Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 664

[664] Insufficient five senses (3)

“That’s not okay.”

Sirone drove the nail in before Lian could reply.

“We are the examiners and we select the personnel. It’s Mr. Wig who has to show his skills, not Lian. If you don’t like this rule, feel free to forgo rating.”

Wig was at a loss for words because every sentence was correct.

However, my pride wouldn’t allow it to end like this with the sword pointed at me, and I was sure that Lian’s reaction would be different from Sirone’s.

“Even if the wizard’s judgment is like that, will the knight of Macha really think that way?”

It’s not like a knight is full of muscles up to his head, but in the end, he’s a person who can give up any efficiency in front of his beliefs.

In the yard that made his name known equally as a budding prosecutor, he would not be able to run away after receiving a challenge.

“Of course I don’t think so.”

A smile appeared on Wig’s lips at Lian’s words.

“But if my lord refuses, I won’t.”

Even Wig knew the weight of a knight’s oath.

“How about thinking differently? If you back down here, you will damage the lord’s honor.”

This time, Lian raised an eyebrow.

“you… … You haven’t pledged your knighthood yet, have you?”

“Yes, but.”

“Black does not judge. If Sirone asks to cut you, he will cut you, and if he says cut you, he will cut you willingly. No matter what words shake my emotions, the will of my actions is not mine.”

Wig’s sword slowly descended.

“Mr. Wigg, I understand how you feel, but you have to understand the situation well. It’s my mercenary corps, and I decide whether to pass or fail. If Mr. Wig really wants to compete with Lian… … .”

“Do you want to compete?”

“Prove why Mr. Wig is a necessary test for me. I want to take Mr. Wig under any circumstance. If you feel that way, then I might allow Lian to fight with a sword.”

“… … understand.”

Giving in to the logic, Wig bowed his head deeply.

And when he raised his head again, his free-spirited smile was gone and only a cold chill hung over his face.

“Then I will show you my swordsmanship. It’s a whirlwind wig.”

If it was for the purpose of attracting the attention of the judges, the initial provocation was successful, and the three stared at Wig with cold eyes as if to see how great it was.

The twin swordsmanship began.

Wig, who showed off his basic skills, quickly slashed out in all directions with flashy movements as if he was bored.

Even while running, leaping, and spinning at the same time as landing, the sword’s trajectory never stopped, and rather, the speed increased even more.

‘It’s definitely a great movement.’

Wig was able to operate four schemas, which was a high rank among swordsmen.

A person who has not opened the schema cannot know how their body moves or what posture they are taking even during a simple vertical cut.

That is why Lian also repeats the same actions countless times in front of the mirror to catch errors.

On the other hand, if you can detect body changes in four areas at the same time, you will be able to line up from number 1 to number 10 which side of your 10 toes is exerting more force as well as your posture.

‘Is this enough?’

This is the realm of talent.

Wig started operating the schema in earnest.

‘Mitochondrial build.’

Mitochondrial build, which promotes overall body activation, has strengths in balance.

It is largely divided into regeneration and acceleration. Seeing that Wig’s movement became faster, it seemed that he chose acceleration.

‘Fold here.’

‘Folding’ is an act of folding the schema in half and concentrating the control even more. When it reaches the 7th time, known as the human limit, the efficiency is 128 times, a phenomenal figure is recorded.

From this point on, it is a state of martial arts that cannot be called a human being, but it has not been unprecedented since the great swordsman Cadel reached it for the first time 300 years ago.

Wig’s limit was 3 times, and when the mitochondrial schema was folded, a strong wind blew through every movement.


Even Sirone couldn’t help but be surprised this time.

It was a basic skill that was incomparable to the thieves, and as the efficiency soared 8 times, even after receiving the help of Armand’s nerve enhancement, afterimages could be seen.

‘This is the end.’

As the centrifugal force intensified, Wig’s body began to rotate like a whirlpool.

When the muscular system, nervous system, and sensory system were simultaneously controlled based on physical activation, a terrifying strong wind blew up.

When he swept the empty field in an instant and took a finishing stance in front of the judges, an eerie sound of gong pierced his six ears like an awl.

“That is all.”

Wig, who had secured his sword, stood up slowly, then stepped back and stood in his original position.

‘Lian… … .’

Sirone carefully waited for the judgment.

Unlike the other applicants, he was an outsider, and even if he looked at it, he had great skills, but that’s why Lian’s intention was important.

“Nice workmanship. The reputation of Whig of the Storm is not a lie.”

“thank you.”

Wig said, sticking his twin swords behind his back.

“I would like to hear Mr. Sirone’s opinion. Am I passing?”

“… … yes.”

I couldn’t lie as much as I had emphasized fairness so far.

“Then I make a proposal. If you want to transfer me to the mercenary corps, there is something you must point out. Shirone-san is the captain anyway, but wouldn’t he be able to risk his life under a weaker subcommander?”

Sirone scratched his cheek.

I haven’t seen all of the applicants’ main skills yet, but it seems that there is no other talented person like Wigg.

“Sirone, you don’t have to worry.”

said Ryan.

“If you need someone, you can use it. That’s all I care about.”

As if he was already expecting an answer, Lian rose from his seat.

“And no swordsman will follow a weak commander.”

Sensing Lian’s will, Sirone nodded and said.

“great. I allow the jingom match. This may sound presumptuous, but please do not interfere with the mission. I’m a pro, so I’m sure he’ll handle it well.”

Wig obediently agreed, but deep down he had other thoughts.

‘Because I’m a pro, I can’t yield.’

As much as he applied for the Sirone Mercenary Corps to increase his reputation, he had no intention of doing it in moderation.

“I don’t have much time.”

Lian slowly pulled up the big sword and entered the clearing.

“Let me deal with you for about five minutes.”

‘You’re completely ignoring me. On the topic of selling friends and making a living.’

It was the same period when he became famous for Whig of the Wind, Knight of Macha, and Shinjin.

Even so, the reason Rian could evaluate herself was probably because she was a knight of Sirone, a candidate for the Ivory Tower.

‘But do you know? From now on, even your proud lord can’t protect you.’

The twin swords came out with the sound of water, and Lian aimed the long sword with one hand.

“Come in.”

First of all, I knew that his strength was great, but I couldn’t find any outstanding advantages.

‘There are quite a few gaps?’

Because he was a wig who had come this far with his natural talent, his aggressiveness took precedence over vigilance, and he immediately activated his schema and jumped out.


It was a level of sophistication different from a swordsmanship demonstration, and Lian twisted his body with a surprised expression.


They prepared for a counterattack, but the initial reaction was also a little clumsy.

‘no way… … Is it really a bluff?’

Immediately after entering the test, the flurry of swordsmanship was applied to Lian without mercy.

It was somehow blocked or evaded, but it was quickly recognized that it was technically clumsy.

‘That’s ridiculous.’

That clumsiness rather surprised Wig.

‘You don’t seem to be good at schemas?’

Schema is important in that you can precisely control your body.

Even a single swing of the sword requires numerous senses such as the center of gravity, coordination of posture, distribution of muscle power, etc.

‘Is this a knight of Macha? Can you see me?’

From the next chapter of the schema, the efficiency inevitably drops to 1/2, but even so, Lian’s swordsmanship was like a beginner to him who operated four schemas.

‘Every time you swing it, the trajectory is different. He doesn’t even know how he’s cutting.’

A clumsy match always leaves a bitter aftertaste.

Feeling slightly annoyed, Wig dug into Lian to put an end to it.

“Five minutes.”

A snort came out of my nose at Lian’s words.

‘You’re talking nonsense.’

It was enough time to expose that Mach’s article was a sham.


When Wig charged forward with his twin swords horizontally, Lian’s body rotated at a speed different from the previous reaction.


It was a word that passed like a flash in Wig’s head, and an ominous feeling suddenly rose in the time too short to establish it in words.

‘Only the current technology is perfect.’


After countless repetitions, it is imprinted on the body.

If most adults are learning the ‘act of walking’, this was possible because they practiced the same number of times as walking.

‘Just stop… … !’

I thought so.

And that was Wig’s only misjudgment, and there was no further chance.

The moment the wide side of the Daejikdo struck the twin swords, his consciousness was blown away.

What I realized at the end of the fainting was the speed of the sword attack that couldn’t be explained by the schema, and the fact that if I flew like this, I would die.

‘This is Mach… … .’

Even at the moment when the body shot like an arrow was slammed into the wall of the building, there was no sound of screaming, and Wig crashed down the wall like a spider’s web.

“Mr. Wig!”

Sirone jumped out and looked at Wig’s condition, but luckily there was no problem with his breathing.

Lian said while capturing the Daejikdo.

“I pulled my neck before passing out. If the impact was delayed, he would have died.”

The back of the head would have been smashed.

“sorry. I just couldn’t get enough of it.”

“No, I’m glad it’s like this. To be honest, I also wanted to properly organize the ranks before going to war.”

Obviously, he was unscathed and knocked out in one blow, but Lian, who returned to his seat, was not in a good mood.

‘I just won.’

He made up his mind that winning was all there was to it, but the aftertaste was bitter after competing against a person with technological prowess like Wig.

“Sirone, let’s continue.”

Wig was carried out to the guild members and evaluation continued.

On the Silverling side, Con passed the pass, and 1 person from the War Wagon and 1 person from the Blood Rose side also passed the pass.

With the addition of archers, survival and trap experts, spearmen, and recovery wizards, the mercenaries began to take on a new role.

No. 199 Quan dropped Aria under the chair with energy alone, as if he didn’t even need to remove his sword, and finally, Mei Lei, the last test taker of the second round of evaluation, came in.

There were a lot of questions from before, so Sirone put aside the evaluation for a moment and asked.

“Did you say you could hear the voice of Ra?”


“Can you still hear me?”

Mayley didn’t answer, covered her ears with both hands and raised her head to the sky.

“… … Yes, I can hear you.”

I don’t know why Ra’s voice drifts as an electrical signal, but I wondered what he was saying right now.

“Ra’s voice is always hard to hear. It is mixed with a lot of noise.”

“What noise is it?”


Mayray narrowed her brows and analyzed the sound.

“Screams of pain, cries of anger. always he… … .”

She twitched her eyebrows and stopped talking.

“Why is that?”

“wait a minute. He’s talking.”

Mayray, who slowly raised her eyelids, relayed what she had heard.

“Carte Muciel, Cartision Vera Becca Ferbell.”

Arya tilted her head.

“I don’t know. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”

“It is an ancient language. very old means… … .”

If you want to find me, find the hell inside you.


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