Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 677

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[677] Occurrence of the five senses (1)

Sirone’s mercenaries, blown away by the gold jade explosion, were scattered.

It didn’t matter to Lufist, but it bothered him that Arya wasn’t there.

“Where have you gone?”

Jane, who had flung herself along with Lufist, climbed into the sky and looked around.

“It seems to have gone quite deep. I think I will approach life on my own. We wait too.”

It wouldn’t be a big deal since Kuan was attached as a bodyguard, but the code imprinted in Arya’s subconscious had to be perfect.

“find. I will go to the fresh flower first.”

If you split it in two, it becomes perfect.

“All right.”

Lufist added as Jane boarded the Cosmic Rail and was about to depart.



“Two mistakes are unacceptable.”

No factor other than returning live flowers to national property should affect the mission.

“… … All right.”

As the cosmic rail flew at high speed and disappeared beyond the building, Lufist looked back at the spire of fresh flowers.

“It is quiet.”

As he walked, he muttered.

“What are you up to?”

* * *


Arya sat down next to the building, clutching her head and screaming.

Members of Spectrum’s sub-organization Vega were fighting Kuan.

The armed forces of the Tubo tribe with the face of a cow and an abnormally developed lower body were the best among the sub-organizations, but only one could not surpass Quan’s sword.

“Where the hell are you!”

None of the Tubos saw Quan’s face.

It was because the movement of the clown Pierrot was so exquisite, and it was because those who saw his face stopped breathing once.

A strong wind blew in, and Kuan appeared in front of Arya.

She opened her eyes slowly and saw countless pieces of beef strewn about.

“Are you okay?”

As long as Kuan protects her, she is safe.

However, the heat of the gold-ok heated by the fresh flowers was so great that her wrists and ankles, which had no special defense mechanism, were severely blistered by burns.

“yes I’m okay.”

Arya’s face was pale as she said that.

‘It’s infected.’

If it were to kill, it might not have been, but when it comes to saving lives, Quan’s sword was of no use whatsoever.

“can go. code… … .”

Arya’s condition was rapidly deteriorating.

Radum is basically dirty and a place where many sub-species live together, so it was difficult to treat it if the cause was not found.

“Mr. Quan.”

Jane, who fell vertically from the sky, jumped off the cosmic rail.

“Why are you still here?”

“As you can see, the factor was injured.”

As Arya shivered with chills, Quan made an excuse that was not an excuse.

“You cannot cut germs.”

It wasn’t Quan’s fault.

“Jane, quickly… … my code… … .”

Arya said with a desperate look.

It was better to hand over the code to Jane as soon as possible, since you never know when you might lose consciousness.

The problem was that transferring the code without connecting to the main system of the flower would accompany Arya’s death.

“are you okay.”

She had already made up her mind.

“I am also a diplomat belonging to the kingdom of Tormia. I know that it is the first position to sacrifice in case of national crisis. Take the code.”

Jane looked at Arya pitifully.

‘Accessories of the kingdom.’

According to Rufist’s theory, humans are just tools that must be consumed to maintain the system.

– Double mistakes are unacceptable.

The president’s voice penetrated my mind like hypnosis.

“There is one way.”

Aria made a blank expression at Jane’s words.

“How are you in this situation?”

“I am going to infiltrate the real flower with my mind connected to Aria. If you go all the way to the main system and transfer the code, there will be no problem.”

Since Jane is a spirit-type magician, if you maximize the tentacle-type spirit zone, you will be able to connect the spirit to the real flower.

“but! That puts Jane in danger!”

There was no way that full combat power could be demonstrated while focusing on the shape of the Spirit Zone.

In addition, the place she had to go was the center of the living room where the upper class of the subspecies stayed.

“Aria is right. We are an accessory to the state.”


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Jane put her hand on Arya’s shoulder.

“But they are not suicide squads. It is not a human choice not to do something when there is a way.”

“Miss Jane… … .”

Jane turned around as Arya burst into tears.

“Please protect Aria. It won’t take long.”

Her determination also required a terrifying decision, so Kuan bowed her head respectfully.

‘Cosmic Rail.’

After connecting the Spirit Zone to Aria, Jane rode the Cosmic Rail and flew back into the sky.


Despite the mental burden, the speed at which the rails were laid was not different from before.

* * *

In the shadows of the cloaking area, Mayray knelt and covered her left ear.

* * *

‘Didn’t they say that they would gather at the real flower?’

Windstorm Wigg ran straight toward the flower as Rufist had instructed.

On the way, he met a group of Fidu tribesmen, but he was also a swordsman who was recognized by the world as a divinity, and only a pig’s head was rolling on the floor in the place where the dazzling double swordsmanship had passed.

“Wheey. Whii.”

At first, I thought it was the sound of the wind, but when I realized that it contained a unique melody, I immediately stopped and took a fighting stance.

“Whee-hee. Whii.”

It was a sorrowful melody, and it went well with the desolate landscape of Radum.

“Who are you? come out.”

Woo woo woo!

At that moment, a roaring engine sound was heard from the side of the flower, and all of Radum’s concealment devices were turned off.


Wig, who was looking around with a puzzled expression, found a goblin caught in his field of vision and raised his twin swords.

‘What is that guy?’

A goblin wearing a shabby red cloak, wearing nose glasses with a hooked nose, was sitting on the roof railing and whistling.

The whistle disappeared as if it permeated the air, and he lifted his nose glasses with his fingers and looked up at the cloudy sky and said,

“Is there any need to fight, comrade?”

It was Kido, the leader of the speed killers.

“For what purpose did you set foot in a ruined world?”


Wig, who spat on the floor, aimed his twin swords.

“To pretend to be pedantic on the subject of monkeys. Don’t talk nonsense, come on. Because there is no time.”

Holding a 1.5 meter long spear with blades on both sides, Kido flapped his cloak and jumped down.

“You have to eat life, and you have to fight to eat it. Life itself is a battle. Poor human being, are you also a being caught in the yoke of eating and breeding?”

“Don’t compare yourself to you savages. Ugly people who prey on their own people and rape anyone.”

“There is no feeding without reproduction.”

A whistle sounded as Kido swung the spear.

“Eat, eat, eat, and finally, if only you and another human remain in the world… … .”

The afterimage that had been spinning like a top stopped abruptly, drawing a horizontal line.

“Answer me. Will you reproduce with him or will you feed him?”

Wigg, displeased for no reason, flung his body as fast as the wind.

“Where is the sermon!”

At the same time as the twin swords approached with flashes of sword light, Kido’s spear spread an afterimage.

Goblin Spearmanship – Hundred and Eight Torments.

A sharp whistling sound penetrated Wig’s eardrums.

* * *

“It seems that everyone who will gather has gathered.”

Silverling Guild Master Arkman said to Etela.

Yordyk from the War Wagon Guild, Yvian and Elwe from Blood Rose, and even the heavily armored swordsman Vicorn gathered behind her.

Aakman looked at the corpse of Con, a member of the guild, bitterly.

It was pure luck as to who would be rescued first as the Spectrum subgroups searched the area, and Cohn could be said to be the least fortunate.

‘Stupid bastard. He should have lived somehow.’

“I’m going to the fresh flower now.”

The reason why there was no reply to Etella’s words was that he knew the true nature of this operation.

There was nothing they could do in the mission of intercepting the ground by an ancient weapon.

“I won’t ask you to come with me. No, you guys should go back now.”

It was a matter for Syrone to decide, but Ethella already knew what choice he would make as a disciple of hers.

“I will take responsibility. It won’t hurt you.”

They thought they were qualified to receive 100,000 gold just by coming this far.

Contrary to expectations, the crew noticed each other.

‘With 100,000 gold, I can’t even fund my retirement.’

Being in charge of their own guild, not a regular mercenary, a mission failure would have a fatal impact on their reputation.

Aakman looked back at the flower that was only 300 meters away.

‘Are you almost there anyway?’

The skills of the core members are also formidable, so it seemed that once they joined, they would be able to rub it in somehow.

“If the Silverling Guild remains, the war wagon will also remain.”

Yordic said, and Yvian did not back down either.

“It’s a guild that has worked hard all my life, but I can’t give up here.”

Just as Ethella let out a sigh at their determination, dwarfs with children’s faces came out from the side of the road.

It was a magical pilker.

“found. Here!”

As Shining Magic was cast over Pilker’s head, Goblins, Pidus, and Tubos rushed in.

The number of enemies had to increase as it was close to the real flower, and in an instant, the street corners were filled with enemies.

“Sheesh! Let’s break through!”

The mercenaries in good spirits were ready for battle, and subhumans rushed in like waves.

The firepower was terrifying as all the masters of the three wizarding guilds of the kingdom gathered.

As Yvian bound the enemies’ weapons with a magnetic field, Bicorn swung his sword into the massive body.

“Things less than worms!”

I rushed much faster than usual thinking that I hadn’t paid for my meal so far, but a dagger flew from the side.


The blade-like shell of a dagger bounced with the sound of a visor, and then Chagall, who was not normal at first glance, thrust his face into it.


Ethella shouted, but in an instant, a crowd of subhumans rushed in and blocked Chagall’s appearance.

‘The author is dangerous!’

As he opened the road by defeating the demi-species with his fists, he heard the unique sound of a rapid-fire sword that vibrated the air.

“Do you think you’ll die by coming all the way here!”

As the bicorn twisted left and right, Chagall’s dagger ricocheted off the heavy armor.

‘It’s thick.’

Chagall’s inspiration ended there, and three knife cuts aimed for gaps in the armor with a whooping sound.


The bicorn struggled with its shells embedded in its left and right eyeballs and left nape.

“Tighten your muscles with the schema! If you leave it as is… … !”

Before Etella could finish her words, blood gushed out from the nape of the bicorn.

The faster-than-expected hand movements meant that there was no need to even consider the enemy’s condition.

As 12 more shells penetrated the already dead bicorn’s armor gap, the corpse collapsed trembling as if convulsing.

“Mr. Bicorn!”

Ethella turned on the light in her eyes and tried to run, but Chagall’s dagger flew in first.

Unlike before, the attack clearly aimed at the forehead, and Etella stopped walking with her upper body tilted back.

‘What the hell are you?’

Why is Tia still alive?

‘How far is the truth and how far is the illusion?’

As Chagall blocked the mercenaries, the Pilkers behind them whispered innocently.

“what? Are you on our side?”

“it’s okay! Fight quickly!”

As soon as the subhumans, who had momentum like fire, rushed at the mercenary, Chagall drove a rapid-fire sword into the goblin’s forehead.


“You bastard! Enemies!”

The members of the Speed ​​Killer rapidly turned, and countless daggers flew into the air.

‘Just kill it.’

It would become clear only when there was no life left in the world.

Terrible screams erupted one after another, and in an instant, more than 20 people collapsed in blood.

Looking at Chagall who reappeared, Ethella trembled.

“I will kill you all.”

Chagall is an acquired murderer.

And he was the evil of evil.


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