go? Minister of Defense? Head of the Magic Association? Yes, the president of the Magic Association would be nice. I’ll make you the president of the Magic Association. No matter what I do, I will make you the president of the Magic Association.”

“Let’s get up.”

Lufist, who helped Jane, asked the staff for a room.

Even when she lifted herself up and went up to the third floor, Jane was unconscious.

“Mmm, I will make it.”

Returning to the room, Lufist laid Jane on the bed as if she was collapsing, and she hugged her neck.

“Where? I can’t go.”

“Drunk. stop sleeping Or come to your senses.”

If it was a spirit-type wizard, it would have been clean with a single switch.

“Hehe, don’t you like it? Can’t you just work and live?”

“You will regret it tomorrow.”

Jane smiled bitterly.

“You won’t regret anything?”

“… … .”

The next morning, Jane, completely sober, jumped out of bed.


Looking around, I saw Lufist, who had washed himself before I knew it, putting on his coat.

My memory is genius, so the things that happened yesterday flashed through my mind clearly.

‘I must be crazy, I must be crazy, I must be crazy!’

Jane patted her cheek with both hands.

Spending the night with your boss

When I thought about how awkward it would be while working in the future, regret flooded in.

Rufist, pocket watch in his pocket, said as he walked to the door.

“Go out first. Go to work in 30 minutes.”

“excuse me… … !”

Rufist stopped in front of the door.

“So, you know what? This is a mistake, no accident. This will never happen in the future.”

“know. It’s over for you and me.”

Rufist said as he closed the door and left.

“Be careful not to cause a scandal.”

Jane, who had been staring blankly at her disheveled, copied Rufist’s tone with a hateful expression on her face.

“Be careful not to cause a scandal.”

Then he raised his middle finger toward the door.

“Anyway, it’s cold.”

Pulling back the blanket and coming out naked, she stood in front of the window and stretched out.

“Let’s see, today’s schedule… … .”

Like the newly rising sun of the day, it felt like going to work for the first time.

‘There were times like that.’

Recalling memories from long ago, Jane raised the corners of her mouth.

Because they were so thorough, they never crossed the line again during the 10+ years of work.

As politicians and aides, they were faithful to their respective activities and had passed through time as fast as an arrow to reach this point, but when Rufist went against his will, Jane would sometimes think of the day’s events.

‘I thought there was no human being more perfect than us. Looking back, I was very young, president of the association.’

As my mind calmed down, my mind became clear.

‘Yes, I just have to do what I can.’

What would you not regret?

As I continued downstairs, a strange aura rose from the end of the aisle.


The black darkness lingered ominously and gradually took shape and began to regain its color.


“I commend you for coming this far.”

Pure-blooded vampire Laika approached with her hands behind her back.

“Humans are so underestimated. It seems that my senses have dulled a lot too.”

Every time Laika moved, an eerie energy rushed in like a wall, but Jane’s mission did not allow retreat.

“It is the order of His Majesty the King. As of today, the kingdom of Tormia has the right to control natural flowers. Surrender obediently and follow the king’s orders.”

Jane, who has returned as a cold-hearted wizard, threatens Laika by moving her tentacle-shaped spirit zone.

“Hey, you raised it until now, so you’re going to take it now?”

“Did you know anyway? You should be grateful for the fact that you have let it be installed until now.”

“I don’t like that kind of thing about humans.”

Laika’s lower body turned black and turned into hundreds of bats that flew towards Jane.

“To think that you are a great being.”


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