Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 670

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[670] Lord of Terror (1)

‘Brain in a barrel’ was Ra Enemy’s unique ability to awaken human senses and feel the reality of the underworld.

7th sensory phenomenon.

Under the sense of a much higher level, the existing five senses lost their meaning.

‘Where are you?’

The wild dog, which had lost its sense of smell, was still roaming the hell.

‘Come out. Appear in front of me.’

Dragging a bag full of daggers, Chagall walked endlessly down the bloody road.

Even though he had already killed dozens of gallopers, their flesh did not quench his thirst.

“La Enemy.”

Chagall killed Ra seven times.

Without a doubt, it stopped breathing, and even mutilated the body to such an extent that there was no more place to stab.

‘Why can’t I kill him?’

As the number of killing Ra increased, the nostalgia for the incident became clearer and the pleasure rather dulled.

In the last, seventh murder, I lost my reason, so I couldn’t even remember how I killed him.

– Because someone has already forgiven.

Raiden’s words came to mind.

‘Being human, we all make mistakes. then… … .’

Humans themselves are evil.

If even the possibility of choosing evil is evil, no one deserves to be alive.

‘Kill, kill, kill again.’

When all possibilities for evil are obliterated, the world achieves perfect stability.

So Chagall became a murderer.

Even though he knows that he is the target of the final murder.

“What is that again?”

Quan turned his head at the sound of the bag being dragged.

For the first time, a sense of tension appeared on his face, which had remained calm in the face of the grotesque phenomena of the underworld.

“who are you?”

Chagall, who stopped approaching with just one movement of aiming his sword, felt the same way.

‘Similar to me.’

Although he was a genius, he was also a distorted person.

“How many did you kill?”

When Chagall asked how many corpses had been piled up to reach the present state, Kuan laughed and said,

“1 person.”

As always, there was only one person in front of me.

“You must be Chagall.”

Chagall did not answer.

“Think of it as unlucky. I don’t know how it got here, but I can’t send it back like this.”

Quan had never really had a special connection with Etella, but if I had to choose a side, it was her side.


Chagall wiggled his upper body left and right.

The movement that anyone can follow contains the deep true intention of the pendulum movement.

Kuan was bitter at the feeling of the world shaking.

‘Was it like this?’

Since he always fought from a deceitful position, he was rather interested in Chagall’s technique.

“I’m sorry… … .”

Kuan’s body soared like a hawk.

“That’s my skill.”

Asymmetric clown clown clown.

Chagall’s body staggered in the illusion that the world was tilting as the line of movement was momentarily twisted in the air.

‘what… … This?’

The feeling of bewilderment was short-lived, and he kicked off the ground and threw himself, feeling a terrifying death.

Quan’s knife grazed his shoulder.

‘Circus series. He is also the best acrobat.’

The cells controlled by the schema became hot.

How long had it been since he felt the desire to kill so deeply?


As soon as he landed, Chagall twisted his back and threw his bag into the air, and dozens of daggers rained down.

Amidst the shower of blades, his arms moved faster than the insect’s wings.

Quan’s eyebrows twitched at the vibration of the air.

‘ground connection.’

A technique of folding parts of a schema to enhance certain features.

More extreme, there are things like wrinkles (over face) and tears (giving up body feedback), but the aftermath was considerable.

‘This must be pretty tricky.’

Kuan’s line of movement, which had been infiltrating the opponent’s back, twisted as if it were distorted, then circled around again.

Chagall smiled and waved his arms.

“Come on, acrobat.”

The daggers raging in the air moved at the same time, spewing the shells of the rapid-fire swords in all directions.


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‘Sheesh, did you have a long-distance skill?’

Quan, who decided that taking time off was a loss, spewed out 12 external gravity forces and burrowed into Chagall’s territory like a snake.

‘It’s here.’

Chagall’s eyes widened, and finally, the strongest acrobat and the strongest juggler competed in skill.

* * *

“It’s a sense of breaking down the boundaries of space.”

After hearing the explanation about Bakji, Sirone asked back.

“What kind of sensation is that?”

Mayray shook her head.

“There is no way to explain it. Since the sense of time is completed through the integration of the five senses, even ordinary people can sometimes feel it. But Bakji is an integration of the sixth sense. For a being with five senses, it is difficult to even imagine.”

said Jane.

“하지만 기술적으로 보자면 시로네는 가능하다는 거잖아? 이미 제6감을 완벽하게 통합시켰으니까.”

평범한 사람들도 육감의 도움을 받는다면, 시로네 또한 특별한 조건하에서 제7감을 느낄 확률이 높았다.

그렇다면 이면 세계를 탈출할 수 있는 주요한 힌트가 되겠지만, 당사자의 입장에서는 감조차 잡기 어려웠다.

“그렇게 말한들, 뭔지를 알아야 시도라도 해 보죠.”

일말의 기대감으로 시로네가 메이레이를 바라보았으나 박지에 대해서는 그녀도 별다른 기억이 없는 듯했다.

“확실한 건, 이면 세계는 우리가 살던 세계와 중첩되어 있다는 거예요. 감각의 영역에서 구분되는 것이지 기존의 세계가 사라진 것은 아니라는 거죠.”

상위 감각에서는 엄연히 하나의 세계라면 인류 또한 이면 세계의 간섭을 받지 않았을 리가 없다.

시로네는 가끔 혼자 있을 때 이유 없이 오싹한 느낌이 드는 경우를 생각해 보았다.

수많은 예술가들의 상상이 단지 그들의 머릿속에서 나온 것이라고 단정 지을 수 있을까?

만약 어떤 식으로든 이면 세계의 영향을 받았다면, 이곳이야말로 인간의 영감이 흘러나오는 원류였다.

‘하나의 공간에 과거, 현재, 미래가 동시에 담긴다.’

이것이 시폭감이다.

‘하나의 시간에 존재와 비존재가 동시에 담긴다.’

이것이 박지감.

‘따라서 기존의 세계와 이면 세계를 동시에 인지할 수 있다면 이곳에서 벗어날 수 있다. 문제는 방법인데…….’

시로네가 생각에 잠겨 있는 그때, 심장으로 만든 구조물이 갑자기 빠르게 박동하기 시작했다.

“뭐야! 무슨 일이야!”

대원들이 놀란 표정으로 잠에서 깨어나고, 변화를 감지한 핵심 멤버들이 일제히 일어섰다.


공간의 틈새가 수직으로 베이더니 이면 세계의 또 다른 주인이 모습을 드러냈다.

He was 3 meters tall and clad in black iron armor, and the inside of the helmet was as dark as if it were empty.

He was riding a black horse whose eyes had been harvested, and blue flames rose from the tip of the hanging spear as if it were alive.

“I remembered.”

Mayray trembled and said.

“Igor, Lord of Terror. The reason the terrified crew members died is because this was his territory.”

The brain in a vat transforms the human five senses into raw, vivid, and Igor’s fear directly impacts the brain.

Rufist asked.

“Are you strong?”

“My rank is division commander. I have never heard of force through the oracle.”

If the class system of the other side world was similar to the existing world, the division commander was a position that could not be called low.

“Lactas Vera Imera (Submit to Fear)!”

Raising his right arm, Igor slammed the blue-flamed spear into the ground.

* * *


Kargin let out a long puff of cigarette smoke.

“how is it? Is it okay to age?”

Joshua, who adjusted his clothes and meticulously maintained his breastplate, took Kargin’s cigarette.

“You’d better stop talking nonsense and stay on your toes. Thanks to you, I couldn’t sleep.”

“I won’t die if I don’t sleep a day. Now that I’m in a good mood… … huh?”

Kargin, who was about to snatch the cigarette back, was startled to see the burning butt at the tip of Joshua’s finger.

“what are you doing? Aren’t you hot?”

I hit the back of my hand and the cigarette fell, but she didn’t even feel it and was staring somewhere.

“Leo… … .”

His son, who had died of heat stroke at the age of four, was watching Joshua from the back of a narrow alley.

“Mom, I am very sick. My body hurts so much.”


Joshua jumped up and ran into the alley, and Kargin put on a robe and chased after him.

“wait! Why all of a sudden… … !”

However, he also found a woman standing on the road and froze.


It was a woman who met when he was a rookie and promised him a future, but died in a surprise attack by a monster while carrying out a mission.

Kargin, who had fled with all his might while she was being eaten, realized that the rest of his life would be nothing but despair.

“too… … too young I was so scared! Sorry! I’m sorry, Marian!”

“You said you were scared? Were you more scared than me? Look what I went through then!”

The events of the day 40 years ago unfolded in Kargin’s retinas, revealing a horrific scene.

“Oh, no!”

The fear hidden on the other side of oblivion was activated.

“No eh eh eh!”

* * *

“no! I am not a coward!”

The bicorn, armed with heavy armor, crouched like a bear and trembled.

Memories of being bullied as a child among friends were staining the prosecutor’s mind with fear.

Memories of terrible mistakes that you must have experienced at least once in your life.

Only the core members remained silent, contemplating the events unfolding on their retinas.

“What else is this?”

Without even analyzing the current situation, Lian put the great sword over his shoulder and moved forward.


In the endless sea of ​​darkness, corpses rose to the surface.

“I am… … admitted defeat I never meant to stab you in the back. But you cut me down without mercy.”

It was.

“Are you going to be strong? Did you kill me just for that reason? How many lives has your heroic spirit destroyed?”

It was.

“My family starved to death. because you killed me It’s all because of you! You are a murderer!”

Even while the hundreds of corpses he had killed so far formed a siege and shouted, Lian did not answer.

“die! Repent with death for your life, which is full of mistakes, for the many lives you ruined because of your mistakes!”

The rotting and tattered corpses rushed towards Lian with desperate movements.

“This is the tragedy you created!”

At the same time, Lian’s expression distorted and his teeth bared as he swung his great straight sword.

The corpses, split in two in one blow, fell to the floor and raised their hands with a grievous expression.

“why… … .”

Tears of blood flowed down the darkened eyes.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself as a human being? Are you saying that you have taken so many lives and have no conscience at all?”

If Rian was really cold-blooded, he wouldn’t have experienced these memories in the first place.

“It is a belief.”

It is not subject to understanding or analysis.

“Whether it’s a nightmare, a demon, or something truly resurrected.”

When Lian trampled on the face of the corpse, which was shedding tears of blood, the brain exploded with a bang.

“If you cut it once, you can cut it again and again.”

Whoo oh oh!

As the corpses filling the space screamed and charged, Lian stepped into the middle of the crowd and swung his sword.

“die! die! Repay with death!”

“Wait in Hell, you fools.”

Lian’s face contorted with anger as he hacked up the body of the already dead again.

“I will die as much as I want after I establish the kingdom of belief.”

A huge path opened behind Lian’s back as he cut straight through the corpses rushing in like a tidal wave.


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