Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 668

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[668] To Radum (3)


Jordyk ran to the fallen Remo and shook his body.

He could not accept the fact that he died in fear after fighting numerous battles as a member of the War Wagon Guild.

Above all, the Silverling and Blood Rose guild members were alive and well.

“wake up! What an embarrassment! Open your eyes quickly!”

Jordyk, impatient with his anger, suddenly flinched and began slowly backing away.

As if gravity had disappeared, Remo’s corpse was standing upright, raising its body.

“This… … .”

It was a world where something was seriously twisted.

Realizing that fact, Jordyk turned to Sirone and shouted.

“What happened! You never said anything like this!”

“Anyone can die. Didn’t you come into the mercenary corps with determination from the beginning?”

Rufist’s voice was still cold.

“Can you die? Does this situation just look dead now? No, why the hell is the corpse standing there?”

“Don’t get excited. die.”

At Sirone’s blow, Jordyk shut his mouth.

It was actually a situation where there were deaths, but the most important thing was mind control.

“President of the Association, please explain properly. It is a situation where we cannot proceed with the mission without being convinced.”

At Sirone’s words, Lufist took off his mask. It was the point at which the meaning of hiding one’s identity disappeared.

Jane also took off her mask and revealed her identity.

The fact that they were the president of the association and the chief of staff was confirmed with their own eyes.

“It is a kind of human trap. Also, in my opinion, this is only a trap to catch you.”

Rufist pointed at Sirone and continued.

“La Enemy controls the human past through the memories of the five senses, but that method doesn’t work for you. So I added one more step. You controlled the past of a certain person to create the present future, and you made him control your past.”

Jane added.

“The brain in a vat is not mind magic. Simply put, it is a completely different way of accepting the world than the way you have felt so far.”

After hearing her words, the crew looked back at the ever-changing landscape with serious eyes.

As the fibrous buildings beat like hearts, blood leaked out from the crevices.

Corpses stood on tiptoe, candles were lit in front of statues of demons large and small, and skeletons were rolling around on the floor.

“So what, you mean it was like this from the beginning? Are you saying the five senses just couldn’t detect it?”

It gave me goosebumps in that it was not a realization of some madman’s imagination, but an actual landscape according to the changes of the five senses.

“The five senses are everything.”

When Lufist placed his palm on the muscle wall, dozens of tentacles protruded from the fibers and tried to swallow his arm.

Feeling real warmth and pulsation, he took it back before his arm was grabbed and continued.

“Maybe our senses have come to feel the real world. The reason why it resembles the appearance of hell that has appeared in numerous works may also be the result of a sixth sense.”

“gibberish! Not sure! It doesn’t help to create an atmosphere of fear with strange ghost stories!”

“I mean don’t look away. Remo’s death can also be explained if a specific signal is directly plugged into the brain. In the future, restrain your emotions and think carefully. The moment you lose your temper, hell will swallow you all.”

Unlike the members of the team who swallowed their saliva with nervous faces, Mayray covered her ears with a calm expression.

“I can’t hear your voice.”

Because the five senses were already distorted, it was because the hearing was also dominated by the trap of the brain in the barrel.

“Take out the Nemesis. It’s just a hindrance now.”

When the core members opened the Kubrick’s slot, the ring on their finger magically disappeared.

Sirone gave instructions.

“First survival, then escape. Search the area, then secure a safe zone. I need to find a way out of here.”

Because the structure of Radum had changed, this place was no longer the beginning.

The mercenaries, who had lined up, began moving.

Looking at the terrible scenery, I was able to realize how futile the memories of the five senses I had felt throughout my life were.

“Damn it. Why did you come and bring it?”

The boundary of the atmosphere, like a glass wall that scattered the red sun, made me feel even more confined.

“stop. It is a ghoul.”

Three ghouls were clinging to the wall and eating its muscles, but the nerves in the brain were paralyzed, and their stomachs were bursting and their intestines were spilling out.

Just when they thought it would be better to go crazy in a world like this, the ghouls turned their heads.

“Eat… … . something to eat… … .”

They smelled fresh human flesh and before they could take a step, they heard a scream coming from around the corner.

“Aaaaaa! help me!”

Then, countless ghouls all started running toward us with terrified expressions.

“devil! The devil has appeared! Gagging!”

The ghoul who shouted from the front could not overcome the fear and rolled his eyes and died.

“Leader! What are you going to do?”

As the swordsmen drew their weapons and shouted, Sirone took the lead and fired a photon cannon.

The photon cannon, realized through the Spirit Zone, reached out and hit the ghouls with the same clear flash as before.

‘it’s okay. The Spirit Zone is not distorted.’

The ghouls were cleared in an instant, but before they could feel any relief, a thud rang from the other side of the alley.

“What, what?”

They were about 2 meters tall, wearing black cloths on their faces, and cleaver-like blades below their elbows.

The stomach was grotesquely bulging, and maggots were seething in the wounds that had been sewn up with an iron core.



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It was a look that made you vomit just by looking at it, but Sirone only thought of the proportions of size and weight.

‘He is only 2 meters 20 centimeters tall. It must have weighed at least 1 ton to make the ground shake?’

Mayray said.

“It’s Galloper. He is the chef of the underworld.”

Sirone’s head jerked back.

“Did you know?”

“no. It’s my first time here too. But I have heard through the oracle.”

The Gallopers who discovered the Sirone mercenaries also looked back at each other and talked in a language they did not know.

-Those guys, I think they can see us? Boundaries keep disappearing these days.

-Anyway, those guys over there are weak. good thing for us


At the same time as Sirone felt it, the Gallofers all turned to the mercenaries and charged.

-It’s a cooking ingredient!

As they approached while slashing down the ghouls, the structures began to beat rapidly as if their emotions had been assimilated.

“Shit! What else is this!”

Tens of tons of mass collided head-on with the mercenaries.

Etella, who pierced the abdomen while avoiding the blade, was able to grasp their strength in an instant.

‘Is it too hard?’

I don’t know if their senses are distorted or if their durability really exceeds the limit of a creature, but it was a meaningless analysis when the battle started.


As I let out an angry spirit and fired a series of Yin-Yang wave fists, the body weighing more than 1 ton shook.

“Latra me da caporga (these guys are strong)!”

‘Here it explodes!’

The moment Etella’s twin blades hit the abdomen, a powerful wave shook the inside of Gallofer.


It took a while for the bumpy skin to stick out, and the rotten intestines spilled out as the side burst open with a bang.


Ethella, who was rubbing her tingling wrist and making a tired expression, hurriedly looked around.

‘What about the others?’

The core members had a bit of a breather, but the back end was struggling.

As Galloper’s durability defied common sense, the faces of the crew members who felt fear began to turn pale.

‘no! Wake!’

The moment you are consumed by fear, you die.

It was like fighting against a mental cliff.

‘Fight! I can win!’

He tries to make up his mind, but his face is bizarrely twisted, and eventually Toto, paralyzed by reason, brandishes a spear and pierces into the enemy camp.

“Die aaaaaa!”

It was a blow with all his might, but the accuracy was poor, and the iron broke when the spear was driven into the strongest abdomen.

While staring at the broken spear with a blank expression, Gallofer raised his arm and lowered the cleaver.


At the same time, Lian slipped in front of me and raised the falling cleaver with a large straight sword.


His expression distorted as the tremendous power was transmitted, but he looked back and shouted without even having time to care.

“Quickly evade!”

When I turned around, Toto, who had already lost his life, was standing there with his egg whites exposed.

“Patungaar! Patungaar!”

When I shouted with a voice that seemed to fill my throat with phlegm, the three nearby struck at the same time with their large swords.

It was like receiving a lump of rock.

‘Push it away!’

At the same time as he lifted the great straight sword with the power of divine transcendence, Lian’s knees began to slowly straighten.

“Patungaar! Patungaar!”

As they were pushed out of their strength, the panicked Gallopers mobilized their other arms and struck down kitchen knives.

Even in the face of a shock that sparked in his head, Lian did not give in and kicked the ground with both legs.


As the will of divine transcendence pushed through Mach’s power, the bodies of the four Gallopers split horizontally at the same time.


Rotten I slashed my great sword past the vibrating piles of corpses, and viscera spurted out.

“This won’t be easy.”

Rufist, who had twisted Gallofer’s body with steel magic, opened his mouth as if to answer Lian’s words.

“I don’t feel good. It’s an ambiguous situation to use wide-area magic because the allies are dense.”

“I don’t know what it is, but the weird rules are the problem. The fact that you will die if you lose in fear is actually raising your fear.”

Rufist looked sideways and asked.

“You wouldn’t be an exception, would you? This is hell.”

Lian, who was lost in thought while looking at the red sky, spoke in a calm voice.

“… … I thought you would go someday.”

Then, dragging the big sword, he walked away from the battlefield.

“Everywhere people live is the same, right?”

Lufist, who had his eyes on Rian’s back, turned to the other side and raised the corner of his mouth.

“Indeed, it is.”

Thanks to the performance of the core members, the tight fight continued, but the problem was elsewhere.

‘They’re not killing us.’

Shirone dodged the kitchen knife with a nimble motion and wiped her throat, frowning.

‘It’s not enough just to win.’

Of the three deaths that have occurred so far, two have died from inner fear.

“Rian! Retreat with your crew!”

It was unusual for an improvised team that no one broke the line, but in reality it was impossible to escape.

‘If your heart is broken, you will die!’

Everyone was desperately holding on, and when Sirone gave the order, no one bothered to turn around.

‘This is the captain’s order! I’m not scared!’

Rationalizing it like that, I retreated along with Lian, and Sirone blocked the alley alone.

“Leader! what are you doing!”

The bicorn shouted as the iron armor rattled, but Sirone did not even move and glared at the gallopers.

‘It ends in one blow.’

Light rose from Sirone’s body like burning oil, and then the incarnation of a gigantic light angel spread its wings.

A light angel held up a spear of light in a group of beautiful lights that made even the muddy scenery of hell look sacred.

“I-what is that?”

Incarnation of Light Angel – Angel’s Punishment.

A line of light pierced diagonally and completely penetrated the floor covered with fibers.

‘this… … !’

It was hard enough for a person to step on, but it was like a sponge to the punishment of an angel that was stabbed at a tremendous speed.

For a while, the shockwaves generated from the underground caused structures everywhere to expand like balloons.


Due to the tremendous vibration, the world seemed to be overlapped in two, and shockwaves burst out along with blood from the walls on all sides.


With just that, the bodies of the Gallopers, who boasted steel-like skin, were torn apart like rats and scattered on the floor.

‘The structure ate the shockwave.’

If so, it would be possible to apply wide-area magic within the range of not harming allies.



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